Thursday, February 14, 2013

On CNY holidays..

But we're not going for holidays sobs! =(
Just balik rumah in law for CNY gathering..

On Saturday...

Feeling balik kampung...

Where to??

Met the Chinese relatives on CNY eve..
Kiddos happy dapat collect angpow..

Adam was surprised to see money inside the angpow..
Agaknya mula dia ingat apelah kan, atuk2 sedara dia bagi, dia masuk poket..
Alih sampai rumah, bila bukak, happy dia .."duit lah mommy!!"

Playing with bunga api too..
They bought alot of fancy2 mercun taw..
Bergegar satu Banting smp tengah malam..
*nak tido pun tak boleh*

On Monday...
We went to Paradigm Mall..
Adam tuntut janji mommy since last week..

Weehooo..playtime at Jkids..

The real place to neutralize back all the sugar high..
They spent almost 2 hours, after that semua selamat dzzzzz!!!
Mommy & papa turun 1 kg berlari sama..

On Tuesday..
Mommy settled his labelling project for the kiddos playroom..
Simple but I'm happy with that so far..

Will share it soon..

You all cuti panjang balik kg?
I missed Terengganu so much..
Lamanya tak balik semenjak my mom ada sini, jaga my sis pantang..

That's how we spent the 4 days holidays during CNY..


Raihana said...

label tu sgt comel! hehe. if my anak, sure da kopek2...hehe

Nadine said...

bestnye dapat angpow..masyuk! hihi :)

Blog Diva said...

untung la ur kids. CNY dpt angpau. raya posa pun dpt angpau jgk. 2 kali setahun dpt duit bonus ;p

DYatie ABakar said...

memang ada ada darah2 chinese lah ni ye.. hehee.. seronok kiddos.. dpt duit.. =D

Savouring mommy moments said...

Your kids are such gorgeous little cutie pies :)

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