Thursday, February 21, 2013

On how to set up a playroom for kids...

It always a fun thing to spend time at my kids playroom. Tak tahulah diorang punya excited as much as I did or not >.< Hahaha mommy yg over ker? But I'm happy that I managed to provide a comfortable and fun playroom for my kids to play and learn. Yeap, some parents they might think it is not necessary to have a playroom for the kids specially when they have a small apartment *like us* and limited rooms to dedicate a room for the kids to play. Yes, its true at one point. But it doesn't mean that you have to dedicate a room to purposely make as a playroom, but as long as you have proper area for kids to play, its more than enough. Yet we can call it as playarea too =) . Obviously when you have kids at house, pretty sure you will have toys as well. And it so much important to have a proper play area for them to channel their creativity through play. Read here and here!

When I decided to have a playarea/playroom for my kiddos, I have set few things to be achieved by having a playroom. Not only they have a designated area to play *good thing living room tk sepah dgn toys* but I wanted them to have a good attitude during playtime. So, when I started setting up the playroom, the first thing first is to sort the toys by their categories. Let's say your kids have a big number of car toys, then you can have one storage dedicated only for cars. Trains, balls, lego and etc etc. By having this, kids not only take  the toys they wanted to play, and yet its easy when it comes to clean up time. There's a lot of good storage system available in the market now, one of the best is trofast from IKEA. Be sure to place the toys within their reach as well, so they don't need to get your assistance everytime they want to take and keep back the toys. And finally after sorted all the toys by the categories, we can take further step to label them as well. Yes its true, dealing with a small toddlers like Ryan, the first few days when I sticked labels to all the storage boxes, he took extra efforts to remove and tear them. Nevermind boy, mommy can print out more to replace, soon you might think its effortless to do that kan =)

I also teach them to play one type of toy at one time..
So they can really focus on the things they do..

Masak-masak time yeay!!!

I'm happy now at least Adam started to aware that he need to clean up the toys after play, and keep at the right storage as well. Now, Ryan also started to learn this good behaviour from his brother. Clap clap Ryan!! 

Clean up the lego..

Gigihnye anak  mommy!!
*spotted the bambam hand =)*

Although our playroom is too small actually to be called as a playroom *and we still need to put the bed frame in case of my parents or guests came for visits* but we were so happy and blessed to have a corner for the kids to have fun time playing and learning * blissful feeling, trust me* After I set up my kids playroom, with my own ideas, now I've started to google and surfed for more ideas to improve. Lucky I was not far behind, at least some of the important things available in our playroom. Yeay!!! I was stumbled *in love oredi* upon a blog on how they decorated the kids playroom and their lovely ideas about playroom too. Feel free to visit their blogs and get more ideas to set up your kids playroom too !, &

This is some of the ideas on how to set up the playroom from one of their entries. What we need to have in one playroom:


{pictures all courtesy of}

Lovely right!!
How I wished I have a big space to decorate my kids playroom as well..
InsyaAllah..soon =)

Got the ideas?
Ok you may start now mommies!!!
All the best..


Lina said...

agreee.. a playroom is essential in every household. it doesn't matter about the size, as long as the room is comfortable enough and organized for our kids to play and clean up afterwards.. i also spend a lot of time with my daughter in her playroom, esp on weekends.. we do all sort of activities there - read, paint, playing with barbie, dance, building, drawing, anything that our imaginations takes us.. to be honest, i have as much fun as her and sometimes i feel like a kid again.. hahaha!

safurara said...

bestnya kalau leh buat playroom anak cm ni.

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