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As we all know, early education is so much crucial in this era. Most of parents who have kids between 4 years old until 6 years old, even sometimes from toddlers age as well, started to search a good school which provided a conducive learning for their kids. Yeap, to be truth I was one of them. Early years education are so much important and also play a critical role during this development period. Agreed, for those who stay at house mom, you can help to nurture and develop your kids capability by doing many activities at home. Same concept as home schooling as well. But for those working mommies like me, the best thing we can do is to find a good school which can provide a good learning environment and most important within our budget as well. I wanted my kids to have fun learning and the same time they able to manage themselves and be independent too. Alhamdulillah, I think my kids now at the right place. So happy for that =) While don't forget, be sure that learning not only happened at school. Extended learning at home is so much effective as well. Remember, parents always be the best teacher for our kids. We know their strength and how to make use all the capabilities they have.

Speaking of which, I have been invited by Help International School recently *before Ramadhan month* for the high tea session with the School Management to brief about their newly established school which located at Subang Bestari.  The event was held at Seri Carcosa Negara. Its was a very informative session I would say, and I'm happy to be there, absorbed all the good info on important about early learning.

My first time stepped in Seri carcosa Negara..
A very exclusive place indeed!

Help International School (HIS) is located in Subang Bestari and they will commence in January 2014, modeled after the British Curriculum for students from pre-school all the way to the Cambridge A-Levels.

The session started with the short opening from their CEO, Datin Chan-Low Kam Yoke.

Love to hear the motherly voice of Datin Chan and how she explained on why she wanted to have a school for pre-schooler and primary students despite the college and university under the same roof of Help International Corp. Their main mission is to ensure that all the students enjoy a full school life which will prepare them to lives as adults. *Love the quote!*

After the detail explanations on the curriculum and academic structure, the also have session to introduce all their line up teachers who were the back bone of HIS.

One of the teacher at pre-school..

After the session, we were invited for hi-tea which prepared outside the ballroom.

Your truly.. 

Met one of the blogger friends there, Zue!
Nice meeting u dear..

The school will start their first intake in Jan 2014 and they currently open for registration with an exclusive discount offered. Visit their website to understand detail on their curriculum, campus facilities, fees structure as well as the teachers backgrounds. Kindly visit for more info!



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azweenzakaria said...

Assalamualaikum...I heard that they have classes for special kids... Alhamdulillah

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