Friday, March 15, 2013

Jom join "method to the rescue! contest"..

Have you ever come across this laundry detergent product by method before? The moment I received this product for review, mmmmm well that was my first time looking at this product.*being sincere* My first impression was, how come the laundry detergent designed to be this small? So, my head started to do calculation on monthly usage and how much that I need to spend.*sounds like an accountant isn't it?*

Well, that was on the first few minutes when I opened the box. But now, I've been using this product for almost a week. Pretty sure, I've been using this for laundry specially for my kids clothes. The moment I read through the description behind the bottle, there were few words that caught my attention - biodegradable,    95% plant based formula, 70% less detergent and also hypo-allergenic! Weeee I'm so happy to see word hypo-allergenic, another option for my kids skin sensitive solution. (Note: For kids who has severe eczema, try to ensure the detergent use to wash their clothes is also a hypo-allergenic detergent as it can help to reduce effect of eczema as well) .

Method laundry detergent with smartclean technology™ is the world's smartest laundry detergent as it's a revolutionary product powered by a 95% plant-based formula that seeks out dirt and stains to get clothes cleaner. It is 8x concentrated which means there's no excess water to get in the way of the cleaning power. No excess water means less energy used and resources required to make it, not to mention less of the laundry jug-lug factor. And this is one very tote-able little bottle - it's compact, designed for easy, one-handed use with no mess and precision-dosing pump.

Truly smarter, easier and greener!
            How the smart clean technology works..

           Perfect designed bottle to avoid mess when dosing the detergent...

              Another way to live eco-friendly..

Ok, now I know why the have a compact design with small amounts of detergent! 
As this concentrated only needs 4 pumps for one load!Thumbs up.
Now we no longer need big space at our laundry area for bottles of detergent and softener.Wink!!

As the main ingredients are from plant-based, I wasn't expect to have a good smell from this detergent. But I was wrong. Its actually came with nice and pleasant smell as well. 

With 4 pumps per laundry, I make a big save.
Big clean within a small package and a teeny tiny footprint compared to the jug type of detergent  now I know why method calls it the world's smartest laundry detergent. Great!

Now, u must be asking where can I get this smart technology product, isn't it?
This method laundry detergent is available at all B.I.G supermarket, Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer and Ace Hardware outlets, as well as Carrefour (Mid Valley), Isetan (KLCC) and also selected Tesco outlets. Retail price of this product is RM 28.00 for 300ml (25 loads) and RM41.80 for 600ml (50 loads).

Various options also available to suit your preference and make laundry more fun!
 For more info, please visit their website at

Hold on readers!!
I have big surprise here...
Wanna get the voucher of the method product for free??
*free??? Weeee*

Jom join method to the rescue contest!!

What you need to do is:

1. Submit comments down here on a short story who do you think deserves a method product sent to them as a surprise gift! Bukan sahaja laundry detergent product, any other method's household and personal care products as well. Go visit their fb to find the product that suit your friends and family members. Click on here!
 2.  You all boleh comment sebanyak yg boleh, with different family members and friends names. Each comment, one name and story what do you want to give her and why? 
3. English and Malays are both acceptable for entry!

What you will get?

1. 5 lucky winners with wonderful story will be chosen as winners and stands to win a selection of method household and personal care items worth over RM50.

2. Belum habis lagik, the star of the short story yg u'oll describe tu pun, will each be sent the full sized method product. Sweet things is, your name *as well as my blog name hiks* will be add to the package, so he/she will know the ones behind this lovely surprise. Nice kan...

Easy right? I would be very much grateful and appreciated if all my loyal readers, be it as follower or my silent reader behind the scene =), do send your lovely story here. The dateline of this contest will be until 29th March 2013 at 11.55pm. Winner will be announce after 31st March 2013.

All the best peeps..

Let's make our laundry more smarter, easier and greener with method laundry detergent with smartclean technology™..

ps: waahh nak tahu tak, co-founder company method ni ialah Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry. The Ryan-Adam!!Wahwah..

pss: in case drop box comment ni tak appear, do trigger me at k. Appreciate your help!!


Unknown said...

hai, sy nak join juge.. Saya nak berikan 'method squirt & mop' kepada mak mertua saya. Beliau telah renovate rumah pada 2 bulan lepas. Besarkan ruang tamu, dapur dan pasang mozek (mar-mar) di seluruh rumah. Mak mertua saya mop lantai menggunakan sabuh basuh kain. Amat tidak sesuai dan boleh memudarkan mozek dalam jangka masa panjang. Tambahan pula, rumah mak mertua dikelilingi kebun kelapa sawit, memang banyak debu. Semoga Method Product dapat membantu.

hanameera's said...

Story No. 1

Well when i think of cleaning, 1st person that popped into my mind is my sister! Just say it she will clean it haha..
even when she went to other people's house, nampak kotoran and quickly she will grab the broom/ mop/ kain to clean it (mostly on our saudara mara's house la)..and especialy bila datang rumah kakak dia yg tercinta ni....mmg offer je diri dia to do the cleaning..(nak segan pun adik sendiri kan ;) )

So one of Method products yg sesuai dengan dia is Method Daily Shower (Natural Shower Cleaner-Ylang Yang)... i hope that she will enjoy her cleaning thing dengan haruman ylang ylang tu!

hanameera's said...

Story No. 2

Here's another one.. she's so obsessed with soaps & bubbles (and she is 33 by the way).. masa mandi not less that 1 hour....she likes the aroma of bath soap/ shower gel.....and that is my Best Friend.
Talking about a mother with a growing up child..time nak bermanja dengan diri sendiri is when you take your bath! 15 minutes Quality time with soap & bubbles pun dah cukup, but itu myself la...unlike her..she will spend about 30 mins-1 hour in the bathroom!.
So, me as a friend yg slowly dah start to tukar my lifestyle to use only organic and no-harsh chemical ingredients products, rasa terpanggil to introduce to her to Method Pure Naked Moisturizing Body Wash. At least tak rasa bersalah to spend your quality time in the bathroom using the no SLS/ paraben/ other harsh chemical products.
(and I hope she likes the smell to)

Atie said...

Salam..saya teringin nak hadiahkan kat adik 'method fabric softener' sebab dia memang pantang tak masukkan fabric softener setiap kali basuh pakaian. Adik saya sangat gilakan fabric softener hinggakan setiap kali keluar iklan baru saja dalam TV mesti dia akan terus beli dan guna. Saya juga selalu perhatikan gelagat dia bila sidai pakaian mesti asyik cium2 bau wangi fabric softener yang digunakan tu:)

Unknown said...

Saya nak berikan 'method squirt & mop' kepada ayah saya. Beliau membuka kedai runcit jam 9 pagi selepas pulang dari pasar borong. ketika itu sudah ramai pelanggan yang menunggu di hadapan kedai menanti kedatangan sayur dan ikan yang segar bugar. Tutup kedai jam 7 mlm, terus bergegas pulang ke rumah untuk solat magrib. Mop lantai sebulan 2x atau sebulan sekali mengikut kelapangan dan kerajinan.. bayangkan betapa hitam dan kotornya? Moga dengan 'method squirt & mop' memudahkan dan merajinkan ayah untuk mop lantai kedai hihihi

Unknown said...

Saya teringin juga nak hadiahkan 'Method Smarty Dishwasher Detergent' kepada nenek mertua saya. Beliau masih menggunakan sabun pencuci pinggan jenama 'lama' yang kurang buih. Oh, bayangkan musim perayaan cucunya ini terpaksa mencuci segala pinggan, mangkuk, kuali dan periuk yang berminyak? Semoga method product dapat membantu meringankan kerja kami terutamanya pada musim perayaan.

Unknown said...

maaf, silap.. bukan Smarty Dishwasher Detergent, tapi Method Dish Soap Pump :D

fuza said...

Saya nak try method laundry detergent tu. Saya nak bagi kat family kat kampung. Sebab kat kampung tu hari2 basuh baju..kalau pakai method ni jimat sikit penggunaan sabun basuh tu. Baju pun wangi..lagi pun sekarang ni kat kampung guna sabun serbuk tu selalu sangat baju bercapuk sebab sabun serbuk tu tak betul2 kembang and melekat2 kat baju. Nak beli sabun cecair ni mahal sikit. Kalau guna method laundry detergent sabun pun jimat, baju pun wangi dan bersih. Guna lah method laundry detergent...baju tak bercapuk lagi...hehehe.

Aku Along25 said...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Lepas review semua product Method, saya tertarik dengan Method Laundry Softener with Smartclean Tech & saya nak hadiahkan product green earth ni kepada suami tercinta saya! Jangan tak percaya, suami saya agak particular orangnya dalam penggunaan fabric softener. Setiap kali terjumpa fabric softener yang kami guna dengan harga yang murah, dia akan beli. Huhu. Tak cukup botol kecik, botol besar pun dia beli. “Buat stok” katanya.

Saya harap suami tercinta akan jatuh cinta dengan product Method ni. Kalau bagus untuk our planet, why not!

Aku Along25 said...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Untuk emak saya yang tersayang, saya nak hadiahkan Method Naked Body Wash (Magnolia) padanya. Selepas seharian memasak & melayan murid sekolah di kantin, emak saya layak untuk memanjakan dirinya dengan Method Naked Body Wash. Saya harap mak saya dapat tidur dengan nyenyak & rehat yang secukupnya untuk kesegaran hari esok! Bertambah ceriala mak saya yang sememangnya happy go lucky tu!

Terima kasih Mommy Nadia & Method!

Aku Along25 said...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Kami sekeluarga sememangnya cuba untuk menyelamatkan mother earth kita sebaik mungkin. Apa jua product yang bagus untuk mother earth, kami pasti menyokongnya. Untuk itu, saya memilih Method Designed for Good Hand Wash Gel (Botanical) untuk ibu mertua saya. Dengan bilangan cucu yang semakin bertambah, aspek kebersihan sememangnya dititikberatkan. Lepas ni, mesti ibu mertua saya senang hati bila tengok cucu-cucu dia beratur nak basuh tangan tanpa risaukan kesan bahan toksik pada planet kita. They said, good thing come in small package. Insya-Allah.

Unknown said...

my dearest husband is always ringan tulang to help me clean all the dishes every after meal, especially after dinner. That's a way he is saying thank you to me after I had bertungkus lumus cook for him and our son. He will also clean the whole kitchen too! I am so glad to have him.
While he was cleaning the dishes and kitchen, I will spend some quality time with the kids. It is sad that their father couldn't join us until he finishes all the dishes. Sometime he even missed to watch Buletin Utama when there are whole loads of dishes need to be clean.
Thus, I am very interested to give him Method Dish Soap Pump. I believe, with its tagline get "pumped to get clean dishes", it will help my husband to reduce dishes' cleaning time every after meal. And he can spend more time to watch Bulletin Utama and more quality time with the family. I trust Method Dish Soap Pump can help us to make sure all the dishes are really clean, no more oily and cheesy stain on the plates even after cleaning. and can save much time in cleaning the dishes.

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