Friday, March 8, 2013

Had Fun at Early Education Seminar and Workshop ...

Last week I've attended Early Education Seminar and Workshop by normalmuslimmama aka mama ct! Such a fruitful seminar and that was the most leisure and cool seminar so far I've attended. A big clap to mama ct for the big efforts she has put to make this seminar as a success. The most important things, I've gained a lot of knowledges about early childhood edu and new spirit to make this happened to my kids as well. Talking about early child education, kadang2 kita buntu kan, how to start, where, what method need to use. And paling penting kalau parents tak paham apa2 pasal early childhood education ni, lagi susah. Blank terus. Same here, ketinggalan jugak nak apply to my kids. Sekarang sudah dapat keinsafan itu, and Alhmadulillah bila dah pergi seminar, dah tahu kat mana my weaknesses, InsyaAllah soon. Will make sure it well implemented to my kids too. *future kids as well* One of my big interest bila attend seminar ni sb nak belajar sgt on how ct teach her kids to read as early as 3-4 years. MasyaAllah. So impressed sgt tgk anak2 ct. Their reading level dah level budak darjah 3,4. And I pun tgk few of ct frenz yg apply method yg sama on reading technique, MasyaAllah its working. So, now this is my new passion! I have come out with necessary plan and milestone, and dah start with activities with my kids after Isya'. Really hope to see the improvement soon. Pray for me and wish me luck k!!Some of the activities during seminar..

Seminar ni buat dekat homestay, very nice house and activity learning mak-mak buat dekat living room secara santai..Anak2 dan bapak2 main dekat bilik rehat sambil tgu kami.

The itinerary of the seminar and workshop..

After lunch time, activity dengan anak2 plak..
Gigih kan mak-mak..
Buat star untuk anak2..

Kemudian kami nyanyi twinkle twinkle little stars sama-sama..

Kemudian ct showed us technique on loud reading and how to attract children interest...

See, mmg berkesan..

Tgk yang ni plak??
They really had fun listening to aunty ct!

After that we have play and learn activities..
Ct provided each family with activities suit children age..

Cut and paste for Adam..

This is for Ryan..
Learn about color and numbers!
Tak sabar nak apply kat rumah jugak yg ni!!

Other activities..

Out of that, dapat goodie bag too..
This is the best goodie bag I pernah dpt. Suka sgt!!

Ada good boy charts and many smilesssss!!

Ct siap buat goal setting for our kids and lesson plan ok!

Ada stamp jugak!!

Sticker ada nama Adam and Ryan..

And flash cards jugak... 

Dapat activities worksheet and certificate jugak!!!

Seriously I happy sgt!!
Bestnye dapat join seminar like this!!

Thanks ct for this great great effort.
We should do it more... should consider our idea on playgroup too ok!!

Till then..
Happy weekend and don't forget early education is fun!!


PakarHowTo said...

really impress with u mommynadia.I nak join seminar mcmni jugak.if dont mind boleh share tak mana seminar yg I blh join.ilmu sy sgt cetek

amirah said...

bestnya. so sad never heard or came across any seminar like this in melaka so far. may be i have yet to find one. really look forward to attend workshop camni with hubby

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