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Maulidur Rasul Celebration at Brainybunch...

Owh these photos have been inside the draft folder since 2 weeks ago, apologize for the delay specially those I promised to up the entry =(

Alhamdulillah, as of now it was almost 1 and half month since the kiddos started school at brainybunch. So far, I was so impressed with some of the improvement they showed. Previous entry pun I ada cite on new things they used to pick at school recently, but this few weeks I can see more new things from them. I'm so happy and blessed. Macam I cite dulu, Adam ni bukan jenis yang bercerita specially bila kita tanya lagi dia buat tak tahu aje. But recently, ada few things ternampak dia buat dan bila kita sebut about that, then only dia akan bagi tahu that he knew about that. Hah, mommy nak cite pun berbelit orang kata!!! Since that, I became a good observer and very sensitive to new words he said. *another fussy mommy characters hahaha* 

Yes this is one of them..
Adam volunteered to led Isya' prayers for the lil brother on one night..
We left them to pray together, but as u see, after 1 rakaat, makmum dah pintas imam. Funny lil bambam!!
Adam now dah tahu turutan nak amik wudhu' and showed us the right way to takbir for boys and girls, and he also informed us that his ustazah taught how to put hand during Al- Fatihah too..Alhamdulillah..

Back to the story, during Maulidur Rasul last month, I think all campuses of brainybunch, they had 1 day celebration of Maulidur Rasul at school. We received a memo from school few weeks earlier mentioning about the event and parents were invited as well. Kids also need to bring a plate of foods to school too. As being said, the kapochi mommy mmg interested bab2 buat lawatan sekolah anak ni. I'm so eager to go there after the last visit during the opening day. Plus, I've been wanting to sit and talk with aunties who in-charged of my kiddos. So, I set the time and asked hubby to join me as well. 

On the said date, kebetulan plak I was on leave, so senang je lah menapak ke sana. After sent them in the morning, we went for breakfast a little while, and joined the event around 9.30am. So sad, I missed time diorang berarak ramai2 pusing school. *mesti comel kan* Owh the kids also wearing baju melayu and baju kurung, ada jugak yg berjubah, comel sgt!! So when we reached there, all kids were gathered in few groups, they sat in circle and playing among them. Tahu je lah kan, bila dah ramai bising lah kan. Then, suddenly Aunty Lads came and joined one of the group. She sang a good boy song, *I'm not sure the real title of the song*, and took 1 by 1 kid yg tengah bising tu, hugged and sang him that song. Sweet sgt. Bila semua dah diam, she asked anyone to volunteer, haha tak sangka my boy Adam raised up his hand and told her his name.

Then Aunty Lads sang him the good boy song..
"I knew a boy, and he is good boy..
I knew a boy, and his name is Adam Mikael..
I knew a boy and he is a good boy and his name is Adam Mikael"..
Lebih kurang gini lah lyrics dia..but tell ya suara Aunty Lads yg bergema tu with slang semua, mmg cair lah sgt..

After that, everyone followed her to sing few songs they learnt at BBIM...
Seriously at the moment, rase sayu sgt. Mixed feeling sb tgk Adam dah besar and he picked a lot of new things here. It was the 3rd weeks of school, and all the kids enjoyed singing and dancing as if they were already 3 months there.

After singing session, all parents were invited for a 'jamuan makan'. Mak aii, bnyk nye makanan, and seriously semuanya yummeh. Dengan ploka dot apam, spaghetti, cuppies here and there...
Mujur mommy dah makan tadi, kalau tak ngap sekali...

Auntie in pink baju kurung is Adam's auntie...
So happy to have chit chat with her. Since that, senang dah lah kalau nak tny apa. Auntie Norie very friendly teacher, Adam pun I tgk suka dah dekat dia..

Dah tgk Adam duk singing semua, wondering where my lil bambam.
Kids at playhouse, they only joined them during makan time an d few activities after that..
I was informed by one of the aunties that Ryan tgk syok makan..
So, I tiptoed towards him and saw him enjoyed eating the polka dot apam alone at one corner..

Amboi amboi...sorang2 ngadap yer...

Masa ni dia baru sedar I snapped his picture..
Lepas tu apa lagik, dukong ngan mommy je lah..
Owh, Ryan also wore baju melayu in the morning, but the auntie changed him after poo poo..
Tak sempat nak snap picture..sobs!

Tell ya..
Indeed it was a food galore session...pitam!

Hubby yg berkenalan dengan sorang budak yg sgt pemalu..
After few minutes they became friend..
So sweet!

After makan session, we just stayed for few minutes, watched the kids playing, and then make our move as hubby got meeting later after that. They continued with more activities until evening but all about Rasulullah SAW. The also had video session and coloring session as well. It was a short meeting with aunties and kids, but we were happy to see kids all enjoyed at school. Soon there will be Solat Camp and Sports Day in March and April. Cant wait for the events to come. Meantime, nak kena exercise ni, berlatih bawak bola pingpong dalam sudu ek?Hehehe, mesti syok kan. *Excited mommy*

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