Thursday, November 29, 2012

Allergic attack & boboiboy !!!

This gonna be my first time attacked by drug allergy.To be exact allergy of Zinnat.The antibiotic took yesterday due to continously vomiting *hoho jgn buat speculation lagi,its due to foods poisoning* Went to DEMC again,early in the morning after sent the boys to day care. Doctor gv 1 injection to reduce effect of allergy. But the injection almost made me blacking out! Immeadiate effect when the drug goes directly to ur vein.Seriously pening gile.Nurse bgtau sb ubat tu sgt mengantuk.Hooo ok.Now I'm at home,my body like switch off already,but eyes are widely open due to exessive sleep yesterday after more than 15 times vomit *bloated as well* Please ignore my grammar error or any disconnection of topics in this entry as I'm really not stable right now. Worst thing,I dont know what to do! Waaaaaa!!!!

By the way, this was the scenerio happened early this morning.Adam just bought 2 boboiboy last night,after many aksi pujuk memujuk his papa. Ni mesti sb ramai member kat nursery dah beli n and dia pun dah terracun sekali. Everytime lalu Petronas,bgtau "Aidil ada boboiboy Papa" -statement kalau mak bapak tak paham tak tahulah!! After entered car,I asked him,"why u bought 2,Adam?" "Owh papa beli" Hubby said he wanted to have 2 since his friends all got 2.You made great excuse Adam LOL!!! Ok,I accepted that since I know Ryan pun mesti nak jugak.Boleh share lah kan. This morning,Ryan woke up with eyes widely open to see the boboiboy stuff.In fact he suddenly shouted "boboiboy!! Terkejut tak pernah sebut skali harini terus reti nak sebut.Pitam lagik! Selepas berlaku aksi rebut merebut,sb si abang tak nak share,sudahnye pagi2 kami dah ke Petronas lagik.Kena plak semua dah abis,tinggal boboiboy display,rembat jugak!!! Total lost in 12 hours almost RM60. Citt patung seketul like that pun RM19.90 hokey. Now my dad pun dah kuar g Petronas to get one for Nuh,takut balik karang berebut lagik!! Itulah kisah boboiboy di waktu pagi, tatkala mommy tengah tahan gatal dek allergic. Grrr!!! Ok,shud stop now. Seriously writing from ipad gv me more stress.Arrrghhh! I used more backspace rather than alpahabets cursor.*n I dunno how to arrange the picture too waaaa!!!Sah buta IT*

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WW: Missing this bambam boy!!!

Konon -konon lah tolong mommy yer !! :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let's Vote Your Fave Blogger for Kleenex Share the Softness Contest !!!

Hola darlingsss...
As u all know, Kleenex® Share the Softness Contest which have been running at Fabulous Motherhood 2 weeks ago, has come to the end date on 23rd Nov 2012..
We have 11 participants with us. As promised, I suppose to announce the winner yesterday right..
Since, sponsor only will send all the goodies and vouchers by the end of the month..
I've planned for simple activity for all my blog readers...

Kali ni, I dah tak boleh pakai since we have few criteria to be judged..
So, all my readers..
Do vote you fave participants and send to my email ..
All your vote will remain P&C and will not be publish at my comments column..
Your votes will add extra marks during my judgement..

Cast your vote now !!!
There you lovely 11 bloggers with lovely pictures and captions..

"Muhammad sayang sangat kat mak...muuuuuuuuah..."


"Your smiles reminds me about the amanah Allah has given to me since the day He put you in my womb.
I love you, my Ilyaas Hafiy"


"Brotherhood bonding time.. but they are not James Bond haha.. 
Brothers share their childhood memories and grown-up dreams. They laugh together, they cry together.. they fly the air like birds, swim the sea like fish and they learn the art of living together as brothers. Brothers ‘till the end.. We love you both!"


"The colours inside of my world"


I Love My Brother

My kids Zikry & Amzar selalu bergaduh, berebut mainan, berwrestling dan selalunya salah sorang akan menangis [lap airmata dgn tisu kleenex,hihihi]. Bila tengok gambar ni, I akan jadi tersentuh dan terharu coz abang pujuk adik supaya adik tak takut dan akhirnya diorang enjoyyy bersama ^_^


"We are just happy even though our family has lost somebody we love, but at the same time,our family also keep getting bigger and bigger. It's the softness of life!"


" I'm proud of my healthy bundles of joys and glad to say our family is complete.Serene, peaceful, happy and fun encircled us from beginning"


I am so PROUD to be a MANAGER of my own PERMATA!


"Without him, I am not a wife. Without her, I am not a mother.
Without each other, we are not in love.
Only greatest love is worth to be shared "


"For you, I'll let my heart become your tissue,
Soft enough to be the one you turn to,
Yet tough enough to wipe up all the dirts & sadness.
Alhamdulillah, I was blessed with you guys..."


My daughter ...
My best friend ...
 My heart warmer ..
Till Jannah., Till the end ...

Send to me by 30th Nov 2012, 5.30pm :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

First ever Tiny Tapir Warehouse SALE !!!

Yes darling!! You heard me right..

Their FIRST EVER warehouse sale will be held from 10am-8pm on 24th & 25th November 2012 @ Tiny Tapir warehouse in Taman Melawati ..
Address: No.41, Jalan Bandar 1, Taman Melawati, 53100 KL...

All cloth diaper lovers, babywearing junkies and many other baby stuff crazzie..
Let's gear up for TT warehouse sale..Wohoooo...
*gatal tangan tengok GroVia..nape yg GroVia training pant takde sale..errghhh!!*

More info, visit..

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Last shout out for Kleenex Share the Softness Contest !!!

2 more days to go..
Dah join ke belum??
Masih ada masa, masih ada kesempatan..
Easy peasy contest..
Pilih gambar anda bersama keluarga atau dengan si kecil ...
Buat caption yang menarik and post entry at your blog..
Share your entry permalink at the contest entry by tomorrow, 23rd Nov 2012 before 11.59pm..

Cekidaut here !!!

Awesome prizes waiting for all the participants..
RM50 AEON shopping voucher berserta Kleenex product..
 Hadiah saguhati juga ada disediakan...

Special invitation to all my darling readers, fabulous followers, silent readers and new readers as well... 
You're are almost welcome to join this contest =)
Hurry up...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

School of Tomorrow : Empowering Lifelong Learners

*48-hours sticky post. Scroll down for more update*

School holiday has just started. Children as well as their parents are all in fabulous holiday mood. But those parents who have 4 - 6 years old kids who will start the pre school session next year or 7 years old student for elementary/primary school, we are so busy for these 2 months, right? For pre-school session specially *as I am one from them*, there are still parents who still not yet decided which school to enroll their little munchkins while those who are already decided, its about time to attend the school open day, getting to know about the program, the teachers, fee structure and so on. Agreed, it’s not an easy decision. One of the most difficult decisions parents will face at some time is which school to choose for their child. There are many factors to be considered. I’ve gone through this stage *kindy hunting mode entry*, though its kind of tiring things to do *googling the website, make call, pay visit, listen to their program and repeat again for another possible pre-school so on and so on* but it’s actually fun thing at the end of the journey.

*picture courtesy of google image*

Back to why we are doing this? As parents, since we know that the child will spend the most 12 hours at school *for working parents specially*, so we are looking a place where my child can have a fun learning. Besides factors like Islamic based environment, a comprehensive program with conducive learning environment, learning in English medium is one of the factors.

A conducive learning environment ..
*picture courtesy of google image*

In Malaysia, English is not simply the second language, it is one of several. Striking the right balance between the undeniable need to stay true to the country’s tradition and heritage, while at the same time recognizing the status of English as an international means of communication, is crucial.  Malaysia is moving towards its goal of developed nation status and the success of this transition is dependent on the strengthening of the foundations of its economy and society. The government is now taking rigorous steps to meet the challenges of the competitive global market encompassing all aspects of the educational spectrum, from access to basic education, professional development for teachers, leadership management, to school improvement, the initiatives firmly embrace the responsibility to support and equip students and teachers alike with the skills and knowledge to become responsible and productive citizens who will provide the momentum for the transformation.

The issue that every country (whether developing or developed) faces today is how to prepare children and adults alike for the future.  In this rapidly globalizing and knowledge-driven world of work, anyone who is an innovative and creative thinker, open to new ideas and the vast opportunities for bettering themselves, is ahead of the game.  Being a lifelong learner is no longer an option, but it is a necessity. The key to being a lifelong learner is curiosity. The foundations for lifelong learning are in the early stages of education where children can be inspired to become enthusiastic learners. Early years education needs to be truly holistic, engaging children in stimulating and challenging experiences in the context of their physical and social surroundings, and recognizing that children are capable initiators of their own learning. A high quality early childhood program that encourages active learning, problem solving, effective communication, creativity, social adjustment and participation has huge significance for their longer-term success in education and as future citizens.

The experience in schools is a way for children to develop relationships or organize and make sense of their world, and they bring to it diverse background experiences, developing identities and perceptions about their own and others’ social and cultural experiences. Even on a basic level, they draw on their own experiences and perceptions of others to create contexts in which to play and their own experimentation and exploration has to be recognized as their personal voyage of discovery. With experience and encouragement, this basic interaction changes as they become more socially and intellectually complex and make the transition to being adept and independent individuals.

Speaking of which, the spirit of these initiatives is embodied in a major School of Tomorrow (SOT) Conference which will be held in Kuala Lumpur from 20th – 21st November 2012. Organized by the Beaconhouse Group, the event will use plenary and groundbreaker sessions as well as workshops to focus on innovative approaches and methods for early childhood and primary education.

This conference is the fourth in a series of SOT conferences that has brought together scholars, educationists, classroom practitioners, policy makers and experienced professionals to re-examine conventional beliefs of what constitutes progressive teaching and learning. The 2012 conference, being held for the first time in Kuala Lumpur, takes these themes a step further and also considers ways to empower lifelong learners. To empower a lifelong learner is to facilitate and enable their learning opportunities and to encourage them to manage their own learning. To create such a learning culture requires changing people’s perceptions of what learning is and how it can change their lives with the overarching aim of increasing individual capacity. The 2 days conference which will be delivered through plenary sessions, interactive workshops and panel discussions will be discussing on three main streams:

Top international educationists at the forefront of their fields will be congregating in Kuala Lumpur to lead, conduct and facilitate sessions at an upcoming major educational conference, including Professor Alma Harris, Dr Heather Terrill Stotts, Professor Kathryn Riley, and Dr Christine Wise, all of whom are internationally recognized for their work on school improvement and leadership and management. Several specialists including Gigi Schweikert, Pamela Mundy, Ayesha Kasuri and Saira Butt will be leading sessions on early childhood and primary education while the prominent among the presenters is keynote speaker Richard Gerver whose speech in 2010 was the highlight of the conference. He is also the author of the best-seller ‘Creating Tomorrow’s Schools Today’.

2010 School of Tomorrow Conference..

Workshop delivered by leading educationists and thinkers..

At the end of the conference, the target to focus particularly on ways of improving the overall educational experience of children in the context of a rapidly globalizing and increasingly competitive world and to empower lifelong learners will be achieved and benefits all of our educationist and participants generally. 

For details about this conference, you may visit their website here!

Info about Beaconhouse School

The Beaconhouse School System is one of the largest of its kind in the world and operates in nine countries.  It has had a presence in Malaysia since 2004 and now runs 10 schools in and around Kuala Lumpur. Although firmly established, it is a dynamic and constantly evolving organization which continues to reinvent its educational provision to meet the needs of future generations. It has an exemplary approach to social responsibility and has responded to the need to surmount socio-economic restrictions with a parallel school network that provides standardized quality education at a fraction of the fee of its flagship network. The development of human capital has always been a high priority for Beaconhouse and its professional development program for teachers has been developed in conjunction with leading UK universities. For more info, you may visit the Beaconhouse website

WW: Train ride ..

Last weekend activity with kiddos..
First time for Ryan, second time for Adam..
But still cannot hide the jakuness hahha..Adam Adam!!
#train #komuter

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Syok bila shopping pakai vouchers ...

My previous contest winning with Kleenex, *consolation prize* not only entitled me to win 6 packets of toilet bath tissues, but also received AEON shopping vouchers as well ...

RM250 AEON shopping vouchers..weeee...sronok!
*last sekali dpt Jusco shopping vouchers bnyk mcm ni time kahwin*

Actually dah lama tak menapak ke AEON *lidah tergeliat nak sebut, masih prefer sebut Jusco!* sejak jatuh hati shopping groceries kat Jaya Grocer, kena plak AEON membership dah lama tak renew *sejak Starbucks dah tak pakai Jusco card to get discount 10% hahaha*

Tapi dah smp Jusco, tak de susah mane nk pun nak perabis RM250 tu pun kan...
Plan nak beli barang2 make up ke, parfume ke hahaha
Takpe lah, daripada membazir, baik beli barang berfaedah..which is groceries..
So, jimatlah bulan ni punya budget =)

Main2 macam ni pun dah dekat RM250
*yelah kalau dah suka-suki beli salmon, marinated lamb, strawberries and upgrade sket pakai shampoo Loreal..wuhahahhaa*


Tiba time nak bayar..pakai vouchers..
Mak aii syok gila kalau bulan2 macam ni..bahagia..
*kalau sekeping vorchers tu nilai RM50, harus tak datang sini, sure bawak Mr Hubby pergi Pavilion...dasar sungguh!*

Seronok kan kalau menang vouchers??
U'olls pun boleh dapat chance nak menang voucher AEON...

Jom join contest ni hah!!
Contest ends by next week 23rd Nov 2012...
Hurry up!!


Happy weekend!!

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