Friday, February 25, 2011


Hi all...
Another pre-loved baby stuff to let go..
Kali ini bedding set from Bumble Bee..
Most of bedding set were used for not more than 2 months..
Pakai time confinement at Trg..and after balik Shah Alam, langsung tak pernah  sentuh..
Still in good condition..
Jom tengok...

Bumble Bee 2 pcs Cot Bumper
 RM 75 (including postage) 
¬ Sold!

Size 81" x 12"
100% cotton

Bumble Bee Fitted Crib Sheet + Pillow Case + Bolster Set
RM35 (Including postage)
¬ Sold!

Fitted Crib Sheet 
Fits up to 52" x 28 " x 4"
(Brand new)

Pillow Case (S) 12.75 " x 8.5" (brand new)
2pcs bolster (S) 16" x diameter 4"  (washed for about 3-4 times)


Interested buyer and any enquiries, please drop comment  or email me at

First come first serve basis

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Under the Weather

As my previous entry, I promised to update entry about Adam's health..
Skrang ni tengah musim, ramai yg tak sihat..
Alhamdulillah, Adam dah fully recovered, tinggal mommy dia plak yg having bad cough dah nak masuk 1 week...
Suffernye batuk time pregnant ni..hanya Allah yg tahu..
I never faced this problem during my 1st pregnancy..
Dah masuk berapa hari ni, nampaknye tak sembuh2...kurang pun takde..
Night time paling worst..dah berapa hari tak boleh tidur..
Sakit batuk time pregnancy ni macam nk tercabut urat perut..everytime batuk, rase muscle strain kat bahagian perut..
Perut mengeras and plus dah masuk 3rd trimester ni with baby dah kepala kat bawah.. pushing the bladder, everytime batuk siap terkencing2...
Ulang alik gie toilet tak usah cakap...
The first 3,4 days, I decided not to take any cough medications, instead I preferred natural remedies..
Honey lemon juice,honey..semua lah...tapi tak jalan...
Gynae also suggested to take lozenges, malam tu lagi tak boleh tidur tekak gatal yg amat...
Yesterday time bawak Adam follow up check, I met the GP again..
The doc suggested to take expectorant at small doses..
Untuk cairkan kahak..if prolong excessive cough, kena jumpe gynae balik..
At final trimester ni,kalau batk teruk sgt, boleh lead to prematured delivery..Nauzubillah..
So last night I took cough medc, still tak jalan jgak.since the doc dah bagi mc for today..
I decided to have rest at home and drink a lot of water to reduce the pain..
Malam baru makan ubat balik..
Ya Allah..sembuhkan lah penyakit hambamu ini...

Back to Adam story...
Adam was down with flu and mild fever 2,3 days before he got admitted..
Returned from nursery on Thurs, he started to get running nose..
I thot it was a normal flu..and next day,balik nursery nampak dia dah passive aje..
So that night we brought him to nearest panel clinic at TTDI Shah Alam..
The chest was cleared and fever pun sb dia active berlari2..the doc said not to worry..

The next day, we went back to Banting..
On the way back, his temperature started to increase..
And masa tu tengok nafas dia pun makin rough, so we decided to drive back to Shah Alam after just 2 hrs at Banting..
From Banting we straight away heading to DEMC..
We met Dr Gulam, the GP at DEMC and he suggested for nebulizer..
Started from that time, kami ulang alik 3-4 times for the neb!
On Sunday evening, we met Dr Gulam again..
He said the infection still there and he suggested for admission to ensure regular neb and antibiotic..
We agreed and it was the 1st time Adam being admitted to hospital..

DEMC 13th - 16th February 2011

The first time Adam took neb was about a year ago..
And this time, awal2 tu mmg menangis lah...
Macam2 kami pujuk nak suruh dia cool down..
Siap kena janji bawak pergi feeding fish, buy Chunggington..macam2 la..
Tapi bila dah every 2 hrs kena neb, dia sendiri yang offered everytime the nurse came for neb session...

Sian anak mommy...
Please dont trust the picture...
The picture taken time dia penat sgt...
Adam actually sangat active walaupun kena admitted...

Tgk ni hah...activity Adam time admitted..
Alhamdulillah..kalau dia passive karang, risau plak mommmy and papa...

Lucky, ward kanak2 kat level 4 dah full..
Kalau tak mau Adam tak duduk bilik..
Asyik main kat playground aje

DEMC children ward mmg nice..
Siap ada reading room and playgorund lagik..

Selain drp explore bilik, keje Adam apa lgik, tgk cartoon lah..
Since 7am dia dah start tgk Bob Builders continue plak kat Cartoon Network...

Ni pelawat Adam yang enjoyed golek2 atas katil..
Sampai boleh tertidur tu..
Nuh, Nuh...

Alhamdulillah, we were so happy to see Adam enjoyed the food at hospital..
Takde lah risau sangat..
Everytime foods arrived aje, seronok dia..walaupun makan takdelah banyak sangat pun..
Most of the foods I ordered pun, all kiddy foods..
Enjoy lah dia bila ada nuggets, hashbrown, spaghetti..yumyum!!

2nd day..

3rd day..
Adam and his iron man hand..
He was so happy to have hand wrapped like that..
Habis semua orang kena fire ngan Adam...

4th day breakfast..

Alhamdulillah, even Adam has to admit for 4D3N, the paed, Dr Roliza said Adam just had minor infection at his lung..or also known as bronchpneumonia..
Syukur, with consistent antibiotic and other medications, in less than 1 week, flu and cough dia dah clear..
No more wheezing ..Alhamdulillah..
Kalau tak, mau 2-3 weeks baru boleh hilang flu..

Hari Rabu petang, Adam dah boleh balik..
Adam was so sad bila nurse came to remove his iron man hand...
and that evening jgak, kami bawak Adam ke Laman Seri to feed the fish..
kena tuntut janji...
Adam, Adam...

p/s: sakit badan sebab duk tidur atas tilam hospital yang keras...;(

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hi all...
As my previous entry, here we go...
My 1st preloved babystuff milik Adam Mikael to let go..

Used only for 4 -5 months..
Most of the time, safely keep inside the plastic bag ;)
Overall, the carrier still in good condition..
Ready for viewing!

Color : Dark Blue

Airy and cool for both baby and parents..

Details of items:

From newborn (at least 8 lbs and 21 in/3.5 kg and 53 cm) up to 25 lbs/11 kg.
The airy, breathable 3D mesh wicks moisture and heat away from you and your baby. It was developed especially for BabyBjörn and is 100% polyester.
The textiles closest to the child have been tested and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 for baby products. They are guaranteed harmless to children’s sensitive skin and will not trigger allergies.
Product care
Machine-wash, warm (40 °C). Wash separately with a gentle, bleach-free detergent.
Download our Owner’s Manual in one easy click. (2 MB).
Carrying positions
When the child is older and has a stronger neck, the head support can be folded down, allowing the child to be carried facing forward and to have a look around.

Offered price!!!
Including postage
* come without original box and manual instruction can be download from babybjorn website as per above!

Adam in his carrier @ 3 & 4 mos...

Interested buyer or any enquiries, drop comment or email me at

p/s : Hasil jualan akan dimasukkan ke dalam tabung untuk beli mainan Adam...hehehehe ;)
For his saving la...

Friday, February 18, 2011

PART II CNY HOL : Happy Spring Cleaning Mommy!!

Hi everyone..
After a week, baru boleh update part 2 entry..
Too many things happened in between..
On Sun, Adam was admitted to DEMC and discharged after 3 nights stay..
Thurs and today, me and my hubby terpaksa amik AL lagi sb paed suggested not to send to nursery since he still under recovering myself also started to have cough..
Owh dont worry, Adam just having a bad flu and cough, lead to minor lung infections..
Alhamdulillah..everythings dah ok..
Will be update the entry soon..
Since this entry dah berkurun duk dalam draft, better to shoot first..;)

Looking at his happy face..
Takde lah risau sangat hati mommy and papa..


Ikut calculations, currently I'm in 31 weeks..
Tapi kalau ikut 2,3 kali scan lately ni..the fetus size is almost 2 weeks bigger..
I shud take the average since my last period given pun main taram aje..
The baby size dah masuk 2kg and I started to have back pain..
Not so comfortable specially night time..wuhh!!

Back to story pasal spring cleaning..
During that long holiday, I had prepared a long list of "What to Do" to occupy that free time..
Lagipun dah nak masuk 8 bulan time tu..bnyk lagi barang baby yang belum terusik..
Baju2 recycle time Adam newborn and plus new one yg masih cantik duduk dalam paper bag..
Since I've been planing for confinement here in Shah Alam, bnyk lah menda nak kena clear up kat rumah banglow sempit I ni...


Bayang kan..setiap ada ruang rata, mesti ada bungkusan2 yg kurang menarik..
Tak tahu nak sumbat mane dah actually..
So nak tak nak, mane dah tak pakai, kena clear out!!
Ikutkan perangai, mmg suka keep semua ada sweet memory behind..
Tapi kalau dah banglow sizenye 1008sf aje..hentikan la!!
* wait for next entry...nak bukak garage sale for preloved stuff!!*wink

Spring cleaning list started by taking out all Adam's new born clothes..
Bungkusan 0 to 3 months nye..sort out mane yang elok and still boleh pakai...Wash!

* abaikan baju Adam yg ada kat jemuran skali tu yer..

Dapat jugaklah satu bakul..
Jimat tak payah spend beli baju newborn..
Time Adam dulu pun, banyak baju tak dan nak pakai..
Asyik rotate baju yg suitable pakai aje..
Lesson learnt, newborn cloth tak payah beli bnyk2!!

Tak termasuk lagik, sort baju2 Adam dalam wardrobe yang dah tak muat..
Pack properly and ape lagi..campak atas almari ku yang masih ada small space tu la..
Mane tak penuh almari tu...hish!!

Settle urusan baju-bajuan..
Nak kena clear up Adam playing room plak..
Sb temporary nak jadik  changing room for baby..
Bilik daku dah tak muat nak masuk pape dah..compact!!
* hancus harapan nak beli wardrobe for baby..proposal rejected sb space wise..
Syukur ada helping hand from En Hubby..kalau tak mahu pengsan nak kena pack toys Adam yang dah tk sesuai for his age..

Budak kecik yang sebbok nak tolong mommy..
Tak sampai 5min susun..dia sepah kan plak buku2 dia..adoii!!!

Abis settle Adam's playing room..
Nak kn settle ebm storage yang dah lama simpan dalam almari kitchen..
Seronok jugak sorting ebm bottles..
Disamping kira berapa botol masih elok for next stock..
Pending nak kn clean botol2 ni aje..

Kira punye kira..ada 50 bottles aje..
wawawa...macamne ni...stock botol baru kena tambah!!
Pening ;(
Wait for mothercare next sale lah!!

Check balik list...ingat dah settle..

Adoiii..baju dalam paperbag belum sentuh lagik..
Tak termasuk cot bumper,bedspread..mak aiii..bila nak buat ni...
Time cuti aritu,air plak slow..kdg2 takde air.. aktiviti membasuh kena la dikurangkan..

Bila nak settle ni...weekend lepas dah duduk ward..
Hopefully weekend ni boleh slow2 start balik..
* badan sakit tidur katil hospital pun tak abis lagik..huhuhuhu...
Ni baru spring cleaning part 1..part 2 list dah ada..
Bila nak launch???..yg ni nak kn panggil bibik tolong..mak buyung nehi nehi!!!
Karang ada plak terberanak awal.. hehehe...

Dalam spring cleaning aktiviti ni..ada plak incident berlaku..
Gara anak teruna yang sebbok duk nak tolong mommy and papa dia..
Main2 dalam bakul baju...skali tertonggeng ke belakang..
Bakul hempap kat Adam..tinggal scar kat muka..siannn!!

His 1st scar..

Lega 75% dah settle ...for 1st list la..
Next week hasilnye..mommy sakit pinggang..huhuhu!!
Till then...wait for my garage sale entry...!!!yeha..;)

Latest update for my great bargain today!

Avent via cup storage 8oz (w/out lid) for only RM33.50
10 cups..yes!yes!!!
Parkson sale for Bonuslink card member..20% discount!

Susah betul nak dapat yang 8oz punye..
Time sorting aritu,ada 10 lids without cups..
Sb semua cup tu dah over use..
Now I know why Avent sell the cups without lids..

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Nampaknye asyik update cite basi je lah skrang..
How I wish to have more time in 1 day...wawawa...!!!
As of now, I'm at 30wks, another 10 more weeks to go..
But I prayed for early delivery...After wk36 I wish!!
Doakan saya ek..
Dah 2 hari duk umah, gynae gv mc sb preggy mommy ni dah 3 mlm tak boleh tidur..
Baby sgt active kat dalam perut..
Ntah lah nape..tidur mengiring pun tak mo..telentang terus susah nak nafas..
Alih terkelip2 tak boleh tidur..
Tension seh!!

Ok..back to story, CNY hol..
I guess ramai yg berholiday time CNY haritu..
Maklumlah cuti panjang..paling kurang pun balik kg..bercuti jgak lah namenye kan..
Different with me n my family,we decided to spend the hol in Shah Alam je..
Since my mom pun dah dtg for her meeting that weekend, so reason tak balik Trg makin kuatlah..
Plus Adam pun nak beraya with her nenek side..

Actually this was the 1st time Adam beraya kat umah uncle and aunties belah my hubby..
Since after the hubby's granny passed away,they not celebrated CNY for about 3 yrs..
So, this time, no more escape!!

Adam exploring the house..
@  great grandma house..

"Gong Xi Fa Chai nenek"...

Adam,mommy and nenek (my MIL)..

The best part Adam boleh kutip angpow..;)

Basically cuti CNY ni, I dah make a long list of "What to Do"..
Will update at Part II entry soon..InsyaAllah..
But yet, since kaki ni bukan boleh duduk diam sgt..time petang je dah buntu nak buat ape..
Then my hubby will come out with his minum petang plan..
To make the outing lagi syiok, mommy touch up2 sket by diverting the minum2 petang plan to nearest shopp' complex...hahahaha..
Since 2,3 minggu before tu, shopping complex mmg super crowded..but this time walla..
Lengang seh!!

Besides, we also decided to let Adam enjoy his time playing with kiddie rides too..
Secupak mommy bawak duit syiling from house!!

Adam n his faveThomas at The Empire

Sebelum tu Adam dah naik Bob the Builder, Garfield...semua lah yang ada kat The Empire tu..
Yang ni jer mommy sempat snap!
Lain...mommy tersekat kat baby shop!!;)

Ingatkan alih perhatian masuk toys r us is a good idea..
Alih2 kami kena paw!!

Enjoying his new Thomas and Friends stuff!

On Sat, we decided to minum2 petang at OU plak..
Adam enjoyed his ride!

and more...

While having coffee at Kluang Station, suddenly the DJ announced for Lion Dance Show at the main concourse of OU New Wing..
Dah lama tgu masa ni...selalunye asyik tunjuk Adam thru tv aje..
Tak sangka boleh tunjuk kat dia live kali ini..
Bila gendang start bunyi aje, we immediately brought him to find a good spot..

Unfortunately, bunyi gendang yang kuat gile buat anak teruna I takut...
Kuat gile dia peluk papa dia...
Alih2  just after 5min show je..dah kena bawak Adam lari sb dia takut  sgt..

But yet, he still excited when he saw the lion suddenly appeared!

Day before, we've been invited to my aunt's SIL birthday party (her son party actually) at Damansara Damai..
Since we really have our free time, we decided to join the party plus another minum petang for my hubby..

Adam and his relatives...
Sukalah kena kepit kakak2 commel..

While mommy and papa plak teruja tgk design cantik Armanee Condo ni...
Sgt best!!
Tapi mahalnye!!

Me and my mak alang..;)
Mak buyung yang dah selambak!

Thats all..
Wait for part II ;)
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