Thursday, February 25, 2010


So funny to see when Adam met again with his long lost fren of him…
Yesterday when he played in his room, he was distracted with one thing from the I took and washed properly and passed it to him..
He seems to enjoy playing with the thing a lil while..but few minutes after that, he threw the thing and continue playing…

him with the dummy...


well mommy,ur's is the best!!

Yepp…I started to introduce Adam with the dummy about 2-3 months old, yea reason simply to soothe him to sleep..Adam is type of baby that will hanged all nite with my nipp.. I couldn’t stand it thus I let the dummy to soothe him..
Time passed by, when he was 5-6 months old, he started to realize that the dummy that he sucked was not the original one…so he started to threw every time I gv him..So every nite till now, I hv to bfeed him to soothe him to sleep..
Dummy in the other hand can prevent of cot death (SIDS) to the babies, one of the other reason I let him to use the dummy, but yet there are still a lot of pros and cons of using the dummy or pacifier..

To those with small baby, take a look of this gud info taken from the babycentre..

Dummies and pacifiers

Yes, its Valentine’s Day the movie..

I got the chance to watch the movie, and this was my 4th movie I watched with my hubby after giving birth to pity kan??
I love to watch kindda romance comedy type of movie, thus this movie is superb!!.thumbs up ..5starsss!!
I do not agreed with Valentines Day celebration instead, but I was so interested to see the movie with a lots of superstars inside..from the hensem Ashton to the lovely Julia, Jeniffer and Jessica..many others..Its a shud watch movie I can say..
There are too many characters and stories inside, thus sumtime we tend to forget the relations of it..
Towards the end of the movie..the ending part of course..I was sobbsob dude..
Not for the Ashton or Jeniffer,but for Julia..her valentine’s is her son touching..

So..get ur time and go to watch..Its worth seeing babe..!

Monday, February 22, 2010


siapa tak suka balik kg kan??so do i..
but for this time,returned more meaningful since it was unplanned long holidays,plus the trip was super calm..
Adam was sleeping soundly all the way back (thanks for the idea of nite time traveling..)
the best things..the toll is free..yeha!..(save duit papa..)

speaking of joyful balik kg,( bukan hari raya..kalau raya the mood is the bestest!!)
there are few reasons I love being at my hometown..owhh Trg..Embrace by Herritage..(promote sket..kihkihkih..)--read it at signboard sumwhere in the KT town..

WHYWHYWHY...(this is not WHY2 anlysis ok..:)

...mother's foods is the best.= heaven..!!
I think mahu I naik 2 kg rase2nye..
mana tk..asyik makan jer..not only makan kat rumah,plusplus with all craving stuffs..
scroll and let me promote few places tempat makan best at Trg..

one of my mom dishes..ikan bakar...tak masuk kira lagik ikan stim,udang masak lemak...
tu pun tokma tak sempat nak bg Adam mkn creampuff...:)
place : my mother's kitchen

makan petang...wonder how much kolestrol I gained..???
place : try to find tempat jual kueh super banyak ..
somwehere at Gong Kapas..(in front Sek Khairiah..)


at kopitiam..tkyah lah..yg ni kat KL pun ada..
mommy tgh gile coffee Killiney..Seksyen 13 Laman Seri..awsome ;0

all celop tepung stuff..
place : sumwhere near to telok ketapang..
but this one near to UMT..promoted by Ibu Aimy..

ignore myself yg sungguh tak ingat makan itu..

not only mommy and papa enjoy do Adam Mikael..

p/s : not to forget bfast craving (the nasi dagang..) + ns padang (in front of istana maziah) + ns kuning (gerai since I was small..) and many mores!!!..I need exercise to burn all of these....

sounds weird ait..but not for mommy and papa..
the best time when we can loosed semua urat saraf..
taking care of an active 12 kg Adam..sumtime we need time to relax..but HOW??
yes!!lil Adam with his caress..Adam was sumtime to be found at..

..his Tokki

then jumped to his Tokma...

playing with his Cik Mimi..

then moved to his uncle Kamel..

and last but not least..his Ayahsu Hekal...

but where's his mommy and papa....

oooo...tgh berchenta..:)


the whole bunches..!!
awaitin' for new one to come..yeha..!!

papa sempat jgak posing yerk..
yet still takut pasir..but he really enjoyed to watch flying kites and ombak..


walk to remember...near to Masjid Kristal..Taman Tamadun Islam..

"..mommy nak naik boat..!"


lepak2 with my sis and the cupid angle Lin..(nak tahu,nih lah my postman..:)
not a complete meja bulat since a fews not around...

hubby and Yein (my IL)

4. ADAM and the sunglasses..
this one out of topics..but the main things..he always kena bully by his aunt and uncles..
owh..anak mommy dah pandai nak bergaya yerk..


hi mommy..

p/s: he loves to wear my glasses, think bcos he loves when he can see the world in black..

So how u rate this time holiday my dear...

gud one mommy!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

my pending entry

Jam di dinding menunjukkan pukul 1am on 14 hubby and baby dah deep sleep..dozzzz..
after bfeeding Adam,I decided to finish up my pending entry,since more strory coming up,so the pending one should be settle 1st..
this is our 2nd nite at Trg..yeap,we all dah selamat smp K.Trg..
thanks for my sporting MIL who gv us greenlite to go back to my hometown..but we still need to pay visit to my hubby's aunts and uncles..(Adam pun nak collect Ang Pow..bestbest!!)..

takde lah cerita gempak pun,only things all the compress story ni ada cerita behind and I'm glad to share with ..
lets start the story with ..

story 1 : menggamit kenangan silam..
venue: Coffee bean n tea leaf, USJ Taipan

hehe,takde lah cuma dah lama sangat rase tak hang out kat coffee bean after gv birth to my lil one,so we decided to hv our supper there..
actually time 1st time meet up with my hubby pun at coffee bean..cuma cb at city square jb..
p/s: my luv at the 1st sight..owwwhh..:)

hello there....


mmmuahhh..the lasagne best!!
supper ke mommy..hishishhish

story 2 :clarks and dinner at paddington pancakes
venue: The Curve

Just a normal outing after work..dah lama tak makan pancakes kt Paddington..last one ..oowwhh cant remember..:(
so we had our dinner there..

look behind,  lil Adam mengamoks...



and for him..

the main reason we went to the curve on Tues nite after work is ..b'cos of Clarks!!
let me cut the story ..I bought a pair of shoes from Clarks somewhere in oct 2009,the design is simple and nice..loike it so much...but!!!!..end up with bad blister...
I believed sumthing wrong with the design,since my fren also hv the same issue..for that shoes
I tried to use it in many ways,but still I cant stand with bad blister after I keep it there..(on the shoes rack)...till..
I was inspired by the boxing day after new I made a simple comments to Clarks UK customer service (since i cant find the CS for Malaysia..)..informed that i was so sad this this time purchased and hope they can study back the design....
the next day I got the reply..(good service..thumbs up!)..they fwd my mail to QC dept then to sales exec at M'sia..the sales exec,Mr Henry asked me to returne the shoes to nearest Clarks outlet..
I was thinking..bila lah aku boleh dapat balik shoes ni..ntah2 senyap aku pun tak boley pakai..
lantaklah..kalau tak boleh balik pun takpe...
but to my surprised,2 days after I sent the shoes,I got the call from Henry on Tues morning...(lalalalala..)
they replaced me with new shoes..yehaaa!!!luv u clarks...!!tak tunggu lama..aritu jgak pergi amik shoes baru..(actually takut diorang tukar fikiran plak..)
owwhh to tell you, time I nak sent my shoes at outlet Sbg Parade,the supervisor boleh ckp,"u cant returned the shoes after u wear it..!"..biasalah M'sia.."Goods sold not returnable"..selesa ke tak lantak lah..

the old one..funky salsa

the new one..funky party

deco for CNY..cantikk!!

the boring face of Mikael...sleepy!

story 3: visit baby Ayra
venue : rumah Umi Reehan at Kajang

the Ayra

aisyah n adam..konon je berlakon duorang tue..sebenarnye tgh fight..berebut buku!!
pening mommy dibuatnye..(wonder how to handle 2 kids..owwwhh no!!)

"mommy..tak jadilah Aisyah..change to Ayra..:)"
tgk tgn mommy tgh standby..takut Adam hempap aje..:(

p/s :mommy so happy n teruja on that day, for my 1st time shopp' for pink color at Mcare..seronok!!!

story 4 : weekend routine
Venue : Jusco Sunway Pyramid

remember the entry about the vacuum..he really amazed with various type of v.c..
"kalau lah papa beli yg standing tu..mesti lagi cepat papa kejar aku..hishhish..bahaya"..keluh Adam dalam keresahan

assistant mommy..



p/s : another natural parenting..enjoy shopp' wit the lil one..
introduced him wit the new things and make him part of the activity..yeaayy!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Transition of Adam Mikael

I just got my new desktop at my office after almost 1 year joined.
Remember I always complained that my old pc tak boleh nak upload pix, so kerja2 nak peng'upload'an kena lah buat kat umah..thats why my entry selalunye delay..:)---now the problem resolved!!yeha!!

So as a new step towards continuous updating the blog, I selongkar my picture folder at my office..
and with the help of my hubby from his laptop at Tanjung Malim, I berjaya upload pix Adam and make the transition of Adam...(thanks Mr hubby for the help..)

Actually most of the pix gathered from my mom,my hp and my siblings...
Lama tak tgk gmbr Adam time kecik,tergelak dibuatnye...
The main thing I can say, my lil boy dah turn to be slimmer..hehehe..
Enjoy the pikturess...:)

His day 1 at UMSC

towards 4 months at Subang Parade nursing room

5 months during my trip back to my hometown before started working again..
(remind me the time I jatuh kt flight..carry him alone without my hubby :) sgt malu!!..)

6 months at PD..he followed me for my teambuilding..
I brought all my family there to take care of him...

at IKEA ..around 6 months jgk..

ni during my sis wedd..him at 7 months..started to crawl

look at boy buat ape ntah...

9 months at The Garden

towards 10 months

10 months ..can see his face dah start slim..:)

11 months..luv the notty face..(my desktop wallpaper)

towards 1 year ..during Hari Raya..(luv the sleepy face)...

my 2.83kg boy now turns to 12kg..time flies so fast...
from creeping now dah started to walk..(quite steady dah..)
nanti tak lama lagik maybe dah start nak cakap..
soalan pun mesti macam2 kan..I cant wait for the moment to come..
mommy luv u so much..

p/s: to tokma n to'ki..if you read this.. " Adam balik Trg  malam ni..yehaaa!!!"  cuti mommy approved just now..(I luv you my boss)..   
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