Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hi again everyone..
Its me Adam...!
Today, I'm gonna share my new experience exploring a new place..
On last Saturday morning, once I woke up from my deep sleep,
I saw mommy n papa was already awake..n immediately after that mommy took me to bathroom..n in 10 minutes..taraa.. I was ready in good clothes..!
Wonder plak mommy nak g mane arini..??
Then papa drove us to Seksyen 22 and the 1st thing that I saw was...

yeap..Its McD..
I tot we gonna have our breakfast here..:)

Papa properly set me on the highchair..
n I saw mommy coming with  a tray of full meals..
I had a good breakfast of hotcakes..yummy!!

Almost 10 minutes on the highchair..filling up my empty tummy..
then the beautiful sorrounding urged me to explore for this room..
So I started to gv a signal  by making a lil bit yelling sound...

I was finally escaped from the highchair..yahooo!!
My exploring time begin..
The 1st place that make me curious to know is..
"why they put all of my toys in this box???"
I love to see all the toys but unfoutunately I cant able to take frust!!!
then I moved to...

this section..I wonder what was the big red tank hanged at this corner..
by the time I reached ..then I can hear my scream.."Oh no dear!!"
so I left..I dont mind since there were more places to go...:)

I was so curious what were they doing behind this door..
I heard mommy said..It was the kitchen..
then I saw a lady who blocked my view to this room..
I'm scared, thus I immediately left the area...

Here we go..the exit door..
Just  a few 'cm' to reach the door handle..
*nanti Adam minum susu mommy banyak2 ek..:)*

I have explored half of the area, so I took a short break for a while..
this Ronald statue also was so funny,,
but I still cant reach the toys inside the box...*sigh

There were a few brochures at this section..
I just managed to look at the pictures only..
so mommy helped me to read all the brochures instead :)

yeah!I hv done with the exploring..
Now I'm going to disturb Che mimi who was studying for her assignment..
*Did I told u earlier that che mimi also joined us during for the breakfast..??*
I cant understand the law words mommy!!*sigh..

yeah..this is me and che mimi...
unfourtunately..u only can see her hand..:)

And lastly..I was so happy to have my breakfast here..
 I wished that mommy n papa will bring me here again..
maybe to the other McD with playing area ..
*mesti best!!*

okkie dookie..

1,2..buckle my shoes...
3,4..shut the door..
5,6..pickup sticks..
7,8 lay..them straight...
9, 10..thats the end...
that the end....

bye bye..
hope to see u again at some other time..
I luv you...:)


Thara said...

haha. nadia, u should change ur blog title to : The Curious Case of Adam Mikael. :P

adam is getting chubbier & cuter each day! geram tengok! :D

Nadine said...

Nadia, kebetulan tau. Last Saturday we had early breakfast at McD as well! Tp kat Taipan jer and Faaz was not well dressed as Adam. Still in his pyjamas. I just changed his diaper and bwk dia gosok gigi jer. Hihi.. Faaz enjoyed betul d hotcakes which I am sure Adam pun kan? :)

Adam ok eh dgn patung Ronald McD tu. Macho lah Adam! Faaz nangis ok I bawak dkt2. Hihi..

mommynadia said...

a'a kan..but dear u know lah kan..updating time rehat..only 20 minutes time available :)

Aydien pun chomels!!

mommynadia said...

haah..seksyen 22 near to KESAS is the nearest from our house..kalau tak mesti dah jumpe kalau I g sane jgak ek!!
tkde dress well..I bg pakai long pants n shirt dah tahu nak breakfast aje :)
correct!suka sgt hotcakes yg best syrup dia sweet kan..I just bg sket2 aje..if at home, I change to honey..

tkde takut pun Nadine,kalau kat Sunway siap boley duduk lagik!
sian Faaz..mesti cute tgk muka bb takut kan!:0

Blog Diva said...

wahwah...adam mikael bukan maen lagi bekfes ala mat saleh ye..

Mek Rose said...

dah lama tak bfest kat mcD..lst bfast masek amek M-test on 2008..agagaga...tapi tak lepas pong..saje nerai amek Mtest kot2 la kang buleh jd cikgi..agagaga

Unknown said...

Lissa : Nak join abang adam! next month boleh la ajak Lissa sbb Lissa dah boleh makan ;)
Mama Lissa : Can't imagine kalau Lissa dah bleh start explore mcm Adam. Jenuh tu mengejar.. hehe. Eii pipi adam... best tu kalau nak cubit-cubit!

♥ Anje a.k.a Mama_Balqis ♥ said...

ala tomeinyer dia...salam kenalan k...kiter dah jadi folloer awak then dah masukkna blog awak dalam bloglist kiter..please make pop up window senang sikit nak komen

mommynadia said...

haha..mat salleh yerk!!
mat salleh pun mat salleh la..!!
janji mommy n papa konyang!!

mommynadia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mommynadia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mommaholicSURI said...

Harus i bawak Oman gi bfast McD jugak lepas ni. Asik buat cekodok je. hahahaha..
Nadia, Adam looked so ingin tahu tau. Habis dia tour mcD tu ek. Cuteness!!! :)

mommynadia said...

Mommy n papa Adam sebenarnye yg gile bfast kat McD..specially coffe dia..walla!

Lissa nak makan ape ek..nanti mommy dia yg makan..Lissa nengok aje..hishishhish..

mommynadia said...

welcome Anje kat blog kita yg tk seberapa nih..
a'a,nanti try buat..ek:)

hehe,"yer harus bawak yerk momma"..said Oman :)
sgt2..bukan aje McD..g mane2 pun mesti tawaf satu kedai..penat nak kejo!!

Anonymous said...

adam, its ok kalu nampak tgn che mimi je, pasal che mimi tau kalu ambik pic tepi adam muka che mimi terus tak cute ok, adam overshadow xoxo

mommynadia said...

haha..che mimi bukan tak cute..kalau tgk tangan che mimi pun dah chubby ape tah lagik muka che mimi n kaki jugak!!

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