Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My 3rd Pregnancy Moments..

Assalamualaikum and Ramadhan Kareem everyone..

I have safely delivered my 3rd bundle of joy on 4th May 2016 (Wednesday at 7.15pm) at 36 wks of pregnancy. Totally unexpected delivery, (previous delivery at 37-38wks), kali ni dengan water bag pecah awal, mmg panic juga (first experience having water broke at home). After all, it was a smooth delivery (normal delivery without any pain relief, Alhamdulillah).

Talking about my previous pregnancy experience, Alhamdulillah, I enjoyed my 3rd pregnancy so much. Only get to know conceived after 7wks, tu pun lepas pergi check up nk pergi umrah in Oct last year. And most importantly I end up my first trimester with flying colors. No nausea and admitted drama compared to first & second pregnancy. Alhamdulillah. I also managed to complete my umrah last year with the lil ones inside, such a beautiful moments in my life, MashaAllah. So grateful with the chance given. 

Sweet memory during performing umrah last year..

Since I quit from my previous job almost 2 years already, handling children and at same time manage my small online business, really made my daily life such hectic and tiring one. Seriously, sometimes I had to skip my meals as I was so busied ke hulur ke hilir getting stocks at distributor places and pick up kids from schools. 

For this pregnancy, instead of taking a lot of vitamins and supplementary products as my previous pregnancy, sebaliknya I banyak amalkan makanan sunnah such dates, habbatussauda (black seed oil), honey and pomegranate. Selain daripada memberi tenaga untuk kekal aktif with my hectic routine, by having these natural supplements also will help the development of brain and main structure for the child inside. Hopefully boleh istiqamah with this routine so that it will help during milk production during nursing stage as well.

During my last pregnancy, I mmg tak control langsung on my diet. Suka hati makan, with excessive sugar in take *mane tak asyik sweet tooth memanjang hahaha*, tup tup, Ryan keluar with 3.64 kg weight and mase nak deliver pun gynae bgtau air ketuban bnyk due to my uncontrolled food in takes. Of course at that time, I gained almost 10kgs from my pre-pregnancy weight *which made me struggled very hard to get back to my normal weight after delivery huhu*. Lesson learned! After being advised by dietitian during the 1st check up at hospital, I knew that I really need to control on my daily food intakes, less sugar, low calories & fat for this 3rd pregnancy. Alhamdulillah, salah satu habit yang I kekalkan sebelum pregnant lagi to take infused water. Paling simple pun with slices of lemon inside. I guess I could be one factor pregnancy kali ni morning sickness I tak teruk.

My infused water.

Sekarang ni kat shopping complex pun bnyk dah jual cold pressed juice kan, singgah beli 1,2 botol for stocks. Kalau tak just ensure to eat a lot of fruits.

With current weather yang sangat tak menentu, it’s so important for pregnant mommies to stay hydrated and at the same time to get a lot of nutrients for the development of the fetus inside. For my case, my dietitian also advised to ensure all my food intakes with very less sugar content. So when I survey for milk supplement, I really need to ensure the content of milk also with very less sugar and fat specially.

Alhamdulillah, I'm so lucky this time, I've been introduced with this maternal milk from Wyeth Nutrition when I was invited to attend their media event last year. Honestly, I am always having problem taking milk during my pregnancy, maybe because of the flavor and also my bad nausea at that time, memang susah I nak accept maternal milk during pregnancy. *I'm so picky that way! errkkk* So when I've been approached to taste Wyeth Nutrition Maternal & Lactating supplement milk, of course I was lil bit skeptical about the taste. Trying to be cool at that time, hahaha I just consumed a small cup of milk given by the sales girl and woahhh to my surprise, it tasted good with the improved formula!

Good thing to know is about this maternal milk, the content is with 86% less fat, so far it helps to control my weight pregnancy and at the same time this formula contains of high DHA content, Folic Acid, Iron, CalciumCholine and Pre-biotic supplement such as Oligofructose which are really important for the baby growth. So far, I just gained about 6 - 7 kgs during my 3rd pregnancy. So hopefully it won't take long for me to kick all the fats and get back to my normal weight soon. *pray for me hehe*

Since that, I chose S-26® MAMA milk as my maternal supplement milk for my 3rd pregnancy. I love their new improved taste- Vanilla flavor. This is how I consumed this maternal milk, dissolved in luke warm water and add on some water. Chilled over the night, and tadaa..yummy creamy Vanilla milk for brekkie and also before sleep. Seriously memang yummy! Try it! 

Yup mommies, you can get the free samples for this maternal & lactating supplement milk from Wyeth Nutrition. Visit their website: https://www.wyethnutrition.com.my/en/products/free-samples  or you can redeem from their WeChat: @WyethNutritionMY, go to the Samples tab and click Request Now. Kindly check out my previous entry on how to subscribe WyethNutrition WeChat application.

As we know that having maternal nutritional support during pregnancy is very important for mother's health as set the foundation for the baby’s development. Hence, we should ensure that we always take a balance and nutritious foods to supports the child development. This maternal milk also can be consumed during lactating stage to give you enough nutrition for your body during lactating period.   

Visit their website to read more about choosing a right and nutritious maternal supplement during your pregnancy. Check it out here

Ok mommies, thats all for now. Tak boleh lama2 depan lappy now, lil Madeena Aisha is calling for next feeding. Got to go! Don't forget to try ya mommies.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

WyethNutritionMY on WeChat!

Hello mommies!

Last 2 weeks, I've been invited to witness launching of Wyeth Nutrition's S-MAMA Club WeChat at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. S-Mama Club as we all known, is one of the fastest growing online parenthood communities in Malaysia with a substantial numbers of followings. They were also active in sharing info about nutrition and parenting tips to more than 200k followers through their Facebook Page - WyethNutrition. Utilizing readily smart technologies, Wyeth Nutrition is trying to keep expecting mommies and parents to get latest parenting tips, current issues and health alerts through a quick and accessible technology - WeChat.

Launching event of S-Mama Club on WeChat happened on 1st April 2016.

Welcome speech by Dr Mohamad Shaarawy, Country Business Manager, Syeth Infant Nutrition Malaysia and Singapore.

Despite hectic lifestyle of modern mommies, via this WeChat application, it will be easier for us to stay connected and obtain useful parenting tools from this instant information provider. Through this platform, we will able to share comments and get personal instant feedbacks from their customer service to our queries and needs. After all, your motherhood experience will stay personal and sentimental.

WeChat ID: WyethNutritionMY

For those mommies who actively join their redemption program, through this platform as well, you will easily get updated with latest promotion on their swift redemptions and rewards program. 

So mommies, don't forget to subscribe WyethNutritionMY on WeChat today and enjoy a personalized motherhood experience with Wyeth Nutrition.

For those who new at WeChat, you may follow these steps to get connected with WyethNutritionMY handle.

Wyeth Nutrition through their year long campaign on "Celebrate Your Child", aggressively promotes and continues to celebrate children's multiple intelligence of 3 main areas of Multiple Intelligence theory  - Body Smart, Brain Smart & People Smart to encourage parents to embrace each step of our children lives and get to understand our children better as every child is unique in every way.

Other than launching ceremony on that day, participants were also invited to visit their Sandcastle Mission Roadshow which happened at Sunway Pyramid Mall concourse as well. Through their 4 days roadshow ended on 3rd April 2016, parents and children were invited to join lots of fun-tastic activities provided for the children. There were few mini zones represented 3 main areas of Brain Smart, People Smart and Body Smart provided for children to play and learn. 

Fun games for children to explore!

Photo booth provided for family picture.

There were also booths for the redemption, registration counter to join S-Mama Club and also WeChat booth to explain to parents to join this application.

Thank you Wyeth Nutrition for the awesome ceremony and event. For more info about their products and updates, stay connected with them through their Facebook: Wyeth Nutrition or visit their website at www.wyethnutrition.com.my.

Last but not least, here is my latest picture in 8months with famous blogger, Yuyu Zulaikha. Wink! 
*in case you missed Mommy Nadia hehe*

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Parenting Talk with Dr Putri Afzan Maria: Managing Children's Behaviour

Children's behavior-- such a mystery, such a hot topic. If only your children were born with an instruction manual πŸ˜…

Come and join us for some tips and tricks in managing children's behaviour with our famous speaker, Dr Putri Afzan Maria@putriafzanmaria.
Detail of programme as per below:
✏ Date: 31st Jan (Sunday)
✏ Time: 9.30 am to 12.30pm
✏ Venue: Qaiser Darussalam Hall, Metropolitan Square, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya.
✏ Price: RM 120 per person

We also provide creche to handle your children during the talk.
🌷 Enroll your child for Kids Activities for only RM 40 per child. Limited to 30 children only. Kids Activities will be handled by Qaiser Darussalam Team with topic related to Adab: Amazing Adab, Righteous Children!

Register today for early bird promo until 25th Jan. Register now to secure your seats!
Visit this link for e-ticket purchase:http://www.earlylearningshop.my/product-1400615.html (E-tix Purchase)

Email: bloomingyearsacademy@gmail.com for any enquiry!
Whatsapp: 019.315.4995

Friday, January 15, 2016

PlayPhonics Workshop: Basic Phonics for Beginner!

PLAYPHONICS IS BACK and you don’t want to miss this.

You asked for it and we deliver! This will be our 6th serie of PlayPhonics Workshop.
Reading is an important skill that all of us want for our little darlings. Why not help them find their way to read successfully with a much more relaxing manner.

In PlayPhonics Workshop you will learn what phonics is all about and how to apply it to help your early and emergent readers at home and sch. It’s really easy peasy lemon squeezy!

 Above all its another session with Dr. Putri Afzan Maria! Which means its another chance to share and learn from the best. ❤️

Parents, teachers, and caring adults; MARK YOUR CALENDAR and TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!

Title: PlayPhonics Workshop- Basic Phonics for Beginner Serie 6
Date: 17th Jan 2016, Sunday
Time: 9am-1pm
Venue: Training Room, Level 2, PPAS, Seksyen 13, Shah Alam .

For registration:

Email us at bloomingyearsacademy@gmail.com for enquiries.

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