Monday, May 31, 2010

3 days 2 nights ~ Part I

Hi everyone..
Alhamdulillah we safely arrived Shah Alam this morning ..
Bertolak dr K.Trg around 12.30 am and reached Shah Alam after 5hrs journey..
Lately ni mmg kitorang prefer to travel at night, since Adam akan fall asleep all the way back..
yeap kesian kat my hubbylah..terpaksa berjaga malam..
Mommy pun bf Adam ngan mommy2 selamat..ZzzzZZzzzz....
But yet I think my hubby still prefered to be this way,kalau Adam awake..all the button semua dia nak tekan..pening kepala kitorang..
* at home k..we all know u not feeling well ..sian!

Back to 3 days 2 nights kalau kira..macam 4 days plak..
Obviously, Adam Mikael mmg happy lah sangat..boleh jumpe Oma,Okki..(the way Adam call his grandparents)..and all his aunt and uncles..tak lupa jgak..nyang & nyang ta'...(my nenek)
Exploring the whole house..naik turun..naik turun..
Mentanglah rumah kami takde tangga kan...;)
Tak boleh duduk diam..

The day we arrived, as per previous post, I spent most of the time doing my work till around 5pm..
We then took Adam to Taman Tamadun Islam..
Just jalan2 petang kat tepi sungai tengok pemandangan cantik...
Ramai plak pengantin2 duk bergambar sakan kat tepi jeti..
Ralit kami melihat diorang ..

Sebok lah si Adam ni exploring the whole area...
berkejaran lah nagn papa dia..
Mommy dah surrender..tak dan nak kejo..;)

We then have our minum petang at nearby restaurant..D'Benteng..
Tgk picture 1st tu..sebbok dia order minum jgak..
"teh tarik satu mamak!!"...

28th May 2010..sun set at Masjid Kristal...


29th May 2010 Saturday....

Yeap..I turned to 29 yrs old on 29th May..wahwah..kebetulan..
and it was a double celebration as usual..since che mimi b'day also falls on the same date...
We all cuma beze tahun aje..
So since kecil, my mom always throw us a sharing birthday party..
cuma bila dah asing2..then we seldom celebrate sama2..

So this time celebration would be the most meaningful one..
Firstly when Mr hubby gv the 1st suprise..
we not planned to go back to Trg at first due to short holidays...
But yet as usual..mommy still able to detect suprise dah bocor awal2 lagik..
Secondly, as been mentioned earlier, this gonna be my last year celebrating the2 digit at front b'day...
Super duper happy sebab boleh balik celebrate at home with all family's around...;)
Thats would be more than enough for me..;)

In the morning...On 29th May 2010...
Mimi's BFF Yasmin aka Min selamat bergelar ister kepada En Wan..(sorry nama tak ingat!)..Congrats Min!
So we all berangkatlah menghadiri majlis Min yg sgt indah di penuhi fresh flowers yg sgt canteeek....
Pink & purple theme..everything went perfectly!

seriously food mmg delicious..
maklumlah dah lama tak g org kawen ni...
see..mimi and myself mmg follow tema tau!..

Us with Min..the beautiful princess on that day..
Plus Adam yg sebbok nak main chakk!!

hantaran, pelamin,cake...both couple cantik and sama padan...

cepat2 dapat baby...;)

Later that night, we have simple dinner with close family...
*ala picture lupa plak nak snap!
Petang2 lagik mommy and tokma dah sebbok masuk dapur..nak masak..
Simple dishes aje..nak masak lebih2 pun tak sempat ...
kan tokma??

some of the foods..;)

wahwah..ade cake cutting jgak!
dah lama tak potong2 cake ni..
*thanks hekal for the lovely cake!

mommy bagi chance Adam having cake himself...
tengok hasilnye...
penat tokma nak cuci esoknye...;)

and last but not least...
baby shower for che mimi...
yeap since boy or gal...still 50-50..
polka dot green will be the best color..commey kan??

...what happened on 30th May...??
tgu..will be update soon..;)
Wait for the next entry...
till then..

Friday, May 28, 2010

28th May 2010 Location : Home Sweet Home ;)

Alhamdulillah..We safely arrived at K.Trg this morning by 7.40 am...
Papa now still sleeping soundly, maklumlah penat drive sorang2..
while mommy n Adam behind lena diulit intan ;)
Thanks papa ;)

And now, I'm in front of pc,try to settle my thesis while many carers downstairs will look after the busy lil boy who still exploring the whole house..

7.15 am at Pantai Kelulut, Marang ,Terengganu
Sun rise..

a peaceful morning on 28th May 2010...

P/s : I'm currently enjoying my last day of being 28...
And hopefully to enjoy my last digit of 2 at front to the fullest!

Till then..happy long weekend!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

my hectic day! story about Mimi vs AA..

1 more day before wesak day..
*gayanye macam kita yg sambut plak..
tapi best sb nak balik Trg...yeha..thanks en bie!;)mmmuuaaahhhsss...

Back to the above title..apa yg hectic kn?
Sangat2 lah hectic..but not about my work!
Of course..
Actually we were at LCCT yesterday.. sending my preggy sister  (who was 33.7 wk as of yesterday!) and her hubby ...go back to Trg..
Mimi and her hubby planned to deliver their first child at Terengganu..
Since she was just finished her final exam last week, plus few days for packing up all the stuff..
so after works yesterday we heading to LCCT.

Since I pun pernah fly time preggy last time, I was remind her few items such the letter from doc and etc..
Everything went smoothly, Adam muah2 her aunty, we then straight away to our car..nak balik
Plan nak solat kat hway sb kat LCCT ramai gila manusia..
As Geminirians *I guessed...
Always ada sixth sense telling somthing not good will be happened..
and few minutes later I received a call from Mimi ..
She cant fly that night..
We make a big u turn before Putrajaya exit..and heading back to LCCT...

After picked them up.. we were told that the pilot not allowed them to fly!
Because the letter wrote by the doctor dated on 18 May..was considered not valid!
They said the letter must wrote in 7 days..ok lets start counting!
Ngam2 kan 7 days..but the pilot tak nak amik risk, so they refund back..
yeap..happy sket lah kan!
but then apa yg tak seronok...after they took their seats..few minutes before take off,
they were approached by sorang mamat (mimi said mcm maintenece guy!..think so..)..
"kakak, kakak tak boleh naik flight nih.."
tercengang lah diorang kan..
he said the pilot not allowed..
So, mimi tried to explain that the letter still valid and she still in wk33..
and the flight only took 45 min..tak sempat pun kan nak deliver dalam tu..
Ok..maybe that is the terms and condition stated right..
but what I'm trying to tell here..tak de manner sgt ke..nak kena cakap kuat2 let the whole flight dengar and
treated them like a criminal...
Worst, the pilot langsung tak keluar to explain..rudeness!
Yang pelik, there were few gates before smp flight tu and tak de sorang steward and stewardess yg tahan..
Kesianlah kan..orang dah 33wk..nak kena ke hulu ke hilir..
Bazir masa and tired of course..!

Its all about money..maybe diorang dah tak practise hospitality..
Sb everything about cheap cheap and cheap..
nak kemudahan, semua kena charge lebih..
tp takkan lah sampai ada nenek tua umur around 80+ dengan sorang bibik Indon..
yg naik sama flight dengan Mimi yesterday..terpaksa jalan jauh nak naik flight..
yeap, I know they hv to request for assistance..
mungkin nenek and bibik tu tak tahu..nak kena bayar kat mane or ape ke..
at least tolong lah nenek tua tu..asked them and try to arrange them to the flight.
We were not at 3rd country..sampai dah takde perikemanusiaan ..specially for preganant ladies and old folks!huhuhu..

So today, Mimi went back to see her doc and get the letter..early in the morning..
At first the AA scheduled them for 7am flight..
Manalah nak dapat doc malam2 nak write a letter to them..
In fact last night we all pergi DEMC jgak..try dpt letter from the doc..
Since the doc was a general pyhsician..they were not authorized to write the letter..
Actually doc tu pun tak takde scan semua kan..
We went back to LCCT and arranged for the ticket
She was scheduled this evening..
* kalau tak dapat siap mmg kecoh LCCT mommy kerjakan!
Plus tol and minyak semua.. dah tak jadik low fare dah..
over fare plak..

I was not against them..
In fact, I always used their facility to fly here and there..
but yet..janganlah nak untung banyak kebajikan dilupakan..
Itu fakta yg nak disampaikan sebenarnye..

So guys,dont forget to check all the terms and conditions carefully..
sb kalau nak dapat customer service diorang..baik tak payah try dial..
Mmg tak akan dapat!

huhhhhh..thats all for today..
yeap me over sket sb tolong nak marah on behalf of my sister..
Full stop! .

Please.. please!!
I'm not a criminal...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

foods for love : strawberry-banana yogurt drink for babies/toddlers

Last weekend, mommy merajinkan diri buat yogurt drink utk Adam Mikael..
Bila last ek buat yogurt drink utk Adam...mmmmm...ntah lah ;)
Plus inspired by Nadine's Manggo Lassi..*seriously mommy terliur..
So after office hour on Friday terus ke Jusco sambil shopp' grocceries yg dah kurang..
*gayanye macam masak tiap2 hari kat umah..huh!!biasalah Adam..mommy awak mmg mcm ni ;)
Take bananas,mangoes,strawberries..cita2 banyak boleh buat bnyk yogurt drinks utk Adam..;) je sempat buat...asyik jalan aje ..;)

Adam mmg suka makan fruits..ape2 mommy suap Adam telan aje rasenye..
This time bought the strawberries yg manis..lagi dia suka..
Yg masam pun ok aje..

Jom tgk yogurt drink mommy Adam..

Strawberry- Banana Yogurt Drink for Babies and Toddlers

 yeap you need strawberries and banana ..of course!
*sakan tak I posing kan banana n strawberry tu?

 Instead plain yogurt, I put strawberry yogurt and drink yogurt
plus fresh milk..

 Blend together...
I masukkan sedikit plain water..tak nak pekat sangat..

 tadaa...yogurt drink for Adam...
easy peasy!

 Tengok..budak Adam ni sibuk duk nak makan sendiri...


tak habis lagi ker...;)

Plannye boleh lah post 2-3 type yogurt drinks..
mmmm...satu aje sempat..
Boleh lagi tu..nanti balik buat lagik..
strawberry+banana+mango pun best...
plus manggo lassi tu..
The whole family boleh minum...
Below some info on the goodness of strawberry and banana..specially for babies and toddler...
For those with small kids, there also some suggestion when the right time to introduce to ur babies..
More recipes of fruits food can get from here : ttp://

Happy trying!


The Goodness of Strawberries:

Strawberries are an amazing source of Vitamin C.
With their bright red color, strawberries contain a high amount of plant phenols.
High in anti-oxidants, the strawberry is also said to have a protective factor against cancer.

 (1 cup pureed raw)


Vitamin A - 12230 IU
Vitamin C - 136 mg
Thiamin - .05 mg
Riboflavin - .05 mg
Vitamin K - 5.0 mcg
Folate - 56 mcg
Niacin - 1.01 mg


Potassium - 355 mg
Phosphorus - 56 mg
Magnesium - 22 mg
Calcium - 37 mg
Sodium - 2 mg
Iron - .9 mg

Also contains trace amounts of zinc, manganese and copper.

 When can my baby eat Baby Food Recipes with Strawberries?

All parents wonder about when is the right time to add strawberries to their baby's diet. Strawberries are a potential high allergen food and as such, they really should be avoided until 12 months of age; avoid them longer if your family has a history of allergies.

How to select and store Strawberries for yummy baby food recipes

Strawberries are very delicate. You should purchase them for use within a few days as the longer they are stored, the more they become bruised and softened. Choose strawberries without bruising, soft spots or cuts. Look for leaves that are a nice green color.

The Goodness of Bananas for Your Baby:

Bananas are an excellent source of nutrition and as such, are another perfect fruit to be one of baby's first foods. Bananas are often called one of nature's perfect foods because they are said to contain everything a person needs to survive. One of the most important nutritional components of Bananas is that they contain potassium and fiber. Bananas are also high in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Vitamin B2.

The Potassium in bananas often gets a bad rap due to the confusion with sodium (salt). Potassium contributes to healthy blood pressure as well as healthy heart functions. Some studies have suggested that people who consume bananas and other foods high in potassium are less likely to develop atherosclerosis and high blood pressure.

Bananas are also known as one of nature's own antacids. They are known to help protect against stomach ulcers and ulcer damage. The reason for this seldom known and almost odd fact is that bananas contain "mucilaginous bulking substances". The help the intestines with producing a mucousy lining and are very very easy to digest.

Please be aware that bananas are also know to cause constipation when eaten in large quantities.


Vitamin A - 95 IU
Vitamin C - 11 mg
Folate (important during pregnancy) - 22.5 mcg
Vitamin B6 - .7mcg
Niacin - .6 mg
Pantothenic Acid - .31 mg
Vitamin E - .67 IU


Potassium - 467 mg
Magnesium - 43 mg
Phosphorus - 27 mg
Calcium - 7 mg
Selenium - 1.3 mg
Iron - .4 mg

Also contains trace amounts of zinc, manganese and copper

When can I introduce Bananas to my baby?

Bananas may be introduced to your baby as early as 4 months old. Please remember that the recommended age to begin weaning is 6 months old however. As always we recommend you consult with your pediatrician about introducing solid foods to your baby.

Till then....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Potty Train Part 1 :Is my child ready for potty train??

Another 5months before Adam turns 2!
Basicly in 19months development, the expert suggest for potty training..:)weeee..!
Actually there is no exact age, when our child will start to use the potty themselves..
But it is suggest that toddlers will develop the necessary physical and cognitive skills between 18 and 24 months of age (though some aren't ready to start until they're as old as four).

So as Adam heading towards 2, mommy pun dah nak slow start train Adam for potty!
Takut terlambat plak mcm tooth brushing last time ..huhuhu ;(
At least, this few months, just make him familiar with the potty ..
then after  that boleh lah teach how to use the training pants plak..

Before that, I hv to ready myself with the knowledge on how to train him to potty!
A lots of articles in the internet, InsyaAllah I will share the best with you all..
And not to forget the journey to potty train my lil Adam..

Lets start with the checklist from Babycentre to check whether our liltle kid dah ready or not for potty train ;)
But, we don't have to wait until we've checked off every item to start training; rather, look for a general trend toward independence and an understanding of what it means to go to the bathroom like a grown-up.

Your child may be ready to start potty training if she:

• Has regular, soft, formed bowel movements --- not sure ;(

• Can pull her pants up and down --- not yet

• Imitates others' bathroom habits (likes to watch you go to the bathroom, wants to wear underwear, and so on) --- checked!

• Makes a physical demonstration when she's having a bowel movement (such as grunting, squatting, or telling you) --- yeap! normally bila dia poopoo dia akan tutup hidung and tells us sign of smelly2..

• Has words for stool and urine ---checked, poo poo and wee wee

• Can follow simple instructions (such as "Give me the toy.") --- checked

• Understands the physical signals that mean she has to go and can tell you before it happens --- not yet
• Dislikes the feeling of being in a dirty nappy --- yeap when he pooped

• Has "dry" periods of at least three or four hours (this shows her bladder muscles are developed enough to hold her urine in and store it) --- not sure

• Understands the value of putting things where they belong  ---somtimes, he used to keep the things at right place

• Demonstrates a desire for independence --- not yet

• Can walk and sit down  --- totally yes!

I have start surveying the suitable potty train for toddlers and training pant for him too..
next entry InsyaAllah I will share more info about this..
For those who successfully potty train ur kids ..(specially at early age of 2)..
Sangat2 dialukan good comments from u all..
till then...happy monday!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

extended breastfeeding.. what say u??

Seriously I was so stressed and tired this few weeks..
Pressure to submit my thesis plus workload at office (but yet still not as high as KLCC pun..)
But seriously tahap kemalasan ni mmg sgt memuncak!
Bila dah badan pun rasa malas2, banyak yg of it is breastfeeding!

Sangat penat bila lately nih Adam suka sangat hang at my B , tahap sampai I feel like nak surrender..
So tired, balik keje, at 9pm dah start nak hang..
It can be worst bila kul 11 dia dah start carik2 lagik..
He can hang still overthere for1-2 hours..and few times till 3-4 am
Sakit betul badan sb mengiring..
Sampai kadang2 tak larat sangat, I asked my hubby to remove him a side..
Sometimes come to worst Adam boleh jadik cranky at night sb I tak nak layan dia bf...
Kalau weekend..MasyaAllah..every 2 hours mesti duk menepek2 at my B..
Ya Allah..nape aku jadik malas sangat ni..
Entah mana hilang semangat nak bf till 2yrs..
Sb Adam tak suka fm, the reason I still bf him..

Ape ni Nadia!!!
Wake up,wake up!!
Not only till 2 yrs..I have to extend more..
There were many benefits of it!!

I just read thru 1 article which is so informative and it really motivate me right now..
Yeap, motivating me from hanyut dengan kemalasan I ni..
Thanks Mama Miya for such a great entry and article..
*credit to u..I'm one of ur good follower right now!

Feel free to read guys..

Extended Breastfeeding -- Handling the Criticism

 If it's working for you and your child, and your mothering instinct tells you it's right -- it's right! In my opinion, you're a health-savvy, modern mom, and it seems that your friends and relatives are old-fashioned and misinformed. As a pediatrician and parent, it grieves me to hear well-meaning critics ask a breastfeeding mother, "You're still nursing?" Know that you're actually making a wise, long-term investment in your child's health. Here are a few things to remember that will help you handle any unwarranted criticism:

Science is on your side. I have read many medical journals with articles proving the long-term health benefits of breastfeeding. The incidence of many illnesses, both childhood and adult, are lowered by breastfeeding -- diabetes, heart disease, and central nervous system degenerative disorders (such as multiple sclerosis) to name a few. The most fascinating studies show that the longer and more frequently a mom nurses her baby, the smarter her child is likely to become. The brain grows more during the first two years of life than any other time, nearly tripling in size from birth to two years of age. It's clearly a crucial time for brain development, and the intellectual advantage breastfed babies enjoy is attributed to the "smart fats" unique to mom's breast milk (namely, omega-3 fatty acid, also known as DHA). From head to toe, babies who breastfeed for extended periods of time are healthier overall. They tend to have leaner bodies with less risk of obesity. They also have improved vision, since the eye is similar to the brain in regards to nervous tissue. They have better hearing due to a lower incidence of ear infections. Their dental health is generally good, since the natural sucking action of the breastfed infant helps incoming teeth align properly. Intestinal health is also much better than those of non-breastfed babies, as breast milk is easier to digest, reducing spit-up, reflux, and constipation. A toddler's immune system functions much better since breastmilk contains an immunoglobulin (IGA) which coats the lining of the intestines, which helps prevent germs from penetrating through. Even the skin of these babies is smoother and more supple.

World opinion is on your side. The World Health Organization (WHO) officially recommends mothers breastfeed until three years of age. (Yes, you did read that right!) Even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends mothers should breastfeed "at least until one year of age and then as long as baby and mother mutually want to."

It's better for your health. Extended breastfeeding reduces the risk of uterine, ovarian, and breast cancers. Breastfeeding women also have a lower incidence of osteoporosis later in life.

It's better for your toddler's behavior. We have many extended breastfeeders in our pediatric practice, and I have noticed that breastfed toddlers are easier to discipline. Breastfeeding is also an exercise in baby reading, which enables a mother to more easily read her baby's cues and intervene before a discipline situation gets out of hand. Nursing is a wonderful calming tool on days when Mom needs to relax and to stave off an impending toddler tantrum.

Blame it on your doctor. I have noticed that one of the easiest ways to silence critics is the phrase: "My doctor advised me to." You can go on to explain that your doctor told you about all the recent research extolling the benefits of extended breastfeeding.

Let your child silence the critics. Once your friends and relatives see the benefits of your breastfeeding bond, your growth as a mother, and the emotional, intellectual and physical health of your child, they will serve as convincing testimonies to the value of extended breastfeeding.

And I got more info at babycentre too..
Which is good for us too...

InsyaAllah I will try my best till Adam weaning -off himself!
But maybe after 2yrs, I need to start introduce him with fm at his daycare..
So that tak delah pressure mommy nak pumping lagi..
But if stop pumping terus pun, nanti kurang plak susu...
Nanti lah..pikir balik..
Atau nak kena mintak pump baru..baru semangat balik..
*berangan kejap ke pump color kuning yg dah lama menarik perhatian ku!!
Boleh ke gtu??
En hubby ..tolong komen sket..;)

* they got contest too..stand to win medela freestyle..bestbest!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

mommy's family day...

Hi everyone..
Adam here..;)

Adam nak cite pasal family day mommy Adam..
This is my 1st time join family day and my 1st outdoor activity too...
I'm so excited since mommy said I'm gonna meet a lot of people and new frenz too..
Sebelum pergi ke tapak family day tu, mommy dah prepare semua barang2 Adam nak kena bawa ke sana...such..

Mosquitoes repellent chicco,sunscreen and Adam new sunglasses..
Mommy said I hv to wear those things to avoid from sunburn and insects...

Inilah hasilnya...commey tak spec Adam??

 Mommy said I hv to use hat too..
Sb cuaca panas skrang nih..
But yet Adam tak suka pakai hat!

and this is my fave part.."ming ming.."
Mommy said the family day will be at swimming pool area..
So she prepared all my swimming stuff
Swimwear and my arm floaters...

And this one lil swimmer huggies..
Adam tak pakai, tapi mommy said its good for me..
Mommy takut Adam wee wee dalam pool..

and not to forget my tumbler..
Its a hot wether so Adam need plenty of water..
*tapi mommy lupa nak bawak balik tumbler Adam tu..huhuhuhu seddey ;)

We reached Bukit Cerakah at 8.15am..
So Adam started with exercise to warm up myself..

1,2,3...8, 8 lagi..

Then Adam pusing2 kat area ni..
Hijau..sangat segar udara pagi!

There were many activities going on..but none of them suitable for me..
Instead Adam just main ngan mommy and papa..
owh yea, I met new frenz too...

My new clan..Haziq ;)

Dah penat2 pusing, Adam tak sabar dah nak terjun swimming pool..
Tapi papa asyik tahan Adam..
geram betol..:)

Finally, Adam and papa boleh jugak masuk pool..
Owh..mesti..mommy pun mesti join skali jgak..;)

And this is me with my mommy and the smallest pix is mommy's lady B..

Its such a tired day..
but yet a happy outdoor activity..
That's all for today..
There will be more picture next..
Bubbye everyone..

Monday, May 17, 2010

19 months boy!

"happy 19th months birthday Adam Mikael.."

Alhamdulillah..sebulan lagi bertambah..
at this age Adam now is 13.5 kg with 83cm tall..

Basicly his development from 18 to 19 months mmg sgt rapid..
He's growing in his vocubulary..
He starts to undertand most of the words use around him and also having a vocubulary spurt everytime we instruct him for help.

Hasil tengok Barney everyday, he starts to count 1,2,3 too..
sometimes kalau rajin 1-5..somtimes 1-3 aje..
Mommy so proud of u dear!

Adam's swimming progress,mommy think u still at the same stage..
Since mommy worry  nak lepaskan Adam dalam air..takut tak timbul2..
But yet,he starts to love swimming very very much..
Everytime nampak swimwear dia..he will starts to babblle "ming ming"..
And asked us to change him to his swimwear..
Kadang mommy bg aje Adam pakai..malas nak dengarAdam menangis..
Sampai goggle kt leher..but it really cute of u dear..

One more thing,yeap u are taller now..
In fact u able to touch the door knob and locked the door by yourself.
His fave spot is behind the door..everytime Adam berlari masuk bilik,mommy and papa pun turut berlari takut terlock kat dalam..
and him..from his hidden place..kluar and give us a "chakkk!!"..
kuss semangat terkejut mommy!!

Anak teruna mommy ni kuat lah sangat merajuk..
Sket2 kalau mommy sibok buat keje or didnt gv him attention..
Mulalah dia benamkan muka kat tilam or lantai buat nangis olok2..
Kalau papa tanya.."why Adam??"..gaya papa plak ala berlari tekejut takut pape berlaku kat Adam..
and him,angkat muka gv papa a cute smile..and continue crying olok2..
so clever of u..;)

Adam sayang,
On your 19th months birthday..which is today..
Mommy and papa is taking EL..because you are not feeling well.
*papa pun demam..sian!
You having hi fever on Sat maybe b'coz Adam follow mommy to my family day..
but it could be u starts to learn a lot of new things..
Even last nite we didnt sleep till 4am because u were super duper cranky..
plus u want all the time to be with my B..
Mommy layan aje..walaupun kdg2 geramnye rs mommy nak gigit aje hidung Adam..
But dear..mommy doa Adam grow up to be a good boy..
Keep learning and exploring new things..mommy and papa will ensure to gv u the best from us..becos we really love u soooo much.....

Friday, May 14, 2010

outdoor activity's protections for toddlers..

happy fridays!
So ape plan weekend ni?

We going to have a family day for my section at bukit cerakah,shah alam..
Well, its going to be a good activity, to get to know each other..
But I get worry when this would be the 1st time Adam will be under the sun from morning till evening...
In fact its gonna be at pool side activity (including the swimming pool area too)...;0
mmg risau sgt..Adam mmg tak boleh sgt tgk swimming pool..mcm lah elak drp berendam the whole day??

I have go thru  few articles bout the outdoor activity's protection..
But mainly suggested to get protection of the sunscreen and mosquitoes repellent (sb kat dalam hutan kan!)

Most of the important things to take notes is:
  • Stay in the shade between 11 am and 3 pm
  • Make sure you never burn  
  • Always cover up with a t-shirt, wide brimmed or Legionnaire's-type hat and sunglasses
  • Remember to take extra care with children
  • Then use factor 15+ sunscreen
Here are some points to bear in mind whilst using sunscreen.  
  • Choose a sunscreen that is water resistant and check the "use by" date on the bottle.
  • Always apply the product 15- 30 minutes before you go into the sun so your skin has time to absorb the product, and reapply once you get outside.
  • Apply the sunscreen to clean, dry, skin and only rub it in very lightly.
  • Reapply sunscreen every two hours, or more frequently if washed, rubbed, or sweated off.
  • It's fine to use a 'children's' or 'baby's' sunscreen, but you don't need to go out of your way to buy one since they're usually no different from the adult products.
  • You don't need to use expensive brands - the cheaper brands are just as effective if they are used properly.
Details can get from here :

And for mosquitoes repellent, some of the recommendations to use :
  • Do not apply to infants under two months of age. (Skin permeability becomes similar to adult by the second month of life.)
  • Read and follow all directions and precautions on the product label.
  • Do not apply over cuts, wounds or irritated skin.
  • Do not apply to young children's hands or near eyes or mouth.
  • Do not allow young children to apply products themselves.
  • Use just enough to cover the exposed skin and/or clothing.
  • Do not use under clothing.
  • Avoid over-application.
  • After returning indoors, wash treated skin with soap and water.
  • Wash treated clothing before wearing again.
  • Do not use spray solutions in enclosed areas or near food.
  • For use on face, apply to adult hands and then rub on face. Do not spray face. Avoid areas around eyes and mouth.
You can get more info from here :,,3q5n,00.html#ixzz0nsKzvDxQ

I just hv a few brands in my mind currently..

mostly yg selalu tgk kat mothercare...but for mosquitoes repellent tu tak pernah plak tgk spray type,only a cream type one..
and maybe kena survey at Guardians or Caring pharmacy too..
So during Friday's prayer nih nak kena g beli..huhuhu...
Well, I'm thinking of a cap from mothercare too..
hehe..kalau Adam pakai beach short with cap and sunglasses..hahaha.. ala2 hj bakhil gtu..kihkihkih ;)

InsyaAllah, next entry I will share some info of the preparation for outdoors and donts!
till then..happy weekends!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

making our home safe for our children ...

Being a mother, it really makes my mind always working to think about what will be happen if..
If I didnt remove,or I didnt precautions so that if anythings happen it wont affected to my kid.
Reading  good entries from my fave bloggers is the other way to remind myself so that the precaution can be take earlier right before it happen to us.

Still remember after read the entry from mommy teh , incident when she get locked inside the bathroom, 
After went back home, me and my hubby immediately ensure set of keys was placed somewhere out of our bedroom.Risau sgt...;(
And to my suprised last weekend, after performed asar's prayer..Adam entered my room.
He smiled at me and kacau2 sket time tgh doa,he then left to his cot rite behind me..
Few second after that, he came back in front of me, slammed the door..jingkit sket and locked the door..
Tgh duk aminkan doa..I terus nganga..OMG..he can locked the door himself!
Tinggi sudah anakku nih..dah sampai locked pintu...
Really need to ensure Adam cannot be inside the room, alone..!

Second incident last week when we had dinner with che mimi at Seksyen 27 area..
I went back to the car, to get something left behind..
On my way to the car, I saw a crowd of people chatting each other, looks like they had a family fren gathering..
Just right after taking the things and walked back to the restaurant, ternampak a guy from that crowd tadi duk terhendap2 kat tingkap kereta..
Yeap, the kids was locked inside the car..the father just now switch on the engine and left his todd to play inside the car while the others were standing talking outside the car...
owh..lemah jantung I..

Yeap,to many things to worry about..
But slowly we try improve ourself to be more careful and try to make our house a safe place as we can..
There are lots of articles about safety of the children in the internet, just find them a read thru..
InsyaAllah, it might helps us..
I just grabbed and paste some of the things that I need to double check, hopefully it benefits u guys too..
InsyaAllah we can make a different!

Safety should come first!!


General saftey checklist for the babies and toddlers:


What I did, always have to make sure the bathrooms door closed at all time.
And ensure tak simpan air bertakung dalam baldi.
Even guest datang pun, remind them to ensure pintu toilet kena selalu tutup..
time kita lekalah banyak incident boleh berlaku...

  • Use a bed guard to prevent falls from the new bed and / or put padding on the floor next to the bed.
  • As an alternative to a regular bed, place the cot mattress on the floor.
Preventing burns

  • Don't carry hot food or drink and your child at the same time.
  • Keep hot food and drink away from the edges of tables and worktops.
  • Don't hold your child while cooking at the stove.
  • Turn saucepan handles toward the back of the stove.
  • Fit a safety guard over the oven door to prevent burns.
  • Install a cooker guard.
  • Use doorstops to protect your child's fingers.
Electrical sockets, cords, and appliances
  • Put safety plugs or outlet covers in unused sockets.
  • Hide electrical cords behind furniture.
  • Keep blow dryers, toasters, and other appliances unplugged and out of reach.
Preventing falls

  • Never leave your child alone in a high chair or let him climb on furniture from which he can fall.
  • Use window guards and or locks on windows.
  • If railings have openings wider than 10 cm/ 4 inches, block with plastic garden fencing, Plexiglas, or other material.
  • At the store, use the safety belts on shopping trolley seats (or bring one of your own).
Forbidden territory

  • Keep knives, breakables, heavy pans, and other dangerous items locked up or out of reach.
  • Control access to unsafe areas with safety gates, door locks, and knob covers.
  • Put locks or latches on accessible cupboards and drawers that house unsafe items.
  • Keep rubbish bins in inaccessible cupboards or use ones with child-resistant covers.
  • Cover or block access to hot radiators and floor heaters.
  • Secure the refrigerator with an appliance latch.
  • Keep small fingers out of videos with a video lock or cover.
  • Don't use tablecloths or placemats -- your child will pull them and what's on them down.
  • Distract your child from forbidden places by keeping one cupboard unlocked and filled with lightweight, safe items.
  • Remove clutter and move protruding furniture that your child could trip on.
  • Attach corner and edge guards to furniture that will become a hazard as your child walks, climbs, and grows taller.
  • Secure furniture that can topple (bookcases, chests of drawers) to the walls.
  • Keep televisions on low furniture, pushed back as far as possible.
  • Secure tall, unstable lamps behind furniture.
  • Survey your house and move cleaning agents, medicines, vitamins, toiletries, mothballs, and other potentially toxic items out of reach or lock them up.
  • Remember that your handbag or a visitor's bag can hold medicines, toiletries, and other toxic substances -- move them out of reach.
  • Get rid of toxic houseplants such as philodendron, or move them out of reach.
  • Install a toilet seat lock.
  • Are securely put together and in good condition.
  • Have no buttons, eyes, beads, ribbons, or other pieces your child could pull off and choke on.
  • Are not too heavy (if a toy would harm your child if it fell on him, it's too heavy).
  • Have no strings or cords longer than 30 cm/ 12 inches.
  • Are appropriate for your child's age and physical skills.
  • Can't be hung around your child's neck.
  • Don't leave your child unattended even for a moment in or near a pool or other water.
  • If you have a pool, erect fencing at least 1.2 m/ 4 feet high with a self-closing, self-latching gate.
  • Don't leave even small amounts of water, cleaning solutions, or other liquids in buckets or other containers.
  • Cut off or tie up dangling cords on curtains and blinds.
  • Mark sliding doors and other expanses of glass with colorful stickers.
  • Install window locks so windows can be opened for air but not far enough for your child to climb out.
  • Don't depend on screens to prevent falls.
  • Avoid putting furniture that your child could climb on near windows.

There are more info u can get it from here
And for che mimi, get the good info from here..
And pls take note when buying the equipments:

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