Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kids' Playroom Labelling Project : Part II

Next steps..

Labels for preschool/playhouse stuffs...
To be send for sticker printing...

Semalam, upload dekat insta, ada yg request nak order sekali..
InsyaAllah, once I punya printing settle, tgk quality and outcome semua, will open for order..
Just to help friends sb I tahu susah nak dapat kedai printing yg buat kids design..I dah abis survey..Ada yg dekat overseas, mahal weh bila convert duit kita. Thats why I took initiative to do my own..
If anyone interested, you only have to pay for printing cost and postage aje =)
I used software to do this...*online software aje*

Managed to do more labels for playroom as well..
As of now, I just used normal paper to print, and laminated them so that kids tak boleh koyak..
Lagipun tahan sket...InsyaAllah, soon to print on quality paper..

Anyway, I received a lot of sweet compliments from darling readers at blog and insta..
Tq so much =) U really made my days and bagi semangat lagi nak settle this project!
Seriously I did this because I love labelling all stuffs I have, to make it more systematic/organized and easy to be found..
*so far I dah label all compartments of my wardrobe and kids too, cuma nk buat cantik lagi je*
Second thing because its hard to find a nice design *kids design specially* here in M'sia unless u pay for design cost which nearly RM30 wow!!

This long weekend holiday boleh start keje menampal plak..
Wish me luck!


Unknown said...

nak jugakkk

Fatimah Al-Attas said...

Terbaik! :)

I'm so inspired to start labeling now! Thank you!

Unknown said...

wahhh..buat kt maria sekali..hehe..nnt tunjuk gamba after dah label ye..

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