Friday, April 12, 2013


 Tomorrow is very special day..
For my 2 kiddos..
 And for hubby and myself tooo...


Because, tomorrow is Brainybunch Sports Day..yeha!!

After few weeks of hard works..
*they kids did training everyday at school*
Tomorrow will be the day..

Honestly, mommy is super excited..
Maybe sb first time jgak  join Sports Day anak2..
*proud feeling*
Since mommy mase kecik jaguh sukan sekolah, bila dgr sports day tompang excited skali..
Mengimbau zaman sekolah, dari sekolah rendah smp ke MRSM, pantang ada game, semua nak masuk...
Kalau sekolah rendah tu, asyik muka ni yg masuk, dr 100m sampai 4X400m kau nak bolot yer..

So all the best kiddos...
I don't expect a big win or anything..
I just can't wait to see the kids parade, and even ada persembahan jugak!
I just want to enjoy and have fun with them...

Picture download from BBIM facebook..
"Gearing up for Sports Day"

For playhouse..

Spotted the lil bambam?

Ryan tgh pikir strategi nak win..

And for preschoolers..

Adam will be joining 2 games, will Ryan one game only..

Good luck kids!!
Let's have fun...

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Blog Diva said...

wah biso nadia...i sejak kecik sampai tak besar2 ni pun memang kaki bangku. kalu dgr ada games or even walkaton je pun rasa kucar-kacir nak cari excuse tak nak join.punya lah kan....

good luck to both adam n ryan...bwk blk tropi byk2 esok tau!

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