Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wall painting activity with kiddos..

It's been  a while since we had painting activity together. Not easy when we have a small baby around *that timelah kan*, bukan reti tengok aje, sama naik nak main jugak. Normally we had painting activity at our balcony *can check here*, used many papers and sometimes we take out the art board to make kids more comfortable. Thanks alot to the entry from thepinkstilettos, Iza gave idea on wall painting activity with kids as well, not inside the playroom nor balcony or porch, it was inside the bathroom. It's a brilliant idea babe!! Besides part kids enjoy to have big place to conteng2, when come to cleaning part, its super easy!!Yeay..

Happened one day, Ryan took out the bubble set and insisted to play bubble with his bro, Adam. So I put them in the bathroom to play sb waktu hujan tak silap time tu. After few minutes, instead of blowing the bubbles, Ryan start main letak2 kat mulut. Still not the right time for Ryan to play with bubble at his age, so I took out the painting set. Adam dah start pelik and asked many questions. But when I told them we gonna paint the wall, he became so much excited and happy!

 {so sorry for low quality pictures, bathroom lighting no so good}

Brushes, stampers and rollers..

Hand painting..

Kiddos art wall..

And the 'diaper-artist' in action..
While the other artist..censored nak masuk photos..
Hehehe, I malas nak keluarkan apron semua..hik =)

Kiddos had so much fun. Cleaning part pun dah senang, jirus je air. But be sure, tutup dulu pili air utama sebelum main, tahu jelah kids bila jumpa air, takut licin plak. So safety should come first, and parents must be there all the time during the activity. Have a try!!

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