Tuesday, April 9, 2013

[Sharing is Caring]: Calling all mommies with children between 2 ~ 4 years !!!

An Invitation to all mums with children between 24 ~ 47 months..
*they need exact age of your children between this range*

We are keen to hear your thoughts, ideas and practices related to talk and interaction with young children. 
If you are able to spare some time to complete an online Questionnaire, we would love to have you as a participant in this PhD research study entitled: “Beliefs and practices related to parent-child interactions across cultures”. Your contributions in the study will help us make appropriate recommendations when working with young children with speech-language difficulties.

This study is conducted by Sharimila Adaikkalasamy, a Malaysian Speech-Language Pathologist, as part of her PhD program at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.
As a token of appreciation, all participants who complete the Questionnaire (by the 30th of April 2013) will receive a complimentary children’s story book.

or text her at 019-351-9095.

ps: I've done mine, well its a simple and yet very good survey. To be franked I enjoyed doing that survey, as it was a good checklist for me too *check are we on the right track or not* . Now, I can't wait to receive the children's story book too!! Weeee...


famyGirl said...

Thank you for sharing the info dear Nadiah. In shaa Allah will email the respective person and participate in the survey. Siapa taknak buku free kan? hee hee hee

Nadine said...

Dapat story book? menarik!! :)

Unknown said...

Done! :)

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