Thursday, May 12, 2011

CD Newbie???

Yes I am!
Alhamdulillah, initial planned to start cloth diapering on baby Ryan success..clap clap to myself!
Eventho I'm still new and still crawling in cd'ing my lil ones, but for me.. its already a big achievement ;)
Remember my 3 master plans for the newborn, I'm striving to make all of those things happened!
*Ya Allah,mudahkan segala urusan hambamu ini..**moga bonus tahun ni masyuk..Amin!!!

Talking about CD, its not a new thing...ramai dah mommy yg success cd'ing their babies and kids..thumbs up!
After considering many factors, I think I'm ready to cd my baby too..
I have planned to study and get as much info as I can since my early pregnancy..
Due to time constraint, I just managed to collect all the info by 3rd trimester..pity me ;(
So many things to know about cd..a lot of types and terms, and even the brands ..until kadang2 rase lost sgt..
Stress pun ada duk fikir how to start..what to buy, how many cd to buy...pening betul..

Lucky, I had someone who I called my cd guru to help..yes she's the adorable Pn Farrah..
I email her, with a long list of questions, and she replied me with a very detail and comprehensive answers..
Yeap..after few times mailing session,then I have decided on how to start on my CD project!
Thanks gal for all the really help me alot!
Bukan amik jalan pintas, but I think with  a good recommendation from the expert, really make my CD journey a smooth sailing one and the main thing..I  can save a lot of $$$ and time..
But, unfortunately, baru sempat buat sekali lawatan rasmi ke Tiny Tapir @ Bangsar Village, few days after, sudah deliver..aiyark!
Mujur during motherhood expo earlier, dah sempat beli 2 set Grobaby AI2 CD..

The 1st week of my cd journey , I wasn't cd'ing baby Ryan..*its ok..but I did bf Ryan...more important!..hehehe ;)
After all the jaundice story, 2nd week, I started to make online buying @ TT..
No more compromise..dah nekad kali ni...!

The Grobaby shell with traditional muslin square aka kain lampin 

Sementara menunggu order sampai, I used lampin and the grobaby shell and Alhamdulillah, it works leaking at all..cuma every 2-3 hours kena check to ensure no poop or leak..
During my 2nd week, I just cd'ing Ryan during day time..not so confident to wear him at night..mommy malas lagik!
Few days later, the prefold stuff arrived..and after many sessions of pre-wash, I immediately started to use the lovely prefold..

5 colorful Bumwears prefolds, 1 Thirsties Diaper Cover and 2 Snappi..

Yes..for the 1st month, I have decided to use pefold and lampin with the diaper covers..
Sebab during this early month, the baby tend to poop alot we really need to have many diapers at this stage..
So if I get start with prefold and lampin dulu,boleh lah jimat lah every 2-3 hours nak kena tukar dah! Plus..beli cd cantek2, sayang pulak nak kena cuci selalu sb asyik kena poop baby ;'(..wuhahahahah

Ryan in 5 colorful prefolds..
Owh sila jangan gelak dgn hasil tangan sy..every time nak pakai prefold ni, Ryan start nangis..
Skrang dah pandai...cantek sket!  

The Grobaby shell, Thirsties and Wonder Wraps diaper covers in counterclockwise 

Alhamdulillah, Ryan dah lebih sebulan..
He already has a stable bowel movement..
Starting from last Sunday and Alhamdulillah till today, I have started using the cloth diaper..
And to challenge myself, I have stop buying the disposed diapers too..
Even I don't have any diaper spare at home..*tipulah..Abg Adam punye, ada lah...kalau dah terdesak???;)
So it really keeps me bz with the laundry session as my CD stash baru je 3,4 keping..;(
* Alhamdulillah ebm stock project tak terganggu as the ebm stocking project is my 1st priority!
Later on my next CD entry, I will share on how I started using my preferable choice of All In 2 (AI2) type of CD and my bz routine keep tracking the cd changing time to get Ryan cd changing schedule for the caregiver soon..

My new GroVia AI2 ..
*thanks che mimi ..jadik runner I pergi beli kat motherhood expo last fri..;)

As of now, I'm enjoying cd'ing my lil one..
Even a lil bz and kelam kabut during the 1st week of d'journey..
Alhamdulillah..I managed to handle it well..*winkwink
Ask myself.. why I want to cd my 2nd baby??
2 simple reasons..$$$ and I want to reduce smell of dispo diaper in my bathroom..simple rite!
Yeap..hopefully I'm contributing to Go Green Campaign too ;) * Aku semut kecil!
So, in order to achieve my 1st goal..I have to ensure Pn Nadia aka myself.. tidak terikut2 nafsu membeli cd yg cantek2, walaupun kadang2 mmg SANGAT teruja ..En Bie silalah monitor!
Currently,  my cd stash just enuff to cover for 2-3 days usage month maybe kena tambah sket for nursery plak..
At this early stage, priority hanya untuk basics used..enuff for 4-5 days rotations on weekdays..
Later, bila dah stable, baru boleh berjoli2 beli untuk nafsu mata ;) 
Seriously, kalau diikutkan, banyak juga money kena invest to start cd'ing my 2nd baby..
I guess, maybe the 1st year ni, I will only generate less savings using the cd..but in long run, when all the cd stash boleh diturunkan untuk next baby,then only I will get the returns..InsyaAllah..*Kena start calculate ROI..
Semoga usaha murni saya ni berjaya..Amin..


mommaholicSURI said...

Ya Allah! Nuurill kagum sangat dengan semangat Nadia tau. Mula dengan Adam, you'd successfully breastfeed him for exclusive 2 years and it doesn't stop there. Now with your 2nd son, breastfeed + cloth diapering. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa.. sangat sangat harus dicontohi.

Mmmg Nuurill rasa untuk cloth diaper ni, mula2 mmg banyak kene invest but for long term.. owh it saves a lot!! Nuurill sokong sangat Nadia. Hopefully next baby Nuurill pun boleh jadi macam nadia. Kuat semangat ttg CD ni. hihi.

Another faktor selain semangat, is sokongan kan? you're very lucky sebab dikelilingi family members who are really supportive la Nadia!! Insya Allah everything will be smoothly flow.

Again, bravo Nadia!!! :) Buat entry banyak2 pasal ni k. Nanti Nuurill boleh kumpul semangat. hihi

Mek Rose said...

sy dulu mula2 rajin gila cd-ing rafiq..pastu dah start dah lam stop CDkan budak tu. ahahah..

tapi sy guna CD yg murah2 aje..coolababy, minky bb..tak mampu lagi nak beli yg mahal2..:-)

gud luck nad!

Mek Rose said...

lupa la pon plan nak beli lampin kaler2 ngan snappy tu utk newborn..tataula ade semangat cam nad or tak nak terus CDing depa2 ni..eheheh

m@Ri@ said...

susah tak nak pakai cd dengan prefold tu..maria pun skrg dok cr ilmu dn cd utk newborn..kalu boleh nak cd anak no 2 ni..

nnt tunjuk gamba stash cd ryan tu..nak berguru ni..;)

MamaRayyan said...


Diyana Khoo said...

now i have an advisor on CD. insya allah 2nd baby surely i'll email u always tau tanya psl CD ni. boleh eh nad.

masa hadif dulu mmg nak CD juga. I did buy one. tp asyik bocor la. nape eh? sbb besar ke. but the shop said mmg itu je size CD.

alhamdulilah masa pantang mmg hadif pakai lampin je sampai la dia 3months old. mmg save betul! i just bought 1 pack of diapers for a month untuk pakai mlm je.

than dah pege nursery terus tukar diaper. oh, nursery camana pula? diaorg ok ke ryan pakai CD? eh belum conceive lagi dah banyak soalan. hehe.

Nadine said...

Waaa, congrats dear! what an achievement. I salute you. Actually mmg pernah rasa nak try CD tp I am sooo blur about this. Lepas tu bila tau preggy kan twins rasa mcm tak mampu pulak nak start especially bila memikirkan diapers yg nak kena basuh tu kan. Perhaps boleh start later bila dh ade own helper. I nak concentrate on BF 1st.

Keep on writing about this babe. I need you to educate me on this :)

mommynadia said...

huhuhu..seddey ;(
Semua comments from lovely commentor hilang time blogspot buat maintenance smlm...takdan nak comment!

nanti try godek2 tgk..boleh tk carik balik..frust!

Unknown said...

ala siannye nadia. ilang ke? sib bek airin x comment lagi.hehe.. ni nak comment ni.
tabikla kat nadia dgn jayanye manage to cd-ing ryan. airin x sempat wat study ape, dah bersalin. so for this time around, tak dapek la nak try cd on baby. but agree with you, diapers combine lissa n hanie mmg penuh wastebin tau. dah rs mcm bukak nursery plak.hehe
so hows ur ebm stocking project? dah brp oz/bottles up to now?

Unknown said...

nice!!!!!!!!!kaklont, nanti nic invite kaklong masuk group malaysian cloth diapering parents kat fb yea..byk info n deals cd murah2!nak???

Thara said...

wow, good effort nadia! i rasa kalau i ada 2nd one nanti pon, i tak mampu lagi nak CD my baby kot. belom sampai seru lagi kot (haha ye ye je, padahal malasss! :P). but we're all behind u on this! go mommy nadia go go go!

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