Friday, November 13, 2015

Celebrating Multiple Intelligence - Because Your Child Smart in More than One Way!

Hello mommies. I've very interesting topic to share today. Have you ever heard about Multiple Intelligence? Hmm..actually I pun baru je berjinak-jinak dengan theory ni since I've started to handle program through Blooming Years Academy. One of our latest program was about Multiple Intelligence. Very interesting topic to understand about our children.

Among many things we are learning and reinforcing in today's classroom especially with our current education system, the idea that we are intelligent. Howard Gardner has come out with his Multiple Intelligences Theory where we are smart in all 9 areas. Some of us might be more developed in some intelligences areas, and others will be more developed in other areas.

Search more info about this theory, mmg sangat berguna.

So how does the theory relate to our children?

Cara pendidikan kita sejak dahulu sampailah sekarang, bnyk menekankan aspek cemerlang dalam academic (brain smart) sebagai perkara penting yang mesti ada pada kanak-kanak. They have to be excel in academic in order for us to consider them as smart children. Whereas, every child is different. They are smart in different way. They might not be smart in academic, but they could be very good in musical or interpersonal or maybe a body smart type of children. As parents, it is so important for us to understand about our children. Anak-anak kita lebih cenderung ke arah category yang mana supaya kita lebih bersedia untuk memberi sokongan dan pendedahan yang betul. Bukan semata-semata menekankan aspek academic sebagai pengukur aras bagi setiap anak-anak kita.

Talking about Multiple Intelligence, I've been invited to witness the launching of the new and unique S-26 GOLD® PROGRESS® and S-26 GOLD® PROMISE® on 16th October at Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur by Weyth Nutrition. This new formulation with increased nutrients of 5 times DHA, 40% more of Lutein and 20% more Choline to support children's eye and brain development. 

Wyeth Nutrition supports Multiple Intelligence Theory through their latest product.

Celebrating 100 years this year, Wyeth Nutrition has been a pioneer in children’s nutritional science offering the beneficial nutrition support for a wholesome growing up journey. Wyeth Nutrition understands the importance of early nurturing to foster multiple intelligence for our children, thus the new S-26 GOLD® Growing-up milk for children is formulated to balance up the daily intake of nutrition need for every child in order for them to explore the creativity.

During the launch, they have also invited Dr Azam Mohd Nor, Pediatric Cardiologist and Ms Indra Balaratnam, Consultant Dietition to share with guests the importance of right nutrient intake for children 1 year and above. It is such a fruitful sharing session on how inadequate nutrition for children could give a big impact to their brain & body development.

Towards the end of the event, we're so lucky when Ms Indra guided us to a cooking demo, providing simple yet very nutritious snacks for our children. By using the S-26 GOLD® Growing-up milk as one of the ingredient, Ms Indra shared with us the tips on how to extend versatility when cooking for our children. Cooking time with children can also be a learning activity to inculcate nutrition, empowerment skills and most importantly, to foster healthy eating habits from young.

Super yummy Kiwi Shake made by Ms Indra.

For more updates regarding the latest news, kindly visit the Wyeth Nutrition website at and follow the Facebook Page at www.facebook.con/WyethNutrition.

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