Wednesday, April 28, 2010

mommynadia on hiatus ...

Dear my readers and peeps,

I will be invisble for couple of days..
Sorry if I could not able to visit ur page..;(
I will be back soon..
Hopefully I will able to manage these 3 days to the fullest..

Yours truly with her unfinished project ;)
wish me luck!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

skin rashes for babies and toddlers

Have you ever faced skin rashes problem with your kids?
As you know, there were 2 common skin rashes which are heat and nappy rashes.

Heat Rashes : If your little one suddenly develops a bright red pimply rash on his neck, under his arms, or near the edges of his nappy or underwear, don't panic; it's probably just a heat rash. Heat rash, also known as prickly heat or miliaria, is a red, pimply skin eruption that can appear when your child overheats in hot and humid weather.

Nappy Rashes: If your baby has nappy rash, you'll know it. Some of the skin covered by the nappy – probably the genital area, the folds of the thighs and the buttocks – will appear red and inflamed. The affected areas can either be dry or moist and sometimes look pimply.

* detail can be retrieved from Babycentre

For my lil boy case, Adam mmg sejak lahir, he got a sensitive skin. He was so sensitive with the heat/temperature and I think specially with his weight, he tend to sweat a lot.
So area2 dekat arm,knee and neck..were the most yg banyak kuar rashes..worst sometimes at his cheeks..
Mase time baby dulu,mmg kesian,kena plak Adam type suka scrtach2..huh..jenuh I nak remove his hand from scratching all over his body.

Due to this, since his day one untill now, I prefer to use a medicated product for his shower gel, lotion, nappy cream..and I used Sebamed baby.It work s well to my Adam and I love the smell too..
Even,everytime I meet the paed for skin rashes issue, when the paed asked about the product we used, he will just asked us to continue..
In fact, there many other product which medicated and with balance 5.5pH which suitable for sensitive skin , ait..;)

Various range of  Sebamed product
*picture courtesy of  Google

Even Adam with sensitive skin he had, he never faced problem with his nappy area.
Until a few weeks back, I started to spot a reddish spots at his nappyarea, and some similar spot at neck and his arm's too.
It could be due to the hot wether currently.I thought!
So,we just apply some of the calamine lotion and Sebamed diaper lotion around his nappy area.
It getting worst day by day, and we started to worry, so I bring him to his paed.
Cautions, prolonged nappy rashes can lead to infection!

So the paed, gv some antiobiotic and cream for fast teratment, Alhamdulillah in 2-3 days its gone.
yeap,the paed also mentioned, jangkitan ni mmg common to babies specially to those yg stay with carer/nursery..possibility nak transfer infection nih easier..
Pening sunggoh kalau bab2 nursery ni..Even how much we try to protect our kids, yet other kids could transmitted to our child..cabaran sungguh!!
Its ok, as long as we tried our best to take care and protect them..

Owh yea, I pun nak share some info about the detergent..
Time Adam started to face again with skin rashes tu, pening lah mommy Adam ni find solution to treat this skin rashes.
As u know, kalau utk nappy rashes tu, I have to stick to use Huggies Ultra, if I used either comfort huggies or the blue one tu, cepat sangat dia berpeluh and start to scratch2..mahu tak mahu tak boleh dah nak gilir2...
then I started to search info about Cloth Diapering too (thanx to Farah!)..
In fact still intrested to introduce CD to Adam (walaupun dah lambat)..haha yg kelakar I went to mothercare dah takde size cloth diaper for Adam..huhuhu..

ok ok back to detergent story..
I just got this info when Nadine posted entry about her stained white shirt, and somebody said the nappikleen could able to washed out the stain!
Wah, sungguh kagum dengan Nappikleen time tu, then lama2 pike and info from Thara too,
I started to think, it could be from detergent tu that caused skin rashes to Adam..
*sb Nadia pun sgt sensitive dgn detergent yg kuat2 ni..

So I started to search info for other detergent yg soft to babyskin and specially with natural ingredients.
So I strated to use this Purren H-A-D!
*napelah dari dulu tak pike pasal ni..
So skrang ni tgh monitor how this detergent works!

Pureen H-A-D


-Leaves no chemical residue on fabric
- Does not irritate delicate skin (hypo-allergenic).
- Leaves fabric naturally soft with a fresh, clean scent. (Does not require softener).
- Increases cloth life-expectancy.
Cleans all the way to the fibre
- Effective in removing stains and odours i.e. grease, blood, tar, ketchup, pine sap, red clay, mildew, grass.
Fragrance-free; No Bleach & No Phosphate; No Enzyme & No Brightener
- Colour care .
- Does not irritate delicate skin (hypo-allergenic).
Biodegradable, Vegetable surfactant
- Environmental Friendly.

Detail can check from this:

Worst thing I just find out about this:

Irritant Contact Dermatitis : A type of skin rash that is triggered by substances that irritate the skin such as chemicals, perfumes, soap or detergents. Symptoms include redness, swelling and itching. This reaction usually worsens the longer the skin is in contact with the offending substance. It can be frequently found on the hands and other exposed parts of the body.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Happy Monday everyone..

Today's topic is related to community service..
Just to remind u all takut2 terkena jgak..
Most of us mesti ramai yg pakai online for payment such thru maybank2u,clicks and etc..
ye lah, for those working people like us, this online payment has made our life easier..
No more long Q, hassle jammed n parking..thru fingertips semua boleh buat kan!
Walaupun setiap payment diorang kenakan charge, but its still worth kalau kira duit minyak, tol and parking kan..

But guys, please watch out!
Sekarang nih ramai hackers2 yg tak de keje..saje2 nak buat keje kita susah..
Even dah bnyk kita dgr ada received phone call ask us to reveal our password for verification!
All those things are nonsense..

For Maybank specially, diorang dah warning, mmg diorang tak akan buat mane2 panggilan utk verification!
Seriously, I pernah received call  related to this,dah la cakap Indon jelas2, masih boleh nak tipu kita ,mintak reveal security password kat diorang..stoopid!!

And today, I again received this email, for verification our account!
Paling takut, they send us the email thru my office mail..
which I seldom reveal this email only for job purpose!
But all my online payment, I use my office mail for triggering all payment done.
Mane diorang boleh dapat email ni kan?
Kalau hntr kat email hotmail/yahoo/gmail ke..lain lah..pelik betul!

But,seriously thru hi tech they have, they able to trace my mail and send this nonsense email.
kalau tilik2 lama2 mmg perasan, email ni jelas2 fraud!
tapi kalau kita tak persan, takut ingatkan mmg ada org nak buka account kita..
mesti terus je click link kat ctu..

Link tu kalau try bukak..dia akan link to a fraud maybank2u page!

I think Maybank dah traced this email sender,sb dah tak boleh bukak link tu..

Let me reveal their techniques..

1. Once we click to the link, they will lead us one fraud page of Maybank2u page which mmg similar with Maybank2u.
2. Then, we need to put our ID and password..
3. They will ask us to request the TAC.
4. The session will take longer time, sb once we type or passwords, they will get our ID and password and open the real Maybank2u page.
5. The TAC that received at our hp, they will ask us to key in the column provided.
6. Once they get our TAC, dah..settle boleh la dia transfer duit kita to any accounts as they want!

Sangat lick!

Just beware! Better save the Maybank2u/click link to our favourites.
So tak payah nak pike betul ke tk link ni..
Nowadays, kita banyak reveals all of our infos thru blog, Fb, twitters and macam2..
With these, we just make the hackers life easier..
Sb diorang ni bukannye pandai lah diorang reti buat benda2 macam ni..

In case u received any similar email like this, please ignore.
Or to be safe, immediately call ur bank for verification.

Till then...
This community service brought to you by fabulous motherhood..."Sharing is Caring"..

Friday, April 23, 2010

let's talk about M.A.K.E U.P ;)

Suara mommy memecah kesunyian pagi..
papa laju meluncur keluar dari bilik..
"why,why?? what happen??"..he asked.
"Look at what Adam did to my compact!" in sad voice :(

yup,ini lah hasil kerja tangan pada suatu pagi..

He loves to play with my compact powder,pagi2 selalu tgk I duk touch up depan cermin, sibuk dia nak main ngan compact case tu..
Normally he just take the sponge,and put on his face..
Ntah kenapa hari tu, datang creative dia..koyak into tiny pieces..

Tak pelah, dah tak de rezeki..lagipun dah nak abis dah..
huhuhu..almost a week I hv to use my compact with the big piece one..
Area Shah Alam ni mane lah nak carik MAC booth..have to wait till weekend!

Talking about compact powder..seriously, I'm not a good compact powder user or in the other word ..I'm not good in make up!
Maybe sb sensitive skin that I had since in high school, I just started to use compact powder when I start working!
Of course my 1st compact would be CLINIQUE..I hv to go with something that have blemishes treatment inside..
Few years as Clinique devotee, my sis started to influence me into MAC.
I was scared at the beginning, worry all the pores to breakout..but yet MAC really make me satisfied..
The best things, semua pora pori I covered well behind!

After the above incident, I was planning to give a try to somethings new..
*tu lah MAC,kenapa tak bukak booth kat area Shah Alam or Subang..or dekat Sunway Pyrmd ada ke??
I planned to try Bobbi Brown..mane tahu boleh jadik mcm makeup time kawen dulu..
*remember my make up artist who used bobbi brwon n I'm really satisfied with her!


Unfortunately, bila ke SP, the 1st booth I singgah is Anna Sui,n satisfied with the great service from the sales girl..I decided to try to Anna Sui..

The lovely booth of Anna Sui..

The compact powder..
Hopefully it wont influence all my pimples to breakout again!

A small case, so hopefully I wont take another 1.5-2.0 yrs to finish ;) i did to MAC!

As usual all the miniture and trials pack given..tq

Welcome to the family..

The reason b'cos I love the casing of Anna Sui so much..
*but yet the hug me lipstick from MAC still in my heart!

 A lil bit update..
yup, I was in front of my lappy rite now..not doing the job at home..
but yet try to fninish my "unfinished job"..
I was on leave since yesterday..
Remember I did mentioned in my early year resolutions..:)
So hopefully I managed to handle it without 2 boys around..
Ok, go back to work..
*Tom Cruise sgt hensem dlm Oprah show this morning,yet I love her Suri more..:)

me n my coffee..
n the books!

I miss owner of these toys so much..
"Adam, sorry mommy hv to send u to nursery..
but this thing, is for all of us.."
Pray for me!

till then.. Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

calling for IKEA fanzzzz...

 Ok..letme count any of IKEA big fanz here..??

wah wah..can see everyone nodded happily..
Boleh gerenti u all kalau tak weekly, paling tidak once a month mesti nak g bau aircond IKEA kan..??
haha..same goes here...:)
Why I love IKEA?? maybe because the simplicity idea given from their decos
Specially those who with small apartment like me, simplicity is really a big matter for us..
Ye lah, kalau dah katil gedabak,sofa lagi,wardrobe..huh mahu jalan sempit aje kut celah2 tu..
Plus Adam pun agaknye terantuk aje ngan wardrobe2 mommy dia..

Plus,I'm a big fan of NORESUND..;)
Most of my furniture coming with the black spiral design and mostly from NORESUND type.. bout you guys??

 thnx for my pax which save alot of my bedroom space :)



 lovely daybed...

 which became our temporary sofa..
* nice kan lovely pink color tu :)


Ok, back to the IKEA story..
How do you rate ur current bedroom?

Jom..!!Lets grab RM2000 IKEA voucher..
from WIN YOUR DREAM BEDROOM contest!! kan...
easy peasy..let me guide u..

Can u see the IKEA advertisement down there, I mean at the end of my blog??
..just click overthere..


 1st..ensure you have register urself with IKEA..done??

 Then go to Win Yor Dream Bedroom and click How I do This??

Follow the below instructions:

Enjoy ur creativity and submit..
mane tahu kan rezeki kita dapat RM 2000 tu..
boleh sakan deco bilik kan??

Below is the T & C:

 The contest end at 11:59pm on 2nd May 2010..
few more days to go..:)

Jom cuci mata ...

 Love the spiral type again :)

 again white..

 I love this one..

 why IKEA so into white color??

So ape lagi..
Combine ur creative ideas with ur love one..
It will be a great enjoyment !
All the best!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

his 1st few days at UMSC...

Its been a while since I copied the pictures to post entry for his few days at UMSC..
tapi terlupa nak post..
After the good responses from my previous entry, so I digged back the folder and find more pictures of us at UMSC..
Unfortunately, bnayk picture of me not wearing tudong..waa..nak bluur kan pun malas..
so I took picture yg mmg dah kabur2 gtu..hehehe:)
Since most of us I think dah convenient with our current gynae, this info specially for those who still looking info for UMSC and maybe planning for 2nd one..
Actually, time survey mmg susah nak find info about this hospital..still new!
So hopefully this entry will help u guys..:)

Ok,back to UMSC..let me update more infos..
my last entry, I was explained more on their clinics facilities..
but I forgot to include picture n info of their wards..

You must wonder how would I know about this place..kan?
Time I was 7 months preggy, biasala kan,time sebok2 duk survey hospital nak deliver..
Most of the area I went is Shah Alam and Subang Jaya..
For me, I dont care at which hosptial nak deliver, since Flex will pay by the receipt and amount not more than RM2.5k..
but for my hubby's,we have to find hospital yg cover under their company insurance..
and plus, I did the checking at klinik kesihatan (..bukan kat situ aje, kat swasta pun pergi..tak der keje punye org kan!!)..I was suspected to have diebetic..
so for government, the wont allow person like my case to deliver at small private time tu I plan to deliver kat UMRA (tp sb bnyk case I dgr lalu ikut tingkap,I was scared!)..n plus reason of klinik kesihatan tu!

Unfourtunately came one guy who introduce me about this hospital ..bayangkan tgh duk pening2  carik,suddenly he came..*credit to Mr Bob Husaini..wife dia dah 2 anak bersalin kat sane..
So,selepas interview him and beberapa sesi lawatan..
I decided to choose this hospital..
After met the gynae,Prof Siti Zawiah..terus jatuh hati and melekat kat ctu!..(even Dr Ummul Wahiyy n her hubs pun student prof CT Zawiyah Dr Zaini kat Bkt Jelutong tu)
She is fantastic..why??
Very simple type of gynae..kalau I tanya nak makan pill ape2..dia akan jawab, "nadia, go for natural..take fruits,drink alot of water.."..
Of course, bila time nak bersalin pun..we go for epidural..ceaser mintak jauh sekali!

About the price plak..
Overall, its still affordable compare to others privates nearby..
means a private with canggih facilities lah..specially the blood bank..that is the most important!
Overall, my case, with baby admitted for 1 day jaudice,and 2 night stay..around 3.5k..
and my fren just now I mentioned, his 2nd baby only cost him for 2.8k! dah terrer kan :)

For UMSC,their wards were at Menara Timur of PPUM at level 10 for labour room and normal rooms...

me..mase nak tgu masuk labour..with the CTG..:)
just 3cm dilated at 6.30 pm 16 Oct 2008

In the labour room..
Ok,what special about this hospital..??
Once kita masuk kat labour..sampai balik esok..kat ctu lah kita akan duduk..
their labour cum bilik tak yah susah nk pindah randah!
All facilities complete kat ctu!
Tgu mase aje..sambil tgk tv..
Plus this room enuff for all my family tidur pagi tu, sb penat berjaga malam tadi temankan kitorang:)

waiting for the right time..:)

their facilites..

Adam was born at room no 1017 at Oct,17..

Me the special case..
Sb on 17 Oct ramai plak org check in nak deliver..
I was sent to VIP room..
a very spacious room facing the Menara TM :0
Spotted the black color bag?? spectra pump..:)
I started my pumping routine since Adam day 1.. 6.22am on 17 Oct 2008

after half an hour..

dah boleh posing dia..

after shower and 1st precious hour bfeeding!

tak boleh bukak mata pun..

time before discharge with his che mimi...

at home, Bukit Jelutong before went back to K.Trg..

Ok..hopefully this info enuff for all of you..
tapi ada ape2 extra nak tanya boleh la..
Till then...

Additional info, u can go to my fren's's such a great info too..

p/s: Asyik pergi visit kawan2 baru jgak ek plan for 2nd one!:)
takpe wait for che mimi burst 1st..boley Adam kacau baby Zahra..(ye ke bby gal tu??)
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