Monday, November 30, 2009

my compress updates..

good morning..
wahwah bestnye monday morning at hometown..hujan plak kt luar..malas betul nak gerak balik shah alam..dah delay oneday..nomore delay..nanti boss marah..hehehe..;)

btw as been informed at earlier entry.. bnyk nak slow2 la..
before entry utk Eid Adha holiday ..mommy nak update bout last week story mory...

3 of us went out with Ibu Aimy pergi jalan2 at the curve and ikano. .
lama dah tak kuar jalan2..ok lah. lepas nih maybe dah susah nak outing2 since ibu Aimy pn dah pi corum nak gathering pun dah berkurangan after umi Reehan n Aisyah dah ke Aussie..(huhu..last gathering time raya..the sweetest memory for all of us..)..

All of us...good job papa!


"mommy.. stroller Adam nih dah jadik trolly shopp' mommy lak..hish2!"..

ni terselit plak Adam n cik mimi..after swimming last weekend..

haah..Adam new hair cut!how is it?...
nmpk lagi chubby lah mommy rase with this hair cut...cpt tumbuh rambut..

my belang2 pyjamas..mommy like it!

"auch!mommy ni censored lah"...Adam in his small pool..

ok lah ..more on next update..gtg.."bie, ok..mommy dah nak gerak nih.."
last word..mmmmuuuaahhhss...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

my luv at the first sight..

yuhuu..finally got time to update..
quick update before packing balik shah alam..
bnyk rase benda nak update..infact i keep listing all the topics to update in my blog.
InsyaAllah..when I hv the rite time..

Teringat before balik raye..bgn tido mommy tiba2 rase nak beli bag..
since mommy dah tak sesuai bawa cute2 handbag g office..(sb nak kn bawa equip pump Adam)..
so mommy buat special request kat papa..
dah lama suka bag sb br jer beli bag bb Nine West tu..tak mau lah beli lagi i keep it to myself..
dah lame sgt duk mommy ajak lah papa gi klcc..
ape lagi after balik keje..quick run to klcc..
frust jgak black color dah habis..
takpe pun ok gak..tq papa..

simple yet nice..headaitch from kaler..muatlah nak letak semua "pumping stuff "..hehehe

Thursday, November 12, 2009

ice cream time..

Happy Sunday again...

This week we just spent our weekend at home..
cik mimi and yein pun datang nak main2 ngan Adam..
so we had lunch together..mommy dah lama tak masak..
its a nice weekend..:)

earlier Adam dah turun for swimming class kat swimming pool bawah..hehe
nmpknyer Adam dah ada improvement,dah boleh kayuh2 and gerak2 tangan..
"katak" style.later mommy will update the video...

Actually update mommy nih a lil bit ketinggalan..1 week delay...
maklumlah weekdays balik dah tak sempat nak update..kat office bz...
after mommy went to office last week, for callibration work..3 of us went to Sunway Pyramid..for food hunting...
penat jgak lah mommy and papa duk pike nak mkn ape..finally we decide to eat at Carls Jr..
Adam mmg tgh bad mood,br kejap lelap dalam keta dah bgn..muka dia tgh termenung pun sempat papa captured...
after the dinner..we singgah jap at Baskin Robbins...
so eager to give Adam a try of ice cream..
here we go..some peektures of him having an ice cream..tak bnyk pun..bagi rase jer..

Adam tengah bad cream for 3 of us....


papa nih...asyik dia jer..bile turn Adam?.."papa..excuse me.!"

"lambat sangat Adam amik sendiri lah.."

...mmm..bestnye!He really enjoyed it..tapi tak boleh selalu yer sayang...not gud for u..

Adam wit Mr Bunny ..

"Adam gigit bunny nih..degil sgt.. k..mommy!"...


Dinner...nice quote..!

Action jer..tak leh makan...

And finally that nite..Adam dapat sandal baru..tgk isi kaki dia yg berlebih2an chubby anak mommy ni..

ok lah..this is my first time updating the blog while Adam sitting beside me.. dia pun dah start nangis..gtg..nak main2 ngan dia..
later nak masak bubur plak...huhuhu..mommy ingat nak update resipi bubur utk ibu Aimy...
Ok lah have a nice Sunday..!mmmmuuuaahhhhsss....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

peekaboo of babywearing..


Just a quick updates..

Actually I've been very bz with some research (so called " "..huhuhu) of baby wearers after I received a call from Ibu Aimy couple of days ago..
Before this mmg selalu dah tgk orang pakai sling to carry their bb..include our close fren Ibu Aimy..tapi ntah lah bukan tak minat..cuma that time tak mayb for d next baby..I'Allah...
I used Baby Bjorn Air Carrier to carry Adam last time..but after 10months, it seems like the things not proper to support him anymore..thus we only used stroller all the time we go for shopp'..
tp tahu jer lah..after a while Adam will get bored and start crying..and that time papa will start to carry him..
After Ibu Aimy called and introduce mommy to few blogs and website,I finally realized there will be new solution for this..thanks Ibu ..mmuuuahhhsss...
Rite now I'm still reading all the gud info of ssc (soft structured baby carrier) and surf the brands in the market..
Maybe after this I can share the pro and cons of using this instead of my previous carrier..
Feel free to check out the websites..
I'm not sure why suddenly I can't attach d pics rite now,later at home I will do the final touch up..hehehe...

    Here we go..
    Adam in the carrier at 4 months..(ooopppss..tgn Adam kat ctu aje..)

    Soft structured baby carrier...boba

    Sunday, November 8, 2009

    Dinner at Garden Rest...


    Just 20min pass 12midnite..dah masuk sunday...weekend is so tired for mommy...
    A lot of things to do..sometimes sampai tak settle on weekend..huhuhu..
    nak pike amik maid,ntahlah..macam2 cerita skrang nih..
    neway thanks to my hubby bnyk help mommy settle d housework..
    not to forget my lil hero yg help mommy sepah2kan balik semua toys dia ...pening!
    Rite now sambil2 tgu baju dalam washing mc tuh..bolehla update blog and tgk2 fb...

    Just to share on last week activity..
    We just had our dinner last wed at OU..Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe...
    before ni selalu jgak lalu kat tepi cafe ni, tp tk de rs nak singgah..
    tp why not we just have a try..papa agreed..*wink2*..
    ok..the food is good..the environment is comfy and peaceful..maybe sb bnyk pokok2 hijau kat dalam tuh...

    Here we go..some pic as memory..

    the enterance...

    appetizer..caesar salad..yummy!

    papa's sirloin steak...well done!

    mommy's black paper chicken..walla..

    adam try carrot juice..sket je!
    apple lemon tea..wonderful..mommy...

    mommy wit Adam..

    Unfortunately there's no food for Adam had his salmon brocolli porridge for the dinner..from mommy's cafe...hehehe..
    Ok la..gtg..need to settle all the cloth..
    dunno wat d plan for 2morrow yet..maybe need to go to office lil while..calibration work today..nak pergi tgk2 jap..

    Saturday, November 7, 2009

    Quick glance of last weekend..

    sunday morning at indahria apt
    Adam with professional instructor..huhuhu


    mr dino...

    enjoy the time..

    un-professional instructor...papa :P

    At McD SP..

    Nak jugak dia panjat...

    Finally reach up there...


    Quick update..!
    Here we go to' ma..
    The video will be update soon ..mommy bz doing weeknd tired..
    going out for grocceries shopp'..

    Tuesday, November 3, 2009

    Adam's 1st Birthday..

    17 Oct..Adam dah 1 year..tak sangka my 2.83kg baby growing up dah jd 10.8 kg pun..
    so last wk mommy and papa buat lah kenduri kecik2..actually after 1 wk of b'day Adam..
    coz nak tgu to'ma and to'ki from trg..

    a week before Adam's b'day and during the whole week after his b'day..everyday mommy,papa,to'ma n cik mimi..duk nyanyikan adam birthday song..konon nak bg dia familiar wit da ok lah, he start to enjoy and smiling happily when mommy and papa pagi2 lagi dah jadi scool choir..

    here we go..some of the pic during the birthday celebration..1st at Adam's kinddy(tots to toddlers)..2nd close family (thanks aunty aida for d cake)..n last but not least during the small makan2...

    mommy was so happy since fews of my frenz from SHAMS (thx lampirianz muahs),best fren lin,pc (cik mai,bob,fadhil),utm and flex pun ada..thanks!dah jadi gath mommy pun ade..sowie papa:)

    at d' kinddy..I wish for...

    with cik mimi....

    when mommy suddenly got xcited.. yuhuu...

    ready Adam....


    Eimran...makan cake!


    bb cik mai...farell

    wit to'ma n uncles

    smile ayeen...:)

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