Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kids routines & rewards ..

Ok, I shud finish up related entry with my kids playroom project that I've started. The plan actually to do for label and organizing part only, but well, it went to many directions after that, but I'm happy that I've upgraded the playroom with more new and good things. This will be the last entry for the kids playroom project so far, as I will be busy with new project now. Wink!!*dah start pun, nanti I cite k*

If u read my recent entry, I've uploaded the timetable that I self-created for my kids. Actually a simple time table je pun. In fact we have been practising the routine since 3 months ago when the kids started school. So, I guess it would be more meaningful if Adam *specially* pun aware that he also has a timetable at home other than his daily timetable at school. When I brought the timetable home, Adam was so excited and of course mommy more happier looking at appreciation he gave. If you see, the time table is very simple one. My main target is to ensure that he knew a few main routines like bath time, bed time and activities time *to ensure he not playing with ipad all the time*

{sorry for the bad quality picture, click for better viewing}


And I also downloaded the morning & night routine I got from internet, do some amendment to suit my kids routine, tadaaa its done!! I never knew this simple routine checklist will be used by Adam daily. I just noticed  everytime before bed and early morning before school, he will go to these checklist and checked all the things he done. Amazing you!!
*morning and bedtime routines*
Be sure, the checklist  you gonna make for your kids is the simple and easy to be understand and place at the area where he/she easy to access.

Established routines for kids are very important. I never know this before, until we faced time that we need to wake them up in the morning to school. What we did, the kids must be in the room 15-20 min before 9.30pm to ensure they sleep at 9.30pm. So they will have plenty quality time of sleep! Other than that, we also tried not to disturb his afternoon nap during weekend *about the same time they had at school* so they won't crank and grumpy in the evening for other activities! Disturbing kids routine such bedtime, nap time or even their mealtimes, will easy to make them throw the tantrums. Read here!

And finally, to appreciate their good efforts to follow their routines and be discipline, kids should be rewarded. Previously, it's hard to deal with my kids specially on things that they don't want to corporate. End up, we have to bribe them everything we want them to do that things. Kids bribing is totally not good and not encourage.  I soon realized that everytime I wanted Adam to do something, I must offered him a toy. And he will push me to get him that toy that I promised. It's soooo bad isn't it. Mommy pun boleh pokai ok! So, I tried to make something more reasonable yet fun. Then I come out with my kids reward charts. I used STARS as starts and each of them has 1 chart!

Purple star for Adam and red star for Ryan!

They were so happy to collect star for every good behaviour!
Look at tangan bambam!!

Even this small fella also pun dah reti nak mintak star ok!
Do not just simply give star without reason, or else they will pick up that bukan susah sgt pun nak dapat star, minta aje!=(
And be sure to place within their reach. 
*walaupun I letak keyboard kat situ, si bambam reti alih bila nak tampal star dia*

Simple things to do for lil bambam..
*reward chart for playschool kids*

And this is for big bro Adam..
*reward chart for preschooler*

Other than rewarding their efforts and good behaviours, by having this reward chart, I have trained them on new routines such toy clean up time after play and also to show good example to his lil bro. This actually the example on immediate reward system, meaning that kids do not have to wait until his birthday for example to collect the prezzie for the good behaviour. And plus give them big big hugssss after they did good things. Its work to my kids. Now, I didn't hear any "I want a McQueen toy for me to go to bed or after I made this activity!!" Alhamdulillah!!

And now we have another good boy chart for kids after we went to early edu kids seminar by normalmuslimmum. And now kids are addicted to smile pulak!!

The charts and timetable I made, actually very simple one, just used microsoft words and I placed many pictures to make them more attractive. If you need the copy of these charts, email to me at Note to me which chart/timetable u nak k. Then u amend ikut your preference! Let's do the routine and be rewarded!! Yeay.....


kontahadif said...

my my....nak emel u dear...

Nadine said...

awwww, good job mommy!! *thumbs up!*

izzain said...

nice sgt2.. nak2

DYatie ABakar said...

sangat menarik tertarik da bomb! nak jugak. hehehe.

Cik Lily Putih said...

ya ampun, dah ada timetable sendiri. bagus ni dpt didik dari kecik..

nadia, ple email me back yr address, barang tu return the other day lah...
terlupa nak cakap dengan awak..
email ye

Fatimah Al-Attas said...

Wow that's so good! Planting lots of good seeds mummy! They're going to be very organized boys when they grow up inshaAllah :)

ishamizu said...

Hehe our reward system pon the same la, stickers! Good job, dear! I tak de proper timetable..just giving them the stickers when they listen and do good things. Mmg geram tgn itu si bam2 hihi

miss Que said...

nak gak!email yer kene g jalan rumoh nihh mitok advise

mommyNadia said...

ok mek!!Isnin ni na..ada kat office semua copy..hahaha,mari ah jalan,bagi Z&K playdate with Abg Adam & Ryan hehehhe =)

olly said...

salam..excited rasa nak praktikkan kat farish ngan farhi(baru 4m) me too

Sabar said...

nak jugak morning n bedtime timetable + i can do it reward email me

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