Friday, December 13, 2013

Special Promo on "Now You Are A Mother" book..

Salam Jumaat yang baraqah..
Just to share with all mommies and mommies-to-be..
FM Lil Shop currently having promo on our best selling book Now You Are A Mother..
The price now ONLY RM 50 and it inclusive postage via Poslaju to Semenanjung M'sia..
*additional few bucks to Sabah & Sarawak ya=)*

Anyone intrested, kindly send ur name, address and contact no to my email
Let me know qty u all nak k. Lagi bnyk, lagi save postage! So start combine purchase with ur frens..

For more detail on the book, boleh refer review kat sini..

Thanks everyone and happy weekend!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Stock Clearance of LeapFrog Learning Toy!

Hi all..
Just a short one!
Currently doing clearance for this soon to be end-of-life product by Leap Frog.
Only few boxes left.
All in good condition but the box not so new!
Email us at for order ya!

Count and Scan Shopper 

Was RM 105
Clearance offer RM 78
*postage RM 10*

Shop, scan and discover food fun with pretend grocery play!

Discover colours, counting and more as you scan food items or the grocery list with the Count & Scan Shopper. Hear questions and fun learning songs, then explore imaginative play when you press the scanner to any object for even more fun grocery audio!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

FM Lil' Shop first ever bazaar!!

Yeap, you're heard me right!!
Woot woot!!
Am so excited too..

Come and visit Fabulous Motherhood Lil' Shop for great discount and free goodies..
*we have prepared cool free stuffs for kids and moms too*
InsyaAllah we will bring most our products there, except those yg besar2 from Leap Frog products.
Thus, we encourage those who wants to purchase leap Frog stuffs, please do pre-order and we will bring during the bazaar day!
Great saving on postage fees!

Join us on Saturday..
Ada Sheahnee Lee for Buggy Baby Boogie Closing Sale, preloved sale from famous artist like Sharifah Sofia, Natasha Hudson, Sarah Shahnor etc, ada babywearing demo by Snuggbaby and more!!

Mark your calendar and come and visit us!
See you there..

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Great deal for LeapReader & LeapReader Junior Bundle Promo!

Good day all..
Currently we are running super duper promo at our insta shop (@earlylearningshopmy).
This superb deal for Leapfrog Reading System is a must grab one!

Happy shopping!

 Refer this link for list of books available;

Refer this link of list of books available:

Exclude AC Adapter:
Was : RM 276
Now:RM 220

Interested to purchase, kindly fill up this form. We will send detail payment method in 24 hours time.

Hurry up!
Promo ends by 6th Dec 2013.

Email us at for more info.

Thanks =)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Grab Xmas Sale at ELC, Mothercare thru "Let me be your personal toys shopper" !

Hola mommies and daddies..

Again if you are my loyal readers, u must be aware on my fave season for toys shopping!
Yup yup..Xmas Xmas!!
Pagi2 ni, mr santa clause aka mothercare mailing dah shoot email to all members and mail subscribers on Christmas Sale 2013 at ELC ..
Woot woot!!

You know how much I Love ELC stuffs right! =)
And I did received comments and emails from my readers how frustrated they are because some of them staying outside Selangor and KL and could not able to enjoy this fabulous sale by ELC!

Well, I have good news today..
Specially for those who do not have access to mothercare or elc toy shops..
FM Lil' Shop are proudly to announce our new service that we call as..
"Let me be your personal toys shopper"..
Woot woot!!

For this sale, we will taking order starting from today until 29th Nov 2013..
All items can be view from this catalog:

Kindly email us at for items that you need.
We will send you quotation for your requested items in 24 hours time.

We will do shopping, packing and postage on behalf of you, and all you need to do is waiting for the parcel to reach at your doorsteps. Easy peasy!

As the ELC toys are hot selling products *specially during year end sale*, so you better be hurry!
Happy Shopping!

Other than items at catalogue, will also have few more interesting learning stuffs from ELC also as below:
*will update the price soon! But most of the stuffs with 20-30% disc*

ELC Alphabet Adder

ELC Abacus and Teaching Alphabets

Magnetic Upper Case Letters
Magnetic Lower Case Letters

Magnetic Numbers

Maths Flip Charts

Flashcards - ABC, 123 and Animals 
(each sell separately)

Baby Qhaleefah Series..

The new face-lift of Baby Khalifah Series has been launched recently..
Now its already known as baby Qhaleefah series..
This product currently take over from Islamic Kids Media by Qaiser Darussalam..
Great job team!

Proudly introduce new baby Qhaleefah series by Qaiser Darussalam..

Let's see the content of new Baby Qhaleefah Series..

There are 6 interactive series consists of My Family, My First Iqra', My First Adab, My First Kalimah, My First Solat and My First Arabic. Good news is, there are additional 2 cds for video clips and musics with overall design of new baby Qhaleefah series are so colorful and attractive!
Love it!

Besides of cds and workbooks, there are also 4 more interesting items inside this fun and interactive box!

baby Qhaleefah Flashcards Series 1 consists of 8 steps of Wudhu and Niah of Shalah (Solat)..

baby Qhaleefah color pencils..

Lovely bookmark of baby Aisyah..

 And last but not least the cute car sticker..

If you want to know details, still can refer this review of previous baby khalifah series.

To purchase this fun learning series, kindly email us at or 
whatsapp 019-3991239. 
We also sell the series at our insta shop @earlylearningshopmy or click to this link


Thursday, November 21, 2013

BBIM Graduation and Year-End Concert 2013

MasyaAllah, kejap je mase berlalu. Tup tup dah mid Nov. Dah nak abis belajar sesi 2013 for Adam and Adryan. Alhamdulillah, so far I mmg satisfied dengan kindie diorang. Just suits my working area and time, and specially the system used suitable with my kids. Most important thing, kids happy to school and tak pernah ada drama tak nak pergi sekolah, Alhamdulillah. I'm more than happy =)

Anyway last weekend berlangsung graduation and year-end concert untuk branch diorang. Owhh seperti biasa, mommy and papa mmg sgt excited! Mommy yg teruja sampai menghitung hari mengalahkan anak2. Baru concert, next year graduation, mahu bawa tisu sekotak *lap hingus meleleh sedih tgk anak graduate* Gitu gamaknye feeling mak-mak ni kan..

 The event was held at MAS Auditorium at Kelana Jaya. Best part, all students from playhouse up to preschools students involved in the year-end concert. 

The event started lil bit late, biasalah nak tunggu dewan penuh, and glad I managed to book font seats so that tak payah bertenggek tepi stage nak amik gambar anak. Opps!

The ceremony started with Al- Fatihah recitation by the preschool students from 3 branches followed with Negaraku song, Selangor song and Asma Al - Husna. After that, each branch performed Surah recitation. Adam and his team recited Surah Al-Ma'un with the translations.

 Zoomed sket Abg Adam.. Alahai..cair mommy tengok =)

Next event is Fashion Show for Playhouse students..

Tungu punya tunggu..
Tu dia..hero felem Hindustan dah kuar..

Baju kotak, pakai spec hitam..mak aii =)
Playhouse students ms perform semua lari step. Agaknya terkejut tengok ramai orang kut..

 All playhouse students..

Each branch performed their own performance..
Adam pulak buat Musical Interpretation..
Adam bgtau stick dance mommy..

Banyak kali jugak kayu jatuh sebab kena pijak. Great thing I heard from his aunties, dia kena lead dance ni. Sebab dia antara yg awal hafal steps. So all steps dia kena gerak dulu. Patut nampak Adam careful je duk dengar lagu tu, hafal steps rupanya..

 Last songs for all students..

Zoomed Abg Adam..

 Zoomed lil bambam, hujung sekali mata duk cari mommy papa dia..

After break, baru graduation for 6 years old students.
Most of parents yg takde anak graduate, tak join ceremony tu. Bagus jugak, bagi chance parents diorang feeling gitu kan..

While having break..

Adam with his bestie, Zahin..

Kiddos with their aunties..

This Friday, Progress Report Day for their branch.
Ok, let's see their progress for 1 year enrollment..

Enjoy your school break kids!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mummies Day Out With Philips Avent..

Hi lovelies! Time is so limited skrang ni, ok try to make use this 1 hour break to finish the entry. =) Anyway, anyone here big fan of Philips Avent? *sambil angkat tangan sbelah lagi* Owh yes, same here! I'm a big fan of Philips Avent. Those my loyal readers here *hugs kisses*, you all mesti aware that I used lots of Philips Avent stuffs for my breastmilk storage as well as for solid foods storage and blender. Well, I'm so happy that my review on Avent Via Cup being used widely *eh eh ada lah jgak* by the Avent resellers to sell their products. One of it check here! And this is my original entry =)

Back to the topic. So when I received invitation for Mummies Day Out With Philips Avent, yes I know I will not miss this. And so lucky it was held on weekend. Great job Philips! That was my first time to bring along my sister Najmi *aka Che Mimi* to blogger event too. Since dia tengah breastfeed and stage to provide solid foods to her darling munchkin, ok lebih sesuai. Mommy skrang tengah cuti sementara sebelum start balik jaga baby *errkkk bila ek*

Event was held at Hilton Hotel, PJ. Not so far from our house using Federal Highway *reason I accept the invite too hehehe* The 4 hours event, was a very short event yet very fruitful sessions for all mommies. Mmg best sgt!

The event started with talk given by Ms Indra Balaratnam who is a Dietitian Consultant.
She spoke on good nutrition during pregnancy as well as during breastfeeding. Will share on detail on this topic soon. *yea being a while mommy nadia tak cerita pasal bf kan =)*

After about an hour talk, its time about the Avent product introduction by the spoke person from Kinderjik, official distributor for Philips Avent. 

 Good new for bf mommies! Avent just newly launched their electric breastfeeding pump recently. Very nice color *ya its purple*, very convenience for mommies as it come with single and double pumping, and with battery as well. Bunyi pun tak kuat. The price pun quite reasonable! Check it out at store and their website as well.

And the last session for the event was cooking demo by Chef Marina. Why shud they have cooking demo? Because it is very important to provide healthy foods for the family specially for small kids. As working parent, its so much important to have gadgets that will help us to shorten time spent at kitchen. With the above gadget, pretty sure we will have more convenience time with our family. yeay! Owh tell u what, mmg syok habis tgk Chef Marina masak, in half an hour, she can cooked rice, meatballs and sauce, and siap buat dip lagik! Visit her blog for healthy recipes. She also encouraged to get our kids involve during food preparation too. *hmmm weekend boleh lah kut hehe* The lovely boys Emmir and Adam tengah help Chef Marina buat meatball. So cute =)

Owh yeahh!! You know how much I love the Philips Avent Steamer and Blender tu *color hijau tu*. Sgt useful. Check out here and here! So happy to help few of my insta frenz to purchase the combined blender and steamer at very super duper special price. Now retail price dah naik jadik RM 548 =( 
Target nak beli fryer lah pulok u'olls =)

There you go..Apelagi makan lah. Mmg maveles! 

Che Mimi siap bertambah..hehehe =)

Chef Marina Mustafa and Yours Truly =)

 And all the bloggers..Smileeee..

We had big lunch at Paya Serai, PJ Hilton on that day!
Yummilicious foods of course..

And before balik..selfie kejap yer..

Thank you so much Philips!
We had great time there and the goodie bag as usual never disappoint me. 
Love u so much Philips Avent..

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Further mark down for 1st Annual International Education & Parenting Conference (IEPC) tix!

I found this really really a good news..
RM 300 per tix recently quite a big chunk for us, as I really wished to attend with my hubs which will cost us around RM 600 *pitam*..
I plan to submit registration this week (after considering all things), and I received good news on last Friday from the aunties at my kiddos school, that ticket has been reduce to RM 100 per pax for 1 day event..Alhamdulillah!

So for those who interested to join this 1st international edu and parenting conference, kindly register now at the website here.

There will be 1 full day event from morning till night..
And glad they provide good activities and child care for kids during the conference and we can bring our kids for concert at night.

ps: Brainybunch offered RM 60 tix for BBIM parents for purchase of 5 tix. So if anyone interested to join the conference and to combine purchase with me, I need 3 more parent by today, before 5pm. Do email me at Only for those who serious to attend!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

9 more days left to Malaysia Islamic Children's Affair (MICF), 2013..

Don't forget!

Have you register to join the conference?
If not, you still have time to do so..

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