Friday, March 29, 2013

Last shout out for method to the rescue contest!!!!

Contest will be due to tonight!!
You all dah submit your winning comment ?? 
If not,sempat lagi!!
Super easy contest...

All you need to do is;
1. Check out product method yg nak dihadiahkan untuk your family or your friends..Visit their facebook link

2. Dah tahu nak bagi ape and untuk sape?Submit your comment to this entry link, with lil bit story why you want to gv the product to ur family and frenz.

3. 3rd steps?Dah siap 

You all boleh hantar sebanyak yg anda suka 

Hurry up friends!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

[Reading 4 Beginners] : On Reading Key Words with Peter & Jane Book

Few weeks back, we went to MPH for art & stuffs thingy. Dah lama tak beli barang2 art & stuffs for Adam & Ryan.So bila smp MPH, saje pergi cari Peter & Jane books skali. Actually this is one of the series suggested  for preschooler when they started to read. So of course Adam baru je starts on phonics, takkan dah nak bagi read book kan. Nonsense. That was the word on my mind at that time. Tapi tiba2 datang keinginan yg kuat sgt suruh beli that books after dah belek few books from Peter and Jane series. Dalam hati, beli jelah kan. Bukan salah pun.

Tapi terus beli 1 set contains of 6 books..
*apekah mommy??*

So when I started to introduce Adam to this book, he so interested and insisted to explore the book.
So, I took the 1a book and let him to explore and read.
There were 16 words only inside the 1a book, and it just repeat the same words dalam masa yg sama slowly introduced new words from each page.

Alhamdulillah, he started to read now by using the sight reading method. 
Walaupun sebenarnya dia just recognize and memorize the words, tapi for kids, its such amazing thing when he able to finish every page by themselves. It really motivate him to  read more. Adam was so happy everytime I praised him when he finished each page and sentence. "MasyaAllah..such a great boy" 
Melerek dia senyum..

When I went through a blog who talked about the tips on introducing Peter & Jane book, the writer did explained clearly on how to start using this book. They also give few words which kids just need to recognize and memorize. So, I helped Adam to remember by sticking the words everywhere at the house too! Do visit this link for more tips!!

As of now, Adam still continue learning phonics through Alhamdulillah, now Adam dah ingat 26 letter sounds *walaupun still not yet fluent* But yet I'm so impressed. Tak sangka dalam main2, with 15-30mins activities daily, dia dah start hafal. And we already finished the first level of learning the sounds and now moving to second level to blend the words (3 letter words) *mak aii, mommy tgk pun hampir pitam, camano* But for Peter & Jane book ni, we make a routine to read 10mins before sleep and during weekends. Alhamdulilah, he now at book 1b (orange book). I tried not to stick to one book too long, although ada few words dia tak ingat lagik. Takut dia cepat boring. So after a week, we already at orange book. Each book dia ada target to achieve, like for 2nd book ni dia bnyk repetitions and ayat2 dia dah start tukar2 sket. So not to worry. Mama Ct pun dah bagi green light, she said I'm still on track yaw. =)

I tried to record videos when he read book, well not easy man..!!
So, enjoy the vids walaupun senget benget mommy silap setting, but this as memory for him bila dah besar..
Proof that u have started to read at 4years and 5months old darling. 
Good job boy!!

Adam read Peter & Jane book..

Trying to upload the vid of Adam sang alphabet sounds to youtube, it took me ages to upload it. Sigh!
Still in  progress  of 50% uploading, nantilah upload semula once done!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mari menampal...

 Saat yang ditunggu akhirnya tiba...weeee!!!

Ketibaan sticker name labels yg di order seminggu lepas..
I ordered 2 set of stickers for Adam and Ryan...

3 size with 2 different pattern for first time order... 
Yg roket tu ada 2 size..

This pattern for Ryan...

Dan aktiviti menampal barang2 yang selalu bawak pergi school pun bermula..

Botol air Adam..

Botol air Ryan...

Buku ni tanda sebab Adam rajin sgt nak bawak g school...

Adam's school bag..

Ryan's school bag..

Dan banyak lagi...yeay!!
Actually dekat school Adam & Ryan takde lah selalu tukar barang pun, cuma mommy dia suka sgt buat keje2 menampal macam ni. Kena plak cute sgt sticker ni..
Super in love now..

Other than fast service, in 7 days dah smp from Australia. I was so impressed with the quality of the sticker. This is really not like the normal sticker, sticker ni sgt durable and material dia mcm getah gitu. So kalau tampal surface yg licin *not to paper* senang je boleh tanggal balik *I mean kalau salah tampal, bukan masuknye mudah tertanggal* And important thing, kena air, masuk dishwasher or microwave pun tahan. So takde lah, seminggu sekali duk ganti. Sekeping jatuh dlm RM1 je, worth kan..


If you guys aware, I opened for combine order that day to order these name labels. Sb dapat discount bila purchase over certain amount with free delivery cost. Since I just opened order for only 5 hours, ramai yg tak sempat order and suruh I open order balik. InsyaAllah, once ada sale nanti kita open order balik. Kumpul ramai2 k..

Meantime, this is the website link..
Baik pergi cuci2 mata dulu sementara belum time sale lagik ni..
*sb sale dia selalunya tak lama, dalam 2-3 hari aje*

Prouduct under name labels..

Tell you, buying yg kit punya mmg worth..
I bought yg kit punya for Adam..
One of my friend yg order jugak pun, she ordered yg baby combo kit, itu lagik best!
Siap ada iron on sticker and sticker for shoes jugak..I nak jugak!!!!
*mmg tengah gatal tangan ni*

Besides name labels, mcm2 ada lagik..
syok wehhh...

Take a look on my previous entry for order of this sticker..

Let's start labelling now!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

His drawing and coloring activity..

Lately ni I nmpk Adam dah showed some improvement on coloring activity. In fact dah rajin nak buat2 drawing pun. Syukur. Seriously risau sgt takut terikut mommy dia yg tak berapa nak pandai art ni *tangan keras*. Even auntie at his school also mentioned that Adam not paying so much attention when everyone do coloring activity. So I took initiative to train and bagi sikit minat for art work ni. Kalau buat art and craft stuffs ok plak *play with paints and play-doh*, tapi tak tahulah bagi pencil color je terus, “Mommy buatlah, Adam penat lah..” Adoiii hai..Nak paksa2 karang kata memaksa plak.. Alih biarkan aje..

Some activities we did to help him put some interest in arts..
 I print activity worksheets from
Sambil belajar sounding tu sambil buat coloring..

Mommy pun color sekali..

Writing as well..
*pencil papa beli for mommy from Korea 6 years back, alih anak yg pakai =)*

Ni hasil selepas 2 bulan pergi school..
Left picture tu awal2 start school dulu, yg second tu 3wks back kut tak silap…
Kalau yg first tu, dia kata “Adam chose rainbow color” meaning that dia boleh color suka hati dia je lah..
Now, dia dah rajin nak pilih color yg betul and color pun tak kuar garisan..
“Aunty said, cannot go beyond this”
Yelah mommy cakap tak dengar, aunty cakap cepat je ingat >.<

His new design of modern house ;)

And coconut tree!

Hope to see more Adam!!
*teringin nak hntr art class, tapi takut pressure plak sb dia tak minat*

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Biozone Food Purifier

Alhamdulillah, I managed to provide home made baby foods for both of my kids for their early precious age *up until 18 months to be exact* (yes I know, I should continue, tapi kekangan masa. Sob!!) As we know sistem pencernaan baby pada awal usia, not as perfect as us. That's why, I try my best to provide them home made food sb senang nak control, no salt, no sugar, less oil *use olive instead* etc etc. Tapi selalu wonder jugak, beli  veggie and grains yg organic lah kan, tapi how about other raw material, such fish, meat or chicken. How to ensure all free from excessive antibiotic, toxin and other contamination. *dah garu kepala lagik* Itu terlebih concern sb kita fikirkan pasal anak2 kan. How about us? Sanggup ke u all nak beli veggie semua organic? Kalau beli yg biasa punya, semua pesticide, coloring and chemical free ke?Pening nak jawabkan. Susah bila dah tahap hidup dalam zaman yg semua orang concern about health, pasal food in take semua. So, what's the solution?

Last 2 weekends, one of my officemates, Airin *mommy blogger too* came to our house and introduce us on Biozone Food Purifier. What?? Food purifier? Seriously?? Ingatkan air je boleh purify kan. After Airin explained semua pasal food purify ni, barulah faham sedikit sebanyak pasal sistem ni. Exciting part was, we did few demo on chicken, fruits as well as my pumping stuffs too. Syok!

Biozone Food Purifier..

It's a compact and light machine..
Bagus sb tak bnyk consume space on kitchen top. =)

Firstly we did demo on chicken. Lepas dah bersih semua ayam, basically sebelum nak simpan masuk fridge ataupun sebelum masak, we purify them instead.

Seeloknya, kalau boleh letakkan dalam bekas kaca..

For poultry, it took normally around 30 min to purify..

Inilah buih yang terhasil daripada process purifying tadi..
Yuk. Geli betul..Just imagine all those fats go to our body system..

After dah purify semua, masuk dalam ziplock bag or bekas bersih, 
next bila nak masak terus je masak..Easy!

This is most interesting part. I asked Airin to demo purifying my pumping stuff as I saw there is also sanitizing button there..

It only took 3 minutes to sanitize the bottles and pumping stuffs..
So now we have choice to either sterilize or sanitize, cool isn't it?

Of course, takde lah bebuih teruk sgt macam ayam tadi..
But at least we knew that all the chemical from the detergent that we used to clean up the bottles semua dah dinyahkan..So baby takde lah consume benda2 tak elok tu lagikkan..

Keringkan, kemudian masuk dalam ziplock.
Ready for tomorrow pumping yaw!!

Let's try to purify fruit pulak..

Compare to chicken, fruits and veggies contains more pesticide. This pesticide biasanye dia soluble in the water. So impak dia takdelah macam buih2 fatty acid pada ayam tadi. 

But at least we know, this grape now is save to eat!

Each button tu mewakili jenis makanan and tempoh masa yg perlu for each purifying process.
The button will stop once the process done. 

Wonder how the system function??
Biozone food purifier sebenarnya menggunakan proses pengkhususan (proprietary) iaitu menyatupadukan bahan perintang ozon bagi mengubah oksigen(O2) menjadik ozon (O3). Ozon akan kembali menjadi oksigen setelah menjalankan fungsi untuk menyingkirkan bahan-bahan pencemar. Kalau u all perasan, setiap kali purifying process dijalankan, satu tiub silikon yang bergred medikal akan dimasukkan ke dalam bekas bagi tujuan untuk membekalkan ozon ke dalam air dimana makan direndamkan. Then the bubbling process begin to purify the immersed foods.

Who should have this?
1. Pregnant ladies - all food we consumed will be consumed by our baby too.
2. Breastfeeding moms >.<
3. Elder people.
4. Those who have kids and babies at home.

Ok, then. Now I know there is solution to ensure the raw material in take pun must be free from all the unwanted things!


There is special promotion for those who interested to get this for their family - some flexi payment and monthly installment 0% interest with or without credit card offered by Airin plus...jeng jeng.. ada special price for Fabulous Motherhood readers too. *wootwoot* If you want to know more about this food purifier, you may contact her (free demo will also provided) and visit her website

Contact her now and book ur appointment!!

Airin: 017-6511966

More info about Biozone Food Purifier, visit this link

While the 2 mommies busied doing demo at kitchen, the boys and girls were having playdate..
So cute!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Introducing the new Dumex Mamil All ‘n One™ ...

It is always worrying me when it comes to choosing the right growing up milk for my kids. Specially for my little one. If you're aware, my little chubby boy, Adryan is turning 2 years old in less than a month. Meaning that, I only have couple of weeks to find good milk which contains all the essential nutrients needs by a growing up kids like him. Tell you the truth, I could be a picky mother, I want to have milk which completed all the groups of foods in his daily intake, so that I don't have to worry if he lacks of any nutrients in his daily meals. But for himself too, he would be picky as well since he was not being introduced to any growing up milk before, so the taste of the milk that I'm gonna choose would be the main concern as well. Same like what has happened to his brother, Adam when I started to introduce him the growing up milk when he turned 2yo. I'm glad, the Dumex Dugro Fruit & Veg that I've introduced him almost 3 years ago,*with flavour of fruits yogurts* still his fave until now. So now, I have a big challenge to start searching the one suit my lil boy too. >.< *meaning that - it's milk sample time!!*

Few weeks back, I received an invitation for the launch of new product by Danone Dumex for the Dumex Mamil. *weeee, this is good chance for me!* The event was held at one of the favourite place for kids, where else if it is not KidZania yeay!! *maklumlah first time jugak mommynadia menapak ke sana yea..*

The event held in the theatre room inside the KidZania, so cute! The place is exactly like a mini cinema  with the few rows of chairs and it has 2 levels inside it, waaaaa *like the old panggung Cathay one you know*

Very nice one huh!

After some refreshment and mingling around with some bloggers, we then heading to the theatre room to witness the special event for launching of new Dumex Mamil.

Yes, it is Dumex Mamil All ‘n One™..

The event started with the welcome speech by the lovely Managing Director of Danone Dumex (M) Sdn Bhd, Ms Toni Brendish. She did mention in her short speech with some important info about the Malaysian's children dietary. Nine out of ten growing-up children in Malaysia are lacking a balanced diet, which means they are not consuming the five key food groups in the right proportions. Most do not consume enough fruits and vegetables and are deficient in micronutrients such as vitamins A, D and calcium. They also have excess in protein and fat intakes. *isn't that scary??* This info is not something they have just plucked out of the air, its actually based from the finding they have made through a recent Dietary Study which was conducted by Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and International Medical University (IMU), with the support of Danone Dumex (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Danone Dumex) and the Dumex Sciences Institute on the nutritional status of Malaysian children aged between 1 and 10 years old. 

According to her as well, in essence, the study shows that most Malaysian children are not consuming a diet that comprises the right amount of nutrients from all the five food groups, which are fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, protein, dairy, and fats. For this reason, there is an increased need for parents to ensure their child’s daily intake comprises different food groups that provide the nutrients he or she needs so they can achieve the right amount of nutrition per day. And with the detailed information they have from the study, special growing up milk which suits with the need of Malaysian's children has been formulated to provide them with the right nutrition for their growing-up years, and this is where Dumex Mamil All ‘n One™ comes in. Dumex Mamil All ‘n One™ is specially formulated with nutrients from all the five food groups to help Malaysian's children develop to their full potential.

After the interesting info shared by the Danone Dumex MD, we were then entertained by the cutie pies for the officially launch of the Dumex Mamil All ‘n One™. Each kid was holding different type of food groups which essentials in this formulation of the growing up milks. Followed with the tv commercial of this new product which will be aired at all stations in Malaysia by mid March onwards.

{click on the picture for better viewing}

Launching gambit..

Mamil All 'n One came in 2 packaging for different range of children age which are Step 3 (the green color pack is Precision from 1-3 years) and Step 4 (the purple color pack from 4-6 years). If you can see from the picture above, at one glance I know my kid will love this. Just look at the fruits they have which can give a good flavour of milk while the nutrients of salmon, grains and even dates also can give good energy and proteins with omega as well. Great isn't it? Visit Danone Dumex website to get to know more about this new product. Click here

Next agenda was the presentation by the Head of Scientific & Nutrition, R&D of Danone Dumex, Ms Yvonne Tee. She was the one who lead the study they made for almost 2 years to come out with this new formula.
*sweet lil girl right?I guess it was her dotter =)*

The study was executed in the Klang Valley, looked at children in three age groups; 1 to 3 years old, 4 to 6 years old and 7 to 10 years old, from three different socio-economic classes with a racial distribution in line with the national composition.Total of 749 children have been interviewed for the nutritional status of their daily meals intake over the recommended number of servings for every food group. As per mentioned by Ms Toni earlier, the findings quite shocking us. That means Malaysian children's meal intake are not meeting the recommended intake from the 5 group of foods which resulting in a possible negative impact on growth and development of the children due to the nutritional deficiencies. Sigh!

The stage was passed over to next presenter, Mr Christiaan Uittenbosch who is the Marketing Manager of the Danone Dumex Mamil Range in Malaysia. He was highlighting on the current parenting situations we have now where parents nowadays often feel compromised. The testing of this new product they made to numbers of parents came out with good responses from them when they were happy to know most of the important parts of children nutritional needs were comprised in this new growing up milk. Yet, this to help them to feel more in control =)

Come to the most important part which always be the priority for parents when choosing the growing up milk to their kids - the ingredients inside!

The 30 + 20 which highlighted to this milk is actually about the 30 nutritional ingredients such as LcFOs, vitamins, minerals and fruits and vegetable extracts as well as 20 essential nutrients including DHA, protein, calcium and zinc.
*ever heard any growing up milk formulated with dates?haha. And one of the most important thing is, it is 0% sucrose!*

The event ended after the interesting Q&A session. Some of the mothers and media threw out few concerns about this product to the three speakers and all were well answered.

Before go back, the audience were invited for the lunch and also milk testing outside the theatre room. I was so eager to taste the milk, so that I can expect whether Ryan will like it or not.

And guess what?
It tastes with a hint of blackcurrants!! Seriously =)
I guess I will not have problem to introduce this milk to Ryan soon. *big smile*

We will also been served with interesting yet so healthy lunch from the 5 groups of food as well.
A good diet for mommy too!Wink =)

Happy also to meet few mommy and daddy bloggers during the event. That was me and the famous blogger, Shilashower.
And few of them which were not in the picture are Submerryn, Isaactan and Ling
Nice meeting all of you mommies and daddy!

As usual, some goodies brought back from the event..

Won the box of choc for the food guess contest too!

Indeed, it was such an interesting and informative launching event I have attended. Thank you again for this great invitation. Appreciate it so much! I certainly know where to head up when I go for milk shopping soon. 

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