Friday, May 18, 2012

Trudy & Teddy 1st Boutique at Pavilion KL.

Still remember my 1st entry about Trudy & Teddy last year??After went to their Tea Party and get to know about the brand, I started to fall in love with T&T. 2 words to describe, simple yet elegant.* clap clap*. I think they have a good marketing strategy, the T&T outlets easy to find nowadays. Pergi Jusco, Parkson or Isetan, mesti nmpk Trudy & Teddy brand. And last week, I've been invited for Trudy & Teddy's 1st boutique opening event at Pavilion , KL. And of course, I should thanked Nuffnang for this great invitation >.<.

Trudy & Teddy Boutique, 
Lot 5.42.00 Level 5, Pavilion, KL..
*betul2 sebelah mothercare and entrance Parkson*

I've been there with my mom and my bro, Haikal and of course the lil Ryan too. Since Hubby not joining us, so terpaksalah tinggalkan Adam. Takpe, that day Adam dah pergi kan. Sampai terus register and received a goody bag consist of RM50 voucher as well as the cute baby book. While waiting for the ribbon cutting ceremony, we were served with drinks and canapes. Nyumnyum!! Sambil2 tu buat boutique tour while snapping pictures..seriously butik T&T ni sangat cantik dan mengujakan. Mommies and mommy-to-be shud make a visit, specially for raya preparation kan.Shopp' awal bagus, hassle free!!Betul tak??;)

Mommynadia during registration..

The ribbon cutting ceremony by the cute liltle models..
Mat salleh ok...

Trudy & Teddy has come out with many new design choices. Tell you, kalau tak kuat iman memang abisss!!! Jom-jom, I dah snap banyak pictures untuk my lovely readers, silalah menjamu mata yer..*pasni terus cuit hubby pergi Pavi taw ;)*

Nice and sweet boutique interior design..

Shoes for babies and toddlers..

Most of their shoes make from leather..
Comfy and tahan lama..

For babies..

Suka tgk color for baby's clothes..
Other than basic blue and white color..
Ada jugak earth color..

For handsome boys..

For lovely girls..

Black dress tu mmg elegant <3


Overall boutique..

Spotted in the boutique was their newly design of bedding coordinates..

Simple but nice..

Lovely setting of payment counter..

Sempat try overall ni for Ryan..
Very nice and comfy material..

Us with the lovely and talented T&T designer..
* Very friendly lady, and helping me to get Ryan's outfit too, so nice..*

Many bloggers were invited to this event. Ada yang memang dah kenal, ada yg kenal di alam maya and baru nak jumpa and hi hi *lambai kat zamimie*. Ada yang femes, tapi segan nak tegur hehehe. *But the gojes Filla is so sweet and friendly, tapi tak snap picture plak* Some of the pictures with the lovely blogger mommies..*as well the gojes Nuffies, Thara*

From left : mommaholicsuri, pinkertonic, Thara, yours truly, submerryn and sumijelly..

From left: Sha and Nadine..

Thara and Ryan..
*keluar muscle angkat Ryan, hehehe*

Me and my mom..

The cheeky boy..

Overall, it was a great event and nice boutique to be visited. 
Thank you so much Trudy & Teddy and Nuffnang for this invitation. 
Had so much fun..


Cik Lily Putih said...

ermm miss ryan.. nak cubit pipi montel dia...

ishamizu said...

Suka interior deco T&T! I like off white colour.
Nway, Geramnya tgk Ryan!!

Nadine said...

aloh aloh, manisssssnye senyuman ryan kat end of this entry *melted*

ddfirdaus said...

sgt suka juga brand ni tapi x pernah lg beli..

mommynadia said...

Ryan pun miss aunty Lily ;)

mommynadia said...

Yeap, white and pastal color mmg nice, campur lighting dia lagik..mmg mengujakan..;)

Mujur during event tu Ryan tak cranky,asyik senuym memanjang ;)

mommynadia said...

Haha, itulah Nad,that day dia in good mood.
Semua org tegur dia senyum..except time bgn tidur tu ;)

mommynadia said...

so far kualiti kain T&T mmg bagus, tak tebal sgt and sesuai dgn weather kat m'sia pun cantek ;)

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