Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Adam unwell..

While writing this entry, my 2 boys were currently at home..
I guessed Adam was still sleeping after 4 type of medications taken this morning..
He woke up last night at 1am, and his body temperature suddenly increased..
After took PCM, maybe due to block nose..he's not comfortably sleep and woke up again at 3am..
This time, he was fully awake and crying to play outside (our bedroom)..
Thanks to Mr Hubby who entertained him all night..
Mommy sedar balik, Adam dah tidur sebelah mommy at 5am..
I guessed they were having many activities last night ;)
* Including watching her his fave show Barney..

So we took Adam to DEMC early this morning and we were shocked when the temperature increased up to 39.3degC..
Kalau tengok Adam yg duk berlari sana sini..u wont said that he was having fever..
The dr said not to worry since he still active, there should not be problem since he also free of asthma..
* risau sb cough and flu dia dah nak masuk 1 wk..

So, today my hubby took EL to take care the sick child..
Thanks again my dearest hubby ;)
Appreciate it so much..
" I know u can handle ur son well, dear ;)..mmmuahhhsss bie"
Adam kalau ngan papa, gaduh2 pun..still behave well..kalau ngan mommy sukalah sgt bully mommy..;(

Hopefully the boys having a good rest and sleep..
Can wait to go back to see them..

" Jangan gaduh2..tau!!"

p/s: Ape tips nak hilang flu and cough for preggy mommy?
I was having running nose and cough for more than 1 week..huih tak tahan nye!!
Sakit kepala dibuatnye!

Friday, November 26, 2010

My Bling Moment : Breastfeeding

Adam Mikael and his feeding mission ^-^

I've been pending this entry for quite sometimes, niat dah ada cuma tk sempat nak pilih2 gambar...
Entry ni sbg kenangan 2 yrs breatfeeding my lil' precious Adam Mikael..
Plus experience to wean him off after 2months concieved for 2nd baby..
Kebetulan pulak mysuperkids and bling buubies buat contest about breastfeeding..
*detail will be explain at the end of this entry..
So I think its gud time for me to write this entry..
Sambil menyelam minum air..^-^

Back to the story, everyone must be aware that I've been breastfeeding Adam since his day 1..
And of course it was the most precious experiences ever had..
Daripada tk tahu ape2 pasal bf, I started to read and find more info during early of my pregnancy..
Alhamdulillah..Allah memudahkan segala urusan saya..
Adam mmg bagi fully support dalam menjayakan my 2yrs exclusive breastfeeding
Hasil kerjasama kami yang bagus, I managed to breastfeed him up to 2 years to be exact.

Alhamdulillah..Adam grew up healthy ..InsyaAllah berkat hasil susu mommy..
Still remember my last entry about BF dilemma??
Alhamdulillah..Genap after Adam celebrated his 2yrs birthday, Adam now able to wean off himself..
Niat awal memang nak continue bf, due bad nausea, terpaksa digugurkan hasrat hati ..
Experience to wean off ,pengisap susu tegar macam Adam ni..memang sgt mencabar..
Naik buntu kepala mommy and papa..
Everynite keje duk bergaduh ngan Adam…
Huih naik pressure jgak lah orang kata..

The routine of direct feeding start after pick him up from the nursery..
So at this point, we try to drag him biar dia leka..we sing along, ask him to play with his toys..tgk car..
Tunjuklah apa saje yg membolehkan Adam leka and forget about to be breastfeed..
Day 1 and day 2, mmg kurang berjaya, but after 1 week, Alhamdulillah..he tend to forget the routine of bf after nursery..;)

Night time, was the most challenging part..
Adam biasanya akan mintak susu bila nak tidur..
So what we did, we try to feed him with UHT before he went to sleep..
But at middle of the night, he will cry and pushed me to bf him..
Most probably, he just need my b**b to soothe him actually, tapi sb lama sgt hanging kat situ..
I jadik penat and most of the time jadik sgt pressure..
So sometimes we woke up and give him either plain water or sometimes he know to demand for Ribena too..hish!!layan je lah Adam..

Funny part, in between to stop him at from bf, we tried a few ways suggested by family and fiends specially who success in weaning off their kids..
I did put things like whipped cream, ribena and honey..just to tell him, there were something at mommy’s b**b..
Hahaha..at the beginning yes, he make funny yurk faced and cancel niat nk bf..but after few days, dia plak yang tolong mommy lapkan and sometimes ask me to go to toilet to clean it up!
Adam Adam…so clever of u dear!

So overall, about 1 wk after his birthday, Adam now not fully depend on my milk anymore..
It just at night when he really need the b**b to soothe him, or maybe the time he really missed to bf..
Then I still there to entertain him just to make him happy…
Seriously, it was a hard time for both of us actually..
But yet, I have to be a little bit harsh since I can feel that my body was too tired to feed him during pregnant..
I have promised myself that I will try my best to tandem nursing him with the lil one soon..


my big big boy Adam Mikael..

For the 2nd coming baby, InsyaAllah..I'm still committed to exclusively breastfeeding..
And try to improve a lot of things so that this 2nd mission will run smoothly dengan izin Allah..
Even I'm not the expert since I 've alot of things more to learn, but yet I will try to share those experiences with u guys..
Wait for more breastfeeding entries to come..;)

The beautiful moment of pumping..

Public breastfeeding during his 18months check up at UMSC

Alhamdulillah..misi 2 tahun exclusive breastfeeding Adam sudah berjaya, walaupun mommy terpaksa berhenti buat sementara waktu ketika ini..
Mommy halalkan setiap titis susu yang mommy hadiahkan untuk Adam..
Kenangan terindah semasa brestfeeding Adam akan mommy kenang sepanjang hayat mommy ..
May u grow healthier and be a good and smart boy to us..
mommy and papa love Adam so much..

p/s : sayu nye hati masa type entry ni..I almost crying..waaaa....


Ok, jom jengah contest yang dianjurkan oleh mysuperkids and bling buubies..

Contest My Bling Moment : Breastfeeding ini adalah bersempena dengan pelancaran Blog Susu Sihat dan sebagai mempromosi tentang breastfeeding in public (penyusuan di tempat awam).

Syarat-syarat pertandingan:

1. Anda mestilah seorang ibu yang sedang menyusukan anak, di bawah usia 2 tahun. Ataupun sedang hamil dan berazam untuk menyusukan anak.
* tak pastilah pihak juri nak kategorikan saya dibahagian mane..mungkin bahagian yg hamil dan berazam untuk menyusukan anak..
so hopefully gambar yang disertakan memenuhi piawaian ;)
2. Anda mesti warganegara Malaysia atau Brunei.
* Malaysian, of course!
3. Mempunyai blog, atau FaceBook, atau Twitter.
* yes..blog yg tak sebrapa ini..

Cara-cara untuk menyertai My Bling Moment : Breastfeeding
Bagi Blogger:

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--- DONE!! Pn Juri, minta nilai kesesuaian gambar yang diletak, samada memenuhi kategori ibu hamil atau sedang menyusu ;)
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5. Komen di entry ini beserta URL entry anda. Sekiranya komen anda tidak muncul, sila email kepada saya – admin@sususihat.com --- DONE!

Bukan hadiah dan kemenangan yang dicari, cuma berkongsi secebis kenangan yang tersemat rapi dalam kamus ingatan seorang yang bergelar ibu..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Its 2nd trimester ;)

courtesy of google image

Yes, I'm now in 2nd stage of pregnancy..Alhamdulillah..
At 19wks, I felt like my bump was as big as the picture above...huhuhu ;)
Kata orang, bila 2nd pregancy semua nye lagik besar and lagi cepat..
Which I truly agreed...
At 4months, I felt like I was at 7months during carried Adam..
So tired to have big bump at early stage preganancy..
And today, I started to wear my maternity suit to work since my uniform dah tak boleh nak fit well..
Still ok, but yet nak comfortable, terasa macam terangkat2 je kat bahagian bawah baju tu..
Seems like I have to buy the company uniform too, baju2 preggy time kat Flex dulu semua tak formal..
Pening jgak tadi nak cari baju yg nmpk formal..
I used to wear matternity shirt and cardi to work last time during my 1st pregnancy, but here, seems like all the preggy mommies came with formal maternity suit...huhuhuuu..tak syiok lah!!

As per previous pregnancy, I loved to read the baby growth progress from the Babycentre weekly info..
Even this time dah 2nd experience, seems like I almost forget what I have been thru during 1st preggy..
*bukan lah lupa semua..to be detailed every each week tu, mmg tak ingat lah..
By reading the info, its gud to keep us alert with happened inside there..

Compared to my last pregnancy, these 2,3 weeks I started to feel my baby's movement..
Dah start rase slow kick from baby specially bile time baring..
Tak termasuk dia duk berpusing2 kat dalam lagik..
After all its gud, orang kata bila baby dah gerak, nausea pun dah kurang..which is YES!
Rasenye at this stage, dah takde rase pening2 mabuk..
Only thing I started to feel tired specially after when back from work..
Common lah kan..lebih2 lagik we still have small kid which still need our full attention..sabar ;)


Based on my last check up, Prof Ct kata still taknmpk..
* or agaknye dia taknak bagitau pun maybe yes...she said not so important!
Betul jgak..as long the baby growth healthy, syukur Alhamdulillah..
People used to ask whether I want a boy or girl..frankly said..I dont mind..
Ape2 pun ok..If I get girl..bolehlah tengok Adam in girl version plak..
kalau boy plak..boleh lah Adam dpt geng main..and since barang2 Adam semua blue color..
Mommy tak payah nak invest dah..
Kalau kuar girl pun, still kena pakai Adam punya jgak..malas nk change everthing to new one plak..cost saving ;) huhuhuhu..
But yet its gud to know the gender, since I can predict what to prepare..jangan nanti beli all pink mitten, kuar2 boy plak..hehehe..
Alhamdulillah, time Adam dulu, after 6mnths, from the monthly scan till the detail scan, the gynae keep syaing its a boy!So senang nak prepare..

Btw, talking about preparation and shopping, mothercare having X'mas sales till Jan 2011..
Gud time to buy things since the discounts up to 50% plus another 10% on top of it for the VIP member..
Skrang ni, tgh plan nak beli nursing bra, since I really love to wear the mothercare nursing bra..
so comfy..kalau dpt 30% dh bnyk kurang tu..hehehe ;)
So u guys dah visit ur nearest mothercare...jomjom!!

Ok gtg, rest time almost over..
I have training this 2,3 days...which equal to free foods..hahaha..
Ya, saya kuat makan skrang!
Tp last months check still tak naik compare the previous, still at 57kg..shud be next checkup,mak buyung will gain extra 2-3 kilos, exactly from daging Qurban...hahahaha!!

Till then..muahss!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hard Rock Hotel Trip!

Its Hard Rock Hotel Penang!

Its been a while after the trip actually, but yet I decided to post the entry to share experience with others...
* so sape2 yg tgh plan nak bercuti specially during scool holidays ni..boleh lah dpt sedikit tips..hopefully!

If u still remembered my last entry about my unplanned trip, specially time tu tgh having bad nausea, but yet kami still ambil peluang bercuti to visit the HR Hotel Penang..
What so specially here...??
Let see..;)

Unfortunately we just managed to get Hillview Deluxe room..
Dah tu 2 single bed plak..seddey betul..all the rooms mmg fully booked that time..
So apa2 pun must plan earlier..try to always check the promotions offered to get better room at reasonable price..1st tip!
But yet, bilik dia mmg sgt spacious and since the hotel still new, all the furniture and room condition still in tip top condition..walla!
Even after 4hrs journey, Adam still fully energetic exploring the whole room..that's my boy!

The bathroom pun quite nice and spacious too..
but yet without jacuzzi..
so Adam tak boleh lah nak berendam ..pity him!
Dont worry.. even they not provide the jacuzzi,
* I guessed, tak tahulah bilik2 mahal yg lain ada jacuzzi kot2..
 but they have a very spacious swimming pool outside and complete with kids slides and everthings gitu!

As per earlier planned, since HR Hotel ni mmg jauh dr town, most of the time we really spent at the hotel..
Dont worry they have alot of things provided so that we can really utilized our time over there..
Nice swimming pool view at night..

Guys, its good if we really can plan our holiday supaya tak bertembung dgn cuti2 matsalleh kat sane..
Since kalau belah siang..mmg diorang yg conquered pool..
Faham2 lah pemandangan dia macamane ek??
Even they offered us a spacious room..overall I think the hotel area still sempit..
Imagine masuk2 dekat reception dah nmpk pool..kat tepi tu pun lah lounge dia..
so quite crowded..
Unless if u really dont mind to share the pool with everyone..
owh yea, if u really have big budget, family room I think they offered private pool..
Buka2 balcony boleh directly terjun kolam..syok lah sket!

The lil' kids rock..
small playground for small kids...
takde lah boring sgt bdak2...boleh spend time kat sini..

Night activity kat sini mmg happening..
Tak kira lah yg dekat HR cafe tu ek..
Dekat lounge hotel ni pun dah boleh layan..
Kena time kitorang pergi, band ni mmg sgt syok..!
Suara abg2 ni mmg mantap..
Kalau time muda2 dulu boleh layan smp pagilah ni..
Suara serak basah ala2 Kid Rock gtew..pergghhh!!
* btw,sorry gmbr tak clear..

Most of our time we spent at room and pool area..
Even tak mandi sb ramai org..n bulan puasa plak tu..
* next time yer Adam...sian ;)
We all sempat shopping at HR shop jgak..
Beli baju buat kenangan ;)

During check out time..
Overall place at HR hotel ni mmg well decorated..
Bnyk angle boleh amik gambar..
and very nice view too..

InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki, we planned to come back again..
But at that time, hopefully we can plan earlier so that the holiday pun much more meaningful..
Adam pun boleh spend more time playing at swimming pool ..
Or maybe plan with our family so that bnyk sket activity boleh buat ;)
Guys..jom bercuti ke HR Hotel..;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Salam Aidiladha..

Salam Aidiladha buat semua umat Islam..

We safely arrived K.Trg yesterday morning at 11.00 am..
Agak terlambat compared biasa sb malam tu tertidur kul 2.30am baru bangun..
Terus bangun pack baju, around 3.30am baru kluar umah..
My hubby mmg tak suka travel siang, since Adam tak boleh duduk diam dalam keta..
Asyik ke depan ke belakang..pening dibuatnye..
After breakfast at Kemaman around 7.30am, we continued the journey to K.T..
Yang lambat kat sini lah..bnyk lori bawak slow..
Apa pun, Alhamdulillah kami selamat smp..

We never planned to go back for Raya Haji this year..but due to long holiday given by company and ada kenduri plak at my hubby's uncle at KB..so we decided to go back ..

Adam Mikael di pagi Aidiladha..

For those yang balik kg, drive safely ;)
and last but not least..Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fish Feeding

We went for breakfast on Sun morning at Laman Seri, and as usual Adam will spent most of his time playing around the beautiful landscape over there..

He was so happy and fully energetic that morning..
and before we went back, Mr Hubby sempat pergi beli roti kat kedai Mesra to feed the fishes at fish pond nearby..

It was the 1st experience for Adam to feed fish and we were so happy to see him super excited when the fish open big mouth to catch the bread..
* teringat time Adam baby, his papa used to call him fishmouth,sb bila Adam nk bfeed, mmg bukak big mouth..lahir2 dah reti practice fishmouth ..hehehe ;)

Dalam duk bagi fish makan, sempat jugak dia mintak papa dia feed dia..
Agaknye Adam kata, bazir bagi ikan makan..baik aku makan jgak..hehehehe

Sun morning @ fish pond Laman Seri...

Adam nak tahu...ms mommy time dating ngan papa kt UTM dulu2, 
mmg selalu ikut papa fish feeding kt tasik UTM..
Even dah keje pun selalu ke tasik Putrajaya bg ikan makan..
Dah hobby papa awak Adam....turun kt Adam plak ;)

We managed to captured video while Adam bz feeding the fishes..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Our big boy has turned 2!

Hi everyone..
Sorry for the delay..Its already 2 weeks since Adam's birthday bash..
Baru mommy sempat nak edit2 picture and post entry..
Hosting party, specially for our lil one, memang seronok kan..??
So far as I remembered, I dah berangan2 plan party for Adam since awal tahun lagik..
Plan for the cake, deco, theme, foods and eveythings..
Tapi biasalah kan, kadang2 apa yg kita dah plan tak jadik pula..
Same goes for me..I wish to host my own party at my house in the beginning..
After I knew that I conceived for 2nd baby, I have to drop the idea since it really need a hardwork..
We have changed the idea and comeout with party yg simple and paling penting tak banyak preparation kena buat..
So, we decided to celebrate Adam's 2nd birthday bash at Kizsports OU..

31st October 2010

Eventho I thought  not much preparation to do, but yet, due to last minute job, bnyak jgak benda2 yg I prepare last minute..
And specially all those things we decided to make it at our own style..konon2!
Please bare in mind..its the engineers's work..paham2lah yer..
Tak creative langsung..tak de seni lah orang kata mommy n papa Adam ni..

Thank's card for the goodies..

The guest book
* tungkus lumus my bro n myself buat malam sblm birthday bash..
So paham2 lah hasilnye..

Goodie bags by the Kizsports..
Plus the barney party bags we provided ourselves for the party items..

We still decided to do some simple deco specially to the party room..
Not solely depend on the Kizsports's decoration..
We decided to choose Barney n Friends theme since Adam still a big fan of this characters..
So we decided to choose purple and green balloons to deco the room..


Barney banner and foil ballon..

and tada..
Simple deco by Balloon Buzz, OU
* at 1st I was planned to have hanging balloon on the ceiling, but yet due to the improper ceilling condition, the BB decided to just put at the kids' chair..


All the kids foods and adults were ready when we started to receive the 1st guest..
The party was started at around 10.30 am...
We asked them to play at the playland first before the cake cutting session started..
After around 1 hour playing, we started to call all the kids and parents for cake cutting..


Barney n friend's cake..
* thanks Ana for the fabulous black forest cake..
so yummy ;)


Adam was a lil bit overwhelmed I guessed that morning ;)
So all the picture captured with him muka mcm terkejut dgn apakah yg sedang berlaku ini??
But I'm pretty sure he was so happy specially to see his fave barney on the cake..

Since Adam still macam ala2 terkejut bila all the crowd sang the birthday song..
so mommy lah kena jadik tukang tiup lilin..
Over sket kan mommy Adam tu kn? ;)

Adam actually still terpegun with all the photographers in front of him..

hah tgk ni..
ala2 press conference pun ada...
but neway, thanks guys for the nice pictures..
share sket ;)
* thanks Bob n Yein for the picture too..I curik for the entry since I dont have so much pic in our camera ;( 

After the cake cutting, all the parents entertained theirs kids for the foods..

Lepas tu sambung main lagi at their gym..

Adam pun seronok playing kat gym tu..
they organized few games for the small kids too..

Love to see the kids enjoy playing inside the pool ball..

Bukan anak2 saje taw!..
Parents pun seronok bersantai kat tepi pool ni..
macam2 gaya ade ;)

We would like to thank all of our guests for spending their time to celebrate Adam's big day!
and came with white n blue jeans theme too ;)

All the friends..
 Izu thanks for coming..boleh jgak jumpa Zahin n Iris walaupun kejap je..
and for those not in the picture too..


All the fabulous blogger mommies..
U guys rock babe!!


Cuzen and aunty..

and our beloved family...
for make the things happen!

We were sorry as we could not entertained every each of our guests..
All of them were busied entertained their kids too..
But we hope u guys really have a good time..
We were so happy to see all kids playing happily too..

The party finished at 1.00pm and we left the Kizsports around 1.30pm since they have their private function..

Back at home..the lil boy we were so excited and happy with all the present recieved..
Apa tak nye semua mainan kegemaran dia..
Jimat setahun mommy takpayah beli toys..
Thanks again everyone..

Satisfied face!
Even ada few things tertinggal and terlupa sb kelam kabut..
we still happy the party ran smoothly..Alhamdulillah, syukur..
*Frust jgak lah mase cake cutting lupa nak distribute Barney party cap!hohohohohoh..;(


My friends write too..

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Syukur ke atas segala limpah kurnia Nya...

October was a hectic month for me..
U guys know right...
And one of the major events for me was my final presentation for dissertation.
2 hari bertungkus lumus..finally yesterday I managed to finished my presentation..
Alhamdulillah..everything went smoothly..
No major amendment so I almost done for my part..
Tinggal urusan faculty utk submission aje lagik..
Hilang rase beban yg ditanggung..released!
Kira dah sebelah kaki lah selamat...Syukur..
Thanks for my hubby yg banyak sgt sacrifice jaga si Adam...
And all my family yg bagi support...specially to my parents..
* dah ucapan ala Grammy Award la plak..;)

Penat weekend and penat prepare for presentation semua nye dah hilang..lega sangat!
Alhamdulillah both even went smoothly..biasalah ikutkan banyak boleh diperbaiki..
Nanti buat post mortem..
Tak sabar nak update entry for Adam's bash..
InsyaAllah..once all the material collected..hehehe
Faham2lah ek..aritu ramai I jemput photographer handalan..
dah jadik ala2 press conference pun..
Nanti u guys uploadlah fb..boleh I simpan buat personal collection..
Kalau tak keberatan lah kan..;)

And today, 4th November is my mother's 55th birthday..

Happy Birthday Ma..

Semoga Allah memberi kesihatan yg berpanjangan dan dimurahkan rezeki selalu...
Cepat2 pencen nanti boleh selalu datang KL...yeay!
Thanks for everything and we all love u so much...
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