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Biozone Food Purifier

Alhamdulillah, I managed to provide home made baby foods for both of my kids for their early precious age *up until 18 months to be exact* (yes I know, I should continue, tapi kekangan masa. Sob!!) As we know sistem pencernaan baby pada awal usia, not as perfect as us. That's why, I try my best to provide them home made food sb senang nak control, no salt, no sugar, less oil *use olive instead* etc etc. Tapi selalu wonder jugak, beli  veggie and grains yg organic lah kan, tapi how about other raw material, such fish, meat or chicken. How to ensure all free from excessive antibiotic, toxin and other contamination. *dah garu kepala lagik* Itu terlebih concern sb kita fikirkan pasal anak2 kan. How about us? Sanggup ke u all nak beli veggie semua organic? Kalau beli yg biasa punya, semua pesticide, coloring and chemical free ke?Pening nak jawabkan. Susah bila dah tahap hidup dalam zaman yg semua orang concern about health, pasal food in take semua. So, what's the solution?

Last 2 weekends, one of my officemates, Airin *mommy blogger too* came to our house and introduce us on Biozone Food Purifier. What?? Food purifier? Seriously?? Ingatkan air je boleh purify kan. After Airin explained semua pasal food purify ni, barulah faham sedikit sebanyak pasal sistem ni. Exciting part was, we did few demo on chicken, fruits as well as my pumping stuffs too. Syok!

Biozone Food Purifier..

It's a compact and light machine..
Bagus sb tak bnyk consume space on kitchen top. =)

Firstly we did demo on chicken. Lepas dah bersih semua ayam, basically sebelum nak simpan masuk fridge ataupun sebelum masak, we purify them instead.

Seeloknya, kalau boleh letakkan dalam bekas kaca..

For poultry, it took normally around 30 min to purify..

Inilah buih yang terhasil daripada process purifying tadi..
Yuk. Geli betul..Just imagine all those fats go to our body system..

After dah purify semua, masuk dalam ziplock bag or bekas bersih, 
next bila nak masak terus je masak..Easy!

This is most interesting part. I asked Airin to demo purifying my pumping stuff as I saw there is also sanitizing button there..

It only took 3 minutes to sanitize the bottles and pumping stuffs..
So now we have choice to either sterilize or sanitize, cool isn't it?

Of course, takde lah bebuih teruk sgt macam ayam tadi..
But at least we knew that all the chemical from the detergent that we used to clean up the bottles semua dah dinyahkan..So baby takde lah consume benda2 tak elok tu lagikkan..

Keringkan, kemudian masuk dalam ziplock.
Ready for tomorrow pumping yaw!!

Let's try to purify fruit pulak..

Compare to chicken, fruits and veggies contains more pesticide. This pesticide biasanye dia soluble in the water. So impak dia takdelah macam buih2 fatty acid pada ayam tadi. 

But at least we know, this grape now is save to eat!

Each button tu mewakili jenis makanan and tempoh masa yg perlu for each purifying process.
The button will stop once the process done. 

Wonder how the system function??
Biozone food purifier sebenarnya menggunakan proses pengkhususan (proprietary) iaitu menyatupadukan bahan perintang ozon bagi mengubah oksigen(O2) menjadik ozon (O3). Ozon akan kembali menjadi oksigen setelah menjalankan fungsi untuk menyingkirkan bahan-bahan pencemar. Kalau u all perasan, setiap kali purifying process dijalankan, satu tiub silikon yang bergred medikal akan dimasukkan ke dalam bekas bagi tujuan untuk membekalkan ozon ke dalam air dimana makan direndamkan. Then the bubbling process begin to purify the immersed foods.

Who should have this?
1. Pregnant ladies - all food we consumed will be consumed by our baby too.
2. Breastfeeding moms >.<
3. Elder people.
4. Those who have kids and babies at home.

Ok, then. Now I know there is solution to ensure the raw material in take pun must be free from all the unwanted things!


There is special promotion for those who interested to get this for their family - some flexi payment and monthly installment 0% interest with or without credit card offered by Airin plus...jeng jeng.. ada special price for Fabulous Motherhood readers too. *wootwoot* If you want to know more about this food purifier, you may contact her (free demo will also provided) and visit her website

Contact her now and book ur appointment!!

Airin: 017-6511966

More info about Biozone Food Purifier, visit this link

While the 2 mommies busied doing demo at kitchen, the boys and girls were having playdate..
So cute!!

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