Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Camera. Reborn - It's Samsung Galaxy Camera ...

Technology is moving very fast now. In these few years, with introduction of smart phone followed with light weight replacement of laptop which is the smart tablet, everyone now is connected to each other and world became smaller and smaller. Seriously, tak terkejar sgt. Someone might just bought a new smart phone yesterday, tomorrow will be other new technology and new release. Life became more sophisticated. For me, as a part time blogger, I found the technology as good medium to talk and communicate among each other. Having a smart phone or tablet, you might easy to get latest info, get on immediate reply for all the email or comments at your blog, instagram or twitter. I always wonder to have something that can reduce my handbag weight specially when attending the event. We need smart phone for us to upload immediate on insta or twitter. Yet we need a good camera to snap every important shots during the event. You might have a good handphone, still with sometimes special launching happened in a dark room, owh no, tak nampak satu haprak pun. Then bawak keluar tablet plak. So just imagine how many gadgets we need to bring at one time. *patah bahu* If you bring your canggih camera along, that's another story. Wait! If you focused only to snap the picture using your camera only, ala takleh laa nak update instagram plak.*being a taksub iGers katakan* Balik karang baru boleh update. Dah lewat! =(

There come the connected and smart camera into the picture, the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Weeehoooo!! Tak pernah terpikir, technology can goes until this level. *pitam* Its already being launched somewhere in August last year. Still remembered when I saw the tvc, I was like, owh finally they have it too. For those who tak sempat nak visit the website and search info about this camera, let me brief you a lil bit. This Galaxy Camera  is a point and shoot camera which is an Android based mobile device. Using the powerful intelligence of Android Jelly Beans OS, this camera promised to give you the magic of professional digital photography touch. It’s the smartest camera ever, with stunning photographic output and a range of exceptionally rich professional shooting modes, editing features and various apps. What makes this camera different with other camera, its makes you connected all the time. The software you have inside is similar with  any Samsung smart phone or tablet, minus u can not use as the mobile phone only. So, just imagine how easy when u need only to snap, do some touch up when necessary and yeay its already up in instgaram, or blog, facebook, pintrest or any other apps you have. You may have a quality video in the 'keek' too. Heibat kan? 

After being used for almost a month, I found it as a good camera. It really works amazingly! So proud being a Samsung Galaxy Camera *walaupun sebulan sahaja for product review* It took me few minutes only to get familiar with the various apps they have, specially when you are one of the Samsung users. Other than that, I just hope they can improve in term of size and bulkiness. Tangan kecik orang pompuan kadang tak muat nak pegang besar sgt. =) Some of the specification  that make me so in love with this camera are:

Yes, you can have a shoot just like a pro!
I love to play with the smart modes they have 
*being a kiasu one kan, apa kelas pakai auto wekkk*
Specially bila nak shoot gambar anak2 kan, baru say 1,2 tak sempat cheese lagik, diorang dah takde...
So by using the action freeze mode, time diorang berlari semua, just snap. Lagi cantek dapat tak picture real mcm tu kan..
Owh tell you what, I really like this.
Jgn terkejut kalau muka I sekali tgk macam retis. Awww! =)
And finally share...
So, atuk nenek kat kampung pun boleh stay updated with latest picture cucu2 dia kan =)

Yes, it really has a big screen with super clear display.
Semua gmbr snap cantik aje..like it!

Plus other more functions. Visit their website here!
Wait for next entry. Will share more of the lovely picture taken using this camera.

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