Thursday, May 13, 2010

making our home safe for our children ...

Being a mother, it really makes my mind always working to think about what will be happen if..
If I didnt remove,or I didnt precautions so that if anythings happen it wont affected to my kid.
Reading  good entries from my fave bloggers is the other way to remind myself so that the precaution can be take earlier right before it happen to us.

Still remember after read the entry from mommy teh , incident when she get locked inside the bathroom, 
After went back home, me and my hubby immediately ensure set of keys was placed somewhere out of our bedroom.Risau sgt...;(
And to my suprised last weekend, after performed asar's prayer..Adam entered my room.
He smiled at me and kacau2 sket time tgh doa,he then left to his cot rite behind me..
Few second after that, he came back in front of me, slammed the door..jingkit sket and locked the door..
Tgh duk aminkan doa..I terus nganga..OMG..he can locked the door himself!
Tinggi sudah anakku nih..dah sampai locked pintu...
Really need to ensure Adam cannot be inside the room, alone..!

Second incident last week when we had dinner with che mimi at Seksyen 27 area..
I went back to the car, to get something left behind..
On my way to the car, I saw a crowd of people chatting each other, looks like they had a family fren gathering..
Just right after taking the things and walked back to the restaurant, ternampak a guy from that crowd tadi duk terhendap2 kat tingkap kereta..
Yeap, the kids was locked inside the car..the father just now switch on the engine and left his todd to play inside the car while the others were standing talking outside the car...
owh..lemah jantung I..

Yeap,to many things to worry about..
But slowly we try improve ourself to be more careful and try to make our house a safe place as we can..
There are lots of articles about safety of the children in the internet, just find them a read thru..
InsyaAllah, it might helps us..
I just grabbed and paste some of the things that I need to double check, hopefully it benefits u guys too..
InsyaAllah we can make a different!

Safety should come first!!


General saftey checklist for the babies and toddlers:


What I did, always have to make sure the bathrooms door closed at all time.
And ensure tak simpan air bertakung dalam baldi.
Even guest datang pun, remind them to ensure pintu toilet kena selalu tutup..
time kita lekalah banyak incident boleh berlaku...

  • Use a bed guard to prevent falls from the new bed and / or put padding on the floor next to the bed.
  • As an alternative to a regular bed, place the cot mattress on the floor.
Preventing burns

  • Don't carry hot food or drink and your child at the same time.
  • Keep hot food and drink away from the edges of tables and worktops.
  • Don't hold your child while cooking at the stove.
  • Turn saucepan handles toward the back of the stove.
  • Fit a safety guard over the oven door to prevent burns.
  • Install a cooker guard.
  • Use doorstops to protect your child's fingers.
Electrical sockets, cords, and appliances
  • Put safety plugs or outlet covers in unused sockets.
  • Hide electrical cords behind furniture.
  • Keep blow dryers, toasters, and other appliances unplugged and out of reach.
Preventing falls

  • Never leave your child alone in a high chair or let him climb on furniture from which he can fall.
  • Use window guards and or locks on windows.
  • If railings have openings wider than 10 cm/ 4 inches, block with plastic garden fencing, Plexiglas, or other material.
  • At the store, use the safety belts on shopping trolley seats (or bring one of your own).
Forbidden territory

  • Keep knives, breakables, heavy pans, and other dangerous items locked up or out of reach.
  • Control access to unsafe areas with safety gates, door locks, and knob covers.
  • Put locks or latches on accessible cupboards and drawers that house unsafe items.
  • Keep rubbish bins in inaccessible cupboards or use ones with child-resistant covers.
  • Cover or block access to hot radiators and floor heaters.
  • Secure the refrigerator with an appliance latch.
  • Keep small fingers out of videos with a video lock or cover.
  • Don't use tablecloths or placemats -- your child will pull them and what's on them down.
  • Distract your child from forbidden places by keeping one cupboard unlocked and filled with lightweight, safe items.
  • Remove clutter and move protruding furniture that your child could trip on.
  • Attach corner and edge guards to furniture that will become a hazard as your child walks, climbs, and grows taller.
  • Secure furniture that can topple (bookcases, chests of drawers) to the walls.
  • Keep televisions on low furniture, pushed back as far as possible.
  • Secure tall, unstable lamps behind furniture.
  • Survey your house and move cleaning agents, medicines, vitamins, toiletries, mothballs, and other potentially toxic items out of reach or lock them up.
  • Remember that your handbag or a visitor's bag can hold medicines, toiletries, and other toxic substances -- move them out of reach.
  • Get rid of toxic houseplants such as philodendron, or move them out of reach.
  • Install a toilet seat lock.
  • Are securely put together and in good condition.
  • Have no buttons, eyes, beads, ribbons, or other pieces your child could pull off and choke on.
  • Are not too heavy (if a toy would harm your child if it fell on him, it's too heavy).
  • Have no strings or cords longer than 30 cm/ 12 inches.
  • Are appropriate for your child's age and physical skills.
  • Can't be hung around your child's neck.
  • Don't leave your child unattended even for a moment in or near a pool or other water.
  • If you have a pool, erect fencing at least 1.2 m/ 4 feet high with a self-closing, self-latching gate.
  • Don't leave even small amounts of water, cleaning solutions, or other liquids in buckets or other containers.
  • Cut off or tie up dangling cords on curtains and blinds.
  • Mark sliding doors and other expanses of glass with colorful stickers.
  • Install window locks so windows can be opened for air but not far enough for your child to climb out.
  • Don't depend on screens to prevent falls.
  • Avoid putting furniture that your child could climb on near windows.

There are more info u can get it from here
And for che mimi, get the good info from here..
And pls take note when buying the equipments:


Blog Diva said...

it's part of their neverending, learning process.dalam dok beringat pun jadi jugak. *sigh.. kita dulu pun camtu gak kot? ;p

Nadine said...

I like this entry sbb I skang tgh buat childproofing. Thanks, Nadia.

Wah, tinggi Adam dh sampai door knob dah. :)

Ei, bab org tinggal anak dlm keta tu kan mmg buat I geram tau. Dh banyak kes2 yg tak elok happened pun diaorg tak ambil2 iktibar *sigh*

RuZaNNa said...

Kebetulan semlm forst the 1st time dah pandai kunci pintu jugak!.. thank god i was in the room with him masa tu.. like u said.. kena letak spare keys outside the rooms jugak.. just incase..

Yg pasal carseat tuh.. i cam tokle nak imagine camne nak pasang car seat at the middle passenger seat at backseat.. the seat belt cam tokel support aje..

mommaholicSURI said...

I really love this entry. Informative.

Mee too tgh worry because Oman is now sungguh active. He loves to play near the door too. Another thing that always make me scared is kalau x letak barang betul2, esp yang small macam coins, brooch,.. i just cannot imagine if he swallow it... argh! takotnya....

marilah kita sama-sama pastikan our children are safe at home also everywhere!!

mommynadia said...

betol,kadang kita tak boleh sekat sgt bdak kecik kan..let them to explore..only thiing we just ensure tempat dia nak explore tu free from danger!ait mommy ;)

tq,ikutkan nak baca macam2 ada kan..tak larat aje..
just pick up mane important.
share wit us how u did ur childproffing?
a'a dah smpai pun door knob tu..bulan lepas tak berjaya dah boleh..pening tgk!

betol,cm lah carelss sgt parents dia..nauzubillah!

mommynadia said...

see Imran pun dah sampai jgak!cepatkan diorang ;)
even worry about that thing,but yet happy to see diorang dah besar..bnyk benda baru explore..

bout the carseat,I tak boleh nak explain detail..since I mmg tak used carseat,which sgt menakutkan!
thats why i put more info there,remind me to read so that immediate buy the carseat!

selalu tgk dalam pix,matsalleh sane ada jgak yg letak kat middle of the seat..seingat I,my car ada seatbelt from boot,which my hubby said boleh used to hold the also do not know how it works!huhuhu...
guys any ideas??

mommynadia said...

tq ;)
I think semua bdak sgt suka main kat Adam suka sgt tarok tolak sliding door..gerun sungguh!
Oman tinggi,nanti tak lama mesti dia start discover ada button kt doorknob tu..habisla!

yeap, I shud put title "making a safe place for our children" kan??..not only at home..anywhere..inside the car,playing area,swimming pool,time shopp'..bnyk lagik kan..whre the place we bring along the kids!

Unknown said...

wah nadia..very informative & useful entry!! airin pun kena start la wat childproofing stuff ni.. baru je last sunday my hubby tegur about my brooch bersepah2. kat depan tv la, atas meja makan la..huhu. siap kena bebel lagi nanti Lissa tercekik ttelan brooch. mmg teruk tul la mama Lissa ni. after this, kena prac letak satu tempat. mana dan, bukak tudung, kat situ la brooch tu parking.huhu.

adam dah start meninggi mcm mommy dia la tu. pandai tul locked the door!

mommynadia said...

tq..just sharing apa yg ada dlm babycentre aje ;)

correct,Lissa dah nak crwaling..ape2 yg ada kat lantai tu mesti ensure takde pape yg kecik2 boleh masuk mulut..
dah reti bangun nanti apa2 yg within her reach plak nak kena clear..
cam Adam plak,ape2 yg dangerous kena remove dah start nak panjat!;0

hehehe..pening mommy dia ;(

Thara said...

very good entry, nadia! looks like all of our boys are growing fast kan! and the older they are, the more curious they getle! the more curious they get, the more house childproofing we need to do kan! ive heard a lot of gory cases from my sister doctor just because of parents' carelessness. its so sad kan! but one thing for sure, nvr leave ur baby unattended -- ever!

mommynadia said...

correct dear,they all in learning stage,mmg curious to know everything,cuma as parents we really need to ensure nothing would danger them..
Aydein dah nak start jalan what ever within reach,mmg nak kena remove..

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