Friday, July 30, 2010

See ya' tomorrow!!

Where to ????

enjoy 31% off on this 31st...

verry berry strawberry...

have u tried this love potion??
mmg marvellous!!

31st May dah terlepas sb balik Trg, so tomorrow mesti mahu pergi..
Stock for another 2 months..
31st Aug pun ade..takkan nak beratur time puasa kan!!ahaks!!
So see ya at Subang Parade esok...
*kul 10am sure dah tercegat kat sane!!
Tolong jgn kata this month takde...huhuhu ;(

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

kids playing room ^-^

One of the pending things from my what to do list is to deco Adam's playing room..
I was so happy and excited when finally I got the right time to do all the deco things..
* kalau dulu thesis tak settle, my hubby akan jeling smcm kalau I kata nak g kemas bilik Adam tu..
But now I can hv my exclusive time at that room..yeay!!
I just about 50% done, sb main things I have to keep all those stuff yang mmg dah tak pakai..
I keep all those baby stuffs, from clothes, toys, all the cot bumper, baby carrier everything, packed and put at the right placed..
Since I just only have a small apartment, all those area like bawah katil, on top my wardrobe..senang cite
semua tmpt boleh masuk, I sumbat..keep it well so that adik Adam boleh pakai nanti.
So balance to do is to put some ideas for decorations and make the environment safe for the kid.
Yang penting, the playing room is good place for him to express his idea..
* wah wah.;)

Since the 2nd room tu pun takde lah luas sgt..with mommy single bed time bujang2 dulu...
So its really important about the susun that tak de lah sempit sangat tempat dia nak main..
For time being, Adam's cot still inside our room, mmg tak plan nak beli bed for him..
So thats why I just maintained katil kat ctu...
Hopefully bila Adam dah beradik nanti, kami mampu duduk landed house...
Keje nak deco pun lagik best kan ;) since I'm not so good in deco ni, I tried to get more ideas from internet..
Some picture saved from the googles..

Basicly, bnyk ideas from IKEA..
I really heart this blue children set..

Its really imprortant to have suitable rack for the toys and books..

I really really love this room..

Lampu ni pun cantik kan??

Storage rack tu kan one of the things I plan to buy..
Banyak kali survey, tp unfortunately bilik tu sempit..terpaksa diketepikan...
seddey ;(
Pakai aje rack sedia ada...

Playing mat..

Sweet and nice..

I love this one too..
I love the bed so much..

Cita2 lama dulu..
konon nak deco baby room..

Che mimi sila amik idea ni deco bilik Nuh..

Ikea was on sale till this Sunday, 1st August..
Right time to buy apa yg patut..
But yet, still have to ensure not to maximize the room..
crowded pun tak best jagk kan...

I'm still looking for more ideas..
Guys sharelah tmpt u all selalu shopp' for ur kids bedroom..
Hopefully I managed to settle the room immediately...
Buat sikit2 dulu  * tang deco tu, nanti sikit2 lama jadik bukit..
hahhaha..bukit sb dah tak nampak Adam kat dalam tu...jadik crowded...
No no no..

ok lah..gtg...hubby's waiting...
Till then..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

when Adam meets Mia

Last weekend, we have been visited by Ayeen with her lil cute niece, Damia ..
Adam was so happy to have kakak Mia around..
They were playing, dancing together..mmg sgt cute.
Mia ni sgt petah..imagine she just 2.yrs plus..another 2 months to 3 yrs old..
Tp MasyaAllah...keletah dia buat we all ketawa aje..
She can sing, dance..and really a drama queen!
* she know how to imatitate people talk specially her beloved to' ma ;)
Evenmore, she can sing a korean song plus with the pelat sweet..;)
We have captured her video singing, but yet video tu tak clear plak!
Rugi sgt...

Damia the 'lil ruzcal

and she gv this cute face ;)

funny things..
"mia, cantek nye dress mia "
senyum senyum..
" sape beli ??"
" beli kat mane??"
???!!!!####  gelak besar!
Punye lah dress GAP aunty dia beli kat US..
dia bantai beli Mydin ...LOL
seddey Ayeen ;P

dah lah chubby mia ni,
18kg tau!..nak angkat pun lenguh...
tp aunty dia cool je angkat..
aka ayeen's dumbbell

seronok tgk Adam main with Mia...
cepat aje Adam ikut ape Mia buat..

the drama queen ;)

and my drama boy!
 mana dapat idea si Adam ni..;)

and we were out for teh tarik at the empire later that night..
while papa went for drag at sepang circuit..
the galz + kids night out!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Potty Train Part II: Buy the right equipments!

Since my last entry about potty training, I havent make any progress actually..
It just that Adam started showing his readiness towards free diapering..
And plus with Mommy Nadine pun dah start nak potty train Faaz..
* best dah ada geng..semangat sket!
Adam pun dah start to tell us everytime dia "koo koo" (words for poo poo)..
Few incidents when he woke up at night telling that he has pooped inside the diaper..
and last week he woke us and told papa that he koo koo..
Bangunlah my hubby checked diaper Adam de pun..
After changed him to new diaper, he keep telling us koo koo..
Lepas tu suddenly dia turun katil and squating..
Few minutes Adam came back to us and show his bum bum..
and yeap his just pooped in his diaper..
Penat lah kena bangkit tukar plak!

But yet, Adam pun ada sometimes gv false alarm..
"mommy..koo koo.."
masuk2 bathroom..main air rupanya..2x already mommy kena!

Bnyk benefits sebenarnye bila anak kita dah free diapering..
Mostly bolehlah save duit beli diapers..
Tiap2 ari tengok bnyk sgt pakai diapers..its not really good for the environment!
* poyo plak tiba2 citer psl environment...but its true kan!
But before that, we have to ensure his readiness, kalau tak susah jgak!
Plus nak kena prepare equipments jgak bila nak potty train ni..

I got a good article from babycentre, as a steps towards potty train!
Info about the equipments for potty train..
Jom tgk ;)


A Assess your child's readiness
B Buy the right equipments
C Create a routine
D Ditch the nappy
E Explain the process
F Foster independence
G Grab some training pants
H Handle steback gracefully
I Introduce hight training
J Jump for joy --  you're done!




Potty is, as the name suggests, a pot-like object for your child to use instead of his nappy or the toilet. It is an intermediary step. Most children use a potty for a few weeks or months before moving to an adult toilet. Potties are small at approximately one foot high, and are placed on the floor. It is a good idea to buy a potty and put it in to your bathroom before your toddler is actually ready to begin potty training. This lets him get used to the sight and idea of the potty.


- Potty is easy for toddler to hop onto himself. This may vaulable seconds and help to avoid accidents
- This potty is portable. You can move it from room to room in your house, park it in front of the
television or even can take it with you if you are away from hone. This means that it is possible to maintain your toddler potty training routine.
- Potties come in many different colors, Some have even the pictures on them. letting your chil choose his own potty will help the whole process more fun


• The potty can easily be knocked over.
• Cleaning the potty is not a pleasant job, and not as simple as flushing the toilet.

• The potty is smaller than a toilet, which makes it much less daunting for your child. 

Potty from mothercare..
*muat ke bum bum Adam ni??

the bjorn!

Potty chairs

Potty chairs are bigger than regular potties. They have a sturdy base with a removable potty part for easy cleaning.

• Potty chairs are more stable than regular potties so your child will feel more secure sitting on it.
• A potty chair doesn't require your child to squat as he would with a regular potty so he may find it more comfortable.
• Potty chairs are particularly good for larger toddlers.

• Potty chairs are bulky and take up more space than a regular potty.
• Potty chairs are not portable, so you will still need a potty to use when you are not at home.

yg ni mcm besar sket..

But design ni cantik jgak!

Pull-up pants

Pull-up pants look like normal underwear but are made from the same material as nappies. How absorbent they are depends on the brand you buy.

• Pull-up pants allow your toddler to feel like a grown up. He can prepare himself to use the loo by pulling his pants down, and can pull them back up himself when he's finished.
• If your toddler does have any accidents during this potty training phase, the pull-up pants can absorb them and then easily be thrown away, just like disposable nappies.
• Pull-up pants can act as an intermediate step, as your toddler works up to normal underwear.
• Even when your child is in pants during the day, absorbent pull-ups can be useful at night so your child doesn't feel like he is being made to wear "babyish" nappies.

• Using pull-up pants may slow down the training process. Once they are on they will feel like a nappy so your child may forget he is supposed to be using the potty. Some parents prefer to put their toddler in normal underwear straight away and be done with it.
• Some brands of pull-up pants are only designed to cope with small accidents. This means that many are not suitable for your toddler to wear at night.

* Awal2 nak starts, boleh lah ajar pakai pull up pants dulu..

Trainer pants

Trainer pants are washable cotton pants with a waterproof outer layer. They are used as a stepping stone between nappies and real pants.

• Trainer pants allow your child to feel when he is wet while offering some protection against accidents.
• Unlike pull-up pants, trainer pants do not feel like a nappy, so will help your child to remember about using his potty.

• Trainer pants offer only limited protection against accidents. If your child's bladder is full you will still end up with a puddle on the floor.
• Trainer pants do not have the same "big boy" or "big girl" appeal of real pants.

The good article about this can get at farrahim blog as below...mmg useful..tahnks farah!

courtesy of ..

Toilet step stools

A toilet step stool is basically a platform that your toddler can step on to so that he can reach the toilet alone.

• The step stool will enable your toddler to reach the toilet on his own. This will save time and help your child to feel much more grown up and capable.
• The step stool can double up as a way for your toddler to reach other things, such as the sink.

• If your bathroom is small you may find it a nuisance when you wish to use the loo.
• The step stool is bulky and not particularly portable, so you probably won't take it with you when you go out. This may confuse your toddler, as you'll seem willing to help him with the toilet when you're out but not so keen when you are at home.

Bila dah besar sket..Adam age 3-4 boleh starts teach to use this..
with the training seat!

Training seats

A training seat is a small toilet seat that fits on top of your regular toilet seat. It can be padded to make it more comfortable for your child. Some are lifted on and off when your child is using the toilet, others are attached to a full-sized seat with a hinge.

 • The training seat means you can miss out on the potty stage. Your toddler can advance directly from using nappies to the toilet.
• A training seat that lifts off is portable. You can easily take it with you wherever you go.
• With a training seat, your child's waste goes straight into the toilet so all you need to do is flush.
• Training seats can be bought in a variety of colours and styles to make the whole process more fun. Allowing your child to choose which training seat he likes best will help him to feel more in control, and encourage him to not only use it, but want to use it.
• Training seats that have a splashguard at the front are especially useful for boys when they are sitting down to wee.

• The training seat can only be used in one room, the bathroom. This means that your toddler may find it difficult to reach the toilet in time, and climb onto it before an accident occurs.
• Some designs are a bit wobbly, and some really are no more comfortable than sitting on the proper seat.
• As well as the training seat, you will also need to get a step stool to allow your toddler to reach the loo alone. Even with a step stool your toddler's legs may still dangle over the side of the loo. This may make your child feel slightly unstable and less confident.

Good things about bjorn..all the potty stuffs semuanye BPA free...
* tp kan nak letak kat bumbum je kan...ape kesah!


There are lots of story books available about learning to use a potty. Reading them with your toddler might help explain potty training in a fun and exciting way. Here are a few book suggestions from BabyCentre:

I Want My Potty (Anderson Press) by Tony Ross.

The Potty Book - for Boys (Barron's Educational Series) by Alyssa Satin Capucilli and Dorothy Stott.

The Potty Book - for Girls (Barron's Educational Series) by Alyssa Satin Capucilli and Dorothy Stott.

Uh Oh! Gotta Go! (Barron's Educational Series) by Bob McGrath and Shelley Dieterichs.

The Pop-Up Potty Book (Orion Children's) by Marianne Borgardt and Maxie Chambliss.

Fisher Price Royal Stepstool Potty

Out of all the potty stuffs....
How I wish my hubby can approve proposal to buy this potty!
Fisher price which really hi price!
But yet ada kan..
Sambil poo poo boleh dgr musics!hahahhaha...

Let go and grab the suitable potty equipments!

Johnson's Baby :" Baby of the Year 2010"

Seperti biasa...
Entry ikhlas tanpa penaja ;)
Johnson's baby : Baby of the Year 2010 contest is coming back!
So to all mommies yg selalu join contest dalam blog, contest ni kira paling grand lah...hehehe...

Compare to last year, this year ada yg online category..
Boleh vote thru FB!
* mommies who has big circle kt FB, boleh gunakan kawan2 utk vote!
Jom tgk website Johnsons!

click here

Ape lagi...
Beli Johnsons Baby stuff kat mane2 outlet..
and send ur entry!
as much as u can...

Alkisahnye..last year, mommy Adam ni pun teruja lah menyertai..
Konon kalau menang boleh lah buat saving utk Adam...
Tapi kalah!!Takde rezeki...
So this year??? Tengoklah kalau ada masa...
U all???

and model mommy last year...

* tak cukup gebu nak lawan Elfred!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

fabulous motherhood 1st giveaway : and the lucky winner is...

Hi everyone..
Happy Saturday..
After more than a week, finally we have picked the lucky winner for our 1st giveaway...

Before that, I wished to thank everyone who have participated and give support for this 1st giveaway..
* the AIM speech ala2
The best parts when I can make new frenz here..thru this small giveaway!
InsyaAllah next time kalau ada rezeki, more contests and giveaway from FM ;)
*tgu..... and hope to get more participants!

ok ok...Jangan buang masa...
We have about 44 fabulous mommies, daddy and frenz here..
Lucky draw ni special drawn by pekerja bawah umur mommy..
*so pahamlah2..susah betuii nak buat cabutan tu :)

"shake shake shake!!! "

haipp!!dia boleh baling plak bekas tu!!

"Adam pick 1 winner k "...
"ok mommy!"


Drum roll....
and the lucky winner is....

zoom it please...

yeap..fabulous mommy Airin
mommy of baby Lissa..


the scribbler as being promised...

thanks everyone...
see ya at next giveaway..
*bila tu???

Friday, July 23, 2010

things to do this weekend!

Happy Friday...
Eh dah ada yg start pack nak balik dah...
Sronok kan..mmg sesuai namanya TGIF..
Me too tak sabar nk cuti for this weekend..
Sb knon2 dulu every weekend mmg dah plan fulfilled with thesis job plus other routine job..
So this time weekend ..after almost 7months hassles..I'm totally free..
* walaupun belum totally submit that 5 copies..tgu greenlight faculty..
   even masih ada presentation yg nak kena tempuh...itu abaikan dulu!
Yang pasti bukan bertujuan nak ber"ronggeng"...
but yet those part time students mesti memahami ke"enjoy"an yg daku rs tatkala ini...huh!
Yang penting ..I have  a lot of things to do!
Bayangkan in 7 months..I just maintain my house supaya nmpk rupa rumah sahaja..
So its about time to do total maintenance!!
Almaklumlah kalau tak start skrang takkan nak tgu bula pose...
huhuhuu tak mau tak mau!!

So papa, mommy has come out wit a long list to do..
No more escape  this time..
Adam will join this mission too..
Its a gontong royong week!!!yehaa....:)

Things to do:

1. Kemas kitchen
   Orang lain kemas sb selalu masak…saya?
   Paham2 aje lah…
   Mcm dah bersawang kitchen I reti2 mahu kemas ke..??
   Semangat konon bulan puasa ni nak masak..InsyaAllah..
   Apa nak buat kat dapur ni :
  • Clear and arrange the cabinet
  • Remove all the unnecessary things kat fridge, atas  fridge, atas kitchen bar

§ 2. Pack barang2 Adam yg dah tak pakai
  Dah start buat since 2 weeks back cth :
  •  Toys <1yr
  •  Babybjorn carrier, stroller lama
  •  Clothes Adam <1yr

  3. Wujudkan suasana sihat utk bilik Adam
  Mendalam maksudnye ni..
  Once dah settle..i will show the outcome..tak sabar!

§ 4. Drilling job:
  • Hang IKEA frames dah lama tersadai…
  • Drill tmpt hanger towel
  • Curtain rod Adam’s room

§ 5. Clear all unnecessary items from 3rd room aka ayahceek room
   Toughest job..but almost 70% done.

Macam sikit plak kan...tak masuk lagi routine job, laundry job, vacuum, mop...huh bersinar lah rumah saya lepas ni...
Dah settle next week br boleh menziarah shopp' complex yg dah lama tak dilawati..
*asyik2 SubangParade aje papa ;(

Nak g shopp' grocery ..hehehe..
Happy Friday..

p/s: tak sabar malam ni nak buat lucky draw with Adam..;)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

last shout out for fabulous motherhood 1st giveaway !!!!!

You have about 24 hrs before the closing date!!
Hurry up... !!!

go to this link :

and for those who already participated...
wish ya' ALL THE BEST...
the result will be announce on Saturday morning...

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