Thursday, January 27, 2011

Early Preparation for Successful Breastfeeding..


Hi everyone...
I've been pending entry about prepration to success in breastfeeding (from my point of view).. for quite sometimes..
Just to find the right time and ideas to pour down everythings into an entry..
And today, I was officially enter my last trimester of my pregnancy..Alhamdulillah..
Being in 28 wks, one of the things hilited inside the babycentre article is the production of colostrum..
Which I can say YES!
And I can officially announced that the big brother Adam Mikael is 100% weaning off too..
Dah lebih seminggu Adam tak hisap susu from my B..
* Even kalau di offer, I can surely say dia tak akan tolak..;)
I wish to write entry about this, since this was the toughest experience specially for my hubby ;)
* thanks dear for all the sacrifices..appreciated it so much!! ;)

Talking about breastfeeding ni, actually dah ramai yang berjaya..
Ada jugak yang kurang bernasib baik, but we still have time to improve for our next child right ??
So this entry, I'm gonna share my experiences during preparation to success in breastfeeding..
Just to make this entry more interesting, and boleh dimanfaatkan untuk semua...
Do share your experiences with us too..specially for those mommies and mommy-to-be..;)

When I was at 1st trimester during the 1st pregnancy, I really have zero knowledge about breastfeeding..
Memanglah tahu yg kita kn susu kan bayi kita..
But yet, the benefits of breastfeeding, how to breastfeed, equipment to buy..bla bla bla..Z.E.R.O..!
Till the day I pay visit to 1 on my close friends who delivered her 1st baby..
And the other friend yg tgh preggy jgak..started talking about bf, colostrum, Medela..bla bla bla..
And again I was stunned!Help me!!!Tak paham!!
* Mase tu baru still 3 dimaafkan lagi la..
On the same day..I make a visit to Mothercare and tgk all stuff about bf..
And starting from that..I started to read, read and read..all about BF stuff!!
Thanks to the bf class by Pn Rohayah from PPUM (not mistaken) at Flextronics last time..
and few classes atttended from klinik kesihatan and private class..
It really really useful..So, senang citer..knowledge is power..!!
* Masih baca walau pun dah ada experience ;)

After attended banyak class and from reading itself, I still have doubt whether I can bf my baby or not..
Banyak yang kita dengar bila dah bersalin, the 1st hour susu takde..
And baby pun sometimes tak latch betul, susu tak banyak..
Semua tu buat I takut..worry if I was not able to bf my baby..
Kalau pergi kelas pun, asyik tanya penceramah tu.."macamane nak tahu I boleh  bf ker tak?"..
Ape lah punye question I bagi...
But it was sincerely from myself who still doubt about my ability to bf..
Apart from that..I was motivating myself  actually..
Ramai dah berjaya..and I want to be part of them too..
I started to think postively...
Doa doa and doa..minta Allah makbulkan hajat saya nak breastfeed...
The most powerful tool to success in bf!
* btw..just found out good entry from superkids, mommylyna on "Atasi Susu Ibu Kurang Di Awal Kelahiran "...

When I started attend class, read thru blogs and books..
The imprortant things to 6months exclusive breastfeeding and extend up to 2 thru good equipments!
ye lah..setakat nak 2 bulan direct feeding time confinement..mane nak cukup..
So mulalah I survey about things to buy..
Thru help from my friends..I started to buy the breastpump, bottles to keep the ebm, nursing bras, breastpad..
Segala macam mak nenek yg berkait dengan bf!
Orang kata, tak payah nak compromise pasal investment on bfeeding stuff ni..
InsyaAllah, pasti dapat balik ROI in short period...Amin!
* Cuma masih terkilan kenapalah dulu2 lagik I tak pilih Medela PISA time tu la..
Konon risau nanti hangat2 tahi ayam aje nak bf ni  <----- negative thinking mcm ni mmg kena elak!! one of my friend suggest to buy Spectra3..
Walaupun Spectra3 amat lah berjasa untuk Adam Mikael..ROI dah dpt within 1 year ;)
Tapi biasa lah..manusia ni cepat tamak!!hehehehe ;)
* wink wink FS FS FS!!!
So guys..ensure kelengkapan penyusuan semua ni prepared before delivery time..
Nanti kelam kabut nak carik..alih alih En Suami jgak yg jadik mangsa..
Risau mintak lain dapat lain je kan..;)

Bila dah start reading and collecting bfeeding stuff, the best things to keep motivating me to bfeed is thru my friends who has successfully bfeed..
I started to chat and asking all their experiences in bf!
Even each of the mothers facing different experiences, at least semua tu boleh dijadikan guideline untuk masa depan..
Tengok diorang dah berjaya kan..lagi semangat kita nak berjaya dalam bf ni..
Even my MIL also bfeeding all her 5 childrens and plus her last kid (which is my hubby) pun dapat nikmat bf until his 3-4 yrs old..(over kan pakcik ni!!)
Tp experience in term of nak buat stock semua, memang lah diorang tak tahu..
But yet I was so grateful to have mother and MIL yang really support me and even my sis in bfeeding..
Even my mom tak fully bfeed us before, but yet during my early week of delivery, she really support me to ensure that Adam is fully bfeed without mix with others..Alhamdulillah..Tq Omma ;)

Ramai jgak komen kat blog yang I baca, one of the reason why they started to mix with formula bila diorang tak dapat support sepenuhnye dr mother and MIL..
So sb pressure specially those yang br deliver 1st baby, terus campur with formula..
So what I did..masa awal2 pregnancy lagi, whatver I read, I will try to share and educate my mom too..
Show to them how committed u are to breastfeed your baby..
Not only breastfeed..exclusivley breastfeed!That is very very imprortant..
So that when happen bdak nangis tak berenti..takde lag terus kata susu tak cukup..
Many reasons behind actually..

And come to the most important part to ensure the bf success..
When u started to enter the final trimester, during this time, our breast dah start to produce milk..
At this time, breast dah semakin besar, and some people start to feel the breast engorged!
Time my 1st preggy, I tak berasa rase sgt breast maybe sb yg 2nd ni Adam baru je weaning off..
So I can feel my breast dah start to engorge, kalau picit2 dah ada kuar susu pun..
So based on last this time, the gynae will advice us to start picit2 nipple kita..
Buat massage to the breast and picit sampai ada kuar cecair from our nipp..
Mase 1st preggy dulu mmg susah nak kalau boleh buat love massage lagik bagus...;)
hahahhaa..urutan kasih sayang..
Minta lah En Suami tolong massage..InsyaAllah stimulation lagik bagus..
Memanga awal2 agak sakit, sb tak biasa keluar susu..lama2 nanti ok lah tu..
Takde lah nanti time nak bf baby during the 1st precious hour tu, ada tersumbat ke ape..hahahaha!!
Keep doing this till the delivery time..even nanti mase bfeeding pun, breast massaging mmg bagus untuk stimulate the milk production..

Lastly..tawakal pada Allah..
Semua ni ketentuan Allah..
Tapi kita mesti berusaha sebelum menyerah segalanya..
Allah dah jadikan para ibu ni nature nye kita akan bersalin dah menyusukan bayi kita..
So reason takde susu ke kurang boleh diatasi specially with all technologies yang ada skrang..
Thru foods and whatsoever..
Jangan cepat putus asa..

Hopefully early preparation entry ni boleh dijadikan panduan  for mommy-to-be specially..
I'm not the expert, but yet thru my experiences, hopefully boleh dimanfaatkan..
InsyaAllah once baby deliver nanti, I will share more on how to keep stock of ebm and nak increase milk prod..
InsyaAllah truely from my experience time bf the 2nd baby nanti...
Different baby different problem nye..hopefully the 2nd one also a smooth sailing..InsyaAllah..
Doakan saya juga..

Miss moment for breastpumping...

and miss moment for breastfeeding too...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

lil' baby detailed scan ...

Hi everyone..
Actually I dah pergi buat detailed scan at UMSC on 22nd Dec lagi..
Time tu, I was at 23 weeks of my pregnancy..
Lebih kurang nak masuk 6 months lah waktu..
That was my 1st time meeting Prof PC Tan, which also one of the O&G at UMSC..
Everythings went smoothly and Prof PC Tan quite a friendly gynae too..;)
* cuma sb, 1st time meeting gynae laki,so awal2 tu agak kekok..

Alhamdulillah, overall there was no abnormalities found so far..
Hopefully the fetus growth healthy till the delivery time..InsyaAllah..
Dr pun cakap, fetus size besar about 2wks drp my current pregnancy weeks..
hohohoho...Thats really make me worried actually..
Estimated fetus weight at that time was  about 752g, which again extra by 180g  from my preg week..
If the fetus growth as the same rate till the final week of my pregnancy, he said I might deliver baby at 3.5!!!Takutnyerrrr!!!
* Adam dulu pun br 2.86kg pun..payah jgak nak kuar..

Some of the pictures from many other photos taken...

I guess this was the baby's hand..

Nice shot Prof!!

Normal spine...Alhamdulillah..

And of course, one of the excitements doing the detailed scan when we found out the gender of the baby inside...

Lets scroll down ;)

Make a guess!!!
We decided to keep it "surprise" till day of my delivery..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


On this 2nd pregnancy, I was enjoying eating foods to the fullest!
Orang kata peluang makan jangan dilepaskan..
Hasilnye..I keep gaining my weight week by week..
And now,I was at 64kg..7kgs extra for the past 6months...
I just realized that I started to develop sweet tooth cravings since I was at 5months pregnancy..
Ada je terlintas nak makan cake la..choc,donut..
Even kalau kat office pengat pisang pun boleh teringin nak makan..hishhihihs!!!
So balik office or during weekend,mulalah nak itu ini..

yummy cheesy cake...
* drooling time tgh type ni ;)

sweet choc!!

Worst things..I was eating like lupa diri ..
Almost forgot that my last pregnancy I was suspected to have gestational diabetes..
* tak lupa sebenarnye..saje nak enjoy before the next GTT..ahaks!!

Teringat time pregnant Adam dulu..
Just after the 1st trimester, I gained 3 kgs in a week..
Biasalah..nurse bising lalu suruh I buat GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test)..
Worst thing..GTT time tu result nak tak nak I have to start to monitor my blood sugar profile (BSP)..
And even jumpe dietitian to advice me on diet that I shud take..
Hasilnye..I just gained about 9kgs throught out my 1st pregnancy..
And Alhamdulillah..during all the BSP test and HbA1C test also..I was at normal level..
Since I was scared with all the info I read about the gestational diabetes, I decided to follow my gynae to keep monitoring my sugar profile..

And at 2nd pregnancy, since I have history during my last pregnancy, so Prof Siti asked me to do the GTT again..
* Ya Allah..fobia nye minum air gula ni..yuck!!
So last 2weeks,on Saturday morning we went for GTT at UMSC...

Picture courtesy of google image

Compare to last GTT, air gula ni ok sket sb ada perisa orange...hahaha...!!
1 pack tu about 75g sugar dilute in a glass of water..pengsan!!!
3 days after that, the results out!...
And again..this time it was at border line..OMG!
* Apalah Nadia ni...patutnye after minum pergilah jalan2 sket..baru lemak duduk lepak cafe sambil surf internet!!
So nak tak nak..I have to start monitor my sugar profile..and control my diet too..;(
Of course foods with hi sugar intake should be avoided!
No more cakes,choc, donut...sorry baby!!
Tak pe untuk kebaikan bersama....;)


Guna balik device for BSP test after about 2years duduk dalam almari..

So far my last check, everything was OK..
Continue to do for every week..
picture courtesy of google image

Hopefully everything goes well..
I was happy to do this compare last time I have to go clinic about 4 times per day..;(
In fact I was happy that I need to control my diet too..
Risau jgak naik mendadak specially towards end of trimester ni..
So nak tak nak..bye bye sweet tooth!!

If you need to know more about gestational diabetes,check out this website!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

27 Months Old Adam Mikael

Both mommy and Adam were on MC today..hehehe ;)
I wasnt in good condition, feeling so tired and decided to get rest at home..
While Adam was having running nose since last week, and me.. decided to gv him mc too..;)
My hubby keep asking whether is a good idea to leave him with me..
Then I said..I need someone to accompany me..ahaks!!
As usual..Adam woke up early.. just gv me extra few hour to rest after Subuh..

And pagi2 dah mintak on tv.
Instead of Barney..mommy pasangkan Adam cite Up..
One of his fave movie..

As today is his 27th months birthday..
Mommy decided to belanja Adam makan McD..hehehehe..

Adam enjoyed his fave Big B'fast..
Lucky mommy order extra burger..
Kalau tak tgk je la jawabnye...

Dah abis Big B'fast..
Mintak roti and cheese plak..

And now at 3.30 pm, this cheeky boy still sleeping soundly after terrible moment for afternoon nap..
yeap..I said terrible since he no longer bfeed for about 4 days..
Susahnye nak suruh tidur....
Siap merajuk2 amik bag nursery konon nak lari pergi nursery..

I should join him now..
Since I need to charge myself too..
or else mommy pancit nak layan Adam after dia dah fully recharge..;(

Happy 27th Months Birthday Adam..
Mommy and papa love u so much...

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Short Trip to Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi

Another delay entry ;)

Plan bercuti kali ini, seriously mmg tak masuk plan jangka masa pendek..
But yet, again thanks for the football team who had contributed to our new year PH.. turned to be a long weekend...
So on Thurs, I make a booking for Colmar Tropicale , Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi..
Lucky there still room available and of course it wasn't on the New Year Eve..
* price dia pun mahal time tu..
I've made booking for Sun, 2nd of January 2011..

BerjayaHills, Bukit Tinggi 2011

I dont know why suddenly the idea popped up to have a vacation at Bukit Tinggi..
* even that was only for 1 night stay ..ahaks!
Sb konon nak pergi Cameron Highland during the next long hol..
Bila pike balik, this time visit will be an intresting one since there will be many activities to do specially with the lil one around..
Back on July 2008, we've been here for honey cum babymoon vacation..
During that time, I was at 7months preggy..
It was a sweet memorable trip since that was our 1st time to be at Bukit Tinggi..

Myself at 7months pregnant, July 2008...

Myeslf at 6months preggy, 2011
* semangat bawak baju sama nak bergambar konon2..;)

That was Adam inside mommy's bump!!
Cepatnye masa berlalu..

Back to my story..
We reached Bukit Tinggi around 3pm for room check in..
And again..we were super duper excited for this time trip!!
Just imagine..the room that I booked earlier, which only cost about RM201 (superior room including entrance fees cost of RM24 for 2 adults)..
Has been upgrade into spacious suite, facing the market square, with the same!!
* thanks you so much to the lovely lady at reception desk!!muahss!!

Compare to previous visit, of course this time trip we focused more on giving Adam chance to explore..
* Itu pun kami dah exclude place like Kiddie Ride area and playground area..kalau tak mahu asyik nak ke sana aje si Adam..;)
So after we check in for the room, we bring Adam to the nearest fish and swan pond..
Kat sini saje pun, dah berapa lama spend..
Tak cukup petang tu..smp esok pagi pun nak pergi lagi..aduhai!!

"mommy!mommy!! eat mamam!!!

Activity untuk papa pun ada...

As usual, activity at swimming pool was his fave one!
Lucky our room not facing the pool..
kalau tak mahu tidur dalam pool agaknye kami bertiga!!

The next day, we had visit to the Rabbit Farm..

That was the most joyful moment spent at Rabbit Farm..
Adam had a tons of fun..
Puas di kejarnye rabbit kat situ..
"mommy,mommy!!babbit babbit!!

Actually there were many more activities to do here..
Cuma kebetulan kami datang, cuaca tak berapa mengizinkan..
We have to cancel visit to Horse Trail..
Sian time k..
Other place like Botanic Garden and Japenese Village pun kami tak pergi..
Mak buyung tak larat nak panjat bukit ;)

Seriously, even we only had chance to spend for 2D1N stay here..
We really had a great time ...
Adam was still excited specially when he watched his video chasing the rabbit!
Hopefully nanti boleh bawak adik Adam plak kat sini..
Travel tak jauh, so tak payah nak spend masa lama nak travel..

2008..It was 2 of us..

2011...3 of us
3 more months to go..
Additional of new family members..
Time flies so fast!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 challenge!

Hi everyone..
Just after 1 week of 2011, I just get a right time to sit down and write an entry for 2011 opening..
* itupun bila Adam n papa tgh layan Barney inside the room..
Too many things to do at office for my next week program macam nak bernafas pun tak sempat..
* amboi poyo nye ayat itu..
But its so true for me,I never had experience organizing any big event before, handling many people and liaising with many vendors..betul buat rase 1 hari tu sgt penat..
* ouch ouch..selingan jap, baby doing karate inside my calm dear!!

We just said goodbye to 2010 and welcomed the new year 2011 ..
Kalau tgk kat blog skrang pun, everyone keep updating their 2011 resolutions..
I love to read their new resolutions, boleh tambah dalam resolutions sendiri as many of them really motivated me and inspired me in many ways...
Example when I read Nuurill's entry..about the time management!
Its so true..kalau kita boleh manage our time well, mmg bnyk boleh kita achieved kan..

Before year 2010 end, sempat jgak carik entry 2010 resolutions..
Boleh tgk apa yang dah achieve and mane yg tak bergerak ke ape..
So far Alhamdulillah..
Most of it is again about the time management..
I'm happy for myself walaupun I'm not doing it 100% perfect..but at least many of them ada improvement..
Eventho I can see a lil bit slow progress, at least bergerak jgak lah..
So hopefully this year boleh continue to improve..InsyaALLAH..

Overall for this 2011,I can see many challenges awating for me next..
Specially when I will be a mommy for 2 kids in another 3 more months..
With the commitment increased, time will be so constraint to us..
And to handle newborn with an active growing up kid..I really can see that both of us need to be extra extra patient!
Yang paling penting sentiasa kena doa Allah memudahkan segala urusan..
So that I can be a better person in many ways..InsyaAllah..

I have a lot of pending items to be update..
Hopefully I could fine a suitable time so that takde lah cite nanti jadik basi ek.
Time to sleep..Adam masih belum berjaya tidur  walaupun my hubby dah selamat dozzzzz!!
Nite nite...;)

p/s: plannye nak upload latest picture of myself at 24months (this week)..ntah mane plak hubby save..
tomorrow ek ;)

Here we go..
Myself at 23 months...
Sangat gemokkss!!
Last checkup my weight was at 61.5kg..3 more months to go..
Mesti boleh capai 68kg...huhuuhu ;)

This picture was taken by the amatur photographer..
Mr Adam Mikael..
KLCC 25th DEC 2010
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