Thursday, April 11, 2013

[OPEN ORDER FOR BSK] : Cute Kids Bag Tags !!!

I'm currently open order to combine purchase of these cute kids bag tags from the Bright Star Kids (BSK) origined at Australia. So far, last order of name labels mmg satisfied sgt, so few of my friends request me to open order for bag tags since harga dia murah je.
Free delivery to M'sia above USD 20, so anyone interested , jom order sekali..
*so far takde kena tax lagi sb size kecik je*

Adam already pushed me to get him this racing car bag tag..
Very nice and cute design specially girls punya..
I mmg suka bab2 tagging ni, travelling bag semuanya mesti ada tagging jugak...
*soooo mak-mak kan*

U will have space to write kids name..

So senang nanti Adam and Ryan nak recognize bag dia..
Yg penting ia sgt lah cute!!!

Description on size and quality of the tag..
Omg so in love with this ballerinas shoes..

This tooo....
Cute purple owl..
*surely get this for me wink*

So hop on to the BSK website here:

Let me know which one yg u all berkenan and send to my email at
I'll send the quotation shortly.....

Order will be close on next Monday, 15th April 2013!!
Hurry up darling!!!

Look at the bundle set, get 2,3 friends to join, big save woooo!!! =) Wink!


Unknown said...

dear..chomel betul semua design....

mommyNadia said...

Jom order babe =)

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