Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fish feeding with the kiddos..

Last weekend activity - fish feeding time yeay!!

Adam loves fish so much. In fact, we planned to give him a small aquarium soon, maybe during his 5th years birthday. Good way to teach him to take care of his own pet kan.*nak bela kucing memang sah sah rumah tak muat*. Since we don't have aquarium at home now, one of our fave outdoor activities with kids is visiting nearest ponds with fishes inside, and let the kids to feed them - fish feeding activity lah kan. A few weeks back, we brought few pieces of expired breads and visited a mini pond at my sister's neighbourhood. Unfortunately, the mini pond they have only with few tiny fishes inside *nak kata anak berudu pun yer kut* Pity kiddos.

2 weeks back, we had minum petang at Coffee Planet at Laman Seri. Used to be our fave place back then since they have mini pond with a lot of big fishes inside. But they never maintained the pond well, end up we only can see the fish mouths everytime Adam threw the breads. Gila punya hijau air time tu. So, after 2 years, hubby decided to drop by and showed Adam and Ryan the pond which used to be our weekend tempat lepak dulu2. To our surprise, there still a lot big fishes inside and the pond now maintained very well. Thank you to the authority to give back the happiness to my kids! Since we never planned of fish feeding activity that time, we did not bring any bread with us, kebetulan pulak kedai tutup sebab CNY, so we went home frustratedly. 

So last week, on lovely Sunday evening, empat beranak ni berangkatlah ke Laman Seri with a packet of expired bread. We really had fun and of course will pay visit again during free weekend ..

3 excited boys..

Ryan's first time visiting the pond..

Nice pond kan?

The hungry fish..

Guess what happened??
Adam was busied throwing the bread, while the lil bambam tried to eat the bread..
Mesti dia cakap, "nape nak bagi ikan makan..baik dia je yg makan " LOL

Video taken during the fish feeding activity..
And the excited lil bambam..

Picture of Adam at the same pond when he was 2 years old..
Cekidaut the entry here!


Arya Stark said...

nadia, look at ryan's lips! so pouty mcm anjelina jolie! hehehe adorable sangat! must have inherited from his darling mommy =)

Fatimah Al-Attas said...

Comelnya your boys! :D


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