Thursday, January 31, 2013

Let's go natural with Olive baby range products..

Since baby until now, Adam still have problem with his skin. Too sensitive until we have to ensure all products he used, specially the body wash, shampoo or even the detergent used to wash his clothes also must  be either medicated or from natural source. When we controlled all sort of products which directly contact to his skin, at least we able to reduce the scars and even scratching at nights due to itchiness and discomfort.      

Ever since then, and after I gave birth to lil boy Ryan, I started to fall in love with organic/ natural stuffs. *lucky that Ryan's skin not sensitive as Adam* When I start seeing new booth of theSkintopic, a natural stuffs for body & skin care at Subang Parade, I was so happy and eager to know about the product too. More happier, when I received email for product trial from theSkintopic. Waaaa..tell you I was super duper excited! *u know kan, natural product never be cheap one uhuk!!*

Yes, they sent me 2 products from Olive baby range.
Weeeee....tq so much =)

Lil bit info about theSkintopic. This brand carries 2 main products which are olive (extract of extra virgin olive oil) while another is tebe (extract of olive leaf). As you see, the main source of this brand are from the extract of olives.*I love olive so much yumsss =)* So the Olive Baby range of skin care products (which one of 3 ranges under olive products)  is all natural and gentle for baby's skin. All of the products contain own extra virgin olive oil from Simunovich Olive Estate in Auckland, New Zealand – an ingredient which has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean as a beauty treatment and an overall remedy for the skin. *I like*

Baby hair & body wash..
A mild, gentle hair and body wash that cleanses, moisturises and conditionsbaby's skin and hair. Containing a nutrient-rich, hydrating blend of natural ingredients, it is suitably gentle for daily use.

Baby massage oil..
Olive baby massage oil moisturises your infant’s skin and helps to protect it from dryness. The luxurious blend of almond oil, jojoba oil and extra virgin olive oil has been carefully chosen for its hydrating and, nourishing properties.

After read the descriptions of the products, I can't wait to give a try. Specially to Adam because lately I found his skin a little bit dry. I guess maybe because they sharing the shower gel at school *eventho I already supplied with a medicated one =(* After 2 weeks trying the body wash and oil massage, I can see some improvements on his skins. In fact, we decided not to use powder anymore and start using the oil massage to him. Its working, Alhamdulillah. Will use it more frequent and hope to see more improvements after this. Yeap, the body wash and oil massage smell so good, natural smell of olives. Love it. While the oil massage is suit to use to the infants as well. Other than the natural ingredients inside, the warmness when we rubbed on palms surely can calming the lil babies. As we know that baby/infant massage are so important specially at early of months after delivery to enhance baby development and comfort the babies too. Will give try to my newborn niece too,InsyaAllah.

Nice  smell of body wash. Thumbs up!

After bath, apply the olive oil massage to the whole body...

Sakan dia duk posing plak..hiks!

Helping mommy to read out the product description too...weee!!!

Other than baby hair & body wash and baby oil massage, there are few more products under Olive baby range. I'm currently eyeing their baby moisture milk which contain additional of Vitamin E to help to protect the babyskin. Hopefully it works to reduce and repair the scars at Adam's legs and back. *his fave scratching areas*

All range of products at theSkintopic...

Snapshot of the price for Olive baby products..

To a baby touch is talk - agreed!!

Not only for the little precious, theSkintopic also have wide range of products for mommies too *opps dads as well*, yeay!! Do visit their website at or you may also drop at their fb And their lovely booths can be found at few leading shopping malls as below:

  • theSkintopic, Level 5, P5.12.00, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Tel: 03-21429988 
  • theSkintopic, Lower Ground Floor, Lot LGC01, Subang Parade Mall, Tel: 03-56382988
  • Olive & Tebe counters at Metrojaya Mid Valley, Metrojaya Bukit Bintang, Metrojaya The Curve & Parkson Sunway Pyramid
  • Poppies Sibu, No. 13 Island Road, Sibu, Sarawak, Tel: 084-318722
  • Poppies Kuching, Lot 111, First Floor, The Spring Shopping Mall, Jalan Simpang Tiga, Kuching, Sarawak, Tel: 082-236553
  • Poppies Bintulu, G/F, No. 6, Lot 7227, Medan Sentral Commercial Centre, Jalan Tanjong Kidurong, Bintulu Sarawak, Tel: 086-319722
Give a  try!!!


Blog Diva said...

comei la ryan berkemban! wakakakaaaa..

Mrs.Yana @ K.M & B.U.M.P said...

Olive punya produk mmg wangi, yana beli set bodywash n losen kat watson.. untuk adult lah :)

zazaa said...

Pose ryan yg sangat menggoda! Comell =)

Unknown said...

Ryan sexyy

Ayuni A. said...

Ryan kemban cam girl hahaha so cute!

ReYNa said...

comelnya ryan n adam,huhu.oh.nk try ni.rizqi pon sensitive.

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