Wednesday, March 31, 2010

BR therapy for STRESSED!!

spelled backwards for..

StreSSed = deSSertS

amazing ait??

It's time to de-stress at ...

 EnJoy 31% Off on every 31st... = pink promotion!!

were you at BR today???

its equal to sWeat!!

my verry berry strawberry for the stress therapy

see ya on next 31st??

so readers..
wHat's your FlaVour ??

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Foods for Love : Jom Masak!

Since I bought the Baby and Toddler Meal Planner, my job became easier.
Easy when we can just adjusted the menu suitable to Adam and most probably with stuffs yg dah ada..:)
Cooking for toddler is not so difficult,(bila dioarang tak boleh bnyk comment..hehe)..
but,nak kn creative sb bila dah lama2 muak jgak..
For myself, the difficulty is when I hv to creatively mix and match bubur for Adam..
I used to provide Adam with the porridge to nursery..
Tp Alhmadulillah,with ideas from books and frenz..dah macam2 bentuk bubur dah I served for Adam..
I started to fried with garlics,add up some kismis,honey and leafy green such spinach and sawi..

So for today..I will share some few menus from the book..
which I hv tried at home..Jom kita ke dapur!

1st Menu : Fish Plov

salmon fillet/white fish fillet
frozen peas

For toddler..veggie tu dah boleh potong kecil2..

Method to cook:
1. Put rice and all the veggie (except for peas..put at second half) inside the big bowl with half water to make a porridge until soft and tender.
2. Meanwhile,place the fish in small pan and pour fresh milk enough to cover the fish.
3. When the fish is cooked through, remove from them milk and carefully flake the fish. Strained the milk and reserve.
4. Combined the fish and some of the reserve milk in the bowl and wait till its fully cooked.

Serve in the serving bowl..and da..siap!!
Simple rite!

2nd Menu : Macaroni Cheese with Brocolli n Carrots

Cheese sauce :
full fat milk
English mustard
gratted cheddar cheese

* I love Heinz shape pasta..hence we can encorouge our kids to eat!

Cook pasta in large boiling water until softened and drained..
* U can choose normal pasta too instead of the shape one!
At the same time steam the brocolli and carrots untill soft and tender..

For the cheese sauce..Instead of the ingredients that I hv mentioned earlier..
This is the short cut one!
White sauce of Heinz..I hv tried and not bad!

So, instead of provide the white sauce, I just add up the grated cheddar cheese in the hot pan with the white sauce.
Pour the sauce in the drained paste and combined with sliced carrots and brocolli..

Since I already got ideas of white sauce taste, next I might try my skill to serve it myself..
Still wonder to get zuchinni,herbs sorts of me..!
I need ideas for those who hv tried this!!

3rd Menu : Baby Fruits Salad

Orange juice

Easy peasy..
Cut the fruits in cube shape..
Mixed everything in serving bowl  and stir..
Sorry picture tak include..forgot to snap!!

InsyaAllah I will try more menus from the book and share with you..
such bolognese,chicken casserole (nadine's menu pun best!) and many more..
Seriously, I'm not a good chef,thus any ideas u r most welcome..
So that I can improve here and there..
till then..happy trying!

Monday, March 29, 2010


On last Saturday, we went to Banting to visit family over there.
Early in the morning, as we reached Banting, my MIL asked to accompany her to a Jade shop.
Actually dah few times visit this shop before, tapi selalu tabah kan hati untuk tidak tergoda!
I love jade, even not a fanatic one, the color and simple pattern of their bangles really hearted me..:)

While entertained my MIL of the various colors of jades, the old lady who was the shop's owner smiled and gentle asked me, "You tak nak pakai jade?"..
"Its ok, this bangle won't easily break unless u knock hardly on somethings.."..
Then, I just ignored and watched my hubby playing with Adam around the shop..
The lady then came with jades of my size and handed to me..*dugaan sunggoh!!

I was wowed a lil while and..OMG I was already falling in love ...:)
Then my hubby pushed me to take..and..

this jade now is mine :)

I went back home and searced the info about jade..Even I selalu dengar my MIL explained about jade, but just to get more info on how to handle and so on..
Nowadays not only Chinese wearing jades, other races also started to wear..for Malays they love to tie with gold or white gold..
They are various type of jades,and the price and quality goes by the color,clarity and the cut.
Mine one I think the cheapest compared to my MIL. The color of jades pun macam pearl, lagi lama lagi mahal..can goes up to thousands...huhu..

The best experience time nak pakai bangle tu..mak aiiy..sakit tak ingat!
Its good also to buy with my MIL, at least takde lah kena tipu and can get discount sb kenal punya pasal..
Thus by wearing this, I become more careful and soft type of person ..I wished!!

Many infos about jade can be retrived from this link :

On Sunday, we just spent the weekend at home. Cuma time petang we went out for teh tarik at Kedai Kopi near to Tasik Shah Alam..again with Che Mimi..
Ingatkan nak jogging with Adam,seems Adam not feeling so well,so we decided to jalan2 je kat tasik tuh..
At the end kitorang yg Adam kejap je duk dalam stroller..most of the times dia pusing kat depan kedai kopi tuh..penat nye!!

Adam was stunned again with the waterfall..

counting leaves...1,2,3...

walk with papa..

playing with cat!!
He keep shouting "tat,tat"..for cat!

Adam loves cat &fish so much..betol2 anak papa..
When i was 26yrs baru I berani pegang cat..takut punya pasal..
Boleh kat Adam, relax aje dia tarik ekor kucing tuh..
kucing yg takut kat dia plak hehehe :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Did I tell you that I was so tired and stressed this few days..?? Yes I really2 tired and few days having bad headache..(not sure is it a migraine or just  normal headache..)
Biasalah towards the end or 2009/2010 fiscal year..banyak plak keje yg nak settle..with the KPI,audits,n more audits from ISO/VCA..and many more..I really need a break!
At least a gud rest before steping to new fiscal year..

So I meet my lady B and asked for the permission to one day training at Concorde...
and she said OK..
Actually dah selalu training and only Shah Alam area aje..tak pernah plak jejak kaki Concorde KL..huhuhu jakun hooray..:)

On Friday,dengan semangat meredah jammed at Jalan Duta..I went to ID Thermography in Predictive Maintenance..
The seminar actually is OK but the eating time was the most awaited one..

The Melting Pot..
I think the deco pun almost the same with Shah Alam one..cuma the space is slightly bigger..

Tadaa..I was eating like at the end..macam nak terkeluar balik..
Ni aje ke??Ada lg..sebelum tu lupa nak snap pic..
having spaggetti and also fish,salad and some veggie..

 1st time stepped in the Hard Rock Shop..
Ingat nak beli t-shirt utk Adam..simple sangat plak..:(
tak jadik..
Wish we would have chance to go to Hard Rock Hotel at Penang some where later this year...

ok..short update for weekend..
Happy Weekend everyone:)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hi again everyone..
Its me Adam...!
Today, I'm gonna share my new experience exploring a new place..
On last Saturday morning, once I woke up from my deep sleep,
I saw mommy n papa was already awake..n immediately after that mommy took me to bathroom..n in 10 minutes..taraa.. I was ready in good clothes..!
Wonder plak mommy nak g mane arini..??
Then papa drove us to Seksyen 22 and the 1st thing that I saw was...

yeap..Its McD..
I tot we gonna have our breakfast here..:)

Papa properly set me on the highchair..
n I saw mommy coming with  a tray of full meals..
I had a good breakfast of hotcakes..yummy!!

Almost 10 minutes on the highchair..filling up my empty tummy..
then the beautiful sorrounding urged me to explore for this room..
So I started to gv a signal  by making a lil bit yelling sound...

I was finally escaped from the highchair..yahooo!!
My exploring time begin..
The 1st place that make me curious to know is..
"why they put all of my toys in this box???"
I love to see all the toys but unfoutunately I cant able to take frust!!!
then I moved to...

this section..I wonder what was the big red tank hanged at this corner..
by the time I reached ..then I can hear my scream.."Oh no dear!!"
so I left..I dont mind since there were more places to go...:)

I was so curious what were they doing behind this door..
I heard mommy said..It was the kitchen..
then I saw a lady who blocked my view to this room..
I'm scared, thus I immediately left the area...

Here we go..the exit door..
Just  a few 'cm' to reach the door handle..
*nanti Adam minum susu mommy banyak2 ek..:)*

I have explored half of the area, so I took a short break for a while..
this Ronald statue also was so funny,,
but I still cant reach the toys inside the box...*sigh

There were a few brochures at this section..
I just managed to look at the pictures only..
so mommy helped me to read all the brochures instead :)

yeah!I hv done with the exploring..
Now I'm going to disturb Che mimi who was studying for her assignment..
*Did I told u earlier that che mimi also joined us during for the breakfast..??*
I cant understand the law words mommy!!*sigh..

yeah..this is me and che mimi...
unfourtunately..u only can see her hand..:)

And lastly..I was so happy to have my breakfast here..
 I wished that mommy n papa will bring me here again..
maybe to the other McD with playing area ..
*mesti best!!*

okkie dookie..

1,2..buckle my shoes...
3,4..shut the door..
5,6..pickup sticks..
7,8 lay..them straight...
9, 10..thats the end...
that the end....

bye bye..
hope to see u again at some other time..
I luv you...:)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Never Underestimate a Housewife....*betul tak I translate tu???*

Any fan of Desperate Housewives here??
Let me count..1,2...

Yeap!!Its come back again..!
6th season is in the air..last night was the 1st episode..
Hope this season more exciting..
New neighbour coming in into Westeria lane..with the new mystery I think...!*mmg nmpk pelik pun jiran baru diorang..
Well finally Susan Mayer n Mike Delfino getting married at the end..
even I think something will be happen to them ..beware of Katherine!!
and I was stunned with Susan n Gaby's figure..walla..*wish I could turn myself into that skinny type mother!..
Gaby's story would be exciting too ..with the "kurang ajar" niece that she has to handle...
Plus Lynettte who was again preggy of twin's..
and last but not least the stoopid story of Bree....(I love her last season's story..)

I pun bukan jenis layan banyak cerita..
Cuma satu dua pun sb terfollow zaman bujang2 dahulu..continue aje lah..
At least ade jgak citer yg aku follow..*sobsob:(
Asyik follow En Hubby tgk cite2 investigation aje..penat otak I tau!!
Bila new season Betty ek??Cepat sket En Izham Ch8 ni...

So..lets meet up infront of tv every Tues night at Channel 8...:)

p/s: 1st episode tgk dgn En Adam..biasa dia dah tido..

smlm rajin plak temankan mommy dia...huhuhu..
plus mommy pun penat duk tekan remote..iklan aje tgk Asmaradana ..(cm lah boleh Tiz kut..cantik and jalan cte dia best!!..huuhu)

Monday, March 22, 2010


21st March 2010 at 11.30pm
Korang pernah jumpa tak entry yg 2 kali update???tak pernah??? haaahhh!!
Kalau tk huh mommy Adam buat :)
Went back from office today, the 1st quest from my silent reader cum the good commentor (ala2 Simon Cowell gtu..papa Adam lah)..asked myself..."why ur entry so simple today??"
owwhh!!.."tak sempat dear.." simple answer..*sigh
dalam hati.."ape taknye,I took only 20 minutes (plus the uploading hasilnye)"
so tonite,after finished all the routine (washed n steam the bottles etc etc)..then I take a look at my entry again...
owwhh...sgt simple..:(
with the perfectionist element inside me..I tried as much to massage back the entry..
tu pun sb I perasan few picture that I missed.. for tokma n che mimi too...:)

plus..additional entry for the motherhood expo too..tot to make a different entry..ala sekalikan ajela :)
so anyone still intrested to read..u r welcome..if not..its up to ur call :)

21st March 2010 1.30pm
"oooo..wahhh!!"...Thats was actually the expression bursted from my lil' munchkin when he saw somethings that amazed him...he just get the word but keep practising almost everyday..
tgk lorry,comuter, ball ..anythings that amazed him..


but this time not because of the vacuum cleaner ..:)

..amazed by air pancut ni hah..
mmg kalau pergi tempat yg ada air pancut atau ape2 yg ada air..berjanggut mommy nak pujuk bwk lari...*sigh
the place is between MV Megamall and The Garden..

look at him..
terconggok macam tgk Disney On Ice aje..:)

readers..please spot my munchkin..:)

..mommy nak pujuk bwk lari pun susah...

..mommy duk entertained his munchkin..
witness by che mimi..:)

We were at MV cum The Garden last weekend..
Saje2 jalan plus che mimi (my 6months preggy's sis) konon nak survey for Motherhood Expo..
Kalau nk harap other weekend..mmg tak smp..
Everytime the word MV spelled from my mouth..En Hubby dah tarik muka..
So happy actually bila ada The parking dia boleh tahan lah..
so mmg tak kisah jalan stakat g MV tu..(alah time peggy 9 months pun bolley..ini kan skrang!!)

Talking about the Motherhood Expo..
Seriously it such a boring expo..*sigh
I was expectin' more actually..maklumla 1st time sampai..
30%-40% exhibitor aje yg jual barang2 baby..
Others more on insurance and stem cell..*sigh..u all ada pergi tak??
I think mothercare sale lagik best!!
plus the stroller yg I beli tu much more cheaper than displayed there..owwhhh!!

I just went to few shop..such Heinz and nestle..tu pun sb stock cereal Adam dah habis..kalau tak awal lagi dah cabut!!
I mmg pergi lambat, might be missed few of the programs,but overall not as what i was expected next one on August..for sure tak nak pegi!!
malas nak kena kejar ngan insurance people and the groiller..(betol ke spell??)
to those yg takde peluang nak pergi..some of the pix..:)

5th Motherhood Expo MV

Unfortunately ada Alice In Wonderland movie promotion kat concourse MV..
so we grabbed oppurtunity to snap n snap pic..(even Adam was so cranky sb boring!!)


che mimi and hubby

the lil munchkin..

..he scared when we left him over there..


then we take a rest at The Garden Club lounge...
seldom went over there..membership pun dah almost expired :(

pls say that the angle is wrong..thus yours truly nampak chubby + gemuukkk..:)

..finished for weekend update..
we had a great weekend even Adam duk cranky sb tired and sleepy :)
sorry for such a quick and simple update..
mommy will  a lil bit tight this week wit audit n training..:(
till then..mmmuuuaahhhsss
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