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3D2N Awana Kijal: Day 2

Rise and shine..
On Day 2 of Our Awana Kijal Trip..

We managed to get the boys ready very early plus manual steaming all baby foods for Ryan's breakfast and lunch *rendam air panas je lah jawabnye*. Before 8am, we already at the restaurant for breakfast. Knowing the hassle to feed the baby as well as big bro Adam, we chose to have early breakfast instead. Around 10 am, everyone was ready for a long day activities of Kampung Tour. Awana Kijal provides many outdoor activities for their guests to enjoy during the stay. One of them is Kampung Tour, where the tourists are bring to visit nearest kampung to experience authentic local's cultures. Best jugak sekali sekala jalan2 tengok kampung, tenang je kalau nak banding hiruk pikuk bandar tu.

So during our Kampung Tour, our first pit stop is Cherating Turtle Sanctuary, dekat border Terengganu- Pahang. Seriously, memang excited sgt nak pergi ke sini. Really want to see Adam's reaction first time tengok turtle. 

The centre has been established since 1972 and opened to public in 1998 to provide info about turtles to the community as well as the place for turtle hatchery in effort to protect the endanger species. 

Welcome to Turtle Sanctuary...

The excited boy with his papa..

Counting the turtles..

We also given some explanation about turtle by the staff from the sanctuary. 

Jangan tak tahu, last sekali tengok mase sekolah rendah dulu kut...

Besides of the great experience to see live turtles, Adam also make new friends too. Who were also sharing the same interests...

Adam and the lil Adam...

Wonder what they were discussing about..
But they are our future generation to protect this endangered species..

Us with the beautiful mural behind..

After an hour spent at Turtle Sanctuary, we move a lil bit up to Pusat Anyaman Mengkuang

Demo menganyam tikar..
The kids were so excited to see makcik anyam tikar..
*ntah paham ke anak I tu..*

Hasil anyaman bukan sahaja tikar, malah ada beg, tempat lapik and beg ipad pun ada tau...

As my mom said, kalau takde aktiviti macamni, tidaknye pergi melancong singgah tempat2 macam ni kan??Shud do it more in future, dapat bantu local people menjana pendapatan diorang. Sempat borak dengan makcik dalam gambar tu, mengeluh makcik tu, kata dia lately ni kurang pelancong, difficult for them to survive. Pity them.

When we reached tour 3rd destination, it was lunch time already. Dengan matahari terik, ikutkan nak tidur je dalam kereta. Lucky I decided to go and see what they have at Ghazali Art Gallery. I brought Adam with me while Ryan waiting with Mr Hubby inside the car.

Hasil canting yang menarik..

Tengok semua excited mencanting, Adam pun teruja nak main color2 jugak.
Lucky I found a simple design and indeed the most exciting one.
What else kalau bukan the angry bird..

His new version of Angry Bird..
Everyone came to see his new version of angry bird..hahahha!! Apa2 aje Adam ooiiii...;)

Awal2 tu tak reti control brush lagik, lepas tu dah terrer. Good job boy!!

Sanggup tunggu kat panas nak tengok artwork dia kering..

Tak sia-sia turun konon2 nak jengok je tadi. Great experience for both of us. Next time ada peluang, we do this thing again k Adam!!Hi 5 boy! From Cherating, we moved down back to Kemaman to have lunch before we moved to famous Kuala Kemaman.

Yours truly, Nisa Kay and Madammondoq...
Not to forget ..the lil bambam yaw!!

The famous satar at Kuala Kemaman...
Everyone grabbed chance to buy some keropok too..

The Kampung Tour ended after the last destination at Kuala Kemaman. We then heading back to Awana Kijal around 4 pm to get some rest and ready for more outdoor activities, this time is beach activities and fun pool activities aka swimming time yeay!!. Adam and Ryan pun dah lama lelap dari dalam kereta lagik. We let to them to get some sleep and recharged before brought them to play at beach. Around 6 pm, baru kami siap2  turun.

Bersantai mode..
Battery level = full!!

Besides of the attractive places to be visited, if you type of people who enjoy to stay and utilize the facilities provided by the hotel, Awana Kijal give u the right answer. Awana Kijal provides many activities under Fun & Adventures watersport activities and beach activities. You can visit here.

Jet Skiing..

Tapi kalau nak lebih relax, boleh jugak jalan2 di tepi gigi air sambil menikmati keindahan alam semualajdi seperti model diatas..

Apalagi..jom swimming!!

Attractive water playground  for children..

Awana Kijal has a great swimming pool area. Separated for children and adults, its fun to get some water splashes here. For me yg dah lama tak terjun swimming pool, huihh..macam tak nak naik je..Hover u!!

Later that  night, we had steamboat buffet dinner. A great ending for a fabulous day. Tiring but we had tons of fun. For the kids, I knew then learnt a lot of new things from these activities. Still remember how excited Adam telling his grandparents and teachers at school that he went to see live turtle. Great right. For us yang dah tua ni, dah tak heran kn. But it valuable for them. Priceless!!

Besides of those fun-tastics activities, I was so lucky to have a-mommy-time too..
*apakah??ce teka*
Check it out in the next entry yaw!!
ps : Dah tengok Awana Kijal Trip Day 1??..Read here =)


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mommaholicSURI said...

Nadia, apart from all the lovely stories and photos from this entry kan.. I notice something very obvious. U dah slim bangat babe!!! :)
Segan pulak nak jumpa korang next week.. Sumer selim melim. Huwaaa!

mommynadia said...

Owh tidakk babe..hanyalah angle yang membuatkan diri ini nampak kurus..sbenarnye tidak..*lari tarik rambut*
Abis pike dah nanti baju ape nak pakai..malu nak jumpa korang jugak..grrrr ;(

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