Thursday, March 31, 2011

clock ticking!

picture courtesy of google image!

owh bun dalam oven belum kuar lagik...
Kalau time Adam dah selamat kuar dah pagi ni..
Orang kata kalau still boleh duk depan lappy siap update blog..paham2 lah yea..
Memang dah consistent contraction, but belum tahap intense tu lagik...
Tahap rasa nak geget semua orang...huwaaa...takutttt!!!
Ramai dah msg thru phone n fb..ingat baby dah kuar..well thanks for the supports and prayers..
We are still waiting the rite time to come..

Wonder awal2 lagik I dah serah diri??
Instead of contraction yg dah start rase since Tues and rapidly yesterday..
Myself decided to text the gynae and asked her to confirmed the dilation..
Kesnye..during antenatal check on Monday..the gynae warned me to stay calmly sb dia takde on weekend ada meeting nun kat Bangkok..grrrrrrr~~~~
Me with the strong instinct dah boleh agak baby dah tak lama nak kuar..
Cuma kalau I tgu tahap intense contraction or water broke, worry it will be on that weekend...waaaaa tak nak dgn doc lain!!
Lucky yesterday during cervical check, Prof Ct confirmed 3 cm dilated and asked me to admitted immediately..
* hubby pun tak suka nak sesak kat federal kata admit cepat2!! ;)

The whole night it was only normal contraction..
Gynae awal2 dah siap call bgtau dia nak suruh cervics ripen normally..
So this morning, she came and said by 3pm she will rupture the membrane kalau tak waterbroke lagik..
InsyaAllah by tonite..I will be in labor...
* seriously lupa nak branak mcm...!!!

Cakap bnyk tak payah...pergi exercise yer Pn Nadia!!
Smlm duk terlentang atas bed..kepala baby naik balik..mak aiiii!!
Miss my lil boy...apelah agaknye Adam duk bully Che Mimi and Omma dia kat rumah...
Datang sini..kita main kejar2..cepat sket mommy deliver!!

ok lah..contraction keep coming and lil bit intense I guess..
Nak pi pusing ward kejap..jadik supervisor ward yer!!

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

pray for me!

17 Oct 2008 delivered Adam at this room..
and now admitted at the same room...;)

I'm currently admitted at UMSC, awaiting the right time to burst..
Check up at 7pm today, 3cm dilated..
Still early but the gynae suggest to admit..
Contraction keep coming since yesterday and now dah semakin stronger..
Pray for my safe, fast and natural delivery yer...
Ya Allah..mudahkan segala urusan hambamu ini....Amin..


ps: Hopefully Adam behave well with his Che Mimi..
My parents pun dah odw ke KL...
Hopefully everything goes well...

my wordless Wed!


Currently in standby mode..
Persistent contractions and bowel movement!
Pray for me..

Me in Leylaa Shawl..

Experimenting the Leylaa Shawl..

Earth hour dinner at tupai - tupai Seksyen 13

with Che Mimi n family + Ayahchek Kamel (not in the picture)..
" Nuh, what happen to u??"

Preloved freezer just arrived..
love it!!!

Adam having good time at The Empire..
Adam, Hawaa' and cutie pie Hajar - daughters of Umi Azwida ..
Thank you so much for free delivery of the freezer! 
Yes, I know.. I owe u Setabak Kopi ;)

Friday, March 25, 2011

happy friday & AHC

Asyik duk update pasal delivery aje, mesti ramai yang bosan..
* tapi I loike!!! ;)
Entry ni rentetan entry Pn Nuurill, the hawt momma about her online shawl shopp'..
And from her also I get to know about AHC!
Seriously, after ribu2 lemon try baru finally baru dapat the AHC collections ni..
The first one I received is the beautiful purplicious Rijaa..
Konon beli nanti nak standby for delivery..
Tapi dapat terus pakai..dah lah wangiii sgt!!
Teruk betul, dapat terus pakai..boleh ker??


And last Wed, bila bukak blog, mata terus bulat tgk Hani update her new shawl collection, Leylaa Shawl!
Time tu, ingat mesti dah abis kena rembat dah ni..
Mommy selalunye lambat!!
Yes I know, Hani do updated her fb as well..
But being me, as orang yg selalu lambat dan ketinggalan...mmg tak ter update la!!!
But I  keep trying my luck as usual!!
Lepas tu, duk tgu email respond from AHC...macam tgu results exam!
The next day..wallla!!!!
Success!!! --- agaknye sb berebut kut..naik syiokk plak mcm org shopp' ebay!
* pernah ke shopp' ebay mak buyung ni!!

Leylaa Shawl
Fall in love with the charming beads!!


Dark Magenta!

Konon beli tudong Hani, nanti perasan pakai jadik cun macam Hani lah kut...huwaaa!!!
Takpe..yang penting HAPPPYY!!!

Cant wait to receive my March rewards!!!

ps: tgh duk pening, nak beli CD for newborn baby!!!Shud buy online or pergi sendiri rs material and size kat Tiny Tapir..yg confirm, miabambina kena beli online!!!

pss: another online order dgn Pn Teh, the blog diva!!ampun.. lupa dah order tp tak bayar lagi...skrang juga daku transfer...*nasib cuzen sendiri!! ;) 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Delivery Checklist!

Alhamdulillah, I'm now entering my 36/37 wk..and towards end of this week, my pregnancy will have come to full term! Cepatnye masa berlalu..SubhanAllah!
I guess everyone know,I'm now in the stage of completing my checklists!
Remember my main checklist from my previous entry??
I guess most of the checklist now completed..98% lah ;)
So here we go, my finale checklist..packing for deliver!!

Kalau time 1st baby, awal2 dah masukkan hospital bag dalam keta, I guess this time tak payah nak beria sgt letak dalam keta..
Kalau kena emergency pun, paling kurang Che Mimi tolong pergi amik kat rumah ..boleh yer Che Mimi??? ;)
But I've done with my hospital no more worries!!

I love this cute checklist!

For the lil' baby..

  • baby clothes
  • booties and mittens
  • swaddle and blanket
  • baby wipes/grooming kit
  • towel/muslin square
  • diapers
  • going back outfit/hat

For mommy .. 

  • few shirts, kain batik
  • sweater
  • undergarments
  • breastpad/breastfeeding bras/nursing shirt
  • socks
  • maternity pad
  • toiletries
  • going home outfit
  • breatspump n few bottles - standby!

For papa..
  • Standby urself and ur camera dear.. ;)


Owh wait not yet...ada lagik!!
Since nanti masa pantang, nak kena control food intake..
* Even my birthday pun still in confinement period ..
So watever yg rase teringin nak makan..cepat2 pergi rembat..
Latest one is  on last Fri day..exactly!!
After reading Nadine's entry!! ;)
We went to Chili's at The Empire..I craved for the lamb steak..
And that was my 2nd lamb steak I had..I'm not a lamb steak or watsover related with lamb lover..
Tapi mak aiii, tgk mommy Nadine nye lamb steak..terus pergi carik..
Siap side order for corn on the cob lagik..;)

yeap..the delicious foods for 3 ouf us!
* agak2 licin tak??
owh dear..mashed potatoes mmg sgt yummy!!
Adam pun bila I suap..terus shouted "yummy yummy.."
Lepas tu asyik curik mommynye mashed potatoes aje...notty!!

Future big bro Adam Mikael
"Jalan-jalan.. eat mamam!!"..

Mommy yg craving..but Adam seems to enjoy more ;)

There were still compang-camping in my checklists..
But with current condition, I just focus on important things to buy only..
And later nanti during confinement, boleh beli online kalau tak sempat..

And last weekend, nak tak nak..I have to go to Motherhood Expo 2011..
Even mmg tak terlintas nak pergi, memikirkan parking and lautan manusia..
Tapi sb nak pergi beli "that thing"..dikuatkan hati untuk pergi...:)

owh yes..jumpe Amber Chia n her son..
Sempat picture with Che Mimi..
* nmpk tak deretan barang atas meja tu??
 ..owh yes I'm craving for that thing too ...waaaa!~~~

Inilah benda yang nak dicari tu...
 Looking for the cloth diapers at Tiny Tapir..
They were letting go their Grobaby stocks at almost of half price!!
Walaupun color tak berapa cantik, as a starting, I guess shud be ok!!
In fact, I'm still in the stage of buying and searching for the good info..
InsyaAllah will update soon..
* thanks farrah for the reply!!

Memang pergi expo semata-mata for this CD..
Hopefully sempat jengah TT at Bangsar Village..
or else shopp' online aje lah jawabnye ;)
...and miabambina too ;)

Final items grabbed from Subang Parade..

Yes..I'm done!!!
* penat!!!

" fuhhh lega..!!!"

p/s: Alhamdulillah dah jumpe freezer for ebm storage!! ;)

Friday, March 18, 2011

the birth plan

Being in 35/36 weeks, really make me feel nervous when come to think about labor!
My last antenatal check, I'm proudly to annouce that I'm now at 69kg!dushdush!!Amik!!
* Dalam hati terfikir mcm boleh naik gile---lagi mahu tanya!!
Currently gain around 12 - 14 kg and me in 69kg mmg sgt hudus!!
Gemok tak ingat..
Kalau lalu sebelah cermin, macam tak nak tgk aje..kalau tgk, mesti dalam hati..mak aii..mommy sape kah ini??

With the gestational diabetes that I had during pregnancy..
* Nak tak nak mengaku aje nengokkan diri yg macam dipump2 ini..
Hopefully by Wk37/38, I have safely deliver this baby..
Maybe at this stage, baby pun tak sempat nak besar lagik..hopefully around 3kg plus..
Tapi kalau tak engage lagik macamane??
Exercise exercise exercise!!! <--- a.k.a jalan2 shopp' complex!!;)
Adam dulu by Wk38 dah selamat kuar..
Tapi skrang ni mmg dah rase contraction pun..mild lagiklah..
Sometime frequent jgak, cuma tak intense je lagik..

ok ok..ape merepek ni..
Actually entry ni nak cakap pasal birth plan!
Kat Malaysia ni, ada practise ke write birth plan??
U all dulu2 write birth plan??
Setahu I lah kan, kita mmg fully serah kat gynae tu aje..
Ye lah..maybe sb ape2 pun kita berserah kat Allah..
And gynae pun akan ikut procedure diorang..buat yg terbaik to save both mommy and baby kan??
Cuma yang pasti, masa 1st baby dulu..mmg doa sgt2 supaya Allah mudahkan delivery..
Lahir normal..and everytime jumpe gynae, I told her that I want to deliver normal..
Alhamdulillah Allah izinkan sy deliver normal..without the epidural help!
* Even 3 hrs before deliver, I tend to surrender, panggil midwives suruh call anesthetic..tapi dia boleh pysco smp tak jadik amik...

But not to sure this time..what will happen during this delivery..
Kita tak tahu apa yg Allah dah sediakan utk kita..
I really hope, this delivery is a smooth sailing..Allah mudahkan segalanye..
Easy, fast and safe deliver..
* Suka dgr orang yg smp hospital terus kuar..agak2 tak banayk dosa diorang ni...;)
Prof pun ada berseloroh..kalau susah nak kuar kita cut aje..tiiiidddaaaakkkk...!!
I ckp lah.."takkan la prof??" and she said.."Why not??"...grrrrrrr....!!!
* ni kes nak ugut sb I gained weight banyak sgt..and she really worry about the baby size..
InsyaAllah..I trust her and I really hope Prof Ct will help me to naturally deliver..

Cite pasal Prof Ct, my last ante-check, I met 1 lady..lupa kakak ni nama ape..
She currently carried her 5th baby, and all 4 kids semua deliver with Prof Ct..
Sempat kami bercerita plus ngumpat2 sket..
She said, prof ct mmg will help u to deliver normal..
Even kalau terdesak sgt baru dia bagi u amik epidural..
No wonder time I nak deliver dulu, en hubby boleh tny prof ct pasal epidural..
And she with her selamba face..buat dunno aje..
Kami yg masih malu2 time tu, terus diam...malu tak tanya lagik..rupanya mmg dia try to avoid her patient amik epidural..just rely on entonox aje..;)wuhhaaa!!!
* padan lah my fren's wife boleh deliver 3.86kg baby without taking epidural..kagum tak??
Seriously I salute pun puji she was so patient!!tabikkk Fiza!!

I was thinking to take epidural this time actually..nak tgu 9-10cm dilated..tak larat woooo...!!
Since 1st baby dah rase fully 10cm dilated, why dont we try the epidural..??
Soalan cepu emas bagi kat mr hubby..
He replied..baik save duit epidural beli freezer ebm...kuang kuang!!
Senang cakap..tak tahu sakit tau!!!
Tapi betul jgak..tahan je RM600-800 ;)

So, seriously I was so worried..
Worry if by Wk38, the baby still not engaged and there is still no sign of labor..
Baby still grow rapidly at this stage, and hanya berdoa baby tak besar sgt...
Ya Allah..mudahkan segala urusan ku kali ni..
Tolong doakan saya ek..
Apapun kita manusia hanya mampu merancang, Allah juga yang tentukan segalanya..

16th Oct 2008..
Cant wait for this moment to come ;)

ps: to all my friends, blogger friends, followers and those silent readers to fabulous motherhood..
mintak maaf, kalau ada terkasar bahasa atau tersentuh hati bila berbicara..
takut ada yg tersinggung..moga nanti tak ada dosa dibawa bersama2 nak deliver nanti..;)

pss: teringat masa deliver Adam, dah 3 ,4 kali push..dlm samar2 n dgr gynae suruh amik forceps..
ape lagi..terus menjerit.."prof!!..wait..gimme last try..""
Amik...terus keluar..Alhamdulillah!!

Currently gigih membaca ini:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Confinement Checklist Part II : Confinement Lady

Tak sangka ramai yang interested and ramai jgak kawan2 yg sudi sumbang contact no drp entry lepas..
So, atas permintaan ramai..sebab nak buat rujukan for future delivery ehemm ehemm..;)
Nadia senaraikan calon2 confinement lady drp rujukan saya..
Memang banyak nama yg dibagi..
Ada few names yg saya contact, and ada yang saya tak contact jgak..
* maaf lah list tak berapa nak bnyk, tak sempat nak contact one by one ..malas!

Lepas dah decide  type of service and cost estimated, Nadia just contact few names aje..

1. Kak Ain  (Alam Megah, Shah Alam)
    Contact No : 0173969031
    Service provide:
  • Hanya urut lepas bersalin sahaja - even mintak nak bertungku pun dia reject sb ramai pelanggan
  • Lepas urut dia tolong pakai bengkung skali, tp bengkung self provide
  • Service skali dgn transportation
  • Bayaran : mengikut keikhlasan kita -- ini yang payah ni!
  • Komen drp kawan2 : Contact ni dpt drp far dia cakap kakak ni urut best lah...boleh tahan..

2. IREE Touch (Bandar Puteri Puchong)
    Contact no : Kak Ida  0122816016

    Service provide :
  •       Confinement Nanny
  •       Traditional Home Nursing
  •       Clinical Home Nursing
  •       Traditional Home Post natal Massage             
   Lepas go thru quotation dr Pn Ida, I prefer for this service :
   Traditional Home Nursing (2-2.5 hrs daily)

           1. Prepare Herbal Bath for Mum
           2. Baby Bath (including jaundice treatment remedy; if necessary) – FREE Service
           3. Baby Massage – FREE Service
           4. Post Natal Massage
           5. Tungku (Heat Therapy)
           6. Bengkung (binder) + Slimming Cream / Herbal Paste (tapel)
           7. Herbal Drinks

    Package quotation
  • 3 days package for RM 350 + transportation -- nice!
  • During treatment, semua alatan disediakan, termasuk binder,herbal bath, oil tak payah nak susah beli post natal set diorang --  so apa yg ada pakai after finish 3 days session
  • Product use : tanamerah :
  • Komen : I got this contact from Nuurill's fren. Even this morning Airin told me her friend yg tgh pantang skarang ni pun amik this pakej. From the entry, she seems to satisfy with the service and I have sent her msg to get more detail on her experience.

After go thru the above package, I suddenly interested on the package which consist of post natal massage, heat theraphy, binder and herbal bath. So I googled for few more packages and specially the NR package, and found this!

    Contact No : Pn Khadijah 0162615711
  • Perkhidmatan (Wanita sahaja)
  • Pakej berurut selepas bersalin
  • Urut tradisional seluruh badan
  • Perkhidmatan penjagaan ibu bersalin
  • Bertungku, Mandi Herba, Lulur selepas bersalin

Lokasi perniagaan :  Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Puchong, PJ, Damansara, KJ
* Yang ni, dah try call tapi akak ni tak plak pick up lagik..
   Nanti once dia bagi quotation, Nadia update lagik!
     Pakej dia pun quite interesting tapi a lil bit expensive plus tempat dia jauh kat KL;)

Few more names from my list :

5.  Opah (Sg Buloh ) : 0135222947

6.  Kak Yati (Meru) : 0163261897 - provide urut sahaja

So, ikutkan from all the namelist above, IREE Touch tu mmg interesting..
Maybe lepas dah dapat contact Pn Khadijah to get quotation for IWW tu, then bolehlah nak decide which CL nak hired! (huih..mcm nak hired ape plak ;)

InsyaAllah, after service nanti..during confinement I tried to update and comment macamana service diorang...Baru confident ek..;)
Ok lah..macam buat report ape plak ni..
Keje dah melambak..tak sabar nak cuti maternity..
Ikut my last check up on ct nak try stimulate so that I can deliver by wk37/38..
InsyaAllah..doakan saya selamat and mudah bersalin yer!!

ps : btw, tgh duk google, jumpa page ni..tak sangka ada malay version ;)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Confinement Checklist!

Yeap!Another checklist to go thru!
I'm currently in Wk 35/36, so nak tak nak semua checklist nak kena settle by end of this month..
Kalau tak mahu kelam kabut!

I've been texting few of my friends to get contact no of confinement lady..
* thanks dear..!
Just to prepare for 1st week of my confinement...
Owh I'm not plan to get confinement lady for that expensive package tu..
I just looking for makcik2 yg boleh urut for the 1st 3 days plus after 1 week delivery..
Seriously amik confinement lady ni mmg bagus, since she will help us to handle baby, cook for us n etc etc..
tp I takut..takut nanti dia control everything, smp I tak pantang dgn tenang,plus nk build up stock susu pun tak tenang ;)
Ada pro n cons..check this out!

Teringat ketika deliver Adam, tak sangka plak after 1 wk baru boleh balik Trg..
Since Adam need to admit for 1 night due to jaundice..
Bila balik Trg baru sempat nak berurut..mak aiii sakit seluruh badan..
Itupun masa kat Shah Alam my mum dah urut apa yang patut..

So this time, at least the 1st few days nanti dah ada makcik yg datang..
takde lah lenguh sangat..
Plus, confinement kali ni, most probably at Shah nak tak nak pasal makcik urut ni mesti nak kena settle jgak..
I've contact few of confinement ladies around Shah Alam/Puchong and Klang..
So tengah finalize which makcik to choose ;)
Things to consider..price and transportation!
owh yea...I've got this from mysuperkids too :
Anyone ada suggestion, boleh share! ;)
Nanti once dah finalize, I will share the name n contact no..for future reference siapa2 nak deliver nanti ek!

Selain drp confinement lady,post natal set pun nak kena ready awal2..
Jangan jadik ke dulu,beli ngan makcik urut tu..mak aii..semua yg set2 besar2 dia bagi..rugik!!
So I have prepared the things earlier..
Still interested with Nona Roguy set..sangat best!
Cuma kali ni tablet or watever yg kena consume tu tak perlu amik..
Tak sesuai sgt for 1st 40 days..effect kat baby..
So amik yg related nak buat massage n barut aje..
Plus bengkung!
I love bengkung so much..mmg bestnye bila dah berurut then pakai selesa sgt!!
* teringat kenangan waktu pantang ..pakai bengkung sorang2..huih jenuh nak ikat! ;)

Few links related with confinement!

ps : Ma..jgn lupa bawak tungku besi tu ek!!
atau nak pakai bantal tungku moden???..;)

pss: Congrats to Padhil (my x-PC fren plus jiran satu apartment...hehehehe) n his wifey, Fiza for their 1st newborn baby boy!
Me still kagum Fiza deliver normal at 3.6++ 3.86 kg...huihh!!!
Prof Siti mmg terrer buat orang deliver takut!!!grrrrr!!!!

psss: checklist buat sakan...tapi mentally not yet ready for labor..takut!!!
Camane nk push ek..dah lupa!!! waaa...!!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gee Pee Ess

Its a GPS! ;)
Wonder why suddenly mak buyung yg buta IT ni, wrote entry about technology aka gadget??
Dont worry, I'm not going to explain detail here, as u can get all the info from this link!
But today,I'm going to share few stories related with GPS from our experiences!

Kalau tgk skrang ni kan, semua orang mmg surely can say ada GPS..
Paling kurang dalam smart phones korang kan?
Same like us, we have 1 made in China GPS at home..
Ape plak simpan GPS kat home plak ek?
Ye lah sb GPS made in China kitorang ni, yg boleh simpan bnyk movie dah jadik pengulit tidur malam Mr Adam Mikael..tgk Barney lah kejenye..

Ok ok pendek cite..
Can we trust our GPS??
Jom..I nak share few stories..

Kisah Benar No 1:

Dah lama sebenarnye cite ni, I think about end of last year..
We went to KLCC and my hubby konon nak guna jalan short cut by using the direction from GPS aka Lola (nama kami bg kat our GPS!)
On our way back from KLCC, instead of using Jalan Sultan Ismail tu, ntah mane2 si Lola tunjuk jalan..
Kami ikut je lah..
Since it was Sunday, keta pun tak bnk..kami ok aje..
Sampai kat satu jalan with bnyk simpang, we get confused already bila Lola suruh turn..
Skali amik way punye jalan..

So kami patah balik..buat u turn haram kat dalam tu sb keta tak banyak..
Tengah duk melilau2, ikut Lola bg new direction, terdengar suara sayup2..n suddenly makin jelas!
Kami kena ikut dgn polis traffic..
Siap pakai siren lagik..

Polis tu ingat kami orang jahat, sb dah bnyk kali suruh berenti, we all buat dunno..
Kes nye sb duk focus nak cari jalan kuar..
Skali ape lagik, kena tazkirah free ngan pakcik polis..
" Jangan ikut GPS tu aje..GPS hanya petunjuk, isyarat jalan raya kena patuh.."
"Ya En.." my hubby jawab ler agak2nye ;)
Mujur alamat my hubby kat Banting, konon kami tak pernah sampai KLCC lah ...huwahaaaa!!
SESAT gtu..;)
Alhamdulillah tak kena saman..
Yang pelik, macamana polis boleh tgu kat situ..agak2 jalan tu baru tukar signage kut..

Moral of the story : Keep your GPS updated!

p/s : Tapi kami tak sehebat Cik Mimi kena kejar polis..Siap polis kuar bawak senapang panjang gtu..
Siapa suruh bukak radio kuat2..pastu drive keta my hubby yg tak tukar nama lagik..
Polis ingat gangster mane..hehehe ;)

Kisah Benar No 2:

Last 2 weekends, we were invited for Majlis Akikah Baby Ameer, lil bundle of joy Mr Bob Husaini n Mrs Nadz at Kelana Jaya..
It was Sat afternoon, and mmg schdule free..
So we decided to attend the majlis..
After pagi2 dah penat layan Adam having his breakfast, watching his fave series..
Around 12 lebih kami gerak from our house..
Since KJ hosuing area mmg kami sgt tak familiar, Mr Hubby decided to bring Lola along..
Awal2 lagi Mr Hubby dah masukkan add Bob into his Lola..
Masuk je Federal Highway, jalan dah jam..NKVE plak very slow traffic..
Ikut mommy Adam yg terer jalan sket daripada papa Adam tu..
Sepatutnye kuar kat area Subang n link to KJ..
Tp ntah pape si Lola bawak kami jalan2 sampai ler exit Damansara kat NKVE..
Ikut je lah si Lola ni, agak2 rumah Bob dekat2 PJ ke mane kan..dalam hati berdetik!

Adam plak, dah selamat tidur selepas duk berebut Lola ngan papa dia..
Yelah..nama lagik Lola aka Barney!
Masuk punye masuk, jalan punye berliku dan berbelit..
Lepas satu simpang ke simpang seterusnye.dengan traffic yg sgt slow..
Akhirnye kami sampai ke satu perumahan..
And Lola pun bersuara.."100m to reach ur destination"..;)
* mak buyong pike nak makan je dah time ni..lapar benor!
Ha'ah..Mr Hubby stop exactly in front of .....Loji Air...

Time ni, I mmg dah sah2 salah kan si Lola tu..
"Mesti Lola ni dah pening sb Adam selalu baling2 je kan??"..said to hubby!
My hubby dah diam dah,dah ler panas kat luar tu..
Bila di check balik..rupanya add yg my hubby set tadi, dah di adjust oleh Adam Mikael..
Instead of SS5D..dah jadik SS25..and tempat tu opposite the area yg kitorang pergi...

After few minutes, we finally reached Bob house..dgn selamatnye..
Rupa2nye blakang kedai mamak Syed kat KJ tu aje..cit!!
Tahu, siang2 lagi aku tanya bob..;(
Dah la sampai orang dah siap simpan khemah..malu betul..
Tapi ok jgak, guest dah balik..kami borak panjang ngan Bob n wifey..

Thanks Bob for the picture ;)
Tgk tu notty boy mommy..macam nak geget rsnye taww!!

Moral of the story: Ntah lah ape moralnye ek..
Jangan bagi Adam main2 lagik ngan GPS tu macam jangan harap lah...

As conclusion for this entry, of course we can rely on our GPS, but yet we still have to alert with the surrounding..
Specially when u have the cheecky boy around..


Monday, March 7, 2011

nuffnang oh nuffnang!!

After a year working with Nuffnang, I'm finally got my 1st paid! hehehehe..
owh owh..not the monthly high paid as Pn Thara received k..;) * jangan marah babe!
Ni hasil yg tak seberapa dr blog tak seberapa I ni..

my 1st ever cheque received on last Fri..
* happy sangat walau amount tak berapa nak besar pun...;)

Imbas kenangan blogging ni..
I started my 1st debut around Nov 2009..
Just after Adam Mikael 1st birthday ..
Mase tu orang dah hangat berblogging..and myself yg buta IT ni baru nak merangkak, try n error itu ini..
Inspired by few bloggers (one of them is Pn Nuurill..:) * yes dear..u are the 1st link from somenone I knew...
Me nekad nak menulis just to keep all the sweet memories in parenthood..
As of now, this gonna be my 155th entry from fabulous motherhood..
* walaupun I tahu kadang2 ntah pape yg I merepek kan..;)

And started from mid Feb 2010, ni pun dr mr hubby yg ajar and set up for me...
I able to set up the nuffnang adv to my humble blog ni..
Just imagine lah kan...berapa sangat frenz and follower I ada...
How much pun I can earned in weekly or monthly basis..
But yet..ape2 pun..I'm satisfied..
Not to compare with those famous bloggers who earned much on their monthly basis..
Stakat ape yg ada long as I'm still enjoy blogging and sharing info in parenting..

Sebagai kenangan, I wrote this entry just to remind myself that I'm once received a cheque from the nuffnang team..
* sebab dgn confident nye I can say, lepas ni mungkin dah tak dapat lagi kut..susah sgt tgk nuffnang nk bagi adv to me dah..huhuuhu...

Nak tahu I dapat berapa..???
Pesanan penaja..
Tolong jangan gelakkan saya tau!!


Ni hah...sket je kan..
Takpe lah..bolehla beli mainan untuk Adam Mikael..

p/s : Thara, share la sket macam nak dapat adv bnyk dr nuffnang??hehhee ;)
* Adakah tiba2 diri ini makin tamak??? ;)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

mothercare grand prix sale!!!!

Yang ditunggu2 sudah tiba..
Time New Year Sale, tak sempat nak beli, bila pergi Mothercare SP kakak2 kat situ dah bgtau ada grand sale on March..
So duk tgu mase nak beli apa yang patut...
Ape lagi..3 hari special for VIP cardholder..additional 10% of total net purchase..
Jom jom!!
Meh kita pi silau mane yg patut..

Time ni la masa sesuai nak beli mainan anak utk setahun punye..
Save gile kalau dapat yg smp 50% nye kan...
Nak tgu toys r us buat sale besar2an..hampeh!

Wuihhh...kalau nengok adv , gile bnyk sale..
Boleh juling mata mak buyung nanti..
Tapi mesti mahu focus...;)
Caiyok mommy..mesti boleh!!
Barang2 yg dah di shortlisted to go n grab...

Nursing bra..
Pattern yg lama and bestnye dah takde skrang..
Yang baru pun ok, tp per piece RM100++
Aritu10% je dapat..
Kalau 10% after net purchase..dah save sket..
Mintak2 dpt 20%..

Changing mat..
Kalau dulu pakai IKEA nye mcm tak sesuai sb everytime kena change alas dia..
So kali ni, nak invest yang ni plak...

Yeap, my Avent Via cup stock..
RM65.90 kalau dpt 20% +10%..
mak aiii...senangnye hati mak buyung ni ;)
Susah gile nak dpt stock Avent ni skrang...

MaM feeding bottle
BAbyjaya sale pun takde discount for this bottle..
Hopefully tomorrow dpt 10% + 10% pun dah cukup baek!!

Last but not least..
Swaddle for baby ni..
kalau dapat 10% + 10%...bestkan!
Tapi tak bnyk choice, color kuning aje..

Plus Adam + baby's toy ..

Gals..dah list ape nak beli??

Nah amik, website mothercare buat silau2 sebelum pergi serang weekend ni
* sempat ke nak tgu weekend, fri mesti dah penuh mak2 g serang!

Pn Nadia, sila focus!!! <----- peringatan utk diri sendiri...

p/s : airini IKEA friends sale kan..
Aduh dapat flyers smlm, sakit kepala...hocus focus!!
Sale Ikea pun smp 20th march jgak kalau tak silap..
Ape hal diorang duk berpakat buat sale time ni..buat lah len kali..
Mcm tgh bonus ker???

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Breastfeeding Checklist!

I love checklist so much (blame the perfectionista in me)..
I have many checklists, from works, house management, life, baby, Adam...and bla2..
With all the checklists, it really make my life easier and most important it keeps my life on track and follow the schedule..hehheehe 
Takde lah kepala berserabut sgt, fikir macam2 benda tak settle..

The current checklist which I worked on now is my 2nd bundle of joy checklist..
Seriously, this time checklist takde lah se detail checklist time 1st pregnancy dulu..
*Penuh satu diary...banyak nye kena pikir dulu..hohohoho stress!!
Having a second baby, with the experiences, list pun dah boleh dikurangkan..
Paling penting cost reduction..
Just to avoid buying un-necessary things macam dulu2..hehhehe;)

Sample checklist available on internet..
* Duk ngikut list mat salleh ni lah hah..macam2 dibelinye..;)

And this is my compress checklist..aka main checklist..
Dah ada main checklist mesti ada sub2 nye kan..
Kalau tgk pun, baru satu point yang I checked, others still working on it...
Specially yg tang CD and BW tu, masih dalam process study..
Nak beli ape yang patut..;(
InsyaAllah ada masa I share nanti..

What make me worry now, tidur duk mimpi2 ni..
Pasal my breastfeeding checklist..
Kalau my last bf for Adam Mikael, failure tang ebm stocks, so this time I really hope that I really can build up enough stocks in 2months..
Skarang ni pun, tgh menimba ilmu nak buat stock..
Here we go, my breastfeeding checklist:

    1. Breastpump : check! * Yang ni pun buat I tak tidur malam, duk mimpikan Pn FS!!
    2. EBM Storage :
  •  8 oz Avents VIA Cup : 30 bottles
  • 6 oz  Avents Via Cup : 27 bottles
  • 5 oz : 14 bottles
         Current total : 71  <------- dushdush!! pening!!
     3.  Washable nursing pad : 4 Medela + 6 Avents -- check!
     4.  Nursing bra : 4 Mothercare nursing bras ( + 2 more to go!)
     5.  Cleaning supplies : Sterilizer, brush for bottle, bottles cleaning liquid --check!
     6.  Feeding bottle MaM 
     7.  Freezer for ebm storage <---- proposal stage!!!hahahaaa

All my Avent Via Cup stocks..
* previous one bought at babyjaya ...
discount 20%..sgt heppi!!
Susahnye nak dapat 8oz storage skrang!!

During confinement time of Adam Mikael, I started to pump at early day of my delivery and build up the stock.. 
Just to prepare in case I being called for interview to work..
Time 3months tu, sb fridge kecik I dah full, nak tak nak nk kena stop pump for stock..
Pump kadang2 je kalau breast full sgt..
So by the time Adam 4mnths, just in 2-3 months the stock started to deplete..
Dah start keje time tu..
Daily pump pun cukup to cover for next 2 days aje..

So this time, I have to build up enough stock..
Since after my confinement nanti dah dekat bulan puasa, takut susu pun drop..
I have to build as much as I can during the 2 precious months..
In order to success this mission, I need a special equipment..
Nope, nope..not the FS at this time...
Its the freezer..the upright/standing freezer to place all the ebm..
So nak tak nak, nk kena pejam mata kat FS!
* aritu baby jaya sale FS, tinggal RM19++ aje dah! ;(

So I dah start my my survey, tinggal nak pergi buat lawatan rasmi kedai apek2 jual barang elektrik..
Beli kat leading electrical shops, mahal ler jawabnye..
But yet, hubby decided to hold until delivery..
* still tak caya la tu mommy bersungguh2 nak buat stock ni!! 
Takpe..nanti Mr Hubby, boleh buat reference brand2 mommy dah survey ni yer..!


  • Features:
  • 100 litre capacity.
  • Colour: White
  • Manual defrost
  • Adjustable feet
  • Adjustable themostat
  • Mechanical tempature control
  • Reversible door - left or right swing
  • High density foaming
  • Environmental freindly technology




From the blog reading, ramai yang beli standing freezer ni at range RM700 - RM 1000, depend on capacity of freezer..
Anyone got idea kedai2 elektrik area Shah Alam ni, bolehlah bagi sy address kedai..
Senang nak buat lawatan nanti..

Hoooo.... dah 2 hari tak masuk office, really had backache, tidur pun tak boleh..
Agaknye duduk lama kat office lagi buat sakit pinggang..
Pikir nak kena menapak ke office nun jauh kat belakang, lagilah tak daya rase..
Sb dh rs ngilu2 at lower abdomen..
Plus yesterday, started to have macam contraction gtu..thot it was Braxton Hicks..
Ntahla, get confused already, with sakit pinggang, kaki lenguh semacam..adooi!!
With keje pun belambak2, buat aku lagik stress...mak aiii..tak larat nye!!
Asyik complain aje reti Nadia ni!!Sabar sabar!!

Ok, anyone know electric shop which can offer best price..
Bagitau k..senang hati mak buyung ni ;)

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