Wednesday, May 9, 2012

3D2N Awana Kijal Trip : Day 3

Ok, sorry for a long gap. Was too busied with daily job and preparation of my next trip.*gaya akak mcm nak pi London aje, padahal!!* Cant wait. yeay!!!*#smellthesandywhitebeach* Before the last but no least entry on Awana Kijal Trip become the real pekasam, I gotta make the entry publish!! -___-

Interesting part bout my last entry on Awana Kijal trip is u gotta have chance to get a snap shot on the rooms available at the resort. U will be amazed, trust me *crossfingers* Sebelum tu, let see few more pictures at the resort.

I love this view..sgt tenang ;)

The giant chess..

Ada playground jugak..

These all what they have for their guests..
Enuff to make ur day busy..

Sebelum ni, dah view about a great food we had for dinner and steamboat dinner kan, tell u, breakfast pun tak kurang seronok jugak. A lot of foods, from western to local cuisine. 2 hari dapat makan nasi dagang and nasi minyak for breakfast, completed my short trip to Terengganu *#ilovemyhometown*

Jemput makan...

Juices for you to choose..

Nasi minyak and porridge..

Maveles choices of bread, croissant, danish and cakes...
Our fave!

Lepas breakfast, semua bloggers berkumpul untuk room tours. During this activity, we were brought to view all rooms available at Awana Kijal. Jarang dapat peluang pergi hotel dapat view semua bilik kan. Apatah lagik kalau tidur bilik paling murah, tak dapet lerr nak tengok yg suite suite tu. Everyone was so excited and campur terkagums sekali. Jom jom...


Short briefing by the Front Desk Manager, Pn Suriati..
*the gojes lady tu is Genting staff, so pwetty lady. she loves kids so much*

Ok, disebabkan jacuzzi ada kat tepi katil, 
maka haruslah sesuwaii untuk orang ber'honeymoon'...

Nice toilet too..

Spacious room..

Nice living room...

Great toilet..

And yang ni..tak pernah jumpa kat hotel lain..

Sepcial about this room..
Ada sliding door yang ku sangkakan wardrobe..sekali buka..

Ada tangga...

Menuju ke bawah to see a Premier Suite Seaview..
Boleh pilih atas or bawah sahaja..or combine as duplex..

Living room..

Open jacuzzi..

Comfy bed with 2 gojes model..ehem ehem!!

Another entrance facing the beach..  

And this is special suite for VVIP and ministers. Including PM pun datang duk bilik ni...

Ada jugak royal suite..sah sah untuk kerabat dirajalah, tapi kami tak boleh masuk lah..

After tour, kami terus bersiap2 nak balik. My 2 boys and Mr Hubby duk sibuk main dekat Indoor Children Playland while we having the room tours. Before balik, yang pasti kena bergambar wajib dulu..

Klik klik!!

Such a great trip. We had so much fun and looking forward to have next vacation here again.*soon soon* And once again, thank you sooo much to Resorts World Genting for having us and Nuffnang *tq Shah & Willy too* for this special invitation. Big hug =)

Meh kita pakkat gi Teganu !!


Nadine said...

Jacuzzi kat tepi katil?! wah wah... :)

Unknown said...

finally, i found ur blog here.....

sweet je colour combination...

ohh so ure one of the participant of this trip? congratulations ye... i nangis2 sbb terlupa deadline nak submit comment. hehe


sawaNiLa said...

ha ... kita tegur dalam alam maya la plak... hehehhe

Filla said...

hi mommy nadia!! nice meeting u too ;)

mimie said...

hai nadia...salam perkenalan juga... :)

seronoknye dapat pi event mcm nie and bley bwk family lai...nmpk mcm awana kijal nie best jer...kena plan utk kesana nmpknye nie...hehe

mommynadia said...

Iye, terkezut jugak menengoknye ;)

mommynadia said...

Hi dear..thx for dropping by!!
Ala,kalau tak mesti boleh bercuti sama2..kan kan ;)

mommynadia said...

a'a..tapi kalau jumpe katevent lagik, boleh hi hi dah kan ;)

mommynadia said...

Hi si gojes Fila.thx for visiting here.;)

mommynadia said...

Best u..great for family vaca..;)

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