Thursday, January 21, 2010

my big catch for today..extremely happy!!

Alhamdulillah..sukar digambarkan perasaan happy ku ini...:)
I managed to get almost 2 full of 8oz Avent jar for Adam's tomorrow stock..
hehe..Usually tak de lah sampai this full..10-12oz pun ok dah tu..
Alangkah indahnya zaman hasil perahan yg boleh mencecah 22oz at office..awwhhh!!wish I could turn back the time..:(

Ya Allah, Aku pohon semoga Engkau permudahkan jalan untuk hambamu ini, agar dpt menyusui anakku Adam Mikael sehingga 2 thn..Amiiinn..Ya Rabbal 'Alamin..

my big catch for today... small room for praying a.k.a my cosy place for pumping...

thanks for my working hard pump "spectra"..
"dah boleh dapat freestyle dah ni,papa"...readers..pls vote for me..:)
mommy and her routine job at office...:)

I have planned for special entry for my 2 lovely ladies.."umi reehan" n mom to b "haiza" to support them for their exclusive breastfeeding ..frust that I dont have that time..
If you could hear this galz..I pray for you gals to success for ur exclusive bfeed this time..
Think positive,semangat..take alot of healthy food..doa,doa n doa..InsyaAllah..
Hope this link will help you..."food for love"
I know u can do that galz...lov ya..:)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy "15months" Birthday..Adam Mikael..

Ticktockticktock..Adam is 15months today. Time flies so fast, feels like it was just yesterday I gv birth to my lil precious. Pejam celik dah jadik toddler dah anak mommy..still remember the memories in labor..the most sweetest time ever had in my life..thank to Almighty to complete my life.. Alhamdulillah…more kids?..huhu,wait after Adam 2 yrs InsyaAllah..

Well I wished to update his development by referring to my new book that I bought, seems I don’t have time to copy and type in this short never mindlah..

What Adam can do in 15 months?..:)

* he can walked by age of 13.5 months..even still holding the P license currently, he managed to balance his movement and grasp the things while walking..gosh!All the things within his reached, need to be remove..!

* he now still babytalk..few words sometime burst from his mouth,papa,ma,ball,jatuh (cik mimi ajar ni..),that,these,bubur...
but most of the time,he just babbling when we tried to make conversation with him..klakar actually..wished that I could understand what he trying to say..

* he can respond us with the simple instruction..asked him to take ball,to get his shoes..bagus!!nanti banyak lagi mommy nak mintak tolong amik ek Adam..

* he started to eat by himself, hold the spoon and grab the food..
even we just find out dia taknak makan if we used his spoon..nak sudu besi sama we all makan..n dah pandai doa, yet kalau dah lapar sangat,cepat2 je aminkan..taknak dah tadah doa..:)

* sweetest thing, dia suka sakat mommy and papa, saje2 je dia g kacau papa dia,time sleep lah..n mommy plak time nursing suddenly dia g geletek perut mommy..nottyboy!

* very active till most of the time ada jer keje yg dia nak buat..abis sepah2 umah..

yeap, mommy still need to read more and more. At this stage, I hv to more understands with the tantrums thingy, how to handle the situations..correct!ontop of it..sabar!I always remind myself and my hubby to be very patient to handle this active young man..

oklah..sneak peek of the pix for his 15mnths birthday. We just went out a lil while to buy groceries since mommy have to work in morning, just few hours for calibration job..

oh yea, Adam started to improve his swimming skill. I think to put the target by 2 yrs for him to swim well..ok ke?I need to find the article for it!

playing with flashcards on Sunday morning...a,b,c..

kejap je dah sepah..

lunch at papa rich..

sit properly Mikael..

papa said his best mommy upload la..:)

swimming time.. equal to mommy pursuing her new year resolutions..walla:)

froggy style..

in warm jacuzzi after that..

..bubble bath :)

Tokma's coming this Thurs,for the kursus..yeay!Us,plan to go to Zoo Negara since cik mimi (my sis) who was 3months preggy teringin nak tgk elephant..huhu..pelik betol!,its good chance for Adam to have trip to Zoo too..:)

till then...mmuuaahhhss..luv u so much dear..:)

Friday, January 15, 2010


It was last Fri actually, during Friday's prayer time..when my sis and I rushed to Subang Parade for a quick lunch and went to MPH..think it shud be a gud time to find a book while the 'lil boy not around..:)
we had our lunch at Secret Recipe,stopby a lil while at Mothercare and straight away to usual,I will lead my way straight to the parenting corner..
after a quick viewing,I decided to take this 2 books...

Bright Start by Dr Richard Woolfson and Baby & Toddler Meal Planner by Igloo..

synopsis for the Bright Start..

this book overall gv guideline of development for bb, tots and childs..from 0 mnths to 5 yrs..

I loike this..the meal planner..simple recipe book with the nice presentation..The Anabel Karmel was also in the list..maybe for next..that one shud be the advc..hehe..(neway thnx for mummy Anne..)

Simple recipe with a lil ingredients, yet shud be yummylicious..!

not to forget for my lil one..the ballon book..he loves balloon so much...;)

Wish I could khatam the 1st book and try all the recipes from the 2nd..hopefully can update the recipe evrytime I try..

till then dear..wish me luck ;)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

more peektures of Adam Mikael..

basicly this entry about all the pix taken during X'mas holidays..hehe..tak g mane2 mom and my youngest bro,Hekal pay us a visit..actually tokma nak test Adam's P licence ..d walking test!..:)
the 3 days were full of activities and Adam of course so happy sb ramai jer yg layan main ngan dia...

us at Jusco Bkt Tinggi after after went back from Banting for X'mas visit at my FIL..

1,2,3, for Adam's teeth..

grumpling Adam...sleepy n tired!

baru happy bila lepas dr highchair...

hi mommy ...!

saturday morning's bfast..mommy's and tokma's nasi lemak kukus..:)

we received a visit from Eimran...

and Ibu Aimy with his hensem Mr Zul.. the curve ..

Adam n his uncle..

Adan n tokma..ha'ah..makan ape tu?

remote car..

Sunday morning..swimming time..exercise dulu before masuk pool..

testing his new armband..not very aggressive sb tak comfy..

visit kak sara..

meeting the Mr Prime n Mrs Bee..hehe..papa yg minat sgt sebernarnye tu...

eh mommy..Barney la..

little ewoks..pumpkin patch..sayang..that one for 3mnths size for him..
sorry for the quick updates..till then

Saturday, January 9, 2010

ELC playtime at Mothercare..I like!

hello mommies..
yeap, its a free playing area..huhu..
those who were the VIPs or signing up the newsletter..will get this..
interesting ait..?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Its a new start ...All the best mommies..:)

Hopefully still not too late for me to wish Happy New Year 2010 and wish ya all the best for this whole year..
I just finished send out my pending, delayed whatsoever reports, and baru boleh lepas nafas lega sket, but yet still need to prepare for other presentation slides and proposal paper :(

Actually there are too many sweet things happened towards end of 2009, yet I still don’t have time to upload the pictures..for my mom specially..I took a lot of pix of Adam with Xmas trees..and also tokma and Ibu Aimy visit too..wish I have time for it..InsyaAllah..

As the new year kick start, I have attended one of our lovely mom blogger’s son’s birthday party “ANNE--mommy of Imran's”..(wonderful party—go to this link!) yet I was so frustrated I don’t have Mr Camera with me on that time..OMG..I will patah kaki for this week (even since last week)..when my hubby lend his camera to his fren who went for trip to Sweeden and Paris..(Zul..hope u hear this..u owe me something from Paris !!!:)I really meant it..!

OK..Actually this will be very plain entry, coz I just wish to throw all my new year resolution into this..hopefully, by 2011 I can re-check all the items mentioned here..
Yeap..ada yg cakap, why every new year je nak kena buat new year resolution..bila2 masa boleh buat target,for me easy..not our job je nak kena ada KPI, life kita pun mesti nak ada KPI,ada time frame so that we can review every quarter in order us to be a good God servant,wife,mother and employee..:)

Of course I did not come with a long list to be achieved…yet, this year I hope to be more organized..1st and foremost, I hope to be a better muslimah..kurangkan delay solat,remove all gossip2,topup bnyk ibadat..hope I can redeem bnyk pahala and delete more dosa..:)

2009 was a bz, hectic year..with Adam still building up the body protection, new job (dah confirm by Oct *wink*wink*:), my sis wedd, new house to many things till I cant arranged my time properly..
so this year I wish to had more holidays,wish to decorate my home,wish to settle my unfinished project (those who r close to me..u know what I mean rite..wish me luck..)…and on top of that..wish to spend all of my precious time with my 2 man..watching Adam growing up and try my best to be as good mommy n wifey as I can..Read,read and more read the books/info..religious and motherhood…

Not to forget for myself..since I realized my 2 tree trunk was getting bigger as size of kayu jati di hutan negara..with my arm half of malek noor's muscle,so I wish to have more swimming time on weekend or weekdays..InsyaAllah..Wish my proposal nak beli new facial product lulus too..

For my career..alah KPI kat office tu kan dah ada..tak payah sebok2 nak buat extra achievement..hohoho..hopefully this year will be better hard!cayyok..!
Papa..I’m behind u..hopefully can get the rating 5 too..**I wished**:)

Fuhhh..lega rasenye,when I can throw all the things yg duk berlegar2 dalam kepala ni..
Every year I will find a piece of paper to write down what I want to achieve (time study adalah buat journal jgak..hehe), this blog menjadi saksi for this year.. 2010!!!

Ok lah..yg penting..Istiqamah …(miey..camane dah ayat KISAS dulu..”fastaqim kama umirta” I rite??..huh rase jahil skrang ini..)

2009 left with all sweets and sad memories (losing of my 2 lovely frenz) I come 2010..Wish to be a supermommy..InsyaAllah..:)
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