Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mummy's Wishing Wall by Philips Avent ..

Hi everyone..
Owh you must saying, Mommy Nadia ni gila Philips AVENT ker ape? Owh yes I AM! Haha, now this gonna be the 2nd entry about Philips AVENT attended event last Nov. But when I heard about Philips AVENT, I suddenly feel so touched. Owh I rindu sgt nak stock up ebm with the AVENT Via Cup, I missed to make homemade baby foods with AVENT 3 in 1 blender, their toddler meal set, pacifier, bottle!! Owh no nampak sgt I missed to have baby again. Soon InsyaAllah..

Ok, am not gonna talk about Philips Avent product today, but this is more fun! What else..CONTEST!! Yeap, calling all contest freaks to join their newly launched Philips AVENT Mummy's Wishing Wall contest! Wohooo!! This contest is to reward Philips AVENT Malaysia Facebook fans with an opportunity to win Philips AVENT and Philips appliances worth up to RM 699 via a photo submission contest. Yeap, you hear me right! Simple sgt kan. Love it!!This contest also in conjunction with their 30th Anniversary celebration this year. Happy 30th Anniversary Philips AVENT!
How to participate?

1.  Become a fan of the Philips AVENT Malaysia Facebook Page.
2.  Participate in the contest by submitting a wish for your child.
3.  Share your wish with your readers/followers and get them to vote for you.
4. Win awesome prizes from Philips AVENT worth up to RM 699.

Stand a chance to win:
 Philips Malaysia will be giving away the following prizes:

4 x Grand prizes: Philips AVENT products worth up to RM 699
Top ten (10) voters will receive a Philips AVENT Toddler Meal Time Set each

Let's do it together!

Visit Philips Avent Malaysia facebook page.
Be one of their fan.

Hit the LIKE button of  Philips AVENT Mummy’s Wishing Wall 
Facebook Application..

You will be diverted to this lovely apps..
So cute kan!

The best thing about this contest, you don't have to crack your head to participate the contest. Its what we have since they were born. Right?
All you need to do, to share your wishes at Philips AVENT wall and stand to win cool prizes!

First thing first, fill up your particular as well as you child's details in the entry form. 

Upload your child/children picture (not more than 5MB) and  include a wish relevant to the selected category in no more than 500 characters which includes the hashtag #PhilipsMumsWish, and hit the submit button!

Yeap, easy peasy!

Hold on..
Don't forget to share with your friends and get them to vote for your entry via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too. Use #PhilipsMumsWish!

Great thing is One (1) Grand Prize worth up to RM699 will be given away for each category!
Winners will be selected based on the creativity of the photos submitted and their wish. You may submit up to 5 photos!

Ok, start digging your children photos, and submit today!

The contest begins on 24th  February 2014
and ends on 30th  March 2014!

All the best mommies!!

Few things to take note:

 • The winners will be notified through email by Philips AVENT Malaysia via the completed form used to
participate in the contest

• Winners will need to ensure that the right mailing address and contact details are provided in the entry

• Winners who are located within Klang Valley are advised to pick up the prize from our assigned showrooms. Locations will be informed accordingly.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Friso Gold "Our Today Moments" Contest..

Hi everyone..

It was a long weekend holiday for us sebab my kiddos school closed on Friday. So mommy and papa automatically kena apply leave as well. We've planned few activities actually, konon nak pergi Farm in the City bagai, turned up the lil bambam not so well and weather pun tak mengizinkan. Panas sgt. So we had indoor activity instead. Apalagi Lego Movie lah! Best part the 2 boys duduk diam sampai habis sebab dua-dua a big fan of Lego! 

Speaking of activities with kids, are you aware of Friso Gold's current contest - "Our Today Moments"? Yeap, iklan contest pun selalu keluar dekat tv kan? My kids love that Friso Gold advertisement so much. Friso Gold is currently promoting and encouraging parents to spend quality time with our children and create great moments to be remembered when they grow up. They also remind parents to put aside their daily to-dos (such as your office workload, household chores or your business that are never ending) and live the moment with our children.

Talk about the contest, I'm pretty sure you gonna love this contest! It's super easy and fun. All you need to do is to list down what is the one great thing you want to do with your kids and never had the chance to realize it. Doesn't matter if it is small or big, Friso Gold will help you achieve it. *what?? seriously?? omgomg. I want to join this tooooo*

As simple as 5 steps to be the winner of the contest!

How to participate?
1.  Purchase any participating Friso Gold product – Frisomum Gold, Friso Gold 3 or Friso Gold 4 (any sizes).
2. Tell us one special experience (big or small) that you have always want to do together with your child but have not been able to and why.
3. Complete your personal particulars.
4. Attach proof of purchase (original Friso Gold scoop from any participating product) to contest form.
5. Mail to PO Box:  Friso Gold “Our Today Moments” Contest, P.O.Box 3202, 47507 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Stand a chance to win:

a.  Early Bird Prize x 100: Entry tickets (2 adults & 2 kids) to Legoland Malaysia worth RM540 each
b. Grand Prize x 100: A special experience for the parent and child worth up to RM10,000 each. 

Contest period :
13th January 2014 - 28th February 2014

As parents, we always want to do the best for our children, right? Doing activities together and surprise them on their special days or occasions. Nothing more precious than seeing how happy they are. Dalam masa yang sama pun, mommy n papa tompang enjoy sekali. Tahu je lah kan, banyak tempat menarik sekarang ni. We really hope to do more fun things this year, visit exciting places as we did last year..

Boat riding at Tasik Kenyir Terengganu and teaching them to appreciate nature.

Horse riding

Ice skating short class

We also had fun at Kidzania and Legoland as surprise presents for their birthdays..

If you ask me now, what I wish to do with my kids…these are the places we hope to visit..

Legoland Hotel Malaysia

They are big  fans of Frozen and Olaf! Teringin nak main salji..

And last but not least, Adam once requested me to visit here!
 Owh not so soon Adam..one fine day InsyaAllah.

So mommy and daddy, do you have anything special that you think you want to do with your kids? Share with them now. Visit their Friso Gold facebook and website today! Hurry up. Only few weeks left! All the best!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Key Words with Peter & Jane at FM Lil' Shop ..

Hi everyone..

It's been a while since my last update on Adam's reading progress. Sorry again for the delay in updating the progress. But Alhamdulillah, last year we managed to finish lesson plan on Adam's reading activity. So for this year target, I'll more focus on his phonics - words building and segmenting. Will share it soon. Owh its including reading in Malay as well. We already started on Siri Bacalah Anakku too.

Still remember my last year entry on how I started to use Key Words with Peter and Jane series to Adam Mikael? Check it out here! Alhamdulillah, Adam already at 3rd Series of P&J, which already good for a 5yo boy. Great job dear, mommy so proud of you =)

Some of my personal collections for Adam reading progress.

Speaking of P&J series, I've received few comments and requests from my blogger friends and friends to have these old but effective series to our humble shop as well. *and I pun tak sangka my entry on P&J previously get lots of reviews* Alhamdulillah, Allah has made a smooth journey for us to be reseller for these series. 

Proudly welcoming Peter & Jane Series to FM Lil Shop.

A lil bit introduction for those who not familiar with this series..
Peter & Jane Series which has been more than 70 years in the market have been using by all parents around the world to help on reading. 
We can start to use this book (the first serie) to as early as 2 years old toddlers.
Yup, the are more on sight reading in the beginning..
But after few series and your kids already started kindy (and learned phonics), this book are helping alot on improving the sight words (list of words yg tak boleh di eja menggunakan konsep phonics).

Overall Peter and Jane Series are from Serie 1 until Serie 12.
Each serie with 3 level a, b and c.

As introduction to our follower at instgram, we had special pre-order on the Mini Book Set with Peter & Jane flashcards..

Mini Book Set consists of Serie 1 & 2 (6 books) in mini box for easy storage and handling.
We create this special set with 50 flashcards to help children on the first 100 key words.
Price for Peter Jane Mni Box: RM 58, flashcards: RM 22

Besides that, we also sell a complete series of Peter and Jane for parents who wants to make early investment for their children.

The distributor has come out with special designed box to place 36 books of P&J with 1 box of flashcards.
They also has come out with special teaching guide fro parents or teacher on how to use these series.

Retail price for this complete set is RM 420 exclude postage.
We sell it at RM 390 for FREE postage within Sem M'sia.
Alhamdulillah, in 2 weeks time we did received overwhelming response on this series..

For those who interested to purchase visit www.earlylearningshop.my or 
whatsapp Nadia at 019 315 4995

Feel free to visit our humble instagram shop @earlylearningshopmy or click at this link!


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