Thursday, December 24, 2009

porridge preparation for working mommies...

Alhamdulillah..finally I managed to do this entry..dah lama plan,tp tak berpeluang nak buat..of course this entry bukan tujuan nak mengajar..just to share the experiences and become one of my personal collection from mommy's kitschen..

jom masak2..


MENU : the salmon veggie porridge


ensure rendam dulu and cuci bersih2!

not only salmon, can change to chicken or meat..but yet dont mixed between poultry and fish!

start to cook ....

throw everything in big bowl..biarkan masak..senang..*winkwink*

after a while..get all the veggie and salmon..blend it well..and after that,blend pulak kejap je,sb bubur dah masak lama..n not too hancur sgt..lets our kid keje kuat sket ..kunyah2..:)

once dah siap blend..leave it a lil while biar sejuk..
wonder bnyk ek..yeap, bubur nih utk 5days stock for Adam at nursery and for the dinner too..

bila dah sejuk, put into small foodjar,each of it about 4-5oz for 1 time eat..and boleh masuk fridge..

ni bubur yg dah ready untuk Adam Mikael..

for nursery..every morning, I will take out from fridge and steam..
at first I put inside the thermal bag...

once dah consistent..I bought thermos food jar "foogo"..which can keep the food warm up to 5 hours..thumbs up ;)

here we go..enjoy ur food at nursey my dear ;)

the recipe also can be amend to be like :
1. the healthy orange : bubur,salmon,carrot,potatoe,pumpkin with anchovies..:) (should!)
2. the chicken soup : bubur,chicken,carrot,brocolli and potatoes .. cook chic with sup bunjut lil while for soup..mix with bubur and the rest..

throw some nuts/avocadoes for variety of flav.


I personally is bubur lover since I was small, so most of the food I make for Adam, I makan sendiri judge lah ikut my selera n tekak..thats where the variety comes :)

Actually the bubur making almost the same, cuma giving ideas for working mommies to let their kids enjoy sumthing fresh from mommies' kitchen..we dont need to be as gud as Martha,or RR or the Oliver..yet chef wan to prepare the healthy food for lil one..
just a lil mix and match and ideas from books and frenz can help us to make the variaties..thnx also to my frenz who shared the websites and books, and hope I can share when I try to prepare for Adam soon..

Pls share the ideas with me so that I can introduce more variety of foods to my lil boy..but the most important think, we make it at our own style and with air tangan ibu..the part of natural parenting comes..

till then, hope to share more on bfast foods plak..happy trying:)

Monday, December 21, 2009

2nd friday's holiday..Adam was unwell..:(

Adam was unwell since friday till today..and we were taking leave to monitor him closely..he was only had mild fever on fri and sat but on sunday the fever getting higher..the temperature keep fluctuating and it really scared us..

so yesterday we went to DEMC again and the physician took the blood test..everythings seems ok only might have a lil Adam was given extra medication..antibiotic ..he was gud at taking the medc actually, but maybe it already a week (started flu n cough last week..), he tend to get bored and cried everytime mommy showed the syringe..

yeah,almost 3 days of this weekend spent at home, just on friday we went to banting ..Adam helped to fix X'mas tree for his grandfather..(will udpate this entry soon..) and on saturday and sunday duk ulang alik to demc..

yeap he still active on saturday during 1st visit at demc..playing and laughing..but yet still a lil bit passive..

here is some of the story happended on saturday morning..
he was palying while watching the tv..until..

Adam was looking at sumthing ..sampai terduduk..

                                       "OMG..papa will start to do his weekly routine..aiyoo.."

..Adam suddenly became a very gud boy..even try to focus at the book..
guess what...?

haha..he scared of the vacuum cleaner..since he was small..
not trying to takut2kan dia..even somtim we tried to make him takut jugak..
papa pun jahat saje kacau Adam..
                            yeap..he stayed calmly on the bed till his papa done..and luckly he was sleepy too..

                              took his afternoon nap..while mommy run to kitchen for lunch preparation..

having lunch with chicken soup porridge..after 1 hour nap..

so happy..even still with mild fever..

playing..sambil mommy suap bubur..

my 2 malas boys..golek2 after lunch..hish!Adam was still at mild fever on Sunday morning..we went out for quick bfast at dunkin donut seksyen 13..mommy craving again for sandwiches..
actually time preggy dulu almost every weekeend mmg nak makan ni jer..specially time morning I tried suapkan Adam too,he must be familiar with this taste..haha I gussed..

chicken slice for me..

smoked chic breast for papa..

and this was him..with coldfever all the time tepek at dahi dia..sian anak mommy!..
hope he will be gud tomrrow..I'm scared to send him to nursery, ye lah worry they didnt follow the schedule for medc..and not measure the temp closely..
this time dia mmg nak kita duduk dekat dia jer..bnyk feeding..another reason I dont want to send him to nursery..if tomorrow still not ok, we will send him to see his paed at UMSC..
oh yea..he was 14months old on 17 Dec ago and Adam got his new tooth..i tot the reason he got this fever..
not sure yet ..go to work or not..;(

Thursday, December 17, 2009

holiday's activity..time for the dolphin show...

yeapyeap..we were at the dolphins and sea lions show at sunway pyramid on last friday..during cuti Sultan'Selangor Birthday..
It was only 45 min show,but yet we were so happy since the show was exciting..haha..of course mommy n papa happy lebih sket since we have to pay for the ticket..kid below 3y is free..

we arrived there after fridays prayer, yet still managed to get the tic at 5pm..they added the show times during public holidays..we were lucky during that time not so many tak de lah panas sangat..n spec not crowded!

since we've been there during afternoon, Adam tak sempat nak afternoon nap lagi..we were so worried takut nanti dia tak comfy during the show...yeap, he was crying at the beginning, and Alhamdulillah..when the dolphins started the show, he seemed to enjoy the show up to the end..

of course the dolphins were so clever..they can follow all the instructions given by the trainer..the trainers are Indons, so we tot the two dolph must speak Indon too..haha..the dolph rs nye baby dolph je kut..coz looked at the size..not as we always seen at tv..but overall is enjoyable..

here some of the pix, we took more videos rather than pic, but yet still got some for ur viewing..

haha..after the show end, Adam collapsed..sian tired sgt lah ni..
I think the show till galz..bring ur family..
we were so happy since this is our 1st time to watch the show..wit or lil one..;)
since Adam pun dah fall asleep..mommy n papa took that time merayap kat sunway pyramid..

I feel craving for some sweet we decided to take our desserts at zen's cafe..the cake was the same from secret recipes..but yet the triffle was superb..mommy just gv a spoon to papa..the rest was mine..hahaha..

                                                            the strawberry triffle for me

                                                   and America cheese cake for dear papa..

not end there..papa volunteered to bring us to kl on that nite..konon nak amik angin malam..bak ayat papa.."lets paint the night red mommy.."..mommy alwys replied..dah tue2 sedar we went to the Pavillion..
Ape lagi Adam tunjuk skill dia lah jalan2 at pav walk..(yeap Adam was still at licence P)

                                                                  a walk to remember..



Adam show his skill...
End of the 1st friday's story..3 more fridays to go..hope to update more things..
till then...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the natural parenting...

I’m really tied up with bundles of works at office currently,with budgeting and audits around..huh!( even not really much compared with my prev job..Alhamdulillah)..
I still can go back happily at 5.30pm with my dearest lady B (huhu my boss)..
I still able to focus to my family..I don’t know what will happen to me if I still at my prev post..Works like hell.Alhamdulillah…Thanks to Him…

I wished to update lotsa activities happened from Eidul Adha till now..but don’t know what happened, uploading the pictures really took my I just leave it with hope to do it at another day…InsyaAllah..(even my mom keep asking where’s the latest pixs of her son..??huhu..)

Back to the above topics, I was inspired lately by the articles of Puan Farah from Sarakids about the Natural Parenting..I keep reading and try to figure out either mommy and papa at the rite track or worry!I’m sure other mommies out there mesti at least ada reference either books or magz or google in parenting websites..ait??
so do Dr Miriam Stoppard’s book and Babycentre really help me a lot..till sometime we try to follow all the things mentioned inside..

When I read the articles, I just cleared up my mind again..Natural parenting is about the natural or most basics things to do dalam nak membesarkan our lil be a good caliph..
good to have reference but yet ensure the basic thing has been fulfilled..
but on top of that, doa is the most important things ..
(not sure whether my ideas is correct or not..up to u galz..)

Some of the natural parenting highlighted by Puan Farah are:

1. Breastfeeding..

This is the most basics things in natural parenting..
Alhamdullilah Allah memakbulkan doa sy time preggy dulu2..always doa that I will able to feed my baby..exclusively 6months up to 2 years feed..
Till now the milk still enuff for Adam ..Even I always amazed with mommies at who really committed do the pumping till 3x /day..due to my workload, 1 time is enuff for me to get 10-12 oz..syukur!

2. Healthy food..
Sebaiknya kita sediakan makanan untuk baby kita..air tangan ibu is another things to bond our baby to us..selain bfeed..
This part ..I really feel regretted sb lmbt sgt intro porridge to Adam..I supplied him with jar foods,Heinz from 6 months to 10 cereal as back up..
Till I got confident to cook for him, and rite now I really enjoyed to cook for my lil one..
Working mommy like me, really need to find solution of this..
What I did..I make the bubur on weekend..various flavor every weeks..try to freeze them in fridge..every morning wake up I will just steam and bring to nursery..
think u all will not agreed with me rite..
I just keep to myself..rather than I gv him cereal, this food maybe less nutritious due to steam least it better than nothing..!I wish to cook daily for masa tak mengizinkan mommy dear..sorry:)

3. Co sleep with ur baby…
For those who still feeding their babies will sure sleep next to ur baby rite..
Pike balik..berhabuk dah cot tu..LMemudah kan kita sebenarnye..
takyah lah nak ikut matsalleh letak baby bilik asing..till the rite time, then we will separate him to next room..

4. Minimize chemical exposure to ur baby..
BPA free..that’s the rite words! Even AVENT pun dah intro the BPA free bottle..

5. We are the best teacher.. learning is fun!
This is my fave thing..when ur baby turn up to 1 even lesser..u will sure enjoy this time..
I try my best to put all the activities with my baby..
Talk as much as u can with ur baby..(even my son started to speak German…I guessed..or Tamil..who knows..)..layan je lah..
Weekend is perfect time for us to dance with Barney..mmg kalau tgk aksi2 mommy…huh..papa pun naik risau…haha..but really enjoying and can see him smiling happily..maklumlah tak yah nak pergi scool today..:P
Swimming is another activity that I started to introduce since Adam was at 5 when I showed him the swimming custom ..he will help me pakaikan baju dia..kalau tak susah nak pakai perang!
Out of all things..the one that I figured out, apa je yg kita teached our lil one, jgn cepat putus asa..keep doing it..till one day he will show u the things u teached them before..
I teached Adam how tu turun form katil..bila dia start crawling..about 7mnths..everytime dia nak mengelungsor, I will pull his leg..and say leg first dear..!keep doing it..till about 10 months..he know how to get up from the bed/sofas and touched safely to floor..good boy!Sumtime without us around..
Too many things I hv planned..time and money pun constraint..InsyaAllah one day..Rite now I tgh pike nak masukkan Adam kat place like the Gymboree..kat Subang Parade pun ada..nantilah ada masa nak gie survey…and nak jugak deco Adam’s that he will get the room to express his ideas..hehe..tak sabar nak play water colors with him..

6. Last but not least tawakal…
My mom teached me once, bila baby kita mamai nak lelap tu..take the time to slow talk to their names and advice him ape2lah..then tiup kat ubun2 kepala dia..
All that we have planned, Allah yg menentukan..

So I really wished to be a good/consistent/committed mommy in growing up my kid…
With the websites and talks available, hopefully all of these will help me ..and frenz to share all the gud and bad infos..
I’m glad to be part of blogger mommies as U gals really inspired me..sometime we tend to overlook the small2 things..mmuuaaahhhsss to u galz..
I will try to think that I’m not the buziest mommy as ramai lagik out there yg tied up with their job…business and other things.. breast dah full time to pump it out..
Long entry but hopefully we can share the gud things together..

Till then..

Monday, December 14, 2009

an evening at Pantai Telok Ketapang..K.Trg

adam terpaku tgk ombak..maklumlah 1st time ni gie pantai...

1st time touch pasir pantai..hehe dia takut !


mommy n lil Adam..

wit uncle..ayah su

time ni still practice jalan.. nak bukak langkah silat yerk..:)


after 20 min still takut touch pasir..crying!

3 of us..

these peektures taken during raya Eidul Adha..due time limited, br je ada peluang upload the pix..
So happy to bring Adam close to nature..he seems to enjoyed the moment and scenery..(duk tgk flying kites..), even still takut kat pasir..
after that balik my mom terus mandikan takut allergic ke ape ke kan..pre-caution la..
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