Thursday, May 31, 2012

mothercare 25 years of parenting...

Anyone here love mothercare?? Put your hands up yawww!! Let me start counting...mmmmm...

Haha..pretty sure that many mommies and mommies-to-be out there, love mothercare so much. *kan kan??* My first time set foot in mothercare shop when I was about 3 months preggy for Adam. And kept checking my email box for mothercare grand sale notification during preparation for 2nd one delivery. Ever since that, I always pay visit to this shop, as this one stop centre perfect place for mommies and children's  need. Besides of their lovely and comfortable design, most of the material for mothercare clothing and bedding coordinates specially, is a long lasting  type one. Still remember how I've recycled Adam's bumper cot and bedsheet to his bro, Ryan with a perfect condition. And now Ryan also started to wear some of his big brother's clothes too. Great value for money right. 

Other than their super comfy and cute clothing thingy, my latest addiction for mothercare's carry product  is the Early Learning Centre (ELC) toys. Since I was so motivated to have my weekend home-schooling for my kids now, I will be very alert when ELC and mothercare had their big sale..

Let's have some tour to ELC at mothercare KLCC...

I know how much my kids love to go to this area..

*wait until u see the mommy too..ahaks!!*

The girls stuffs..oh my..

The art and creativity corner..
*my fave now*

Sale sale sale!!

Anyone who never been to mothercare Bangsar, u can have visit here..
*ELC corner there, boleh buat ku pengsan!!*

Ok, now back to the reason why I love ELC stuffs. I love playing with my kids. So much I would say!! As we know, playing is really important for kids. Through playing, it helps in stimulating the children development.  Every stage of their age, the way the kids play and the toys they use to play also changing. And due to this, ELC is a right choice of  product with various range of children toys. From baby & toddleroutdoor toysmaking musiclet's pretenddressing upaction & adventurelearning & booksart & creativitypuzzles & games and pocket money toys. And each range of ELC product, came with the suitable age to play. It really guide me alot specially when buying the toys for my kids.  

Good info on important of here!

Some of the bonding time with my kids and ELC toys...

Bubble time..

This is one of Adam fave things to do on weekend..
And now, his  lil bro Ryan also started to enjoy playing bubbles with his big bro..
*siap buat muncong mulut nak blow bubble..cuteness*

And sometimes, I personally brought the bubble stuff back to my in law house.
So that he can play with his cousins..they really had fun..

Another range of ELC product that Adam and myself loved most is the art and creativity stuff. Me and Mr Hubby will try our best to have art and craft activity with the kids more often. And now, weekend is time that we waited the most. Adam specially would enjoyed his playtime so much. Its good things to see how  he developed his motor skills and creativity too. 

His art and tool box..

The lil' artist in the making..

One of the new collection in his art and tool box is the crazy painters..

It so fun to have this new roller in his tool box..

Another art & craft stuff in his tool box are the creative card with scissors too...

The scissors is special created for kids safety..
I let him to cut his own paper, and the coordination of hands and fingers are good to improve his motor skills too...


We had fun during  cut and paste activity..

The lil boy also started to show interest in art and craft stuff..
He loves playing with mini markers and crayon too...

Other new interest is playing with soft stuff/dough. I know that Adam has entered the right age to start playing with dough. So I started to introduce him with dough, roller, cutters and molds. This stuff can help to enhance children imagination and let them to imaginatively creating stuff that he likes..

I bought vehicles cutters as Adam love trains so much..

Having a great daddy son time..

And the animals moulds too...

Adam personal touch ;)

Besides of the various choice of toys, ELC toys come with good quality and safety. Most of the toys I bought since Adam was less a year, still in a good condition and now inherit to his lil bro. Thus it really values for the money invested. I know that ELC toys a lil bit pricy to compare with other brands in the market, that's the reason I always alert when mothercare offer sale specially on ELC stuff. It really worth for every cents spent. After all, I should thank ELC for their wonderful and innovative products which have helped many parents in stimulating the development of our kids. We really had a play and learn activity with  ELC stuff and created so much fun during the playtime..

Speaking of which, you all must aware that mothercare had celebrated their 25th year anniversary recently. We were so lucky to have time to join their event at mothercare KLCC couples of weeks ago. We really had so much fun there. Happy birthday mothercare!! And celebrating its 25 years of parenting, mothercare Malaysia has conducted a blogger contest for all the bloggers to write up about their event and brands. So sorry to have post the thing a lil bit late as the due date for the contest is today..31st May 2012..*but u still have couple hours to go..hurry!!*

Check out their facebook fanpage *here* for more info about their product...

ps: while writing up the entry, I just got notification on my hp about mothercare and ELC sale this weekend. Oh no!!Shud not miss it =)


Haha!! Isnin lepas balik keje check postbox, ada IKEA letter. Ingatkan apelah, rupanya IKEA hntr kad baru, IKEA FAMILY. Dulu pakai IKEA Friends sekali credit card, konon point 4x seronoklah, makin kuatlah mengores *tapi tak menang2 jugak*. So early of this year terus terminate. Hajat hati nak pergi amik IKEA Friends yang biasa tu, tp sebab dah lama tak ke IKEA, ku tangguhkan hajat. Sekali, dtg IKEA FAMILY ni, sukalah. Tak payah susah2 nak pergi IKEA buat card baru. Actually IKEA baru introduce card ni, yang pasti sebab utk credit card, dia dah terminate program dgn Alliance. So, automatically pengguna credit card IKEA-Alliance akan dpt. Tapi yang geramnye, Alliance bank still nk hntr credit card baru kat I. Pastu bila call suruh I isi form cancellation lagik. Takde keje nak buat bnyk kali. Tak effective langsung!! :'( 

Yang merah tu card yang nk kena masuk website and activate, ada pamphlet and paling best ada discount 10% voucher smp 1 July 2012 *tiba2 tanganku gatal*

For more details, check out their website here..

*click picture for better viewing*

Click here to read the pamphlet..

So, go get your card now and start shopping!!
Happy shopping gurlzzz..
*Am currently listing up what to buy...not good not good*

ps: I pun tak study lagi program baru ni, yang pasti point dah tak times 4. Tapi sekali lalu tengok kat pamphlet, ada pro n cons jugak...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WW: Pekena cendol di Pantai Cenang..

Nice view at  Pantai Cenang, Langkawi..

Cendol pulut RM2.50 semangkuk..walla!!

Jejaka idaman Malaya..aka Jason Marz to be >.<



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

t h i r t y o n e . . .

Tambah satu lagi angka..
Great feeling to be in Club 31 now ...

Syukur for all that I have now..
Praying for the best in all aspects of life..Amin..

 31 --> 3 heroes 1 mom!! 

and Happy Birthday to my sis too..Che Mimi..
Wishing you all the best in your future..
Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan..Amin..

* a pre 29th May celebration last night at Chilis, Citta Mall*

Monday, May 28, 2012

Underwater World, Langkawi..

Our 1st pit stop for Day 2 island tour is Underwater World, Langkawi. As mentioned earlier, tempat yang dituju seharusnya sesuai untuk kanak2 =) But seriously, orang dewasa pun mesti excited jugak. Tak caya tengok gambar adik2 lelaki sy nanti >.<  This was the 2nd time for me and Mr Hubby visited this place, last visit in 2007 * honeymoon time awwww* Still remember after our visit in 2007, we read news that some of the aquariums there has been poisoned. Kejam sungguh. Mula2 I pun reluctant nak pergi this time takut dah tak best, after dah tanya few people, we decided to follow with original plan. And to my surprise, they really made a major improvement. Best gila taw!!Thumbs up. Silalah melawat Underwater World, Langkawi..Amazing place!! *harga pun murah dari Aquaria hehehe* 

Jom jom, I'll get the pictures do the talking *walaupun bila ku belek folder gmbr, penuh dgn gambar jejak hensem adik2 ku yg bergambor sakan. Pitam*

Underwater World Langkawi..yeha!!
Location : Pantai Cenang area..

Mula2 masuk je, dah ada mini aquarium..
Very nice and clean aquarium..

Klik klik!!

My bro behind the outdoor aquarium
*Sudah ku bilang, penuh gmbr dia aje..*

                                      Yang best, bukan saja aquarium semata, ada juga haiwan lain such ..

The talking parrots..

"hello hello"
Adam kagum ;)

Buat ape 2 beranak tu??

Cute lil peguins...

The notty Eysu Hekal disturbing the penguin..

Semua penguin kat sini pun size baby lagik..
So cute!!
Adam pun excited tgk penguin2 ni duk berenang..kagum dia.

Adam and the penguin..

Same like Aquaria KLCC, Underwater World Langkawi ni pun ada tunnel untuk tengok ikan2 besar...
But for the tunnel, I would say that Aquaria punye lagi exciting!!


The excited Adam..

With Omma..

The otter..

During animal feeding session...

Moved to coral sections..

Unik sungguh ciptaanMu ....  

We really had a great time here. Walaupun sekejap, tak boleh duk lama2, sebab bnyk tempat lagi nak pergi lepas tu. 

Sian Ryan, bila nak balik baru jaga..
Lepas tu giliran Abg Adam pulak tido..

For more info, you can visit their website here!!

ps: next entry, visit to Telaga Harbour....
Our Awesome Langkawi Trip Diary:

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