Wednesday, April 3, 2013

[Reading 4 Beginners] : Let's sing alphabet sounds with Adam Mikael..

Before start daily reading activity at night , Adam normally will sing along with Barbara Milne Alphabet Sounds video from you tube *as well as the one given by mama ct*
Well, I found it as a good way to help him to memorize the letter sounds using this video..
Alhamdulillah, after 2 weeks of 15 min activities, sometimes dalam kereta after picked up from school pun boleh dengar dia nyanyi sorang2. 
Best part, Ryan pun dah lekat sama. Tapi main hentam je lah..
Apple apple b b b, baby baby b b b..*sb case dia ingat sounds b b b saje*
You're so funneh lah bambam *aumm*
Well, good job Adam. Mommy is so proud of u..
Let's work harder darling...

Video taken a week ago, lupa plak nak upload.


Unknown said...

amboi suara mummy sedap aih..balik ni nak tunjuk dekat aqil la video ni..

Unknown said...

eh dengar lg sekali rupanya bukan suara mummy ye..hehe..anyway thanks sbb share ni..

mommyNadia said...

haha, kalau suara mommy sedap camtu, dah lama buat recording lagu kanak2 =)

Unknown said...

muahaha...itula salah dengar..skrg ni asyik pasang lagu ni je..marissa dah pandai ulang baby baby b b b..comels..aqil blhla..byk main dr belajar..hehe..

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