Thursday, January 31, 2013

Let's go natural with Olive baby range products..

Since baby until now, Adam still have problem with his skin. Too sensitive until we have to ensure all products he used, specially the body wash, shampoo or even the detergent used to wash his clothes also must  be either medicated or from natural source. When we controlled all sort of products which directly contact to his skin, at least we able to reduce the scars and even scratching at nights due to itchiness and discomfort.      

Ever since then, and after I gave birth to lil boy Ryan, I started to fall in love with organic/ natural stuffs. *lucky that Ryan's skin not sensitive as Adam* When I start seeing new booth of theSkintopic, a natural stuffs for body & skin care at Subang Parade, I was so happy and eager to know about the product too. More happier, when I received email for product trial from theSkintopic. Waaaa..tell you I was super duper excited! *u know kan, natural product never be cheap one uhuk!!*

Yes, they sent me 2 products from Olive baby range.
Weeeee....tq so much =)

Lil bit info about theSkintopic. This brand carries 2 main products which are olive (extract of extra virgin olive oil) while another is tebe (extract of olive leaf). As you see, the main source of this brand are from the extract of olives.*I love olive so much yumsss =)* So the Olive Baby range of skin care products (which one of 3 ranges under olive products)  is all natural and gentle for baby's skin. All of the products contain own extra virgin olive oil from Simunovich Olive Estate in Auckland, New Zealand – an ingredient which has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean as a beauty treatment and an overall remedy for the skin. *I like*

Baby hair & body wash..
A mild, gentle hair and body wash that cleanses, moisturises and conditionsbaby's skin and hair. Containing a nutrient-rich, hydrating blend of natural ingredients, it is suitably gentle for daily use.

Baby massage oil..
Olive baby massage oil moisturises your infant’s skin and helps to protect it from dryness. The luxurious blend of almond oil, jojoba oil and extra virgin olive oil has been carefully chosen for its hydrating and, nourishing properties.

After read the descriptions of the products, I can't wait to give a try. Specially to Adam because lately I found his skin a little bit dry. I guess maybe because they sharing the shower gel at school *eventho I already supplied with a medicated one =(* After 2 weeks trying the body wash and oil massage, I can see some improvements on his skins. In fact, we decided not to use powder anymore and start using the oil massage to him. Its working, Alhamdulillah. Will use it more frequent and hope to see more improvements after this. Yeap, the body wash and oil massage smell so good, natural smell of olives. Love it. While the oil massage is suit to use to the infants as well. Other than the natural ingredients inside, the warmness when we rubbed on palms surely can calming the lil babies. As we know that baby/infant massage are so important specially at early of months after delivery to enhance baby development and comfort the babies too. Will give try to my newborn niece too,InsyaAllah.

Nice  smell of body wash. Thumbs up!

After bath, apply the olive oil massage to the whole body...

Sakan dia duk posing plak..hiks!

Helping mommy to read out the product description too...weee!!!

Other than baby hair & body wash and baby oil massage, there are few more products under Olive baby range. I'm currently eyeing their baby moisture milk which contain additional of Vitamin E to help to protect the babyskin. Hopefully it works to reduce and repair the scars at Adam's legs and back. *his fave scratching areas*

All range of products at theSkintopic...

Snapshot of the price for Olive baby products..

To a baby touch is talk - agreed!!

Not only for the little precious, theSkintopic also have wide range of products for mommies too *opps dads as well*, yeay!! Do visit their website at or you may also drop at their fb And their lovely booths can be found at few leading shopping malls as below:

  • theSkintopic, Level 5, P5.12.00, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Tel: 03-21429988 
  • theSkintopic, Lower Ground Floor, Lot LGC01, Subang Parade Mall, Tel: 03-56382988
  • Olive & Tebe counters at Metrojaya Mid Valley, Metrojaya Bukit Bintang, Metrojaya The Curve & Parkson Sunway Pyramid
  • Poppies Sibu, No. 13 Island Road, Sibu, Sarawak, Tel: 084-318722
  • Poppies Kuching, Lot 111, First Floor, The Spring Shopping Mall, Jalan Simpang Tiga, Kuching, Sarawak, Tel: 082-236553
  • Poppies Bintulu, G/F, No. 6, Lot 7227, Medan Sentral Commercial Centre, Jalan Tanjong Kidurong, Bintulu Sarawak, Tel: 086-319722
Give a  try!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WW: Kids playroom project ...

To label all shelves and toys trunks/storage..

Shelf 1: Toy trunks..

Bob The Builder..

Choochoo train...


Shelf 2: Mini tool boxes... 

Shelf 3: Art & Craft stuffs...

So that I can teach kids to clean up toys after play and place at the right selves and storages...
Wish me luck..

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dari Meja Pengarang...

*hahaha poyo betul tajuknye*

Waaaa...lamanye tak hapdet blog. I pulak yg naik menyampah setiap kali bukak blog nmpk cheesy rolls tu, macam ler mommy ni rajin sgt kunun2 .Wek!Ya ya, I was wearing shades while updating this entry, lagik best sb bersiaran kat rumah. Sb kena eyes infection. Since Friday dah  rase  gatal2, and rase ade  selaput je kat mata, susahnye nak buat keje kat ofice that day. Thot mcm kena habuk ke. Then weekend spread ke mata kanan plak. Sudahnye dua-dua dah kena. Bukan merah  mcm yg dah teruk kn infection, tapi bengkak jugaklah mcm org menangis 3hari 3 malam.Hiks! So,dah tak tahan,petang smlm jumpa doc. Sudahnye...

Haha, doc suruh duduk rehat kat rumah..
Rasenye cuti mc paling lama pernah dapat selain cuti maternity..wink!

Yet, kn careful. Takut kena jangkit the whole family. Nak gelak teringat  doc ckp, infection ni berjangkit bila ada contact. Air mata tu kena orang then org tu rub eyes. Setakat tenung2 tak jangkit. Ikutkan mcm ok je nak masuk office, tapi bila mengadap screen pc lama2 jadik pening plak, sakit sgt mata. Silau. Baik rehat aje. ;)

Btw, my sis aka Che Mimi dah bersalin. Hari Maulidur Rasul aritu. Baby girl. Everyone so excited. Sb first lil princess in d family. Nama tak confirm lagik, tgu announcement Che Mimi nanti..

Meet baby H..

3 heroes and a lil princess...
Cannot imagine how these active boys will treat their lil sista..

2nd day at Hospital Putrajaya...

Adryan suka sgt main dgn baby..
Asyik nak tepuk, nak usap je..risau takut dia hempuk aje... 

I got a lot stories to be published, hopefully my 3 days balance as stay at home mom, will be utillized well, InsyaAllah. And one of the entry is about BBIM Maulidur  Rasul celebration this morning. Tho not feeling so well, nak jugak tgk diorang at school. Lucky this morning mata tak berapa merah or bengkak like yesterday, so tak obvious sgt. But I still limit my contact with kids. They really had fun. Cute sgt. And I got chance to mingle around with  Adam's auntie too. Will story about that later k.

Singing time with Auntie Lads..
She is the BBIM's brain/referral about Montessori..
I duduk sekjeap pun excited dgr dia sgt!

Gottogo. Tak boleh lama2,mata perit. Anyway, even I tak hapdet my blog, tapi I active update my insta taww. Jom ler follow kitew..@mommynadia81. See you there..


ps: bnyk email I tak reply...nanti I reply ok..tata !!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today's brekkie for kids..

"Good morning kids..
I made chessy hotdog rolls for you.."

For Adam...

For Ryan..

With cups of milky milo..

"Yums!! Best lah mommy.."

"nom nom nom"...

Hahaha, its so easy to impress u kids..
Hope you will have a great day ahead at school..
Mommy missed you already...>.<

Friday, January 18, 2013

Striving for Double PhD in Breastfeeding..

Yes, I have about 2 and half months before graduate with PhD in bf. Double PhD sb time Adam dulu pun Alhamdulillah, managed to fully bf until 2yo, and continued tandem nursing for 4 months after delivered Ryan. During that time, Adam already 2 yo and started with UHT milk since he refused to take formula milk. Generally kalau dihitung, daripada Adam sambung ke Ryan, I just fully rest from bf  for only 2 months during preggy. Sebab time preggy, Adam still bf till I was 7mos preggy. And talking about breast pumping, I think I cuti dalam 5-6months je. Kalau nak tahu, ever since my first preggy until now, I'm still wearing breastfeeding bra and I miss to visit La Senza so much. Uhuks!!!

Due to this, lately ni I bnyk sgt buat -ve statement about breastfeeding. Bukannye kata bf semua tak bagus. It just that, I complaint a lot. Malas nak pumping. Sakit belakang. Ryan kuat gayut malam2. Serba serbi malas lah. At one level, I managed to deplete all my stocks few weeks ago, sb lately ni tahap gaban gila malas nak pump. Dekat nursery lama Ryan dulu, diorang selalu inform kata Ryan kurang minum ebm dah, at one time dia buang sebab tak habis. Vavavava..depa ingat duk perah tiap2 hari tak penat ke, amboi2..So, since tu, I just pump for his daily consumptions. Dekat playschool ni, maybe sb dah selalu bekal yg fresh, yesterday stock, so Ryan suka ke ape, dia minum lah pulak. Nak tak nak sekarang kena ensure daily pump 12-14 oz for next day stocks. So at 21 mos, officially I'm no longer have any ebm stock in case of emergency. Syabas betti! *ni kalau ada apa2 mampos*

Until yesterday, I triggered by one of my ex-colleague through iG. Dia bgtau yg dia aim nak fully bf her kids as well after our team-building 4 years back. That time I just joined my company and was sent for a teambuliding. Adam baru 4 bulan, so pagi2 gigih lah mengepam, bising satu rumah dengan mini-e nye. So, I think mase tu diorang semua *sb ramai yg bujang2* duk tny lah about bf. Seriously, I never thought that the short conversation we had during our 2 nights stay, boleh encouraged dia untuk fully bf her kids as well. Yup, she managed to prove it. Now dia pun tgh bf her first lovely princess. Sgt gebus!!

Great job Irni!!

And last night, for the first time, rase malu sgt dengan diri ini. journey mungkin dah nak abis, but others might just started or still tengah tambah ilmu about bf. Sometimes with my -ve statement, mungkin buat u'oll rase down about bf, I'm so sorry. My bad. Starting from last night, I have promised myself, InysaAllah, although I truly need rest a lil while in breastfeeding, but I will never ever put any -ve statement about bf anymore. Yes, breastfeeding is so beautiful. Maybe I boleh berlagak masa ni nak cepat abis 2 years kan, but believe me after a while mesti rindu balik nak bf. Its part of my life already. Part of my daily routine. I might feel empty after this. Rase penat, malas semua, all breastfeeding mommies akan rase, I don't have to make that statement sepatutnye. My fault! =( And promised to encourage more mommies to fully bf as well. I will try my best to help any new mommies who need some tips in bf. Just drop me email/watsapp or any social media you have to contact me, InsyaAllah, will try my best to share.

Dengan baki 2 months ni, I will try my best to enjoy as much as I can. Yeah, I'm striving for another PhD. *sebak nye*

ps: walaupun hakikatnye, in education wise, I tak pernah plan nak sambung PhD wuhahahaha..

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sisters-day-out & Nuffnang Premier Screening..

Oh no! Sorry, this is not a fresh story, a 2 weeks delay one >o<

I received a pair of  tickets for Nuffnang Premier Screening - Parental Guidance on 2nd January at e-Curve, Kota Damansara. Got greenlite from Mr Hubs, so I replied a YES to NN. Thot to have a second movie date after The Hobbits a week earlier. But he preferred to stay at home and take care of 2 kids, and asked me to offer my mom. *thanks Mr Hubs for being such a supporting hubby*  Yea...mesti syok kalau dapat tgk dgn my mom jugak, since the movie pun about grandparents - grandchildren story. But my mom pun insisted to help hubby to take care of the 2 boys too. So I took a mak buyong yg tengah sarat to join me for the screening aka Che Mimi. 

Screening started at 9.30pm, but the ticket must be collected 30-45 mins earlier. Since we planned to have dinner there, 6.30 pm dah tolak dari rumah. Kalau nak tahu, Che Mimi is my best sushi-buddy since Mr Hubs tak suka sgt makan sushi. Everytime ajak makan sushi mesti dia ngelat. Until now, I never had chance to dine in at Rakuzen sb selalunya kena reject. Owh =( But pretty sure, I'm not Che Mimi's best sushi -buddy as her family termasuk Nuh pun hantu sushi. He can eat and enjoy the raw salmon like having a bar of choc. Seh! Kagum betul anak Jepun celop ni. But Che Mimi will never ever tolak kalau I ajak makan sushi, maklumlah, syaratnya kena belanja dia. Which actually sgt rugik ok. Mak buyong makan bnyk gila, pitam!

Ok, Bismillah...
Sushi marathon begin...

Told big damage of the day..
*pitam lagik*

After the sushi eating session *plus the big burppppp*, we immediate headed to e-curve to q up for the tix. For your info, that was my first time joining Premier Screening by Nuffnang. Sebelum ni takde chance memikirkan nak kena tinggal anak kecik semua. At first plan nak bawak Adam sekali, since Adam's first day school started next day, nanti kan tak cukup tidur plak. Next time k =)

Seriously, tak rugi pergi tengok Parental Guidance. Memang kelakar habis. Semua orang pecah perut gelak. Risau jugak tengok mak buyong kat sebelah gelak, karang tetiba nak beranak, padan muka. hahha! Basicly cite ni about the old school grandparents vs the modern-strict-to-follow-what-book-said parents on how to raise the kids. Which sometimes ada yg terkena batang hidung sendiri. Opps! And that parents have to leave their kids to their parents sebab diorang away for outstation. Walaupun gelak2, ada good message yg cuba disampaikan. Plus the ending so touching, nak nangis plak teringat anak2 kat rumah. Overall movie can be rated at 4/5 stars.  A must watch movie. Sure tak bosan =)

Kan Che Mimi??
Whatever it is, tq so much Nuffnang for the free tickets!
We really enjoyed the movie so much!

Synopsis of Parental Guidance

All the household rules are thrown out when a pair of fun grandparents babysit their grandkids for the first time when their strict parents are away for work.

With comedy legends Billy Crystal and Bette Midler playing Artie the grumpy grandpa and Diane the overenthusiastic grandma, we’re sure hilarious moments of familial love are bound to ensue!

Parental Guidance movie follows the story of old school grandfather Artie, who is accustomed to calling the shots and who meets his match when he and his eager-to-please wife Diane agree to babysit their 3 grandkids when their type-A helicopter parents go away for work. But when 21st century problems collide with Artie and Diane’s old school methods of tough rules, lots of love and old-fashioned games, it’s learning to bend – and not holding your ground – that binds a family together.

Happy watching!

WW: Ryan The Builder ..

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Salam everyone...
Still remember my first ever guest blogger project?Dr Siti Rohana aka mama ct, will conduct one day seminar and workshop about Early Education. Great job ct! *kagum betul dgn semangat kental wanita ini dalam pendidikan awal anak* One day seminar will be happened early of March 2013. Special price for early bird!! Alhamdulillah, I've booked a seat for me. Hopefully to absorb as much I can from this wonderful lady. 

For more info, check out this link!
For booking, you may directly contact her at
Or u can drop comment down here, InsyaAllah will try to assist!

ps: pray for a smooth journey ct. All the best! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Our weekend..

Tell u what, last weekend is the most awaited weekend ever. In fact,  5 weekdays, was the longest ever had. Bukan ada specially event pun on that weekend. Bayangkan, everyday bangun tido, few second fikir, eh airni Sabtu ke??Smp macam tu. Seriously super tired with new routine. Previously tak pernah face jammed, sekarang ni odw pergi n balik mesti sangkut walaupun tak lama. Tak syok betul.

Tapi bila dah masuk hari Sabtu, takde chance nak extend tido pun. Body clock budak2 ni sharp 6.30 am, dah luas mata bukak. So nak tak nak, bangun siap2 and went our for breakfast at our fave place, Papparich Seksyen 13. Selain menu bfast yg murah, complete menu for us *nasi lemak + drink* and kids *bubur ikan bilis plus half boiled egg + drink* plus good environment, tenang sket nak handle 2 kiddos ni. No picture attach as u would not bare to see the battle we had during dining time. hohoho!! Kelam kabut betul setiap kali dine in. Tangan Ryan semua benda nak dicapai, pantang lambat suap, semua dirampasnye. Last sekali, mommy dapat menu baru, white coffee with cucumber *kopi kena celup timun by Ryan* Haru betul! 

Later after that, we went to PKNS to collect this cute embroidery to patch at Adam and Ryan uniform..
Yg bestnye, diorang silap buat, so yg besar dpt free..weeee! 
*worth RM20++ ok!* 

On our away back home, Mr Hubby insisted to bring Adam to Shah Alam Go Kart track. Apa lagik main go kart lah. Sukalah Adam, dia panggil racing car. Ever since his last experience at Langkawi circuit, dia selalu request naik main go kart lagik. Mr Hubs plak, lepas main dekat Langkawi, terus sign up for membership dekat Shah Alam track tu. Dah jadik monthly routine pergi ke go kart. We all je jarang join sb normally dia pergi ngan officemates. Malas nk berangkut budak2 sebenarnye =)

Budak bambam yg excited nak naik go kart jugak..
Sabo2, awak tu kecik lagik..

The happy kiddo!

Tu hah diorang...comel jer..

F1 driver in d making..
*minus pipi tembam*

"Nak satu papa!!"

Petang plak, kitorang turun swimming pool untuk aktiviti mandi-manda. Dah lama tak bawak budak2 swimming kat pool apartment kitorang. Avoid diorang daripada selsema. So dah besar ni, InsyaAllah Ryan pun dah kuat antibodi badan, boleh lah start swimming activity balik. Mommy pun nak kena fit jugak, nak kena start swimming balik ni. Caiyyok mommy!


Amboi yg kecik tu, confident aje...

Hah, tu aktiviti di hari Sabtu...
Hari Ahad, duk rumah aje, kena settle house chores..
Still a tiring weekend..dush!

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