Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let's Change for Better Convenience with Huggies Dry Pants..

Diaper changing is no longer a short and easy one for Ryan when he entered toddler-hood. Before he started crawling and walking, woah it just an easy peasy lemon squeezzy job *even mommy can do it alone while watching her fave series hahaha*. Now, its no longer easy and sweet time for us. It always a chasing action after took bath or even during the diaper change when diaper was full. Adryan seems so happy running with free diaper around the house, thinking that mommy is playing kejar-kejar with him. Yes as mother, this situation easily can turned us to green momster specially when it was time when we were late to work, or maybe during the shopping time. This was a common scenario happened at my house. At certain stage, mommy need to get help from Mr Papa to get the active running boy to stay still for changing the diaper *lap peloh* 

Scenario after took bath..

Once after the struggling drama to lie him still ...
The next chasing action begin..

Yup, this cheeky boy was so happy riding his bike with diaper-free instead!!

Ever heard about the new improvement product of Huggies which dedicatedly for active infant and toddlers? Though I'm a loyal die hard fan of Huggies product, never come across to give a try to this type of diaper pant before. *shame of you mommy* Well, it is Huggies Dry Pants!! *pop confetti* An easy-to-use option for active infants and toddlers, within 3 simple steps you’ll see how easy changing can be when all you need to do is just pull them up, tear and go! Sound easy right!

Being a fussy mommy so-called, well I always has doubt to try new product specially when it directly contact to my baby's skin. Specially to change to new diaper brand. Worry about the diaper rashes in case my kids not suitable using the new brand is one of them. What I did, I always check the detail of the product before I decided to give a try. Well, when I went through all the details of this Huggies Dry Pants, this diaper pant passed all my check list. Thumbs up! 
Let's check the important things that a diaper needs to have:
HUGGIES® diaper formulation of dryness and breathability was clinically-proven on babies and met the criteria to significantly help prevent diaper rash or dermatitis. Akin et al, Pediatric Dermatology, 2001
100% breathable outer cover allows air to escape up to 10x faster* through outer cover so baby's skin stays dry. (*vs non-breathable covers)
Quick Lock System to help stop leaks:
1. Quick Dry Layer pulls fluid away from baby's skin
2. Spreads fluid throughout the pad
3. Locks fluid into absorbent core to keep baby's skin dry

Double Leak Barriers provide extra protection against leaks at the legs
Soft-Stretch Sides to provide comfort and help prevent red marks even when baby is on the move.
Wear Any-side Snug Fit allow the pants to be worn any side and still provide baby with
 a comfortable snug fit.

Tear-away Side Seams for easy removal of soiled pants.

Well, if you are type of mommies who love to get sample before purchase *same goes to the writer  too hehehe*, no worry. Huggies is giving out samples for us to try. Just click on this link, you'll find the sample reach your home in few days. Weeeeee!!

Knock knock!!
The parcel already reached my home sweet home..
I'm so excited and was so eager to use to my lil boy...
Let's see how these 3 simple steps "Koyak, Salin dan Lepas" works to my lil boy...
*3 simple steps, that's all you need ...terngiang-ngiang plak lagi Special Agent Oso*
Yeah..I can use this to attract him to diaper wear also weee....

When I started to introduce this diaper pant to my lil boy, Ryan gave me a big smile. "Yeah, this is good, I'm big boy already mommy! Why I still need to lying down like small baby, I want to wear undies like Abang Adam too" hehehe I was thinking that phrase when he gave me a big smile. In fact he volunteered himself to wear his diaper too. Well done son! 

I think maybe because he thought the diaper pant more or 
else similar to the his bro's undies. Wink!!

To be franked, I think I started to fall in love with this good innovation of diaper wearing compared to conventional fastening tape type of diaper. Few of my concerns when wearing my kids the fastening type of diaper, the kids skin are easily to be irritated as what happened to my elder son when he has super sensitive skin. But with soft elastic waistband which is made to give a close, snug fit without the need for tape and provide comfort to help prevent red marks even when they are on the move.  Plus the time take for diaper change which has reduced to almost 60% *roughly around 30 seconds of wearing* I really feel this will be a good choice for my toddler too. No more running around drama and tears scene, kids will have more time to play and explore. Yeay!!! 

                                           3 simple steps during diaper changing at home..
In fact this will be a good idea for kids who stayed at nursery/playschool as well, as we don't expect the running around drama with the caregiver aite?

Furthermore, this diaper pant is so much suitable when we were in emergency, take for example inside the car during long journey or travelling. It's so much convenient when he can stay on his feet while mommy doing the diaper changing. So you no need to have many pit stops while travelling, still the kids always feel clean and comfortable!

Yeah, ensure enough of diaper stock during your travelling too..

     3 simple steps during diaper changing inside the car..

How about when we are out and about, doing shopping at shopping mall maybe? I found it more harder to change the diaper specially when the changing room is so fancy with many toys inside. It took me a while to distract him for diaper changing. But yet, to make a toddler stay calmly on the changing table is another thing, tell you it ain't easy! 5 second maybe, then he will started to move. There you go, hubby need to be in the scene as well. With this innovation, all I need to have is a corner to change or even in diaper room, you can change them in few second minus the changing table. Great isn't it! Yeay, many problem solved!!!*I'm a happy mother*

Less than 5 seconds..

     3 simple steps during diaper changing at baby room in shopping mall..


I'm so happy that this diaper pant has make changing time faster and more convenient,  in fact it really makes our life more easier. With the tear-away side seams also has helped me to remove the soiled pants and quickly clean my kid without too much hassle. As most of parents concerns, the innovative product always cost us more, but not with this Huggies Dry Pants, you will shock to see the affordable price of this diaper with premium quality. Thumbs Up!!

"Ok mommy, I choose this one"

"Wee....I love Huggies Dry Pants, I love Huggies!!"

For more information on Huggies Dry Pants, you can log on at their facebook or their website

Let's start to change for better convenience...


Atie said...

Part main aci ligan dalam rumah tu mmg setiap masa tiap kali tukar pampers..letih ligan heh..

Nadine said...

hahahaha, can't help but laughing when I saw Ryan in action. super duper cute n funneh! :D

i kinda agree that Huggies dry pants really helps with active toddler problem. my aunt been using it for my hyperactive toddler cousin too!

QueenBz said...

HAHA. bab main lari² tu tak boleh nak elak kot!
adoii lah.

tp kiut sungguh budak kecik tu tukar pampers. macam nak bagitahu "sayalah juaraaa!"

ishamizu said...

Lol. Cute betul La Ryan, Nad! Geram ok!! ;D

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