Thursday, February 28, 2013

$$$$ K-ching time $$$$

Hujung2 bulan, keje Nuffnangers mesti nak cash-out duit kat tabung Nuffnang, kan u'olls? Jangan tak tahu mak enchek pagi2 dah cash out takut bila dah duk meeting bagai terlupa. Kita bukan cash out tiap-tiap bulan mcm top blogger yea, tapi syukurlah, this is the first for this year 2013. Hopefully will have more afterwards. Those print screens for my personal collections and could be to inspire other new blogger as well *mana tau kan*


Go back to zero!!
Mari menabung semula.. 

Total dah cash out so far..
Few more hundreds to 3k..Alhamdulillah..

Thank you Nuffnang!!
*peluk ketat2*

Why Islamic Montessori?

Today I'm a little bit gloomy. I started my day replying my friend msg asking about BBIM. Its find actually nothing went wrong. Then I was scrolling the google search, because I suddenly wonder what else out there choices we have for Islamic Montessori preschool. Bare in mind, that Montessori concept/method has been established since early 1906 *u can read here* but Islamic Montessori is a blend of that concept for all Muslims parents who want their children to learn from early years about the beautiful life of Islam. That's all. Please do not elaborate more. Why am saying that, soon u'll find. Check it this link for info about Montessori preschools in Malaysia!

If u still remember my entry, when I was so busied hunting for kindies, the Islamic way of kindies to be specific *of course that time I was cetek ilmu pasal Montessori ni pun*, there's alot of preschool using Islamic based in their syllabus out there. Yes, I went to have many visits, adjusting my morning routes and studying all the aspect - syllabus, environment and fees structures as well. And at the end we decided to enrol our kids to BBIM. The moment I decided to enrol, I was actually in love with the Montessori ways and of course BBIM the closest I can find *considering the morning journey as well*

As of today, not to say I fully satisfied with what BBIM have done *back to what they committed us in the beginning , yet I'm still ok with that. Giving them time to improve here and there *even though until now I'm still waiting for their monthly menu where they promised to send in monthly basis* Sigh!

I came across one of my blog roll's friend, she's talking about preschool as well. The entry which wrote back in 2011, have alot of comments *about 280* all comments about frustrated parents about certain preschools they sent their kids. Mostly the Islamic Montessori schools. Its scared me the moment I started reading, since I know some of them pointing out to BBIM obviously, yet after that I just realized its only preschool. Not to say that I'm not a concern and cerewet mommy to think about all what your kids doing at school *since I spent big bucks every months for them too*, yet I don't want to stress out myself. For example, friend over friends told me that using Montessori concept, kids learning a lil bit slow - then I'm starting to put extra effort to help my kids as well. On reading for example, so I started to figure out method they always used to help kids on reading. Further, there are some comments who also condemn on Malay over Islam practice, Ya Allah, this scared me too. I don't want to elaborate more, worry that later my entry become top in the searching engine, kan susah plak ramai datang condemn. Think about this, what do you expect when you a send a preschooler to Islamic based kindergarten? Answer to yourself!

After all, we have 1 year to monitor, *as I'm not that rich to suddenly change the school and burnt the annual fees we have paid - unless its related to safety wise* Meantime, I'm happy that my kids happy going to school everyday, school also took extra efforts to listen comments from parents through the careline medium they introduced, and also I'm now enjoying learning more about Montessori too, so that I can help to extend the method at house too. I just attended a Family Coaching event organized by brainybunch last weekend, InsyaAllah, will share all the tips on parenting soon. 

Meantime, this is one of my fave video on Montessori method. What I wish and pray, that soon after few years we will have alot more choices in Islamic Montessori preschool with a comprehensive and conducive learning environment - talking about facilities, teachers competency, fees and all related wise* to ensure our future kids will get benefits of this. InsyaAllah!!Just give them time and space.

I think I'm not answering the title right? Yet if you one of my loyal readers, I've answered this in my previous entry about Islamic Montessori preschools kan?
Till then...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WW : Sekali-sekala mommynadia ber "OOTD"

Attending event...
Blouse and skirts by #thepoplook, shawl by #radiusite...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wall painting activity with kiddos..

It's been  a while since we had painting activity together. Not easy when we have a small baby around *that timelah kan*, bukan reti tengok aje, sama naik nak main jugak. Normally we had painting activity at our balcony *can check here*, used many papers and sometimes we take out the art board to make kids more comfortable. Thanks alot to the entry from thepinkstilettos, Iza gave idea on wall painting activity with kids as well, not inside the playroom nor balcony or porch, it was inside the bathroom. It's a brilliant idea babe!! Besides part kids enjoy to have big place to conteng2, when come to cleaning part, its super easy!!Yeay..

Happened one day, Ryan took out the bubble set and insisted to play bubble with his bro, Adam. So I put them in the bathroom to play sb waktu hujan tak silap time tu. After few minutes, instead of blowing the bubbles, Ryan start main letak2 kat mulut. Still not the right time for Ryan to play with bubble at his age, so I took out the painting set. Adam dah start pelik and asked many questions. But when I told them we gonna paint the wall, he became so much excited and happy!

 {so sorry for low quality pictures, bathroom lighting no so good}

Brushes, stampers and rollers..

Hand painting..

Kiddos art wall..

And the 'diaper-artist' in action..
While the other artist..censored nak masuk photos..
Hehehe, I malas nak keluarkan apron semua..hik =)

Kiddos had so much fun. Cleaning part pun dah senang, jirus je air. But be sure, tutup dulu pili air utama sebelum main, tahu jelah kids bila jumpa air, takut licin plak. So safety should come first, and parents must be there all the time during the activity. Have a try!!

Monday, February 25, 2013


How long you usually take to change diaper for your kids?Talking about a growing up toddler to be specific. It ain't easy right. I had the same problem with the super active Ryan too. It won't take less than 3 minutes for me to put him on diaper. He normally will run around the house testing my patient *walaupun still look cute when budak bambam running around without clothes*, but yet, if it is happen everytime I want to wear him diaper, it's no longer cute darling, mommy can easily turns to momster!! hahaha!!

Good news for those who never face this running-around-drama, because Huggies is giving out attractive prizes for parents during their roadshow through 30 seconds or less diaper change challenge *30seconds??Its a real challenge for me arghh! ;(* 

Check out the “Huggies Dry Pants: Change for Better Convenience” roadshow which currently happening from 25th February 2013 to 3rd March 2013 at Concourse Mydin USJ! There will be sessions of the 'Huggies 30 Second Diaper Change Challenge' and performances every day at 10.30am, 2.00pm and 8.00pm. The grand finale will be happening on Sunday 3 March 2013 at 8.00pm – 9.00pm! 

Besides that, there will be live performances, special promotions, giveaways, games, magic tricks and activities to keep parents and kids entertained, there’s something for everyone too! Visit the booths for free samples of Huggies Dry Pants and lots of chances to win goodies!*weeee I loike* 

Just head on down to the concourse of Mydin USJ and see for yourself just how Huggies Dry Pants can make diapering easier and faster! *stress free also, I should give try to this solutions too*
 Gotta start practicing now!!

Don't forget to bring your families there and have fun!!! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

On how to set up a playroom for kids...

It always a fun thing to spend time at my kids playroom. Tak tahulah diorang punya excited as much as I did or not >.< Hahaha mommy yg over ker? But I'm happy that I managed to provide a comfortable and fun playroom for my kids to play and learn. Yeap, some parents they might think it is not necessary to have a playroom for the kids specially when they have a small apartment *like us* and limited rooms to dedicate a room for the kids to play. Yes, its true at one point. But it doesn't mean that you have to dedicate a room to purposely make as a playroom, but as long as you have proper area for kids to play, its more than enough. Yet we can call it as playarea too =) . Obviously when you have kids at house, pretty sure you will have toys as well. And it so much important to have a proper play area for them to channel their creativity through play. Read here and here!

When I decided to have a playarea/playroom for my kiddos, I have set few things to be achieved by having a playroom. Not only they have a designated area to play *good thing living room tk sepah dgn toys* but I wanted them to have a good attitude during playtime. So, when I started setting up the playroom, the first thing first is to sort the toys by their categories. Let's say your kids have a big number of car toys, then you can have one storage dedicated only for cars. Trains, balls, lego and etc etc. By having this, kids not only take  the toys they wanted to play, and yet its easy when it comes to clean up time. There's a lot of good storage system available in the market now, one of the best is trofast from IKEA. Be sure to place the toys within their reach as well, so they don't need to get your assistance everytime they want to take and keep back the toys. And finally after sorted all the toys by the categories, we can take further step to label them as well. Yes its true, dealing with a small toddlers like Ryan, the first few days when I sticked labels to all the storage boxes, he took extra efforts to remove and tear them. Nevermind boy, mommy can print out more to replace, soon you might think its effortless to do that kan =)

I also teach them to play one type of toy at one time..
So they can really focus on the things they do..

Masak-masak time yeay!!!

I'm happy now at least Adam started to aware that he need to clean up the toys after play, and keep at the right storage as well. Now, Ryan also started to learn this good behaviour from his brother. Clap clap Ryan!! 

Clean up the lego..

Gigihnye anak  mommy!!
*spotted the bambam hand =)*

Although our playroom is too small actually to be called as a playroom *and we still need to put the bed frame in case of my parents or guests came for visits* but we were so happy and blessed to have a corner for the kids to have fun time playing and learning * blissful feeling, trust me* After I set up my kids playroom, with my own ideas, now I've started to google and surfed for more ideas to improve. Lucky I was not far behind, at least some of the important things available in our playroom. Yeay!!! I was stumbled *in love oredi* upon a blog on how they decorated the kids playroom and their lovely ideas about playroom too. Feel free to visit their blogs and get more ideas to set up your kids playroom too !, &

This is some of the ideas on how to set up the playroom from one of their entries. What we need to have in one playroom:


{pictures all courtesy of}

Lovely right!!
How I wished I have a big space to decorate my kids playroom as well..
InsyaAllah..soon =)

Got the ideas?
Ok you may start now mommies!!!
All the best..


Baby ( 0 - 12 months)

1. Leap Frog Caterpillar
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3. Mothercare (blue) and Playskool rattles
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Toddlers ( 1 - 3 years)

4.  Leap Frog Text & Learn
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5. Mothercare Floaters
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6. Mickey and Minnie Headband
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Type payment:
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Delivery method:
Postage fees stated at each product, using pos laju.
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Product warranty 
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If you have any question to ask detail about the product, do not hesitate to email me at

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fish feeding with the kiddos..

Last weekend activity - fish feeding time yeay!!

Adam loves fish so much. In fact, we planned to give him a small aquarium soon, maybe during his 5th years birthday. Good way to teach him to take care of his own pet kan.*nak bela kucing memang sah sah rumah tak muat*. Since we don't have aquarium at home now, one of our fave outdoor activities with kids is visiting nearest ponds with fishes inside, and let the kids to feed them - fish feeding activity lah kan. A few weeks back, we brought few pieces of expired breads and visited a mini pond at my sister's neighbourhood. Unfortunately, the mini pond they have only with few tiny fishes inside *nak kata anak berudu pun yer kut* Pity kiddos.

2 weeks back, we had minum petang at Coffee Planet at Laman Seri. Used to be our fave place back then since they have mini pond with a lot of big fishes inside. But they never maintained the pond well, end up we only can see the fish mouths everytime Adam threw the breads. Gila punya hijau air time tu. So, after 2 years, hubby decided to drop by and showed Adam and Ryan the pond which used to be our weekend tempat lepak dulu2. To our surprise, there still a lot big fishes inside and the pond now maintained very well. Thank you to the authority to give back the happiness to my kids! Since we never planned of fish feeding activity that time, we did not bring any bread with us, kebetulan pulak kedai tutup sebab CNY, so we went home frustratedly. 

So last week, on lovely Sunday evening, empat beranak ni berangkatlah ke Laman Seri with a packet of expired bread. We really had fun and of course will pay visit again during free weekend ..

3 excited boys..

Ryan's first time visiting the pond..

Nice pond kan?

The hungry fish..

Guess what happened??
Adam was busied throwing the bread, while the lil bambam tried to eat the bread..
Mesti dia cakap, "nape nak bagi ikan makan..baik dia je yg makan " LOL

Video taken during the fish feeding activity..
And the excited lil bambam..

Picture of Adam at the same pond when he was 2 years old..
Cekidaut the entry here!

WW: Suffering neck strain!

Gambar hiasan...

Friday, February 15, 2013

Kids' Playroom Labelling Project : Part III

Alhamdulillah, mommy's mission on kiddos playroom labelling project almost finished. Just left a few other  things soon to be settled in few more weekends. Weehooo!!! Time to see the final results. Opps sorry for the bad quality images as the room lighting is not so good. Mr Hubs we need to change the lights already !! And kebetulan plak camera anak sedara pinjam, so thats the best shot I can snapped. Just for your info, all the labels were design and printed out by "mommynadia" *which is me hahaha* So, bare in mind, engineer's work *not as design engineer* ni ala kadar je lah. As long as cantik di mata anak2 sudah...

My target is to make simple labelling system for my kids' toys storage and racks, so that I can start to teach them to clean up the toys after play and most important things is to keep back the toy at the right place. The best labels to indicate these are by using colors. Easy to be recognized by kids.

So, I made few main sections labels using different colors as above..

And each section with small labels, some with pictures and 
some of them using simple words..
It might take times for them to remember, but yet we need to start doing that!

The first section is:
Toys Storage
(Purple color section)

2nd section is:
Art & crafts
(Green color section)

Coloring stuffs..

Painting stuffs..

Play doh stuffs...

White & black boards..

3rd section is:
Blue rack for all mini tool boxes and other stuffs..
(Blue color section)


4th section is:
Learning wall
(Orange color section)

5th section is:
Musics corner
(Teal color section)

Not yet finalize is the reading corner..
Sob sob sebab tempat terhad..

Soon soon k..

Next thing is reward chart corner and the kiddos time table..

The best I can do for the small room apartment we have..
=) *happy enuff*

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