Friday, April 29, 2011

many faces of lil' Ryan at his 4th weeks..

Yes..I know..I've been silent for more than bout 2 weeks..
How I missed blogging world ^~^
Kadang2 sempat bw aje,nak komen pun tak dan..sorry frenz!
Last week, I was fully occupied with my thesis correction work..
Alhamdulillah after the hardwork <--- yelah tu!, finally done and submitted..Just wait for the examiner to reply..
Hopefully everything goes well..InsyaAllah
Seriously, with the big bro Adam around during day time,it really make my confinement day super duper bz..
Nak type entry pun, asyik tangguh aje..pantang tgk mommy bukak lappy, dia sebok nak tgk you tube..
Senang cite, tutup aje..

We reached Trg yesterday at 8.30 am after 6 hours journey..
Huh, with lil baby around, balik kg pun macam berpindah-randah je dah..
We'll be staying here for couples of day sempena cuti labor day..
And today, Adryan dah masuk 4th week..cepat je..
*tolong perlahankan tak nak masuk keje lagik!!!
Tapi tak larat betul, time tidur Ryan tak betul lagik, alih2 Ryan lah jadik peneman mommy buat thesis last week...;)

Hopefully with tokma around, mommy boleh rehat sket..
*mommy boleh type few pending entries! ;) yeha!!
Papa and eysu Hekal kena take care super active Adam Mikael..
And plus, malam ni nak sambung mengurut dgn makcik kg plak..
Dah lenguh2 satu badan ni..pinggang pun dah sakit2!
ok, owh owh..kena tukar lampin ;) hehehehe Ryan dah nangis2!!
* maklumlah..sejak2 ber"cd" ni..every 2 hours kena check lampin...owh sila rajinkan diri yer mommyNadia!!!
Till then..

Happy long weekend holiday gals!!
And happy labor day.;)

4th weeks of Adyran Nufael..
* after 5 day,dah naik jadik 4.3kg..
ni mesti dah nak cecah 5kg..lenguh tangan mommy angkat!

Many faces of lil Ryan..

Friday, April 15, 2011

2wks old lil' Ryan..

Hari ni genap 2 wks dah baby Ryan..
kejap mak aiii bz gile duk umah...ingatkan  boleh update blog selang sari...
huhuu...nak buat 1 wk skali pun payah...

Baby Ryan dah start jaga malam..bila pukul 12.30 pagi je..harus mata Ryan celik seluas2nye..
Mommy memang standby tgu Ryan bgn..kalau mommy dah lelap..jawapnye pening2 lalat layan si budak ni..
Dah pandai kalau jaga malam tak nak duduk baby cot..
Suka nak bertenggek kat mommy's boob..and terlelap sebelah mommy...
Sampai pagi takpe...huih penat..
Jangan jadi mcm Abg Adam dah..time confinement mommy jadik burung hantu..

Susahnye nak carik mood nak settle kan correction thesis...
Tak tenang sungguh nak pantang ingatkan thesis correction tak amend lagik...
1month before deliver dah start buat and jumpe lecturer..
Sket lagik kena amend..caiyyok Nadia!!

the 2 wks baby Ryan..

posing selepas mandi pagi..
I have started cd'ing the lil Ryan...wish me luck!!

my 2 heroes..
Adam dah ok with baby Ryan..
Tu pun after I started tandem nursing these 2 boys..
Skali skala I bagi Adam bf just to help me to empty my boob..
Plus to get these 2 boys works!

Bila 2 hero dah dzzz...
baru mommy boleh start buat keje...
tapi mommy dah penat..jawapnye join skali la...

I got many entries to write...
Wish I could adjust back my time so that I have plenty sweet time..
Till then..
* dah hujan ni...jawabnye join skali lah bdak2 ni tido...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

update on his 7th day..

Dah masuk hari ke 8 today..
Semalam on his 7th day, kitorang duk berkampung kat UMSC..
Baby admitted for 2 nights due to jaundice..
Me decided to stay in with the baby, so that I can fully incharged and bf him as well..
Not like Adam, we just leaved him alone with the nurses..sgt b'salah ketika itu..
And the gud thing, Adam just only stayed for 1 night..
While his bro, sb mommy yg asyik ngelat letak bawah UV..dah kena duduk 2 nights kat sane...
We went for his 5th day check up on Wed..
The 1st result show the bilirubin level at the paed, prof CT Lim suggested for the UV therapy..
And the 2nd results still at 220 and paed suggested for another 1 night stay to avoid the reading bounced back if we go back home..
And yesterday, the results shows the bilirubin level at 205 and we were given green light to go back home..Alhamdulillah..

On Thurs night, after solat Maghrib, we had a doa selamat and small makan2 at our apartment's surau sempena genap seminggu kelahiran baby..
I should thank to all my family and family in law for helping me to arrange everything while I was in UMSC taking care of the baby..and not to forget to my dearest hubby yg ke hulu hilir settled the things..
Alhamdulillah, niat mommy terlaksana..

And after 7th days also, we had decided the name for our lil baby..
Its quite difficult to get the name..
Whether to maintain the A and M or..prophet's name..and etc etc..
Walaupun dah lama tahu gender..even the name yg selalu kami sebut time preggy dulu semua kena cancel..
Gara2 nama tak nak kena pikir balik..
So finally we decided to name the lil boy as...


and we loved to call him as baby Ryan...

on his 7th day..

Baby Ryan on photo therapy..

Baby Ryan tgh berehat after the "sunbathing" session..

Btw, just to share some info pasal jaundice and UV light therapy ni..
Sb rsnye common baby kat Malaysia ni, after delivery and specially at her/his 5th to 6th day mesti ada jaundice..
Same goes to my 2 boys..both kena jaundice..
Cuma yg beza ada baby yg prolonged jaundice and ada yg just a normal one..
Tapi apa2 pun, tak boleh amik too get to know in detail from Farah's Sarakids entry pasal jaundice..baca sgt informative tau!!

And thru BW kat hospital, I just found I blog yg cerita pasal jaundice and phototherapy..
I just dapat tahu yg kat KL ni ada good invention pasal photo therapy ni..
The company called as Bluelite..they provided rental for photo therapy treatment at home..
So tak payah susah2 nak kena tidur hospital while u are in pantang..and the most important thing,  it helps to reduce the jaundice faster while we can fully monitored our baby at home..thumbs up the inventor!
But somehow we still need to monitor the baby by seeing the paed for blood test to ensure the jaundice tak prolonged due to liver or kidney problem..or maybe other problem yg kita pun tak tahu kan...
Nak cakap lebih2 pun, I'm not the expert..

Talking about pantang..yeap..I'm currently to enjoy my pantang period..
Selalu doa jgn cepat masa  berlalu..ya lah now pun dah abis 1 wk...
My mom pun dah balik my MIL will take charge plak starting from tomorrow...hehehehe..
And petang tadi, baby Ryan dah start nak uji mommy dia...
While tukar baju untuk mandi petang..after changed diaper...prrrtttttttt!!!
owh baby Ryan pooped!Clean again...
Dah siap breastfeed...then another prrttttt!!!!...
owh change again..while changing his diaper..mommy kena siram dgn air pancut...masyaAllah...
Saje nak bg mommy extra job...hehehehe;)

Enjoyed my pantang meal...

Breastfeeding every 2-3 hours..

and pumping as well...

Owh my 1st time pumping was on my 3rd day delivery..
Ya Allah..sakitnye..dah lama tak pump mcm nak nangis... of now I've produced around 10 bottles I guessed even  I planned to start my stock project after Wk2..
Tapi sb dah bengkak sgt..terpaksa pump and keep on pumping..
Will update more on next entry...

And I have started my confinement treatment since kn tangguh on final treatment by next week..
So far, I'm fully satisfied with the IREE treatment..
Will update more on next entry...

Until today...the big bro Adam still in the stage of accepting his brother in his life... 
Kadang buat2 tak nampak aje adik dia..kadang2 rindu baru pergi kiss..
Sian Adam..banyak hari kena tinggal kat rumah with my mom and siblings during my delivery and photo therapy session..
Takpe..papa dah bagi upah kan dear ..for behaved well..;)
* kecik2 dah kena bribes ;)

Till then..

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

photoshoot with maniscinta ;)

Its a prompt photoshoot session with lil' pumpkin during Ibu Aimy's visit yesterday..
So happy to see the lovely outcome of the photoshoot..tq so much Miey!!!
Shud have a well planned soon ready Mrs Photographer!
Owh yea..Ibu Aimy is back in blogging world..yeha!!!
Enjoy more lovely peektures at her blog..maniscintsweetlove ;)

Enjoy the peektures...

lil' pumpkin...

I love this picture...

his 4th day..


Sunday, April 3, 2011

the bun is out of the oven!

Our New Bundle of Joy...

I have safely delivered a baby boy on 1st of April 2011 at 1 am on beautiful Friday morning..
Baby was born on natural birth at weight of 3.65kg, 52 cm..
Thank you for all the beautiful prayers and wishes..

Shall update more soon...

Enjoy the pictures!!


Early moment of his life..

Few hours later...

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