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Post Event: BBIM Annual Parent's Conference...

I hate 'delay'ness. Since last week I've been uploading the pictures, now only got time to write about it. Bila dah delay, dia punya feel nak write tu dah tak mari, idea tak fresh uhuks!! Yet, will try my best to share, hopefully can benefits some parents yg tak berpeluang join. Yeap, I make new friends with BBIM mommies thru blogs, insta and few others from my friends too. So I received few requests to upload and share stories on the conference I went. Will try my best InsyaAllah.

So, after the open day and registration day, this actually the BBIM first event for all the parents. Kinda excited too sb syok jugak sekarang ni boleh join activity anak2 kat school.*I loike* I was told that they gonna have Parents Info Day earlier, but never expect that they gonna combine with other campuses as well. So kenalah buat kat tempat besar sket, dekat PICC. So, my intention nak jumpa dengan auntie yg in charge of Adam & Adryan  groups tak dapatlah. They are not doing a parents auntie session, instead they got the BBIM management to deliver speeches. =(

At first we *I went with my hubs and Adam, but they provide playarea for kids* a lil bit confused on their agenda, but after the founder, Mr Fadzil delivered his speech, then only I understand the situation they had. He informed us on how hectic their first month has be *actually baru 18 hari that day*, they also being attacked with many questions from parents, ada pun yg dah tinggalkan BBIM because they are not happy with the way Montessori concept goes *the first month of the year is the ground rule session*, worst they were attacking the aunties too. *hahaha, mujur  I lepas perasaan kat blog aje* So he begged the parents to give them chances to improve and wait for couples of months to see the improvement of their kids when they start the learning session *high expectation parents*. And he also told us,some of the aunties, ramai je actually just joined BBIM, so bila kena attack soalan bertubi2 dengan parents, they tend to stress out and leave the BBIM. Susahlah dioarang nak cari baru and train balik. Obvious part I think, some parents they expected the aunties to have sort of fluent english bla bla like UK slang maybe, so bila some of  them tak berapa fasih, maybe frust lah kut. Macam I ni, takde kisah mane since makpak dia pun speaking english level darjah 6 aje, ckp dgn anak2 bolehlah berlagak hahaha >.< *tapi koya (berangan) nak ator anak blajo suruh speaking kunun2  hahaha, biasalah u fussy mommy kan I ni* Give them chance to improve lah  kan. That part I understand. Alhamdulillah, so far I tak pernah lagik tanya yg pelik2, and now  after 1 month, dah boleh kenal aunties yg incharge and we did chitchat jugak time fetch budak2. For me yg simple tu, I still can ignore, normal lah kan. But if ada yg tak elok happen, will try to escalate directly to their management. Diorang pun ok to receive any komen yg membina.

After the speech,  then only came the best part of the conference, talks from their CTO, the brain of BBIM in Montessori concept, Ladyana Zoraya aka Aunty Lads together with the Syariah Advisor of BBIM, Ustazah Isfadiah Mohd Dasuki *selalu keluar Tv AlHijrah*. These are the two brains who design the concept of Islamic Montessori at BBIM. Ya Allah, I started to adore these 2 ladies. Their talks were so much convincing. Islamic parenting indeed so much beautiful.

Auntie Lads from her talk shared with us concept of Montessori, so that parents can understand the whole learning concept of their kids. More important, this concept should be extend to be applied at home too, so that the kids will continuously practice what they learnt at school. *penting nak kena tahu, ramai yg tak berapa paham concept boleh ingat method ni tak bagus, eg takde books ,no homeworks, no test/exam, instead using apparatus in learning* 

Some of the slides shared by Aunty Lads..

As we all knew, that Montessori concept yg dah lama di pakai kat Eropah ni, diperkenalkan oleh Dr Maria Montessori. Mengikut Ustazah Isfadiah, when she first go through all the concept used in this learning method, nothing yg bercanggah dengan ajaran Islam. In fact the 30 days ground rules session pun, sama tempoh sebulan kita berpuasa, for us to adapt and fulfill perintah Allah. To obey the rules and follow what stated in ajaran agama kita. Since, BBIM used the Islamic Montessori concept, they blend the concept with Islamic practical ways of life. So beautiful! From the video, she explained what the kids doing in these few days at BBIM.

and few more, but I forgot to snap sb khusyuk tgk..

What the Brainy Muslim have is..


Sorry tak clear..


And do at home too...

Ustazah also left us with 2 videos of 2 wonderful fathers who sacrificed for their children. Ya Allah, cerita pun I goose bumped. They will shared the videos at thier fb soon. Meantime do visit the BBIM Parenting fb, Ustazah Isfadiah shared few videos on Tips Rising Up the Muslim Children

So far, I did see some improvements to both of my kids. Example in 2nd week of school, Adam dah boleh baca translation doa mkn in english *mommy dia pun belajar sama kut english hahaha*,sekarang ni time Magrib or weekend mesti 2-3 kali solat everytime we perform solat. I heard he sang a lot english nursery rhymes too. Paling lawak, papa dia sendawa angin, then he suddenly told his papa, "You should said Alhamdulillah" - dia ingat papa dia sendawa kenyang. Hiks!! We were so impressed. While Ryan plak, funny part tak boleh tgk line. Asyik jalan ikut line.*one activity during ground rules session* One day jalan tengah jalan sb nak pijak line arrow direction tu. So funny lah u lil bambam!=)

The conference ended by 1pm *I went for the morning session* Still rase mcm tak cukup masa. I  expected they will open for Q&A session, that will be more interesting and transparent. Tapi sb dah lewat, semua pun nak keluar cepat aje. But yet, its was an informative session, sharing some of the info that we did not know. Kalau founder boleh cut short sket presentation slides, maybe boleh dgr Aunty Lads and Ustazah Isfadiah longer and Q&A session too. Should consider some points for next  conference ya.*I wish they read this =)*

In order to raise up good muslim children, parents pun bnyk kena belajar lagik. InysaAllah I took this challenge to improve my knowledge about parenting as well. In fact I started to fall in love with the learning concept for playschool and preschool too, not only Montessori concept, also have others like Reggio Emilia Approach and few others too. Blajar sket2 pun best.Nanti boleh guna pakai yg mana useful. Will share more in my next entries.

Meantime, I dah register to join this Family Coaching...
Hope to learn more from this 2 ladies..
Jom mommies!!

Last but not least..

Kita bergambar dengan ex boss mommy & papa dulu..
The humble DSZ..


RuZaNNa said...

wah.. bagusnya ada open day like this.. but as you said.. lagi best if it's the centre specific.. so you can know the aunties well..

I think parents being parents mmg wants to get the return for their investment kan.. mmg eager nak tahu camne perkembangan.. I hope the parents yg bombared the founder bukan baru 18 hari hantar anak kat situ.. sbb everything needs time kan.. cam kita kerja, pun ada probation period.. for me, as long as takde kena mengena dgn issue keselamatan anak, then I would wait and see..

And great to see that adam and ryan dah pick up new things from school.. at least ada improvement kan.. so job well done for selecting the right school for the kids! :)

mama ct said...

salam, Nad, ini mama( ct) dari my muslim family, kite dah tukar alamt blog ye, normalmuslimmama.blogspot. ;-)

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