Thursday, February 28, 2013

$$$$ K-ching time $$$$

Hujung2 bulan, keje Nuffnangers mesti nak cash-out duit kat tabung Nuffnang, kan u'olls? Jangan tak tahu mak enchek pagi2 dah cash out takut bila dah duk meeting bagai terlupa. Kita bukan cash out tiap-tiap bulan mcm top blogger yea, tapi syukurlah, this is the first for this year 2013. Hopefully will have more afterwards. Those print screens for my personal collections and could be to inspire other new blogger as well *mana tau kan*


Go back to zero!!
Mari menabung semula.. 

Total dah cash out so far..
Few more hundreds to 3k..Alhamdulillah..

Thank you Nuffnang!!
*peluk ketat2*


Unknown said...

Weeee! Bestnye!
Bley blanje during our playdate this wknd **wink!

Unknown said...

wah banyak tu total sume..almost 3k..jeles..kita br 3 gak tp 3ratus tapinya..xpenah cash out ingat nk simpan smpi dh 1k kot (ntah berapa taun lagik..sobs)

Atie said...

Wah bestnya..hasil menulis ja dpt almost 3k kan..

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