Tuesday, June 29, 2010

art and craft activity : the beginning

Its been a while since I upload all the pictures for this entry...
Banyak penangguhan sehinggalah hari ini bertekad nak habiskan jgak entry ini...
Since its about 2,3 months pending entry..it must be a long long entry...
But I will try to cut it short..as usual..but with more pictures included..

Back to the title..sakan kan bunyinye..
Dah lama I plan utk exposed Adam to art and crafting activity..
Cuma yelah masa and age dia maybe tak sesuai on that time..
After many survey and blog reading ..
Sgt excited and nekad dihati nak jugak introduce to Adam..

From the reading I made..
Many experts said we can start to introduce our children to art activity since age of 17months..
*duhh terlepas lagik!!
Whats good about art and craft..its actually helps our child to improve their motor skill as well as the hand-eye coordination..
So most probably bila I tgk Adam dah starts to hold crayon/pen well..
Its a time for us to give him to play with all arts activities...
But for crafting..lebih pada pakai glue, paper and scissors tu..
Soon after Adam 3yrs old baru boleh introduce..
Plus..with art and crafting ..toddler can express their emotions and creativity through this activity..
Bolehlah kita tgk mcm diorang berimaginasi..

Tell you what..mommy Adam ni mmg tangan keras k!
Sports mmg boleh..bila bab art2 ni..mmg fail..
So dari kecik la nk kena trained Adam ni..
*betol tak papa ;)

Adam starts to have intrest in conteng2 ni using his papa's laptop..
kat paint tu dia conteng..mujur tak patah pen papa tu ;)
to replace this..

Then Adam starts to play with non-toxic crayon che mimi kasik ;)

Adam mmg sgt happy bila jumpa crayon and paper...
conteng2 lah keje nye..

Last month we decided to buy him the scribbler..
excited jgak at the beginning..
lama2 Adam more intrested on the mechanical part..
asyik duk tolak nak erase tulisan tu..
maybe sb takde color kan..

After a while..
Scribbler tu kadang2 aje Adam sentuh..
Until the day I told u all yg mothercare got sale..
and finally I got something that I had eyed on for quite a long time...
jeng jeng jeng....

Ini lah dia...
the art centre ;)
ada whiteboard , blackboard and tmpt nak clip paper for painting..
with the disc almost 60%..mmg puas hati babe!

and the bits and basics stuff..
Clockwise : the art starter kits, easy painters and chubby markers..
Starter kits with sponge stamper, roller, paints, brush and splash mats- complete sets!
and now..Its time for art activity...

owh..ini dia hero mommy..
an artsit in the making..
*apron Ikea aje..save duit!

"kawan2..kita check dulu peralatan cukup tak!"..

Mixing the paints and lets play!
Teach him about the colors too..
Jangan lupa mesti mahu alas..
Splash mat or suratkhabar lama pun boleh..

Conteng2 time...
Gaya Adam ala artist tak usah cakap!

Adam's hand print

Adam seems to enjoy this activity so much..
*owh dia sngt tak suka papa conteng tangan dia..keep saying...eeee...eeeee...."
Even as the beginning we just let him to play with paint and brush..
conteng2 aje..
Soon bila dah lama2 maybe we can start to draw and paint together...
It s a good activity on weekend too..
*kalau ayahchik dah dtg ShahAlam..mommy akan hire architect semi tauliah utk jadik art teacher Adam...hooray!!
A lil bit messy thats why its is encourage to play it outside our house..;)
InsyaAllah..plannye mommy nak keep updating Adam's progress in art and crafting...
Thru good ideas from u all...maybe boleh tambah activity to play during art and craft session ni..:)

p/s: I have one extra toy that I bought during the sale at mothercare..the elc toy..
which I plan to share with one of my lucky mommies and readers ...should I call it as a giveaway??
we'll see ;) hehehehehe

Till then..daaa ;)

more info about painting and drawing :

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ikut mommy shopping..;)

Disebabkan oleh urgent meeting popped up last Fri, rancangan utuk ke mothercare Bangsar terpaksa la ditangguhakan..
Good thing..boleh lah shopping with my 2 bodyguards..
Kena plak my 2 bodyguards tak pernah smp mothercare Bangsar...
*papa pun beria nak ikut...:)
Pagi2 lagi kami dah berangkat ke sana..
Orang mmg ramai bangat!
Sementara mommy melilau dan memilih..
2 bodyguards mommy entah ke mana2..mmg tak nampk depan mata...
Bila balik rumah tgk camera..owh ini kerja Adam sementara mommy duk pening kt dalam mothercare tu...

belek elc catalogue dulu..
"nanti area mane Adam nak attack dulu yerk??"

kalau semangat macam ni buat thesis kan bagus!
motehrcare BSC..heaven for all mommies ;)

"Alamak slow nye keta ni...papa bp agaknye horse power keta ni yer??

"eh eh..silap landing plak.."
golf set tu dah selamat Adam angkut bawak balik..
skrang ni kamai bertiga layan main golf ala2 ice hockey kat rumah ;)

"Mujurlah mommy tak beli playpen ni...
kalau tak mesti kena Adam selalu kena kurung dlm ni..kan mommy??

"sangkut plak..ingatkan muat tadi.."

"macam dah lalu area ni tadi.."

"che mimi, changing table kt blkg Adam ni..yg che mimi berangan dlm dreamlist tu...
dah kena rembat dah...hehehehe ;)"

"huh..penat lah papa...bila agaknye mommy nak siap ni..
Adam nak g jumpa Zahra and Eimran plak..hishihshish"

"ok jom..mommy dah settle...
yeay..Adam got new toys!!"

story of a breastfeeding son..;)

I used to hear people said that breastfeeding children will soon breastfeed her own child... 
Kalau mcm ni..ape cite plak??

"Mommy..Adam rs position bear ni tak betul lah..kan?"

"ok..now both of us at comfortable position..."

soon u will encourage ur wife to bf ur children too k, dear..

p/s: sorry Adam ..mommy tak rs mommy boley bf Adam mcm nenek Adam bf ur papa..
Adam pun nak adik jgak kan?? ;)
5yrs is a long period ...duhh!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

mothercare sale!!!!

mothercare sale is back!!!

3 days special for VIP card..
Semalam dah pergi survey kat mothercare Subang Parade..
I tell u mmg best!
The best one is for ELC toys...up to 50% tau!
Plus 10% extra for total for these 3 days..

Memang time sesuai shopping baju raya anak..
Kat fashion pun up to 20 to 30%..
and plus 10% for total..

so ape tgu lagi..
shopping jom!!

apa kata survey catalogue dulu :

p/s : smlm Nadia dah start angkut sket2 ;)
I love elc so much..barang yg mommy dah lama idamkan dan tgu time sale nak grab.. dah dibawa balik..
50%+10% u know...berbaloi2..
tp ada yg tak cukup..nak kena serbu mothercare bangsar plak..
takpe book dulu..nanti amik..
Anyone nak kirim or follow??
Nuurill..u dekat Bangsar..jom!

and Nadia pun dah selalu intv supervisor kt ctu..
ni aje sale yg ada before raya..
mmg diorang tak buat sale raya..
nak tgu lagik time X'mas or CNY...
so apelagi???


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anmum Salutes Dads Contest !!!!

Mommies n peeps!
...I got something interesting here...
Cool contest is in the air ;)

get it from here...

Its Anmum contest..

Besides being so excited to participate in this contest...
I also found many goods info from this website...
specially when I'm still googling all info about potty training..;)

Just nominate ur hubby, or ur dad...
or someone u think deserve this reward!
and write about 15words slogan...
We stand chance to win cool gadget on weekly basis!
Ape plak gadget nak bg..
tu tanda tnya????

oooo..ni hah prizes dia..
ok lah kan ;)

Register or Log in..
n participate...

ni form to fill up..
easy peasy..


I pun baru nak fill up form...
Jom ...mane tahu rezeki kita kali ini...
ooopppsss...mr hubby ;)
Lets try...:)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

happy 29th birthday ;)


Semoga Allah panjangkn umur dan murahkn rezeki..
Sentiasa diberkati Allah dan dilindungi selalu hendakNya..
Diberi kesihatan yg baik dan maju dalam setiap kerjaya yg diceburi..
Dan sentiasa dilimpahi rahmatNya..

"Papa..we all love you so muchhhhh...."

and this is special present for papa..
Please collect the car key at COE k!! ;)


Last Sat we had a pre-celebration of papa's birthday cum the father's day at Bubba Gump Shrimp Com at Sunway Pyramid...
Its only 3 of us..and that was our first time dine in at that rest..
*pening jgak nak plan makan kat mane actually...last2..I just popped up wit this idea..;)
Plus with Naza previllege card..we managed to get 20% disc..coool..*

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company
Loc : Sunway Pyramid

The environment quite nice..
ala koboi town gtu..
Malam tu mmg full house..
Everyone celebrating father's day katakan..

Jom makan....
*ala lupa nak note nama makanan plak

Papa had grilled salmon with jasmine rice...
yg ni best!

Mommy had shrimp, crab and jasmine rice too...
boleh lah..sbnyk bnyk..jenuh nak perabis!!

Lotsa lurve and run forest run...
itu lah namanye..
Actually both are the fruit yogurt drinks...

and the desserts...
strawberry shortcakes...
yumyum ;)

Adam also enjoying himself...
Exploring the place..
* huh memang jenuh nak kejar ..
and finally we found something that can put him stayed at his seat for 15min..
crayons and paper...

Hope papa enjoyed this treat!

Looking for the post celebration papa....;)

Again...enjoy ur big day my dear...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

back on track..

Time tea break baru lah boleh post new entry..
Ntah ape prob kat IT..slow betul internet hari ni..
So since internet slow..dah takde mood nak buat karangan berjela..
Nak buka u all punye blog pun alih2 kluo tulisan Cina jadiknye...hishhihsih..
Nanti balik umah baru boleh bloghopping..

Btw,Adam dah back on his schedule..
Routine to nursery ..and mommy pun start keje balik after dah almost 1 week work from home..
hehehe..mmg lah less effective but thanks alot to my lady B yg sgt memahami..mmmuaahhhsss!!
After almost 1 week being quarantined..
Hari Ahad we all bawak Adam ber"outdoor activity" sket..
Tak ke mana ..ikut mommy jadik pom pom boy..
Mommy ada Netball game interdepartment...
*will update this entry soon..InsyaAllah..;)

Thanks everyone for the prayers..
Adam dah recovered
*cuma tgh parut2 sket aje..
Mommy and papa sebbok duk sapu Adam ngan lotions...

Mommy's pompom boy..;)
"ok mommy ..catch!!"

Berehat sekejap!

My lil boy yg dah kepenatan...

Adam berlari ala Hindustan...

"Papa..I love you.."
Happy Father's Day papa...;)

Time Adam sakit hari tu..
Banyak menguji kesabaran kami...
Tiap2 malam Adam nak tido atas bahu papa dia..
smp lena..kalau letak terus berjaga...
Mommy plak..walaupun kena layan Adam, terpaksa jgak siapkan thesis mommy..
papalah yg bnyk tolong mommy settle kan Adam..
Mandikan Adam, pakai kan baju..main ngan Adam

Thanks papa for being a good father..
Specially during the hard time we had together...
We all appreciate it so much..

Friday, June 18, 2010

Enfagrow A+ Learning Toolkit

Have you discover the nuffnang ads besides Adam?
Yeap..it is the Enfagrow A+..
I'm not here to promote their fm ;)
But yet I was so impressed with their new Learning Toolkit...

You also can get the link over here...

It such a great learning tool as we can encourage our love to play with the games provided inside...
Lets move to their 1st page...

There are three range of ages here..from toddler to kid..
And overall I can say.. it is a parent-toddler friendly toolkit
Simple yet interesting!
I have tried this with Adam..and he seems to enjoy it so much...

Whats more??
This tools also can encourage our child to think and doing things by himself..
When I started to introduce to Adam..
He was so happy to see many colors and shapes..
Plus with the great sounds..its such an attractive learning page..

Mommies..have a try...
Memang best!

p/s : I'm not being paid (I mean special payment!) to post this entry..
Just wanna share a good leaning toolkit with u all...
*terkenangkan susu Enfagrow A+ Adam punye yg tak bersentuh....
InsyaAllah after 2yrs..I will start to introduce back this fm till he able to wean off himself...

Till then..;)
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