Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why Islamic Montessori?

Today I'm a little bit gloomy. I started my day replying my friend msg asking about BBIM. Its find actually nothing went wrong. Then I was scrolling the google search, because I suddenly wonder what else out there choices we have for Islamic Montessori preschool. Bare in mind, that Montessori concept/method has been established since early 1906 *u can read here* but Islamic Montessori is a blend of that concept for all Muslims parents who want their children to learn from early years about the beautiful life of Islam. That's all. Please do not elaborate more. Why am saying that, soon u'll find. Check it this link for info about Montessori preschools in Malaysia!

If u still remember my entry, when I was so busied hunting for kindies, the Islamic way of kindies to be specific *of course that time I was cetek ilmu pasal Montessori ni pun*, there's alot of preschool using Islamic based in their syllabus out there. Yes, I went to have many visits, adjusting my morning routes and studying all the aspect - syllabus, environment and fees structures as well. And at the end we decided to enrol our kids to BBIM. The moment I decided to enrol, I was actually in love with the Montessori ways and of course BBIM the closest I can find *considering the morning journey as well*

As of today, not to say I fully satisfied with what BBIM have done *back to what they committed us in the beginning , yet I'm still ok with that. Giving them time to improve here and there *even though until now I'm still waiting for their monthly menu where they promised to send in monthly basis* Sigh!

I came across one of my blog roll's friend, she's talking about preschool as well. The entry which wrote back in 2011, have alot of comments *about 280* all comments about frustrated parents about certain preschools they sent their kids. Mostly the Islamic Montessori schools. Its scared me the moment I started reading, since I know some of them pointing out to BBIM obviously, yet after that I just realized its only preschool. Not to say that I'm not a concern and cerewet mommy to think about all what your kids doing at school *since I spent big bucks every months for them too*, yet I don't want to stress out myself. For example, friend over friends told me that using Montessori concept, kids learning a lil bit slow - then I'm starting to put extra effort to help my kids as well. On reading for example, so I started to figure out method they always used to help kids on reading. Further, there are some comments who also condemn on Malay over Islam practice, Ya Allah, this scared me too. I don't want to elaborate more, worry that later my entry become top in the searching engine, kan susah plak ramai datang condemn. Think about this, what do you expect when you a send a preschooler to Islamic based kindergarten? Answer to yourself!

After all, we have 1 year to monitor, *as I'm not that rich to suddenly change the school and burnt the annual fees we have paid - unless its related to safety wise* Meantime, I'm happy that my kids happy going to school everyday, school also took extra efforts to listen comments from parents through the careline medium they introduced, and also I'm now enjoying learning more about Montessori too, so that I can help to extend the method at house too. I just attended a Family Coaching event organized by brainybunch last weekend, InsyaAllah, will share all the tips on parenting soon. 

Meantime, this is one of my fave video on Montessori method. What I wish and pray, that soon after few years we will have alot more choices in Islamic Montessori preschool with a comprehensive and conducive learning environment - talking about facilities, teachers competency, fees and all related wise* to ensure our future kids will get benefits of this. InsyaAllah!!Just give them time and space.

I think I'm not answering the title right? Yet if you one of my loyal readers, I've answered this in my previous entry about Islamic Montessori preschools kan?
Till then...

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Liz said...

wow, teringin nak baca entry kawan you yang ramai orang komen tu. boleh ke?

anyway, kalau cakap pasal tadika untuk anak, topik memang takkan habis. tapi kita as parents mesti nampak samada anak kita sesuai kat situ ke tak. kalau ok, performance dia dari segi pembelajaran pun mesti meningkat. don't worry too much dengan apa yang orang kata. yang penting, kita tak serahkan bulat2 kepada tadika untuk ajar anak kita. kita pun perlu pikul tanggungjawab tu bersama-sama

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